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From the President April 18 the Board of Education unanimously approved Rock Creek Hills as the site of the new middle school. The County Council will make the final decision on funding this site in mid-May. I wish to thank all who wrote councilmembers. For updates, sign up for the email list at

Opher Shweiki

Our parks are looking great from the spring rain and the help of volunteers. Please join us for the next cleanup! Special thanks go to our neighbor Ed Kober. Ed made a most generous donation in memory of his grandparents, Ed and Dorothy Kober, who lived on Kentbury Way and loved our community.

I wish to thank all who have expressed their concerns and suggestions regarding Lynnbrook park. To the many who wrote that are not current EBCA members, won’t you consider joining or renewing your membership? Your dues help us organize such neighborhood events as the Memorial Day and Labor Day picnics, the Halloween Parade, social gatherings (we had a very successful Happy Hour at the Harp & Fiddle a few months ago) as well as stay involved and informed about developments impacting our neighborhood. Renewing is easy at or come to the EBCA general membership meeting Wed., May 16, 7-9pm at BCCHS room c102. Members will elect the executive committee for the coming year and vote on a bylaws amendment. Anyone interested in running for office, contact Pascale Kraus, Membership Chair at, Our neighborhood yard sale will take place Sun., June 3rd, from 3–5pm at the Lynnbrook center blacktop. Those interested in renting a space, contact Catherine Zimmermann,, 202.445.4467.

EBCA parks beautification crew at work.


Yard Sale

Sunday, June 3rd at 3:00 drinks, snacks and pizza on the Lynnbrook Center blacktop info:


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East Bethesda Garden Club hosts neighborhood garden tours the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Guests welcome. Call Marny at 301.652.0492

Neighborhood News Representing the 1200 households North of East-West Highway, South of Jones Bridge Road, East of Wisconsin Avenue and West of Columbia Country Club

Lynnbrook Park and the Middle School by Monica Hays, Education Chair

School Board Votes for Rock Creek Hills Site: Some County Council Members Still Consider Lynnbrook At the February 15 EBCA general meeting, a motion was passed stating that the site composed of Lynnbrook Park and the former Lynnbrook Elementary School (Lynnbrook site) is not an appropriate site for the new Bethesda-Chevy Chase (B-CC) middle school because it does not meet Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Middle School Site Criteria. Rationale include: n The site is 10.04 acres with 8.5 acres buildable, well below the minimum middle school site size. n The streets in the neighborhood surrounding the site are narrow and would limit access. In addition, there are limited

CALENDAR Wed. May. 16, EBCA General Meeting BCC High School, room C102 7:00 7:05 7:15 7:30 8:00 8:15 9:00

Call to order Elections Bylaws Middle School update Daycare at (now vacant) Lynnbrook Rec Center New Business Adjourn

June 3 Community Yard Sale

access points to the neighborhood. The site includes the only local park of its size in the area. Given the site size, a middle school on the site would preclude park use. n The sloping topography at the site could further complicate the use as a middle school site. n Middle school use would require relocation of existing MCPS programs. n The existing structures on the site would require increased costs for demolition. In addition, a former school building on the site is noted in the Maryland Historical Trust Inventory. n A middle school would increase traffic in a neighborhood that already houses a high school. B-CC High School, two blocks from the site, relies on the park property to supplement high school fields. cont. on page 2

May 2012

Earth Day Success by Opher Shweiki and David Batitto Thanks to everyone who came out on Sunday, April 29, for our EBCA Earth Day Clean Up Event at Lynnbrook Park! It was a gorgeous sunny day, and neighbors and friends did a great job keeping the park looking in tip-top shape. During the event, with smiles on their faces, the volunteers removed bags worth sticks and branches, picked the park clean of any trash, and raked leaves from around the area. They even found time to plant a beautiful tree and some pretty flowers. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themcont. on page 2

Reggio Daycare at Lynnbrook Rec. Center On April 30, the EBCA Exec. Committee met with Parks Facilities Managers John Nissel and Dan Hertz along with Stephen and Patricia Edelen, owners of the Reggio Chevy Chase daycare. The Edelens plan to rent the Lynnbrook rec center. Community impact was discussed, including traffic and stockade enclosure. They have have been granted 200 feet no parking zone on New Dale (between 9-14 parking spaces). To be discussed at the General Meeting. n


Earth Day photos, Opher Shweiki


Neighbors rally around their leader as they get ready to clean up Lynnbrook Park.

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MEMBERSHIP ONLINE Top 10 reasons for EBCA membership: 10. Better parade than that one in NY. 9. You’ll be pleased when you friend us. 8. Absolutely scandal-free newsletter. 7. We go to BRAC meetings so you don’t have to. 6. Swap stuff you don’t want for stuff your neighbors don’t want at the Annual Yard Sale. 5. We’ll make the graffiti artists head out to Potomac. 4. – who knew? 3. Cheap booze, we mean dues. 2. Pay $15 and we won’t ask you to be president next year. 1. Madame ZaZa says you have a valuable membership in your future. Unsure if you are up to date? Email your question to: Renew or become a member today. Fill out this coupon or go to Look for the Membership Dues link in the main navigation and click through to follow the easy instructions to pay your $15 per person membership dues. EBCA - Membership P.O. Box 41020 Bethesda, MD 20824 Members


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EBCA position is that the Lynnbrook site should be reopened as an Elementary school co-located with Lynnbrook Park.

selves while doing some good work. Parents were especially pleased that their kids had a chance to enjoy the great weather while learning a thing or two about taking care of our earth - and, of course, our own neighborhood. As Kelly Bradley, with her son Mason, said so perfectly, “It was a fun day doing things to take care of our park, like cleaning up and planting, especially since we play here all the time and really enjoy it.” Everyone at the EBCA Parks Committee appreciated all the great help and looks forward to more fun and worthwhile events with the neighborhood! n

The MCPS Site Selection Advisory Committee voted overwhelmingly against the Lynnbrook Site as a potential middle school and voted in favor of using Rock Creek Hills. In April, the School Board voted unanimously in support of using Rock Creek Hills as the new middle school site. The School Board also indicated that the Lynnbrook Site was not suitable for a middle school, and further, that it will likely be needed in the future for an elementary school, co-located with the Lynnbrook Park, for the B-CC Cluster in the future. In May, the County Council will decide the 2013 school budget and if they do not accept the School Board recommendation, the middle school site issue can be reopened. Some County Council members are reportedly considering Lynnbrook as the site for the middle school. EBCA has contacted the School Board and all County Council members and provided the community position on this issue. Roger Berliner, our District Council member, supports our position. The following email address goes to all council members: See, education committee page, for more details. n

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May 2012

Elections will be held at the general membership meeting, Wed., May 16 at BCC c102,7-9pm. The EXCOMM slate: President Kevin Kraus Vice-president Rebecca Fayed Second Vice-president Dani Greene First Secretary Ann Barron-Carneal Second Secretary open Treasurer Jack Hayes

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What do Bball, Our Lady of Lourdes, & Plants Have in Common? by Kristen Mosbæk, Newsletter Editor They all have Maple Avenue in common! This month the EBCA newsletter is featuring your Maple Avenue neighbors. Yours truly interviews Ivon Galic about his family’s basketball experiences: Tell us about your coaching experience. I’ve coached my son Cameron’s travel basketball team for 5 years. Our out-oftown travels have taken us to Kentucky, Ohio, Newport News (VA), Pennsylvania, and this upcoming summer to Memphis. It’s been a great ride. Our family has made many great friends through our sports experiences.

Maple Avenue

ketball in Pennsylvania. I was also a high school volleyball player.

Marah Hoffman

Is it hard not second-guessing your daughter’s coach? It’s always hard not to second-guess the coach. But, because I’ve been on the other end for a long time, I usually keep my thoughts to myself until an appropriate time arises to share my feedback with the coach. And even then you have to be careful what you say and how you say it. How did you get asked to ref the Westland vs. Green Hawks game? A couple of Westland parents approached me after a Westland middle school basketball cont. on page 4

Did you play ball in school? I played high school basketball in New York City and 1 year of Division III college basKristen Mosbæk

Top: Ray Briscuso, of Maple Ave., won 1st place in the boys 9-12 age group, Our Lady of Lourdes 5k race. Running next to him is neighbor Owen Rossi. Bottom: Matthew Green, also of Maple Ave., mulches the bike path garden between Maple and Rosedale.


Bball cont. from p3


Recycling Made Easy

game and asked if I’d be willing to help and I said sure. Cameron didn’t play in the Greenhawks game this year, but he did get a chance to play in the student vs. faculty game last year. The Greenhawks game was a lot of fun. Our community owes a lot of gratitude to the Westland parents who put in a lot of time getting this event organized.

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by Tom Rojas Do you have unwanted scrap metal you would like recycled? Francisco Sosa will haul away all your old appliances, washers, dryers, cars, bikes, old gutters, screen doors, or other metal items at no charge. Contact: 202-904-7971 or UnwantedMetal@ For larger items, you can also call Montgomery. Co., 240-777-6410. n

What basketball/sports tips do you have for neighbors? Sports tips for neighbors....My advice is to have your kids play different sports when they’re young. Don’t specialize too early. And, when your kids are the right age, don’t overlook the importance of strength and conditioning to supplement sport-specific skill development. If you would like us to feature your street, contact: newsletter n


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Valuable Plant Advice Master Gardener’s Walk-In Plant Clinics. FRESHFARM Market, Norfolk Ave., between Fairmont & St. Elmo Aves.; May-Oct.; 1st Sat., 9am-1pm Audubon Naturalist Society, 8940 Jones Mill Rd., April-Sept., Saturdays. 10am-12 Noon

By-Laws Amendment by Executive Committee A resolution to amend the bylaws to change the membership year from a fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) to a calendar year (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31) was discussed at the February 15, 2012 EBCA General meeting. There was a general sentiment in support of such a change and no opposition raised. A change to fiscal year aligned with the calendar year would also require that the annual EBCA meeting, to vote in new officers, be moved from May to November, and the Treasurer’s report be submitted at the first regular meeting after New Years instead of Labor Day. The following resolution will be put forward for a vote and adoption at the May 16, 2012 Annual EBCA meeting. EBCA By-laws Amendment Resolution:

WHEREAS, The East Bethesda Citizens Association (EBCA) does not generally meet over the summer; and WHEREAS, A change in the EBCA membership year requires an Amendment to the EBCA by-laws; now therefore be it Resolved, That EBCA by-laws ARTICLE THREE. MEMBERSHIP Section 4. be amended to read: “Membership dues are on a Fiscal Year basis, (January 1 to December 31)”; and be it further Resolved, That EBCA by-laws ARTICLE FIVE. MEETINGS Section 2. be amended to read: “The annual meeting of the Association shall take place in November. At this meeting all annual reports except the Treasurer’s report, are submitted and officers to serve the ensuing fiscal year are elected. The Treasurer’s report shall be submitted at the first regular meeting after New Years.”; and be it further

Resolved, That EBCA by-laws ARTICLE SIX. ELECTIONS Section 1. be amended to read: “ At the meeting preceding the annual meeting of the Association, the President shall appoint a nominating committee, composed of a minimum of three (3) active members. The nominating committee will select members for each elective office and will submit the names of such nominees to the President for publication in the notice of the annual meeting.”; and be it further Resolved, That EBCA by-laws ARTICLE SIX. ELECTIONS Section 2. be amended to read: “At the annual meeting, any member may make nominations from the floor. If more than one name is presented for any office the members present shall elect by majority vote.” A complete copy of the current EBCA bylaws can be found at: http://www.ebca. org/bylaws.htmt n

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EBCA May 2012 Newsletter  
EBCA May 2012 Newsletter  

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