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Schools Recommendation The superintendent’s recommendation concerning the Bethesda-Chevy Chase (B-CC) Cluster Roundtable Discussion Group was released on October 15th. The superintendent recommends opening a second middle school in the B-CC cluster, and then moving all 6th graders to middle school. He recommends completing site selection and feasibility studies during FY 2011, to provide the incoming superintendent of schools with necessary information to make a request in October 2011 as part of the FY 2013–2018 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) for planning and construction funds for a new middle school. The superintendent also states that articulation patterns of Bethesda Elementary School need to be simplified for students who reside in the neighborhoods east of Wisconsin Avenue [East Bethesda] and in the Paddington Square Apartments. However since there is not sufficient capacity to accommodate boundary reassignments at this time, the superintendent recommends a boundary review process involving Bethesda, North Chevy Chase, and Rosemary Hills elementary schools be conducted a year and a half prior to the completion of additions at the schools. A request for funding for addition projects would be made in October 2011 as part of the FY 2013–2018 CIP. If the superintendent’s recommendations are adopted by the Board of Education (BOE), East Bethesda will not see any relief for our fractured elementary school assignment for many years. The BOE will conduct a work session on November 4, 2010, hold public hearings on November 10th and 11th, and take final action on regarding this recommendation on November 18, 2010. EBCA plans to present testimony on this issue at the public hearings on 10 or 11 November and will post the assigned time on the EBCA website. EBCA residents are encouraged to contact the BOE now with their views, attend the hearings in November to support EBCA testimony, and to sign up to testify to the BOE as individuals. More information, links to B-CC Cluster planning activities, and tips for advocacy can be found on the Local Education webpage. A link to the web page with the recommendation paper is provided below ation_on_Roundtable_Oct_15.pdf Questions? Contact EBCA Education Committee Chair Monica Hayes at