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Dorothy Thomas   MA  fashion  journalism  dissertation.  December  2009.  London  College  of  Fashion   Bad  Mothers?  Representations  of  motherhood  in  women’s  magazines  

Acknowledgements With many thanks to… Andrew Tucker and Catherine Lamb for creative inspiration and sound editorial judgement. All the mothers who were generous enough to answer questions and give up time to be interviewed and whose voices feature throughout. Maire Fahey and Louise Chunn for their valuable opinions as magazine editors. Aminatta Forna for Mother of All Myths, and for taking the time to share her thoughts. Craig Thomas for the boundless love, endless support, freedom to get on with it, and the belief that it would be done. My children, Daisy and Evie, for inspiring me in so many ways, not least to question the myth of motherhood. Dr Catriona Beaumont for her feminist perspective, friendship and advice. Michael Alexander, who got me thinking. My friends and family.

Dorota Thomas London December 2009


7 Dorothy Thomas, MA dissertation, acknowledgements  

Dorota Thomas London December 2009 Dorothy