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M o r e i n f o r m at i o n The downlink was streamed live at; more than 6,500 unique users visited the site during that time. The downlink program is archived, along with additional NASA educational content suitable for teachers to use in classrooms. Watch on OSU’s longstanding relationship and important work with NASA: Watch the archive of the NASA downlink with Expedition 34: Classroom Extra: Learn about astronauts and the International Space Station:

“The purpose [of the downlink] is to use the International Space Station as an educational tool for students,” says Steve Marks, coordinator of OSU’s NASA Education Projects. “Hopefully, it gave students the chance to visualize what their future might be.”

In addition to the downlink, NASA education specialist Brian Hawkins spoke to the students, selecting a few to try on space suits and helmets and taste space food while on stage.

In all, students asked 16 questions, watching Ford intently as he answered them from space. To conclude the downlink, he demonstrated zero gravity with a somersault, to the delight of a cheering audience. C h r i st y Lang

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