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Clockwise from left, Macy Gleason, Matthew Chamberlin, Kelsie Patterson and Gabby Bair all received OSU scholarships for their freshman year.

Introducing Freshman Scholars

The College of Education emphasizes recruiting bright and talented high school students to pursue their degrees and dreams at OSU. The Thomas J. Smith Freshman Recruitment Scholarship, established in 2011 by Jill and Jeff Hough, has given the college another tool to reward and entice outstanding students and future leaders who plan to pursue a COE major. Gabby Bair, Matthew Chamberlin and Macy Gleason all received the Smith scholarship. Kelsie Patterson is a Nationl Merit Scholar. A peek at their thoughts, hopes and dreams:

Gabby Bair

Matthew Chamberlin

Elementary education • First-generation college student Tulsa • Jenks High School

Elementary education and special education Springfield, Mo. • Kickapoo High School

On choosing OSU …

“Once I saw the passion that these professors and advisers have for teaching and preparing educators, the decision was easy — I knew OSU was the place where I belonged.” On receiving the Thomas J. Smith Recruitment Scholarship …

“I had already decided to come to OSU when I received the scholarship, but it was such an encouragement to me to know that I had people who were supporting me outside of my family. The day I found out that I was going to get this financial assistance to help me reach my goal made me realize that OSU really wanted me to be a part of its family.” On her favorite part about being a freshman at OSU …

“My favorite part is the desire to learn that everyone seems to have. When I sit in the classroom, the students want to be there; they want to succeed. That changes the environment of the whole classroom for the better.”

On choosing OSU …

“I chose the College of Education at OSU because of all the schools I looked at, I knew Oklahoma State University would give me the greatest chance to reach my full potential as a teacher.” On receiving the Thomas J. Smith Recruitment Scholarship …

“Receiving the scholarship strongly influenced my decision to come to OSU because it showed me that the College of Education had confidence in my abilities. Knowing the university trusted me meant the world to my confidence.” On his favorite part of being a freshman at OSU …

“In my short time at Oklahoma State University, getting involved in activities such as flag football and church to complement my class schedule has been beyond wonderful.”

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