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You recently took Eskimo Joe’s teacher shirts to a national conference. How were they received? When I traveled to International Space Camp, we were asked to bring token gifts from our state to share with the other participants. A huge thanks (goes) to Stan Clark of Eskimo Joe’s, who donated teacher shirts for all of the State Teachers of the Year and International teachers. These teachers loved the shirts, and I am sure that these shirts are now all over the world. Eskimo Joe’s helped me show the generous spirit of Oklahomans, and I am grateful for their help in this endeavor. One of the Space Camp administrators was from Stillwater! He wanted me to pick up some Eskimo Joe’s bacon cheese fries to send to him as well. I have explained Stan Clark’s significant contributions to education and to OSU, and many of the teachers have investigated Eskimo Joe’s on Facebook as a result.

What does it mean to you to serve as Oklahoma’s education ambassador? Serving as Oklahoma’s education ambassador means that I get to share my passion for teaching with teaching interns, and perhaps “reignite” that love for the classroom for all teachers through a positive message.

How do you encourage fellow teachers? What would you say to the general public about the teaching profession? I think the most important message I can share with Oklahomans is that teaching is a profession that blesses you with many rewards beyond any paycheck we could ever receive. It allows you to build relationships,

Elaine Hutchison took shirts from Eskimo Joe’s as token gifts for other teachers during PHOTO PROVIDED

assist others in reaching their dreams, and know at the end of the day that what you do makes a difference. It is the one profession that makes all other professions possible. It is a profession that is not always easy, but is always worth it. Additionally, I want Oklahomans to have faith in their teachers and schools. Our

her week at the International Space Camp.

universities are working very hard to develop their teacher preparation programs to ensure phenomenal teachers, but oftentimes they become discouraged by others outside the profession. Our teachers are working very hard to make our schools and future citizens strong. Teachers need to know more than anything else that people have faith in them and what they do.

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