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It’s a Kind of Magic!

By Laura Maniscalco Grade 5 St Monica – B’Kara

Prehistoric MAGIC • Many, many years ago early hunters painted pictures on cave walls as a form of magic.

Egyptian MAGIC • Long ago in Egypt the pharaohs' tombs were protected by magical curses.

Greek and Roman MAGIC • Ancient Greeks and Romans used to tell the future by reading the lines in a person's hands.

Middle Ages MAGIC • During the middle ages, magicians started to entertain people.

Famous Magicians • Harry Houdini – great escapologist

Famous Magicians • David Copperfield – great illusionist

David Copperfield PLAY

Famous Magicians • Siegfried and Roy great magicians using tigers.

Siegfried And Roy PLAY

Most famous magician in Malta

• Vanni Pule`

Magicians in Malta

Different kinds of MAGIC • PRODUCTION – the magician makes something appear. • VANISH – the magician makes something disappear. • TRANSFORMATION – the magician changes something into something else

Different kinds of MAGIC • LEVITATION – the magician makes something float. • ESCAPE – the magician escapes from being tied. PREDICTION– the magician guesses something

Most famous MAGICIAN in books

• Harry Potter is wizard in seven books.

Why we love magic? • Magic makes us happy. • Magic is fun • Magic is an interesting hobby.

Fun Magic PLAY

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Laura Magic Presentation  

My daughter's presentation in Year 4