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Submissions are based on “skill� and knowledge level of grades, i.e. a 5th grader has more expertise on Meats, etc., than a Kindergarten student whose knowledge is more familiar with Desserts. It also helps to prevent too many of the same category of recipes submitted if categories are broken down by grade level.

Great Fundraiser for Schools, Churches, Scouts, etc.

Advertising from local merchants to set off cost & increase profits Parents & grandparents can order cookbooks Cookbook can also be sold at any bake sales Cookbook also available on CD if wanted Art contest for the cover of the book (in color) Each recipe category for each grade level has Best art (black and white) contest winner No minimum order needed

Appetizers Submitted by FIRST GRADE students & their parents

Art by: Rocco Sheppard, 1st Grade, Ms. Danielson’s class “I love my mom cos she always makes the best food and snacks before dinner. She’s a good cook!”

Appetizers Stuffed Mushrooms submitted by: Rocco Sheppard Ingredients:: 4-6 medium sized Mushrooms, gently rinsed with stems removed Small handful ground beef 6-12 capers (at least 2 per mushroom cap) ½ stick Butter Sprinkling of grated Parmesan Cheese

Directions: In frying pan put Mushroom caps & Butter and let them sauté till light brown, remove. Brown ground Beef, put a bit of it in each Mushroom Cap. Add more Butter while browning ground Beef if necessary. Put in a few Capers into each stuffed Mushroom. Put all into baking pan, pour over any leftover Butter & drippings, and bake 350*F for 5 min. Remove and plate, sprinkling a bit of Parmesan Cheese over each. Serve.

Escargot submitted by: Julie Ozeta Ingredients: 1 small can Snails ½ stick Butter Handful Bread Crumbs 3-4 cloves Garlic diced fine

Directions: Sauté in frying pan the Snails, Butter and Garlic for a few min. Put in Escargot baking dish and top with Bread Crumbs, bake 350*F for 5-10 min till bubbly. You can serve with Lemon wedges if you want. If you have the shells, you can gently put the Snails inside, and top each with Bread Crumbs before baking.

Baked Tomatoes submitted by Felix Andrews Ingredients: 2 or more Tomatoes, sliced in half Dash of Olive Oil Small handfuls each of grated Parmesan & Mozzarella Salt & Pepper if you want to sprinkle some one

Directions: Put sliced Tomatoes on baking sheet, sprinkle a bit of Olive Oil and then Cheeses over each. Bake 350*F till Cheese melts, about 5-7 min. Serve warm.

Beef, Poultry & Seafood Submitted by Fifth Grade Students & their parents

Art by: Dee Dee Davids, 5th Grade, Mr. Josephs class “Sometimes my dad and I fish on Lake Michigan for Salmon & bring them home. They are pretty big, like 2 feet long or MORE!! Then he and my mom filet it (that’s when they scrape the scales off the body with a knife, then cut off the head and open it up and clean it out) and remove the bones with tweezers and pliers. If we don’t catch any, then we will buy Salmon filets at the store and bake it. I’m old enough now to help them filet the Salmon my dad catches AND they let me bake it with all the ingredients alone now!!”

Seafood Baked Salmon submitted by Dee Dee Davids Ingredients: 1 large Salmon filet (about 1 foot long or more, with skin on) 1 cup Butter melted (you can microwave it in a coffee cup) 1 cup White Wine ¼ cup Capers ½ cup Lemon Juice (from the bottle is ok) Large baking pan, enough to fit the Salmon in Tin foil to make a “tent” top

Directions: Run your fingertip over the center and outer parts of the Salmon to make sure all the bones are out. If you run across one, remove it with tweezers. Put the Salmon skin side down into baking pan. Pour over all the ingredients, and lift the Salmon up with a fork to make sure that the liquids get underneath too. Form a tent with tin foil over the Salmon to keep the steam from escaping, it should be pretty loose and just resting on top of Salmon. Bake 350*F for about 20 min., until fish is very light pink and flakey. Slice with a spatula, and when putting on plate, carefully remove underside “skin”. Pour some of the liquid & capers over each fish portion.

Fish Taco’s submitted by: Genova Cohen Ingredients: Corn or Flour Tortilla’s Frozen Beer Batter fish filets, baked according to package directions OR Cod Filets Large plate of Flour Pancake mix made with Regular or dark Beer instead of water Shredded Cabbage or Lettuce Oil in large pan, about 1 inch or so, or a deep fryer

Sauce Ingredients: 1 Cup Mayonnaise ¼ cup diced Cilantro Salt and Pepper to taste Little bit of Tomato Paste or Sauce to make it pink Jalapeno Pepper, sliced and remove seeds, then diced up. 2 Garlic cloves diced up real fine

Directions: If you want to make from scratch, dip the Cod filets into Flour, then put into bowl with pancake mix (made with Beer instead of water). With tongs, carefully fry till golden brown, drain on paper towels. Mix Sauce ingredients by hand or puree in food processor. In a large frying pan with just a dab of oil, heat up tortilla’s till softened, turning them over. Top with a bit of Sauce and a small amount of shredded Cabbage or Lettuce, then top with Fish.

All Books are:  Soft Cover with Color Copy (of student or requested art work; jpeg etc.) either in clear presentation or heavy weight paper  If heavy weight paper is chosen, back cover will be the same; if clear presentation sheet is chosen, then back cover will be card stock  8 x 10 format; allows for more concise reading and more insertions; generally 2-3 recipes per page  Bindery or Spiral Combed  General Font’s & Clip art illustrations for most recipes; some can include student’s art work for this, but must be scanned and in black and white format. Photo jpeg’s of student and/or student standing next to recipe is acceptable.  Recipe categories can include student won art work in black & white  In the case of duplicate recipes, each student will be mentioned with a note on how they changed the simple premise of the recipe  Inside back front cover and inside back of back cover advertisement, as well as inside recipe category advertisements advertising inserts to be split 50-50  Prices below reflect no outside advertisement  There is no minimum amount of cookbooks needed to be ordered. There will be a cutoff date for submission as well as ordering. Ordering after cutoff date will incur a 30% upcharge  CD prices are the same as prices below and can be ordered with no minimum in conjunction with or instead of printed cookbooks.


Book Cost

Sell For

SUB profit

Split Profit











Sell 25 YOUR profit 25 X $2.50 = $62.50 25 X $3.50 = $87.50

Sell 50 YOUR profit 50 X $2.50 = $125 50 X $3.50 = $175.00

Sell 100 YOUR profit 100 X $2.50 = $250 100 X $3.50 = $350.00

Advertising Rates Most       

Inside Cover and Inside Back cover is available So is the inside cover of each Recipe Category categories (inside cover) include: Insertion must include camera ready Appetizers, jpeg in black and white only. Soups & Salads, First come first served, as well as Pasta & Rice, exclusions (no one who has the same Meat Poultry & Seafood, type of business will be inside the Desserts, cookbook with the exception of Beverages & Fruits, stores that sell groceries and/or any Teachers & PTO insertions)

Per 0-100 books

Inside Cover

Inside Back

½ page Full page

$75 $90

$50 $75

Inside Recipe Category $35 $50

INSERTION RATES Insert your already printed coupon!! Books Included In Cost Per book cost 1-25 $20 Approx. 80¢ ea. 26-50 $15 Approx. 30¢ ea. 50-100 $10 Approx. 10¢ ea. Prices subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to accept admissions for advertisements. Fundraisers can expect 50% of total amount brought upon from advertising, to help offset their costs & raise profits!!

Your Child’s favorite recipes Cooked by them or you!!! Grade K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Teachers, Staff & PTO

Recipe to submit Desserts Appetizers Soups & Salads Pasta & Rice Beverages & Fruits Meat, Poultry & Seafood Their favorites

Please stick to the category that each grade is assigned. This helps to organize and not have too many of one or more recipes submitted. It can be a recipe that they make, or one that they really like to eat that YOU make!! Be CREATIVE!!! Your child can also submit black and white sketches (no larger than 8 x 10) of the recipe they submit. Make sure Student Name, Grade & Teacher Name is written on backside of drawing (it should not shine thru) or just put at FAR bottom of page.

There is also an art contest for (submit no larger than 8 x 10):  each recipe category/grade level (based on recipe category; see above); must be in BLACK AND WHITE  Cover of the cook book CONTEST (can be in color), any grade level can participate!! There will be honorable mentions (for duplicate recipes) with basic ingredients/directions and any variations of the same recipe Most cookbooks will sell between $10-$15 each. Place your orders now!!  If you own a business and would like to participate, please see below:

Per 0-100 books

Inside Recipe Category ½ page $75 $50 $35 Full page $90 $75 $50 Camera ready jpeg in black and white only. First come first served, as well as exclusions (no one who has the same type of business will be inside the cookbook with the exception of stores that sell groceries and/or any insertions) INSERTION RATES Insert your already printed coupon!! Books Included In 1-25 26-50 50-100

Inside Cover

Inside Back

Cost $20 $15 $10

Per book cost Approx. 80¢ ea. Approx. 30¢ ea. Approx. 10¢ ea.

Submit Recipe (please print clearly) SCHOOL NAME___________________________ Your Name & relation Phone Fax Email Student Name & Grade Teacher Name Artwork and recipe submission expires on: Cook

Student Is

Grade K 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th


Recipe to submit Desserts Appetizers Soups & Salads Pasta & Rice Beverages & Fruits Meat, Poultry & Seafood

___I am attaching black and white sketch of recipe for contest of category ___I am attaching color artwork by student for possible cover of book ___I want to order ____ cookbook(s) ___I am interested in helping out with this project

DIRECTIONS (continue on other side if necessary)

Cookbook orders expire on: For more info: or or 630-529-5787

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Grade School recipes from students

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