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Flying High

Aviation internships help prepare students for career opportunities

Invaluable practical and internship programs are a hallmark of College of Education programs, and the aviation and space program is no exception. It has built strong connections with many industry leaders, resulting in placement of its students in internships with those companies. “We strongly support and encourage student internships,”

says assistant professor Chad Depperschmidt, who coordinates the undergraduate aviation and space program. “Internships offer an exceptional opportunity for students to expand their knowledge, gain professional experience and to network within the industry. The aviation program has longstanding relationships with local, state, national and international

Stefan Ralston

Stefan Ralston was fascinated by flight as a child — and his interest didn’t dissipate as he grew up. “Recent growth in corporate and manufacturing segments [of the aviation] industry and the prevalence of aerospace investment in Oklahoma validated my decision to study aviation,” he says. Ralston completed a Bachelor of Science in aerospace administration and operations with an option in aviation management in May. While at OSU, Ralston won an international internship with Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg,

stefan ralston won an internship with Lufthansa Technik in Germany.


companies and organizations, which have provided excellent pipelines for aviation students to gain experience and professional employment.” Three aviation students have agreed to share their experiences in preparing themselves for careers through their internships.

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