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SEPTEMBER 10, 2012

Thank you for considering cyclocross in your marketing strategy. Your timing is ideal. Right now this activity is generating more buzz than a hundred sets of knobby tires careening 40 mph over hard-packed gravel.

According to USA Cycling, the governing body for all bicycle racing in America, cyclocross is the fastest-growing discipline in the sport. Latest statistics (2010) show 72,000 cyclocross race starts, double that of five years prior. In general, cyclocross racing organizations around the country are reporting double-digit growth annually for the last half decade. Our numbers in the SoCalCross Prestige Series have expanded over 500% since inception seven years ago. There are now almost 400 events on the USA Cycling calendar. Becoming a part of the CX scene this season is a great choice for many good reasons:

• Cyclocross is a healthy, family friendly, community-oriented activity. The competition itself is action-packed and intense, but many participants and their supporters enjoy CX not only for its relatively short but brisk workout, but also for the laid-back, festival vibe before and after their racing. It is very spectator friendly, especially considering there is usually no cost for entry or parking. It delivers serious cycling, for sure, but also plenty of serious socializing. Your brand will be prominently placed in front of a wide, desirable demographic that tends to make a full day of each event. They come because ‘cross is fun. Being associated with fun is never a bad thing. • Cyclocross is highly sensual, in a PG way. The sights and sounds and continuous action make for great entertainment and leave a lasting memory. These exciting rain-or-shine events are very compact and provide numerous opportunities for rapidly building quality brand impressions through logo signage, public address announcements, display booth space, merchandising and more.

• For the first time in its 60-year history, the Elite Cyclocross World Championships are being held outside of Europe and will be taking place in Louisville, Kentucky, in early February, 2013. Because of this, interest in the sport in the U.S. will be ramping up even higher during the upcoming season, which as usual takes place in the fall and early winter. The world cycling sanctioning body, UCI, runs this; not coincidentally, this season’s SoCalCross Series even includes four important UCI-recognized events. SoCalCross races typically draw 350-500 participants every weekend for nearly four months, with the UCI events bringing in riders from all over the country. • Cyclocross is truly a “cross-over” sport. Since it takes place during the “off season” of several other disciplines, such as mountain bike and road racing as well as triathlon, many of those athletes use CX to stay fit. But make no mistake, there are many who focus solely on cyclocross and make it the center of their (CONTINUES ON PAGE TWO)



competitive year. You will be reaching a wide range of athletes — and their families and friends — by being involved with SoCalCross.

• This is a low-impact activity in several ways. It leaves a very small ecological footprint, making it one of the more clean, green and unobtrusive sports around. And since speeds are kept low on a course that even young beginners can navigate, impact risk is relatively low for the competitors as well. It’s just plain healthy for all involved.

Why should you become a sponsor of the SoCalCross Prestige Series specifically? Consider this:

• SoCalCross has a proven track record. As mentioned above, under the leadership of Dorothy Wong (a longtime fixture for cycling advocacy in the region) and her husband/co-promoter Jeff Herring, the Prestige Series has expanded dramatically (500%) since its inception six years ago. Every event is well organized and smoothly run, a shining example of professional, polished race promotion.

• SoCalCross puts considerable emphasis on media exposure in both print and web content. In fact, its Internet and social media presence is the highest in the nation for any CX series. For the 2012-13 season, new resources have been tapped so this effort can be pushed even further, ensuring even greater exposure for your message and brand in magazines and online. • The SoCalCross series covers a large region: we race from San Luis Obispo in the north all the way to San Diego in the south. If your marketing target is Southern California — one of the hotspots of the sport in the U.S. — this series provides sharp focus.

• A sponsor can tailor its level of involvement to meet nearly any specific need. Several packages are available at varying price points (see accompanying Sponsorship Presentation), but we’ll do everything we can to address unique requests, concerns and goals.

• SoCalCross considers sponsors to be much more than funding sources. We are truly committed to being marketing partners. Realizing mutual benefits from the Prestige Series is a primary objective. We will do all we can to help you accomplish your mission and provide the highest return on investment possible. Spreading your message and enhancing your brand is job one. Let us know: What can we do for you? How can we help?

If you have any questions or are ready to be a part of the action, please contact Dorothy Wong: phone 626.622.2595; email; and visit Thank you for your time and consideration.


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