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Time survivor

R u le s

e m a g e of t h

80 minutes

4 players

Where are we?

We are in a distant future, where money lost all the value and time became the most precious thing. People here literally trade their life to find things they need to survive, even if that means decreasing their lifespan.

Now the rich can really live forever, but what about the poor? Work is paid with time, but the poor have to struggle every day to survive and eventually shady places start to appear. In these places people gamble their time, trying to increase their lifespan: they risk everything they have and try to steal or affect the others’ precious time.

Every night the same question: who will be the last one standing?

Survive or be forgotten Your mission is to be the last one standing and you can do it surviving the attacks of the others and trying to make them loose their time (or, better, try to steal it). The winner is the player with more Crystal at the end.

In the box 4 Player Boards 4 Reminders 106 Crystals of time in a box A total of 123 cards: 35 Status cards 71 Action cards 10 Special cards 7 Characters cards

The Player board Space for Character cards Spaces for the Status cards


Lifespan of the character The lifespan is divided into 4 Moments in life (the colored parts).




Marker of the life’s moment The markers divide the lifespan in 4 Moments and the number refers to the amount of Crystals you give each time a player ends a round.

Discovering the cards Main deck The main deck is composed by 2 different kind of cards: * Status card, which stay on the board until someone takes them away and can be piled up (the card on the top is the effective one) on the Player board * Actions card, that are used instantly and then discarded. The cards affecting everybody affect also who use them. Exceptions: the Shield card and the Reflect card that can be used outside your turn for defense. Both these two cards can be used against an Action or a Status, but have only one use.



Pile the Status cards up Quicktime Frozen time

at the end of the turn you give +1 crystal

Slow time

at the end of the turn you don’t give any crystal

at the end of the turn you give -1 crystal

Draw -1 Draw +1

at the beginning of your turn you draw -1 card

at the beginning of your turn you draw +1 card

When using these Status cards you have to pile up one on the other and the effective one is the first on top. To get back the effect of one Status card under another you have to take away the one on top or to draw again the one you need. There is no limit of the amount of Status cards you can pile up.

Character cards Cards that give a bonus that lasts during the whole game. Each player draws one of them in the setup phase. When using them you have to state that you’re doing something different so the other players understand why. We suggest “By the power of my character...” to be clear and epic.

Special deck The player must pay 2 Crystals of time to draw a Special card from this deck. The outcome can be really good or very bad compared to the normal cards. To discard a Special card place it under the deck.


Set up Each player must take one Player board, a Reminder and a Character card each. Then fill the 40 places in the lifespan with Crystals of time - you have an identity and you’re alive! The first who completes this part becomes the starting player. Place the box of Crystals in the middle, that’s where the Crystals’ bank is. Put the Main deck and the Special deck on the table. Each player, starting from the first, clockwise, draws 3 cards from the Main deck and you can start.

Game play Beginning At the beginning of each turn you must draw 2 cards. If you’re playing in two and draw a “Transfer time” card you can discard and draw a new one.


You can attack the other players by placing Status cards on their Player board or using directly the Actions cards. Both the cards can be used on yourself if you need the bonus by doing the same on your Player board. You can do as many attacks as you wish, but if you attack the same player 3 times they can draw one more card immediatly. By paying 2 Crystals you can draw one card from the Special deck.

End of round At the end of the round you must have a maximum of 4 cards on hand (unless you have a State card which changes that). When you decide to finish your turn every player must give the number of Crystals written on their Player board because the season changed and time is passing.

Game end Until the end When there are only two players left they have 5 rounds each to end everything. If they’re still playing at the end of the rounds the winner is the one with more Crystals. If it’s a tie the game continues for 1 turn for each player, until one of the players has more Crystals.

Elimination A player is eliminated when the Crystals are finished. At this point all the cards in hand and on the Player board must be discarded and the player can’t go back playing.

Golden rule Who forgot, forgot When a player forget to use a card or to apply an ability if the possibility of using them is already passed everyone must play as if this card doesn’t exist. Once forgotten a card or an ability is lost for that action, so it’s up to you to remember everything. This apply also to the others: if someone forget to use their ability it’s your choice to say it or not.

Gruppo 2 Ina Borisova Sara Pizzetti Chris Rota Matteo Squaiella Jonathan Tijou

Politecnico di Milano - Scuola del Design CdLM Design della comunicazione, CdLM Design di interni, CdLM Design del prodotto per l’innovazione A.A. 2011/2012 Corso di Game Design Prof. Maresa Bertolo, CdM Ilaria Mariani

Time survivor