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Mwarumba Mwavita

Shanedra Nowell

Assistant professor, REMS

Assistant professor, secondary social studies

School of Education Studies Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

School of Teaching and Curriculum Leadership Ph.D., Oklahoma State University Formerly a visiting assistant professor at OSU in 2012-13

Mwarumba Mwavita has an exceptional blend of strengths in evaluation methods and experience handling school issues. He is a leader in school assessment and evaluation at a time when teachers, principals and parents need someone who is well versed in the research and theories to translate them in a consumable way.

Chandra Story

Shanedra Nowell integrates her classroom experience with university teaching methods, using technology to prepare students for teaching adolescents in today’s world. She has a strong interest in examining contemporary issues with students and colleagues and demonstrates interdisciplinary strength through successful work with the OSU Writing Project.

Jane Vogler Cragun

Assistant professor, health education and promotion

Assistant professor, educational psychology

School of Applied Health and Educational Psychology

School of Applied Health and Educational Psychology

Ph.D., University of Tennessee-Knoxville Served as a visiting assistant professor at OSU in 2012-13

Chandra Story has a broad academic background from her doctoral work at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, so she is able to contribute to the health education and promotion program in many areas. She is student oriented and displays positive teaching practices. Initial research projects have demonstrated her ability to collaborate with Native American groups.

Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin Formerly an assessment specialist, Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Texas-Austin

Jane Vogler Cragun has a sophisticated understanding of research design with experience in both qualitative and quantitative methods. She also brings experience teaching master’s and doctoral courses and consulting with faculty members about how to improve their teaching while serving at the Center of Teaching and Learning at the University of Texas-Austin.

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