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Summer Program June 2012

The concept of this design was from a veil designed by Schiaparelli, along with the waist up/waist down collection of tailored jackets. I inserted the pattern and color of the veil into one side of the tailored jacket. Instead of going along with the H-line skirt of Prada, I gave a more feminine look with a unbalanced pleated skirt.

Designs inspired by the

‘Schiaparelli and Prada : Impossible conversations’ Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum


Design inspired by the Na誰f Chic Collection. Decided to keep the vivid colors -orange, blue, black and gold- and change the silhouette from a boxy figure to a body-conscious figure.


Ewha Womans University 2011-2 Fashion Illustration

‘Fashion Illustration’ was for sophomores willing to become a fashion illustrator or fashion designer to develop their own illustrating styles. Students were asked to draw images in magazines by using different utensils and experience the different textures. These are some of the work I’ve done for ‘Fashion Illustration’. Three drawings are done with markers and the one on the right was done with acrylic colors. 5

Ethnic Image

Winter Image

Casual Image

Summer Image

Ewha Womans University 2012 -2 Design and Fashion Image & 2012-1 Fashion Trend & Planning Knit & Check Pattern Designs


Ewha Womans University 2012-1 Fashion Draping Ⅱ Art and Design Dept. Exhibition ‘Orange Day’


Ewha Womans University 2012-1 Korean Traditional Apparel ‘Han Bok’



Class of 2014 Graduation Photography





Design Inspiration :

The perfecto jacket was a boom last and this years’ F/W seasons in Korea. But the designs were uniform and all the colors were dull-toned. I decided to design a more fashionable but yet casual perfecto jacket in my kind of way. Since the most common perfecto jackets are made of leather, I chose to go with the initial fabric on the collar and lapel of the jackets. I balanced a dark color along with a more vivid color to give more characteristic to the jackets and punched triangular shapes for more uniqueness.



The concept of these designs are from the sweatshirts with a triangular patch on the neckline, which also was a boom in Korea. I designed 3 new sweatshirts with a unique cut / dart which goes along the chest instead of the triangular. The pants were inspired by the skinny jeans and leggings you could easily see on the streets of Seoul, however not very fashionable. The pattern of the pair of pants on the left was from a video of an artist on YouTube and the color and patterns of the second shirt were from a very fashionable nail polish I encountered on the internet which I kept a screenshot of in my mobile for later design inspirations. I literally get inspired by everything I see and hear.

Pattern & Color Inspiration :



While skimming through a design book, I stopped at this pattern. Totally stunned by this master piece, without any plans got a piece of paper and pencil and started designing. I finished 2 initial pieces which are the two dress designs in the middle of the next page. Within a few minutes 6~8 more designs were done, the 2 of them are the ones on the right. And just last month (October 2013) did 3 more designs and decided to put 2 of them along with the previous designs, which are the left 2. I tried to adapt the patterns of the original piece and mostly used black for a more feminine but chic image seen on the pattern itself.

Design Inspiration : Annette Schrรถter Kleiner Rundschnitt 5/07, 2007 Paper sut, cardboard, lacquer, approx. 60cm Courtesy of galeriKleindienst, Leipzig 17


The concept of these designs are ‘chandelier’. After designing casual wears, perfecto jackets and sweatshirts, I wanted to challenge myself by designing something very elegant. As soon as I decided my concept, I immediately finished 4~6 initial designs simply inspired by the image I had of chandeliers in my head. Further details were added by researching images of actual chandeliers. Warm, pastel colors were used for a more feminine and elegant look. Design Inspiration : Chandelier

Pattern Inspiration :



Design Inspiration : The ‘Griffin’ riding pet from ‘Wind Runner’ (mobile game)

The concept for these designs were from a popular mobile game called ‘Wind Runner’. I found the ornaments of the characters extremely simple but detailed and unique, so I chose ‘Griffin’ (the riding pet) to seek inspiration and ended up with 3~5 initial ideas. I developed the designs by adapting the shield-like ornament on the character by researching images of ‘medieval shield designs’ Pattern & Color Inspiration :



These designs weren’t inspired by anything, but rather just popped out in my head one day. However these were left aside uncolored for approximately 4 months. I had to struggle for months to decide which patterns and colors to use for the designs. For the first initial designs, both of them were dresses, but eventually changed one of them to pants thanks to one of my best friends idea. I started off with vertical stripe patterns but had to give a little swift since they looked too monotonous. The sharp-edged collars are an extension from the perfecto jacket designs.

Pattern Inspiration :



Dorothy (Do Young) Kil Contact : +821040584633

(South Korea)

E-mail :

“If you like my designs, Use me, Not my designs.”


I can’t possibly imagine my life Without fashion design. Job Objective : To become a creative fashion designer Education : Fashion Institute of Technology (Summer 2013) Ewha Womans University (Class of 2014, Feb) – Art and Design Dept. ‘Clothing & Textiles’ Work Experience : Lie Sang Bong – Internship Language : English (Fluent) Korean (Mother Tongue) Chinese (Lower Intermediate) Spanish (Learning) Computer Skills : Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Nationality : Republic of Korea (South Korea) Address : 201-902, Kumho Eoullim 2cha Apt., Macheon 1 dong, Song-pa gu, Seoul, Korea (138-120)




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