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2012 Sponsorship Presentation

Cyclocross: [sahy-kloh-kraws] noun A form of bicycle racing. Races typically take place in the autumn and winter and consists of many laps of a short (1.5–2 mile) course featuring pavement, wooded trails, grass, occasionally muddy terrain, steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carry the bike while navigating the obstruction and remount.

OVERVIEW Entering its 7th season, The Southern California Prestige Series of Cyclocross has firmly established itself as one of the nation’s leading cyclocross organizations having grown over 500% since its inception. The 2012 season will be comprised of 20 race days throughout a region of over 20 million people spanning from San Diego to San Luis Obispo and everywhere in between. With race fields running the spectrum from the world’s top professionals to ordinary folks who emphasize weekend more than warrior on down to the littlest of tykes, a SoCalCross event is more than just a bike race. It’s a chance for friends and families to spend time together in the outdoors- riding bikes and having fun, all while giving themselves a challenging physical test. The first thing a first-timer often says when they finally catch their breath is “That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” Which is immediately followed by “I can’t wait for the next race!” In addition to main attraction, SoCalCross race days feature eco-sport festivals, health and wellness outreach, vendor expos, skills clinics, gourmet food trucks, live bands, and fun non-competitive events and sightseeing rides for the entire family.

WHO RACES CYCLOCROSS? The simple answer is everyone! • Girls, boys, men, and women ages 4 - 70+ • The 2011 season had over1,800 individuals participate in at least one event. Total race registrations topped 5,000.

• 65% of SoCalCross participants are between 25 - 44. Split 70/30 male to female with the women’s field being the fastest growing category.

• SoCalCross participants follow the statistical model that cycling

enthusiasts have higher incomes and more education than the general public and are fiercely brand loyal. Translation: They’re the demographic you want!

• A typical event draws 750 racers and fans with our largest races attracting several thousand.

• Away from the races, SoCalCross participants remain active in the

outdoors, mountain biking, road cycling, triathlons, running, skiing/ snowboarding, surfing, camping and hiking are among the most popular “other sports”.

SERIES EXPOSURE Successfully promoting a race series that spans an area larger than most states presents challenges that are met head-on with focused strategy and execution. Online, the philosophy of SoCalCross is to be where the racers are. The website serves as the main hub where visitors can find all the information they’re looking for- upcoming events, results and series leaders, etc. The site is updated weekly with race recaps, videos, photo galleries, sponsor product reviews and more. SoCalCross sponsors are given prime exposure through links, strategic logo placement, and banner ads. Preregistration is funneled through the site- ensuring high traffic. The hit count is expected to top 5 million by mid-season. On the social side, SoCalCross boasts the largest social media audience of any cyclocross series in the nation. For a detailed analysis with some very eye popping numbers, please see the SoCalCross Social Media Report.

EXPOSURE IN MEDIA SoCalCross events are frequently covered by local and national media. Last season, stories, videos and photo galleries appeared in print and online in the following publications just to name a few.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES SoCalCross offers many ways to reach a very desirable demographic in person and beyond. Thanks to media coverage and fans who can’t get enough cyclocross, the reach of SoCalCross is truly worldwide. Cyclocross is the fastest growing segment of competitive cycling and the participants are nothing short of rabid when it comes to the sport they love. While the racers are the heart of sport, sponsors keep it pumping. Sponsorship money helps underwrite the expenses of permitting, insurance, equipment and materials, and keeps the cost of participating affordable. SoCalCross is proud to help grow the sport and make it a family affair by offering free race entries for junior racers. SoCalCross sponsorship packages can span an entire season through several levels of series sponsorship that provides maximum exposure. Or, you can pick and choose with our a la carte options. Our team loves to get creative when it comes to promotions so don’t hesitate to contact SoCalCross if you’d like to discuss a sponsorship package tailored to meet your needs.


Level 1: Title

Level 2: Presenting

Level 3: Regional/Official Product

Level 4: Official Partner

Sponsorship Amount





Print Advertising




Press Releases




Race Flyers




Website/Social Media Exposure




Social Media Takeover


Series Champion Jersey




Booth Space at Events

10’ x 30’

10’ x 20’

10’ x 10’ (4 events)

10’ x 10’ (2 events)

Race Course and Podium Logo Placement





Sample Distribution





Logo Placement on Series Merch & TEAM SoCalCross kits




Product Exclusivity


Course feature naming rights($5K value) first choice


Start/Finish/Awards Backdrop


* *


*Title Sponsor given right of first refusal the following season. Multi-season sponsorship packages can be arranged. Spaces in our vendor expo can be purchased individually and are a great way to connect and promote your brand. Show off your wares, hand out samples, or make some sales. It’s up to you!

Booth Space 10’ x 10’ 10’ x 20’

One Event $150 $200

Five Events $300 $650

Entire Series $1,000 $1300

UCI RACE WEEKENDS LA Bike Fest (Spooky Cross) Oct. 20-21 Cross After Dark Finale/CXLA Dec. 1-2

Weekend Title






SoCalCross is proud to present two weekends of UCI sanctioned racing in 2012. The UCI is cycling’s worldwide governing body and oversees only the highest level events. The Elite fields will be stocked with some of the world’s top cyclocross racers giving locals a chance to see how they stack up against the best of the best while giving spectators one heck of show!

LA Bike Fest (Spooky Cross)

An October tradition, Spooky Cross is going big for 2012. Real big. The new venue at Fairplex, home of the LA County Fair, affords plenty of room to branch out and that’s exactly what we’re doing! The first ever LA Bike Fest will be a two day celebration of all things bike! Along with world class CX racing, LA Bike Fest will host the West Side Invite Bike Polo Tournament, fixed gear and BMX freestyle demos, a classic bicycle show, an XC run, scenic group rides, a swap meet, concerts in the evening and more! Long story short it’s going to be the ultimate bike weekend.

Cross After Dark Finale/CXLA

In December, SoCalCross is hosting the finale of Cross After Dark- a nationwide nighttime racing series that kicks off with Cross Vegas in September with stops in St. Louis and Cincinnati before the final showdown in LA. The Cross After Dark series is the largest cyclocross event in the United States drawing an average of 5,000 spectators per event. The venue for Cross After Dark is the Los Angeles State Historic Park- a former rail yard turned urban oasis located just blocks from downtown in one of the most diverse and densely packed parts of LA. LASHP hosted a UCI race weekend in 2011. Cycling fans turned out in droves to soak up the fun and excitement of a world class cycling event happening literally in their own backyard. Don’t be surprised if their are on-course mariachi bands, traditional Japanese drum crews, and maybe even a couple of rock bands for good measure. Cycling is one of the hottest trends in LA and cyclocross is the hottest trend in cycling so a massive primetime Saturday night crowd is expected.

CATEGORY AND FEATURE NAMING RIGHTS For 2012, we are building off the success of our now world-famous Spy Optic SpyOver ramp and Clif Bar Kids Races by expanding the naming rights to race categories and course features. If it can be named we can brand it.! Naming rights are $5,000 per category or feature for the entire season. Title Sponsor has first choice of course feature selection. The rest are on a first come, first served basis. Categories and course features will be described as their branded name in all promotional materials, course descriptions, race recaps, press releases and features will be covered with your logo at the venue. Suggested categories and features include:

• Kids Race • Fixed Gear CX • Single speed • Master men’s • Women’s Elite • Men’s Elite

•Fly-over Ramp •Stairs •Barriers •Sand traps •Run ups •Logo wrapping SoCalCx trailer (will travel 20k miles this season)

2012 Race Schedule Date




Orange County Cyclo-Fest

Costa Mesa


Cyclocross DTLA - Cyclovia

Los Angeles


Pacifica Crossfest



LA Bike Fest (UCI Spooky Cross)



LA Bike Fest (UCI Krosstoberfest)



San Diego Cyclo-Fest

San Diego


San Diego Cyclo-Fest

San Diego


Redlands Cross



Velocity Cross



Storm the Beach



SPY - Clocross



Turkey Trot CX



UCI CXLA Cross After Dark Finale

Los Angeles



Los Angeles


Dirt Club CX

Los Olivos


SLO Cross

San Luis Obispo


SCNCA Districts

Los Angeles


Santa Cross

Los Angeles


Cross into 2013



Prestige Series Finale

Los Angeles

Highlighted races are a part of the UCI’s international racing calendar.

Thank You! Dorothy Wong - 626.622.2595 -

SoCalCross Series Sponsorship Proposal  

Southern Calfiornia PRESTIGE SERIES of cyclocross sponsorship proposal.