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any particular auction location, and as the units age the rates go up in an effort to move them in time for the next sale or before storage fees begin. Similar to the process you may be familiar with from salvage auctions, whole car auctions like Manheim and Adesa also have fees for vehicles left on their lot past the sale date. Off lease vehicles, repossessions and wholesale used units are readily available in almost every part of the country, just waiting for a transporter to pick them up. By signing up with these load boards you may be able to pick up a vehicle at a dealership that you are dropping a service vehicle or motor club dispatch off at, again minimizing deadhead and maximizing revenue per mile. All it takes is a little understanding of the spot market and a dispatcher willing to pay attention to sources

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other than your phone line for potential work. Keep in mind that there are also load boards focused on freight that may be a good fit for your flatbeds or trailers. Less than truckload freight often pays a decent premium above dry van freight and is a prime target for a towing service to pickup and deliver. One last thought on the nature of online retail today. The modern tower should already be using an online auction platform to dispose of their unwanted or unclaimed vehicles left abandoned in their storage facilities. Why not work with the buyer of these vehicles to provide transport services out of your lot? Better yet, if the vehicle has an above average value, and your state permits you to, why not clean it up and retail sale it yourself online with the final mile delivery included?

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American Towman Magazine - January 2021  

American Towman Magazine - January 2021