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Tips to Get Cheap Bike Insurance Insurance is an expensive part of driving - but there are ways that customers can save on the costs of insurance to reduce the cost. Some of the ways to reduce the costs and get cheap bike insurance include: Comparing Prices Use the internet to compare the prices between auto insurance companies. Customers are able to fill out quotes online with their personal information, make and model of the bike being insured and their driving history to obtain a quote. These quotes are saved for ten days, while the customer is able to compare the policy costs between different companies. Internet quotes should be followed up on with a phone call to the insurance company to verify the rate and the terms of the agreement. Maintain a Clean Driving History Drivers that are searching for bike insurance should ensure that a clear driving history has been maintained. Avoiding tickets, traffic implications and accidents can help to reduce the overall costs of auto insurance by reducing the cost of the auto insurance policy. Take Motorcycle Training Classes Most motorcycle drivers begin with cars and have taken lessons and classes to learn the driving lessons, but haven't undergone the formal training to learn defensive driving skills while on the road with the motorbike. Taking part in these courses, that cost as little as five-hundred dollars, can shave fifteen percent off of the cost of the insurance. Bundle the Insurance Policies Bundling the insurance policies together with car insurance, home insurance and even health insurance can reduce the cost of the policy another fifteen percent, decreasing the policy as much as thirty percent by following these few simple tips. Compare the reduced rates for bundled auto insurance and bike insurance policies when initially comparing insurance companies to find the best results and save on bike insurance.


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