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Enjoy your new life! Winter 2013

Practical advice for first time parents Share your parenthood stories & WIN a Maxi-Cosi travel system

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Child seat safety

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Enjoy your new life!

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Hello, Fantastic news: You’re expecting a baby! You haven’t got long to wait now until you can meet your precious new arrival. In this magazine Maxi-Cosi offers you tips and advice for choosing the right equipment for your baby, so you can live your life to the full and enjoy those special moments with your family. You can read other parents’ experiences and their tried and tested tips. Discover Maxi-Cosi’s complete travel solutions with its full range of award winning products, from pushchairs to car seats and baby carriers, backed by Maxi-Cosi’s reputation for innovative, high quality products that provide optimum safety when transporting your little one.

Inside 4 You’re pregnant!

How did you announce the news? New parents tell us how they shared the big news with friends and family

5 Dear Nanny & Grandad-to-be... Your Maxi-Cosi wish list

6 Baby’s first journey home Tips from Maxi-Cosi to travel safely and comfortably with your newborn

7 What’s new at Maxi-Cosi? Discover all the new products for 2013

8 Which pushchair is right for you? Things to consider before you buy your pushchair

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Enjoy your new life. It starts now.

9-12 Enjoy strolling Maxi-Cosi pushchairs including the new Streety Mix & Match and Mura Plus

13 Enjoy carrying Read about Maxi-Cosi’s new Easia Baby Carrier

14-15 What do you need to know about child seat safety? Top car seat questions answered by Neil Oakley, Maxi-Cosi UK Car Seat Training Manager

16-21 Maxi-Cosi car seats

From baby car seats to bases and combination car seats

22 Beyond birth Car seats and buggies for toddlers

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Please note that photography is for reference only. Maxi-Cosi reserves the right to modify any of the products featured.


How did you announce your pregnancy? Being pregnant is a big thing and announcing the news to your family and friends is a really special, emotional event. How did you share the big news?

“We told the whole family at Christmas. We found it perfect to announce the big news before enjoying a good meal.“ Tina & Adam

“It was at the restaurant when I gave him a tiny little baby shoe.” Emily & Mark

“I told my partner I had something itchy on my belly and asked if he could take a look. When he pulled up my t-shirt, he saw written on it ‘Hello dad! See you on the 14th of August!” Dianne & Joe

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“We announced it to our friends and family into the 4th month, when it became impossible to hide.“ Ashleigh & Dan

“I told him in January, we’ll be three. “ Amy & Sam

Dear Nanny & Grandad-to-be... Ever since you’ve heard that you were about to become grandparents, you haven’t stopped asking what you could buy us to help out. While surfing the web we came across a few ideas - the Maxi-Cosi wish list.

Pebble baby car seat FamilyFix Base Pebble footmuff Elea pushchair Foldable Carrycot Easia Baby Carrier Check out the Maxi-Cosi website and pick your favourite colours, then create your own wish list on wishlist to share with family and friends!

Baby’s first journey home A day you’ll never forget - taking your precious little bundle home for the first time. You’ll be excited, planning for the future & looking forward to introducing baby to family and friends. The first journey should also be your first step towards safe, comfortable & convenient travel for both baby and you.

1 Travel safely

Don’t forget that it’s compulsory to use a car seat for your baby – even newborns. The safest place to fit the car seat is the centre of the rear seat as this reduces the risk of injury from a side-impact crash.

2 Travel comfortably

Small babies can become too hot or too cold very quickly. Make sure your little one is warm and comfortable, but remember that too many layers may cause baby to get too hot.

Your story It felt almost surreal to bring our baby back home. We were so excited after all that time spent doing and undoing the baby car seat, making sure we’d be ready for D-day. This time there was really someone in the seat. Our baby looked so small in it. It was at that moment we fully realised we were parents.

Matt & Jenny

3 Travel conveniently

Make it easy! By choosing a combined Maxi-Cosi car seat and pushchair you’ve got everything you need to take that first big step into the world – whether on foot or by car.

Top tip Practice installing your car seat before baby is born and then you’ll be confident when the big day finally arrives!


Do you have any tips or advice for that first journey? Share your ideas on Facebook or Twitter

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What’s New?

Maxi-Cosi prides itself on developing products that help to make your life easier, the result is a range of products that blend seamlessly into family life, making travelling with your little ones a safe and enjoyable experience. Here is a round-up of what’s new in 2013 from the world of Maxi-Cosi.

1. Streety Mix & Match

2. Mura Plus Protect your baby from the elements with the Mura Plus‘ large sun canopy and raincover. Quick to fold, the Mura Plus offers parent-facing and forward-facing seating options.

Compact, lightweight and comfortable for your baby. The choice of four brightly-coloured accessory packs allows you to create a unique look.

See page 10 Available March 2013

See page 12

3. Foldable Carrycot 4. Easia Baby Carrier Carry your newborn in style. The Easia cradles your baby in the natural foetal position and is easy to put on. Enhances comfort for you and your baby.

See page 13 Available March 2013 For full product details & all accessories visit

Folds flat in seconds. Offers great sleeping comfort as well as a very compact fold, this carrycot saves space in the car and at home.

See pages 10-12

5. MiloFix c This IsoFix combination car seat can be used from birth to 18kg, giving you the option of rear-facing travel for longer and ensuring your baby is ready for forward-facing travel.

See page 21 Available Feb 2013


Which pushchair is right for you? You can't wait to proudly show off your baby in their own set of wheels but there are a few things for you to consider before you choose the pushchair. Check out these handy tips! Consider your lifestyle: ✔ Think lightweight if you live in a flat with lots

Did you know... During your baby’s first year, you will walk a total of around 600 miles?

We have been talking to new mums and dads to get their feedback on their experience buying their first pushchair. You have to feel the product, touch it, see it and of course try to fold it and unfold it before you buy so going to store is essential. Lin, mum to Connie, 10 months old

of stairs or use public transport frequently.

✔ Check to make sure it will fit in your car or can be stored away easily when folded.

✔ A quick-folding pushchair will save you loads of stress while shopping.

Think comfort for you and your baby: ✔ Newborns need seats that have a lie-flat position to give comfort and support.

✔ Young babies like face-to-face interaction that you can get from parent-facing seats.

✔ Go for adjustable handle height to suit you and your partner.

What about travel systems? A travel system is a car seat/pushchair combo that lets you move baby from car to pushchair without having to unclip or disturb them.

How does a travel system work? The car seat slots onto the pushchair and simply clips back into your car when it’s time to go. Car seat adaptors are included with all Maxi-Cosi pushchairs.


Make sure you practice folding the pushchair a few times before the big day because there’s nothing worse than having to put your stroller unfolded in the boot because you can’t remember what to do! Dan , dad to Gemma & Louis, 7 months & 6 years old

Enjoy strolling with Maxi-Cosi You trust Maxi-Cosi award-winning car seats, so why not create your own travel system with a Maxi-Cosi pushchair? They are just as stylish, practical and reliable as our car seats! There is a Maxi-Cosi pushchair for every parent’s needs, from the complete from-birth pushchair to the more compact one.


Streety Mix & Match

“starting out” see page 11

Mura Plus “country rover” see page 12

“urban compact” see page 10






Everything you need while out and about. Offers your baby all-day comfort thanks to a spacious padded seat, a lie-flat position and Baby Nest, making it perfect for newborns.


Compact pushchairs are sleek and lightweight. They collapse smaller than the others and are brilliant on transport and in storage.


starting out

urban compact

country rover


This ‘go-anywhere’ pushchair with its large tyres is perfect for all types of terrain. Robust, durable and comfortable, they are designed for the outdoors.


Streety NEW Mix & Match Create your own Streety Plus pushchair


The funky cut out confetti design on the hood Kelly, mum to Jacob, 7 months

Suitable from birth to 15kg (approx. 3.5 years)



& Streety Plus Pushchair

Mix & Match Accessory Pack

Seat colour

Choice of colours


Carrycot compatible


Travel system ready

Personalise your own Streety Plus by combining the black pushchair chassis with a choice of four different colour accessory packs. • Reversible reclinable seat with lie-flat option • Easy one-hand compact fold and unfold • Compatible with any of the Maxi-Cosi baby car seats

Accessories Included For full product details & all accessories visit


Raincover, large shopping basket, parasol clip, sun canopy and car seat/carrycot adaptors

Foldable NEW Carrycot Add a Maxi-Cosi Foldable Carrycot to create a cosy pram

Other extras Parasol, Flexibag, Footmuff and Travel Buddy

I❤ How easy it is to fold and unfold & the adjustable handlebar!


Claire, mum to Jack, 1 month

At the end of the day, simply hide it away Suitable from birth to 15kg (approx. 3.5 years)

Travel system ready

Carrycot compatible



From pram to pushchair, your little explorer will enjoy the all-day comfort and lie-flat option of the Maxi-Cosi Elea. • Extra padded seat with smooth multi-position recline, including lie-flat position • Parent-facing and forward-facing options • Two folding options: quick-folding for daily use and optimal folding for compact storage • Compatible with Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix and Pebble baby car seats


Good to know A matching Baby Nest is included, perfect to keep your newborn warm & snug!

Choice of colours

For full product details & all accessories visit

Accessories Included


Baby Nest, large basket, car seat/ carrycot adaptors, integral parasol holder, raincover & sun canopy

Keep your baby cosy with a matching Footmuff

Foldable NEW Carrycot Add a Maxi-Cosi Foldable Carrycot to create a cosy pram


Other extras

Clip the Flexibag to the handle hooks of the Elea

Parasol and Travel Buddy


Mura Plus


Protects your child in all weather conditions Suitable from birth to 15kg (approx. 3.5 years)

Carrycot compatible


The puncture-free tyres... you never get a flat tyre. Choice of colours

Intense Red

Travel system ready

The new Maxi-Cosi Mura Plus gives you and your baby the freedom to go wherever you want. • Easy to recline with lie-flat position • Forward or parent-facing seat • Easy to fold and unfold • Compatible with Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix or Pebble baby car seats • Height-adjustable handlebar

Martin, dad to Lucas, 9 months

For full product details & all accessories visit

Accessories Included


Large basket, car seat/carrycot adaptors, parasol clip, raincover and large sun canopy

Keep your baby cosy with a matching Footmuff


Foldable NEW Carrycot Add a Maxi-Cosi Foldable Carrycot to create a cosy pram

Travel Buddy

Other extras

Pick a Travel Buddy to keep your little one entertained

Use a UV Parasol to protect your baby from the sun and a Flexibag to keep essentials close by

Easia Baby NEW Carrier Enjoy carrying your baby hands free in comfort and style Suitable from birth to 12 months (approx. 3.5 to 12kg)

Foetal position



Dorsal Support System


De Easy

The Easia baby carrier combines comfort for your baby and ease of use of for you. • Removable padded insert holds newborn’s legs in a more comfortable foetal position • Child’s weight is well distributed across parent’s shoulders thanks to the dorsal support system • Quick and easy to put on/take off: only to use 4 clips • Forward-facing position available for older child



The support it gives my baby! Katy, mum to Olivia, 4 weeks

For full product details visit

Available in 4 colours Grey Denim

Divine Denim

Nature Spirit

Burgundy Spirit


What do you need to know about child seat safety? We talk to Neil Oakley, dad to Max, 10 months old, and Maxi-Cosi UK Car Seat Training Manager, who has the lowdown on what to look for when choosing your first car seat and answers the most common car seat questions. Do I have to use a car seat in my vehicle and until what age? “Yes, by law children must travel in an appropriate car seat until they reach 1.35m/ 4ft 5in tall (1.5m in the Republic of Ireland) or aged 12, whichever comes first.” Does a newborn baby need to travel rearward-facing? “Yes, up to 13kg your newborn is safest travelling in a rearwardfacing car seat. In an accident, the car seat and belt will take the force of the impact while fully supporting your baby’s head and neck. You can choose to have a baby car seat (also called an infant carrier) that is compatible with a pushchair or a combination car seat that will take your child from birth up to 18kg.” How do I know if my car has IsoFix? “Check your vehicle’s handbook to see if your car has IsoFix


connection points. Most relatively new cars will have IsoFix but the location of the IsoFix fitting points vary between cars and they are sometimes concealed. You can also check the MaxiCosi car fitting list on the Maxi-Cosi website or scan this QR code with your smartphone.” Do all car seats fit all cars? “No, not every seat fits every car so check its compatibility using the car fitting list on the MaxiCosi website. Always take your car with you when choosing your new car seat so that you know it fits in the vehicle and can be shown how to install it securely.” Do I have to use a car seat base with a baby car seat? “No, all Maxi-Cosi car seats can be installed in the car with the car seat belt but I highly recommend the use of a belted or IsoFix base as the click-on/

click-off system makes the seat easier to use and you are less likely to install the car seat incorrectly.” How do I know that my baby is secured properly in their car seat? “Before each journey, check that the harness is tightened properly. It should be tight enough for your baby to be comfortable but leave a gap of no more than 1cm between your baby’s chest and the harness. “ Where is the best place to install a car seat in the car? “The best place to fit your car seat is in the middle seat in the rear of the vehicle as this reduces the risk of injury from a side-impact crash. The rear passenger is the next best location to fit your car seat as it is away from the most common side of impact. A rearwardfacing child seat should never be installed on a front passenger

What is IsoFix?

seat if a frontal airbag is fitted.” When is the right time to move my baby to the next stage car seat? “Always choose the correct car seat for your child’s current height and weight, age should only be used as an indication. I would highly recommend keeping your baby in the rearward-facing position for as long as possible. As long as your baby’s head is positioned within the seat shell and their weight doesn’t exceed 13kg, rearwardfacing remains the safest way to transport your baby.” Can I use a second-hand car seat? “No, it might be financially tempting but you can’t be sure a second-hand car seat hasn’t been in a crash. Any seat involved in a collision MUST be replaced as its structure could be compromised even if there is no visible sign of damage. When it comes to installation, the chances are you won’t have the instruction manual for a second-hand car seat and won’t be sure you are fitting it correctly.“ More questions? “If you are still unsure about your choice of car seats or have more questions about the different options, seek advice from your retailer.”

• IsoFix is an internationally standardised system to install child car seats in cars correctly without the need for car seat belts. • IsoFix is very user-friendly and significantly reduces the risk of incorrect installation. • IsoFix connection points are permanently connected to the body of the car and your IsoFix car seat or base attaches securely to these connection points. • Most new cars even come fitted with a third fixing point for a top tether strap. • For more information on how to install your car seat using IsoFix with a support leg or a top tether, check the “travel safe” section of the Maxi-Cosi website.

Why choose Maxi-Cosi car seats? As market leaders in child travel safety, Maxi-Cosi meets and exceeds all legal requirements for car seat safety.

✔ We comply with the latest European Standard ECE R44/04 ✔ In addition, we carry out extra crash tests to simulate a variety of side and side/frontal car collisions.

✔ We have led the way in developing groundbreaking technology to improve the side protection of car seats.

✔ At Maxi-Cosi, we are committed to maintaining our global leadership in safety and innovative design.

✔ This is why both our baby car seats – the Pebble used with the FamilyFix Base and the CabrioFix used with the EasyFix Base, have been awarded a “Which Best Buy” again in 2012.

For more information on car seat safety see the travel safe section at

Yoann Brunetiere Maxi-Cosi Safety Centre Manager


Car seats from birth

Baby car seats at a glance Let’s have a look at the car seat options suitable for your newborn. Plus, mums and dads tell us what they think of their favourite Maxi-Cosi car seat!

Baby car seats


What mums say:

What dads say:

Often referred to as infant carriers, the group 0+ car seats are compatible with Maxi-Cosi and Quinny pushchairs to create a smart travel system.

“We love our Pebble because it has nifty features like the stay-open harness that makes it easier to get my baby into the seat and I’m reassured as it’s got a Which Best Buy award too.“

Whether you go for an IsoFix base or a belted one, bases make parents’ lives so much easier with their easy click on/off system.

“The FamilyFix Base clips into our car and the seat clips into the base, easy! As well as a reassuring click, you get a green light so you know it’s safe to go.”

David Dad to Alex, 8 months old

Zoe Mum to James, 2 months old Check out the Pebble on page 19 and other baby car seats on page 20.

Combination car seats These group 0+/1 seats are suitable from birth up to 4 years, making it a long-lasting travel solution.

What do you think of Maxi-Cosi car seats? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter

/ @maxicosibaby


See the FamilyFix Base and other Maxi-Cosi bases on page 18

What mums say:

“Our son was getting too big for his infant carrier but was too young to travel forward-facing so the Opal was the ideal choice and allowed us to have Sam in the rear-facing position for longer. It’s fab that it’s reversible as we can use it for another 3 years!”

Alice, Mum to Sam, 14 months old Look at both the MiloFix and the Opal on page 21

Our top M o de


rn Black


for 2013! Grey Cr

Spicy Pink

kle ac



Po p


e iol


Divine D

Walnut Brown

To see the full collection visit

17 7

Car seat bases

IsoFix & belted bases Click a Maxi-Cosi car seat onto a base for quick and easy installation in the car. All bases feature a height-adjustable support leg for added stability and safety.

FamilyFix Base (IsoFix) • Uses IsoFix points for optimum safety and speedy attachment • Light and sound indicators confirm correct installation • When used with the Maxi-Cosi Pebble or CabrioFix, the base offers an extra upward position, giving your baby more leg room and allowing safer travel by being rearward-facing for longer • Extended use and convenience: the FamilyFix Base can also be used with the Pearl toddler car seat (up to 18kg/approx. 4 years)

with Pebble

Good to know Make sure that the base is compatible with your car by checking the Maxi-Cosi car fitting list online.

EasyFix Base (IsoFix/Belted) • Makes it quick and easy to install the CabrioFix baby car seat • Works with either the IsoFix connection points or the car’s seat belt • Belt tensioner to ensure secure belt installation • Colour indicators to confirm correct fitting

with CabrioFix

Scan with your smartphone to view the car fitting list

EasyBase 2 (Belted) • Makes it quick and easy to install the Maxi-Cosi Pebble & CabrioFix in the car • Easy to fit using the regular car seat belt • Belt tensioner to ensure secure installation • Colour indicators confirm correct fitting

For full product details & all accessories visit

Which Maxi-Cosi car seats fit what base? Model

FamilyFix Base (IsoFix)

EasyFix Base (IsoFix/Belted)

a a a


Pebble CabrioFix


Pearl (toddler seat)

EasyBase 2 (Belted)

a a

Baby car seats


Bring your baby home comfortably and in the safest way possible. Suitable from birth to 13kg (approx. 12 months)


ti et nf

Travel system ready

Side Protection System

The Pebble has a stay-open harness to help you lift your little one in and out of their seat with ease, making going out a pleasurable experience. • Easy to install in the car using the FamilyFix (IsoFix) Base, the EasyBase 2 or with the car’s seat belt • Fits Maxi-Cosi and Quinny pushchairs to form a travel system • When used with the FamilyFix Base, the Pebble offers an extra upward position giving baby more leg room and allowing safer rearward-facing travel for longer • Harness height easily adjustable from the back with the press of a button


with FamilyFix Base

Choice of colours

The well padded seat & the easy one push release button to remove Pebble from a Maxi-Cosi or Quinny pushchair.

Designed for Quinny

Sarah, mum to Max, 9 months

For full product details & all accessories visit

Accessories Included

Summer Cover



Other extras

Removable headhugger and support pillow for newborns. Plus easy-access integral sun canopy

Keep your baby cool in the summer

Choose between the EasyBase 2 or the FamilyFix Base

Keep your baby cosy with a Maxi-Cosi Pebble Footmuff

Keep your baby entertained with a Travel Buddy. Protect your baby from the elements with a Raincover or Mosquito Net


Divine D enim


Multiple ways to keep moving Suitable from birth to 13kg (approx. 12 months)

Travel system ready

Side Protection System

The CabrioFix fits most Maxi-Cosi and Quinny pushchairs and can be installed in the car with an IsoFix system, belted base or the car’s own seat belt. • Easy to install in the car using the FamilyFix Base, EasyFix Base, the EasyBase 2 or with the car’s seat belt • Side Protection System protects baby if your car suffers a side-on impact • Adjustable upward seat position for older babies when used with the FamilyFix Base • Included: removable headhugger and newborn support pillow, sun canopy and harness straps hooks • Optional extras: Raincover, Footmuff, Mosquito Net, Summer Cover and Travel Buddy

with EasyFix Base

Choice of colours

To see choice of bases for CabrioFix go to page 18

Citi SPS

Best value in its range


Suitable from birth to 13kg (approx. 12 months)

Travel system ready

Side Protection System

Choice of colours


Secures with seat belt

The Citi SPS fits most Maxi-Cosi and Quinny pushchairs and offers your baby extra protection against side impact collisions. • Ideal in combination with Maxi-Cosi and Quinny pushchairs to form a travel system • Ergonomic carry handle • One-pull harness adjustment • Included: removable headhugger and newborn support pillow, sun canopy and harness straps hooks • Optional extras: Raincover, Mosquito Net and Travel Buddy

For full product details & all accessories visit


Combination car seats


Longer rearward-facing travel options (up to 15 months approx.)



IsoFix combination car seat Suitable from birth to 18kg (approx. 4 years) The MiloFix offers a smooth transition from infant carrier to a rear-facing seat and can be turned forward for your toddler, with the peace of mind of an IsoFix installation. • Extends the time your baby can travel rearward-facing in complete comfort (up to 13kg, approx. 15 months) • Seat turns forward easily for your toddler • Simple and safe IsoFix installation with top tether & colour indicators • Harness and headrest height easily adjusts together to grow with your child • Included: removable newborn support cushion and harness straps hooks

Side Protection System


Choice of colours




1 recline position forward-facing


Real comfort goes both ways Suitable from birth to 18kg (approx. 4 years)

Secures with seat belt

5 recline positions forward-facing

For full product details & all accessories visit

n ow

Walnut B r

Side Protection System

The Opal combination car seat offers a safe, comfortable and long-lasting travel solution from birth to 4 years. • Extra legroom for baby so that they can travel rearward-facing for longer • Two-position base makes it quick to switch to forward-facing mode, using the same belt routing to prevent incorrect fitting, plus belt tensioner for extra secure installation • Padded and spacious seat adjustable in width with an easily adjustable headrest and harness • Included: removable newborn support pillow and harness straps hooks


Choice of colours


Beyond birth Toddler car seats and buggies Keep your baby in a rearward-facing seat for as long as possible. Switch only when the top of your baby’s head reaches the edge of the seat and their weight exceeds 13kg. It might also be the time when you consider buying a more lightweight buggy for going out with your little one.


Follow up seat to the Pebble, Pearl is a compact seat and is installed in the car with the FamilyFix (IsoFix) Base


Tobi’s harness stays open for quick and easy seating of child

Priori XP Its belt tensioner ensures extra secure installation with the car’s seat belt

Priori SPS Offers best value in its range

Mobi Offers extended rearward-facing travel up to 4 years


Here is a selection of Maxi-Cosi toddler car seats and buggies for use up to approx. 3.5 to 4 years.

Axiss Axiss turns 90° left or right so you can place and strap your child easily


Easy-to-install belted car seat thanks to its red belt route indicators

PrioriFix Flexible seat with IsoFix or seat belt installation

Noa Light and compact buggy with quick one-hand fold and unfold and retractable pulling handle

For more details on car seats for toddlers and older children visit

One IsoFix base Two car seats Three years and more of fun together Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix Collection. A flexible, long lasting IsoFix system from birth to 4 years.

In the perfect marriage of safety and convenience, the Maxi-Cosi Pebble baby car seat and the Maxi-Cosi Pearl child car seat for children up to 4 years both fit onto the Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix Base. It takes a split second to attach either car seat to the Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix Base - and popping your child into the seat itself is almost as quick, thanks to the unique stay-open harness. Light and sound indicators tell you the base and seat are installed correctly and that you’re good to go. So all you have to do is head out to discover the world together. Enjoy.

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Enjoy your new life!

UK Maxi-Cosi Consumer Magazine - 2013  

UK Maxi-Cosi Consumer Magazine - 2013

UK Maxi-Cosi Consumer Magazine - 2013  

UK Maxi-Cosi Consumer Magazine - 2013