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Sending Questions to Space

Space station astronaut piques — and satisfies — kids’ curiosity in NASA program at OSU If you could ask an astronaut anything, what would it be?

“Do you ever have fears or get nervous about being in space?” “What do you like most about being an astronaut?” “Do you believe NASA will create technology that will allow humans to explore outside our solar system?” Stillwater Middle School sixth-graders asked those questions — and more — of Kevin Ford, commander of the Expedition 34 Mission for NASA. Ford was aboard the International Space Station; the students were at the Wes Watkins Center on the Stillwater campus.

The OSU College of Education and NASA Education Projects teamed up to facilitate the unforgettable experience for the students, known as a downlink, in November. NASA selected only six downlink partners during 2012. In Stillwater, more than 400 students participated.

In preparation for the event, OSU faculty worked closely with Stillwater administrators and science teachers to plan a meaningful event. As part of a course, about 40 OSU teacher education students taught lessons about mass and weight in science classes.

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