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• In their blood Schools that run in the family

• Separation anxiety

Helping tots and their folks cope with first day stress

• Campy couples

Spouses who turn their lives into an endless summer

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All in the family Education can get personal when school is a family affair

fresh new faces eager to be welcomed into the life of the school. With summer coming we haven’t forgotten those happy campers and the families they find and make during their holidays away from school. And no Education Guide discussing family and education would be complete without a dos and don’ts look at how to cope with the stresses and anxiety that surround the first day of school. Your feedback is important to us. Please do take a few minutes to send us your thoughts on issues we should consider in future guides, by logging on to and clicking on the contact us link or via email to

n our previous Education Guides we have explored issues around technology, traditions and the idea of educating the whole child, but this time we’re focusing on something much more important — Family. It sounds fairly basic. After all, children learn many important life and academic lessons from their parents and siblings. But as you’ll see in this edition, family means a lot of different things to a lot of different schools. For instance, we all know people within our communities whose children go to the same school they attended as a child and in some cases, their parents attended as well. We may not be as familiar with institutions that have multiple generations of the same family leading the school for decades. You may also not be aware of what some Private and Independent schools are doing to bring that family feeling to students, whether they are boarders on campus or


Have faith? Parents choose religious schools for a number of reasons — and not always for the spiritual teachings


Get comfortable Two nursery school teachers give the skinny on how to handle a child’s first day at school


Summer tradition The spirit of camp not only keeps the kids coming back but the staff as well

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• In their blood Schools that run in the family

• Separation anxiety

Helping tots and their folks cope with first day stress

• Campy couples

Spouses who turn their lives into an endless summe r


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Family business


FAMILY MATTERS: La Citadelle headmaster Alfred Abouchar poses with his granddaughter’s pre-kindergarten class at the school he founded and two of his daughters work.

Like parent, like child Schools that really run in the family


ometimes education runs in the blood. Indeed, in some of Toronto’s private and independent schools, the school and its philosophy can be mapped just as one would trace a family tree. At Hudson College father and son team Jack and Jeff Bavington, as principal and vice-principal, sit at the helm together, their offices a stone’s throw from another. Jack founded the school after working in the public school system as a teacher and curriculum developer. He gained a different perspective after working in an alternative school, he says, and wanted to try out a skills-based educational model in a setting that was intimate and familial. Not long after, his son Jeff left the world of business to join his dad. Once he had children of his own, Jeff says, education became more important to him (his two daughters currently attend the school). And there just wasn’t any denying the family connection to education. His mother, who died when he was young, was a teacher, as was a beloved aunt who helped out a lot when he was growing up. Of course there was his dad, whom he grew up watching and admiring as an educator when he would go to visit him at the various schools he taught at. “The three most important people in my life were all involved in education,” Jeff says. “I always knew in my heart (my dad) was a special principal.” And the two say they have a pretty harmonious relationship at school. “We don’t yell at each other so that’s a good sign,” jokes Jack. On a more serious note, they say it’s easy as they share the same philosophy about education, which is rooted in a personal, familial approach.



With only 200 pupils at Hudson, Jeff says parents are appreciative. “They love that family atmosphere.” “No one can get lost,” says Jack. Across the city at Maria Montessori School, owner and principal Jim Brand followed his mother into the family business. Before he bought the school Brand worked with his mom, a respected Montessori school educator and founder of Ellesmere Montessori School. A pioneer of sorts, she was among the early Montessori educators in Canada who was recruited from Britain in the late 1960s. Brand seems to have inherited that pioneering spirit. After working with his mother for a few years he sold his Newmarket home and bought Maria Montessori upon the death of the original owner — who was, not surprisingly, a family friend. Though he says he got into the profession initially not because of his mother but rather as a result of helping a documentary filmmaker research the Montessori philosophy, Brand credits his mother as a definite inspiration. But working with mom wasn’t all roses. “We came to loggerheads at a point,” he says, as they had different interpretations of the Montessori philosophy. Brand, a purist, wanted to form a school that he says was as true to Montessori principles as possible. So he bought Maria Montessori, only a year old at the time. It wasn’t long before his wife Gail left her bank job to come on staff full-time as school’s administrator. Working so closely with admin can have its share of difficulties, he says. “There’s always that tension,” Brand admits. “Sometimes it makes for a really boisterous discussion on the way home from school and sometimes it makes for a totally




OPEN HOUSE : SAT. FEB . 6 1: 00 - 3 : 00 PM

kelly gadzala/town crier

Bayview Glen has excellent teachers who care. Teachers who are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your child succeeds in whatever endeavours they choose. It is all part of our commitment to

WORKING TOGETHER: Father and son team of Jack and Jeff Bavington, above, have run Hudson College since its inception. Jim Brand, right, of Maria Montessori School has worked with both his mother and his wife in the scholastic setting.

providing a truly nurturing environment that promotes academic excellence and fosters learning, creativity, independence and growth throughout the school day and beyond.



photo cou rtesy mar ia montess o

ri School

silent one. “There’s been times when she’s quit, I’ve quit, I’ve fired her and she’s fired me,” he says of his working with Gail. “She’s really good because she puts up with me,” he says with a laugh. “I have a very specific way of doing things.” And working with one’s partner seems to create a more level playing field. “When your mother’s your boss she tends to win all the arguments.” At La Citadelle International Academy of Arts & Science, family takes on a different meaning when speaking with founder and headmaster Alfred Abouchar. The former school superintendent with the French language OttawaCarleton school board has two daughters who work with him at the school — who he’s grooming to open a second school — and a granddaughter in the pre-kindergarten program. His ideas about family and education are hyper intimate: “I’m the third leg in your marriage,” he tells parents at the beginning of the school year. He says he believes strongly in parents communicating with him about any troubles at home — factors he sees as hindering a child’s development if not addressed — so if parents are divorcing and their child is struggling with it, he needs to know about it. Engaging parents in this highly personal way isn’t the norm, in Abouchar’s opinion. He finds more and more schools are distancing themselves from the community and parents. “For me it’s essential that family be a part of it.”

We see the world through

the eyes of BOYS! THE STERLING HALL SCHOOL Independent School for Boys • Jr. Kindergarten to Grade 8 99 Cartwright Avenue, Toronto 416-785-3410 O P E N H O U S E J A N U A RY 2 7 , 2 0 1 0 , 9 : 0 0 A M - 1 1 : 0 0 A M

Kelly Gadzala



Family tradition

Three and counting Schools that span the generations


hen a school produces a successful student, it is a cause for celebration, but when schools produce whole families of successful students, it is remarkable. The Wilson boys of St. Michael’s College School and the Clappison girls of Branksome Hall have histories stretching back three generations with their schools. John Wilson — who graduated in 1943 — was the seventh of his brothers to attend St. Mike’s, and four of his sons and several of his grandsons have also attended. He says there was no doubt in his mind he wanted to attend the school when he was growing up. “We used to sit at the dinner table and hear all the stories of the great times and teachers and football and

hockey teams, and we’d hope we could go,” says Wilson. Similarly, Sarah Claydon, who is one of the more recent generation of Clappisons to graduate from Branksome Hall, also anticipated enrolling at the school while growing up. “I always hoped from my mom and Nana that I would go there,” says Claydon, who is now a teacher at Sterling Hall School. She says that she wanted to go to Branksome Hall because of how the experience enriched the lives of her forbearers. “You’re learning from the best of the best,” she says. Wilson echoes that sentiment when talking about his alma mater. “They teach you to be good citizens, husbands, professionals, and religious people,” he says. “You learn to find goodness, charity, and knowledge.” Mike Constable

photo courtesy branksome hall

THE TIES THAT BIND: Three generations of women in the Clappison family have attended Branksome Hall School including, from left, Susie Blair, Sarah Claydon (with her son Sam), Lynn Clappison and Helen Hughes.

TORONTO FRENCH SCHOOL A bilingual education. An international perspective. A co-educational environment. And the International Baccalaureate Diploma respected around the world.

Join us for an Information Session: Toronto Campus (Bayview/Lawrence)

Junior School: PK (age 3) – Grade 5 January 7, 9:30 a.m.

If education means the world to you.

Senior School: Grade 6 – University Entrance January 13, 9:30 a.m.

RSVP Admissions

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Family eases transition to new school


hile they may not always get along at home, having a big brother or sister at the same school can be a big help to the younger sibling. “It’s kind of someone to watch out for you,” says Greenwood College School grade 11 student Nicole Wallenburg, the middle child of the family. “I’ve always had a sibling at the school, so I get to know the whole school better.” She followed her older brother Evan, who has since graduated, to the school and is helping to mentor her younger brother Jason and make him feel at home at Greenwood. “Jason coming in grade 7 knew a lot of Nicole’s friends because when we went to functions he would come along with the family,” said the pair’s mother Lisa Wallenburg. “That was an easy transition for him.” Nicole has also provided her brother with insider advice on what he needs to know about the school and its activities. For instance that you don’t need shorts most of the time on the school camping trips and what to wear to a school dance. “I’ve been through everything (Jason) is going to go through,” said Nicole. Across town at Fieldstone Day School 40 percent of its students have at least one sibling at the school, which helps to create sense of comfort and belonging, says lower school head, Melissa Volekaert. “We know from the research that positive school culture is created when students have as many positive connections as possible to both adults and students in the school.”

joshua freeman/town crier

SHOWING HIM THE ROPES: Grade 11 student Nicole Wallenburg has taken her younger brother Jason under her wing just as her older brother Evan did for her when she first came to Greenwood College School.

No sibling rivalry here

Helping out

For students who don’t have siblings, the school tries to simulate the same sort of support through a big brother and big sister program that partners older students with younger ones for guidance and support. The school also recently expanded its house system to the upper school. Each of the four houses competes against the others in various activities throughout the school year. The system provides yet another layer of support and attachment at the school, says Volekaert. Siblings at the school are automatically in the same house as one another. “The way our school is set up it tends to lends itself well to families,” says upper school head, Josephine Parody. Joshua Freeman


“We have never been asked for extra fees, ever. My kids even get a hot lunch every day. That’s comfort food OPEN HOUSE for us.” Feb. 3rd, 2010 1:30pm 3:00pm


The measure of a great school starts here

















Today’s School for Tomorrow’s World

a co-ed, independent non-denominational school, Grade 7-12

Tours Available by Appointment

217 Brookbanks Drive, Toronto Phone: (416) 391-1441 WINTER 2010 EDUCATION GUIDE Town Crier


Got faith?

NURSERY & KINDERGARTEN MARCH & SUMMER CAMP PROGRAMS Leaside United Location 416-424-2135 St. Cuthbert Church location 416-482-4131

photo courtesy trinity college school

Changing tune

Religious schools open up


lenty of non-Christians celebrate Christmas. But what about non-Christians attending a Christian school, or gentiles attending a Jewish one? It’s not as strange as it sounds. Some faith-based schools are admitting greater and greater numbers of students from other faiths, or from no faith in particular. “There are many reasons other than religion to seek out a (faith-based) education,” says York Catholic District School Board’s Chris Cable. “We are among the top in the province in terms of academics.” York’s Catholic schools consistently score above average in the province’s standardized testing and it has many parents eager to put their children in a perceived-to-be higher-achieving environment. Amir Kassim Lakha, the father of a Muslim family in Toronto, chose Northmount, an independent Catholic school for his bright and active son Alnur. “They understood the idiosyncrasies of raising a boy,” says Lakha. “And they were very sensitive to the fact that Alnur was not raised Catholic.” Thirty percent of Northmount’s student body is non-Catholic and yet there’s absolutely no proselytizing going on, says Head of School Carmen Mombourquette. That policy that reassured Lakha. Another factor influencing Lakha’s decision was that he himself attended a Catholic school in his youth in East Africa because it offered the best education available to him. Paul Shaviv, Director of Education at the Jewish Tanenbaum Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto Schools, recalls a similar situation in some of the Jewish schools in his own home country of Britain. “They actually have majorities of non-Jewish students,” he recalls. He says that non-Jewish parents choose the faith-based Jewish schools because of a belief that the schools place a higher value on learning, knowledge and academic achievement. Shaviv says that parents are attracted to religious schools based on a sense that they offer a strong moral and values education. “Values-based education” When talking about faith-based education parents and educators in Toronto are increasingly using the non-religious term values-based education. Shaviv and Mombourquette both us it. So does Lakha. “I was looking for a values-based program, a values-based emphasis,” says Lakha. “It did not concern me that it was a Catholic school.”



“There are many reasons other than religion to seek out a (faith-based) education.” Three A+ students. Achieving below potential?

You can't change the wind... but you can adjust the sails.

• • • • • •

Attention Span is Short Distractibility Difficulty Organizing & Completing Work Impulsivity Learning Difficulties Asperger’s syndrome

Neurofeedback plus coaching in Learning Strategies can provide a lasting improvement in learning. Research results are available.

Director: Dr. Lynda M. Thompson (416) 488-2233 Co-author with pediatrician Wm. Sears of The A.D.D. Book

Which one has ADD?

photo cou rtesy Tanen baum CHAT

RELIGION STILL KEY: While many faith-based schools are accepting non-adherents into their student bodies, they haven’t given up their core values.

Whatever you call it, this type of moral yet non-specifically religious education is attractive to many parents, says Mombourquette. “(Non-Catholic) parents send their kids to our school so they can be educated in general ways of faith,” he says. The future of faith-based Father Don Aitchison, Trinity College School’s chaplain, believes that our society is drifting away from the church. The school was founded in an Anglican tradition and educated only Anglican students in its early years. After WWII, the school began recruiting students from other faiths. “It was an opportunity for the school to grow numbers-wise,” says Aitchison. Eventually, like many schools, Trinity scaled back its level of observance. “In ’98 the Chaplain’s period was finally dropped from the curriculum,” says Aitchison. Today the school’s population is multi-faith and secularizing, but Aitchison still sees a positive role for faith and his work in the school’s present and future. “I think we’ve turned a corner. That secularizing mood of the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s has changed somewhat. Whether it’s their exposure to multiple cultures or globalization, people are less threatened by different religions.” Today Aitchison’s daily chapel service is often student-run and goes well beyond the liturgy to topics unrelated to religion. Although it is still an Anglican chapel espousing Anglican points of view, the congregation is multi-faith and everyone is respectful of each other’s points of view. “Our head boy last year was Muslim. I took him out for dinner at Eid. We still talk about once a week,” says Aitchison. Christopher Reynolds

• High quality instruction • Exceptionally holistic environment • Learning environment focussed on globalization and multiculturalism • Advanced and enriched curriculum • Assistance provided for non-bilingual students (Francisation) • Exciting extracurricular activities • Full-time Pre-Kindergarten program starting at 2 1/2 years old • Mandatory third language (Spanish or Mandarin)

Open House every last Thursday of the month 15 Mallow Road, North York, Ontario, M3B 1G2 • 416-385-9685 Web Site: • Email:



Shattering myths

Teen weight training Working out isn’t harmful

brian baker/town crier

FITNESS HIT: Students at Northern Secondary School work their muscles during Get Fit Friday, where they come early for a session of cardio and stretching.

Thirty Years of Student Success

Visit us: Tuesdays at 10:00 am and April 22nd at 7:00 pm Please R.S.V.P.

WillowWood offers: • A holistic approach • A low pupil to teacher ratio • Ontario curriculum, grades 1 to 12 • Qualified, caring teachers • Individualized teaching • Summer school, grades 1 to 12 • Tutoring services • Robust athletics and arts programs


The Toronto Prep School is a new, independent, co-educational, university preparatory, day school for discerning students and parents. The Toronto Prep School education experience includes: • a semestered, university preparatory curriculum • a structured environment with a maximum of 15 students per class • a MacBook Pro laptop with educational software • GoodLife Fitness membership (club is on the premises) • an extended after school study program • Saturday Club study program • extra-curricular clubs and athletic program • a dedicated, passionate and experienced faculty

Consider our program if you are interested in an academically rigorous and structured environment dedicated to challenging and nurturing your child. We are accepting applications for the February 2010 and September 2010 semesters for Grades 7 to 12.

Winter Open Houses: Saturday, January 16, 2010, Saturday, February 20, 2010 and Saturday, April 10, 2010 250 Davisville Avenue, Toronto • 416.545.1020 • Contact Fouli Tsimikalis, Director of Admissions at





here’s a lot more than sweats being broken inside high school gyms these days. Try weight-lifting myths, for instance. A common complaint by parents whose teens are picking up the dumbbells is their child’s muscle sculpting may impede their growth. Balderdash, says St. Michael’s College School phys-ed department head Bill Fifield. “To hurt somebody you would have to take about 500 pounds and drop it on them,” he said. “That would stunt their growth. “Fundamentally (weight-training) is good for the joints because it keeps them lubricated,” he added. “It reinforces growth of the bone, not deteriorate it. And it reinforces strengthening of all the tissue around the bones: ligaments, cartilage.” Above all else, it is tremendous for kids. But before the Georges St. Pierres in-training pump iron, it’s all about the in-class work. St. Mike’s sits its grade 11 students down in-class for four weeks teaching them anatomy and body mechanics before hitting the weights. “Then they start learning different types of programs, how to run them,” Fifield says. “So they individualize their own program for themselves and then implement it through the course of a month and a half.” Eventually the students train themselves to take part in the 10-kilometre Sporting Life marathon. “So every kid who takes phys-ed all the way through ultimately has learned to become their own personal trainer and has run a 10k,” Fifield says. “I know people who go into phys-ed courses and when the teacher asks how many people have done a 10k, the only kids that do that are kids at our school.” When parents come to Fifield with questions and concerns he educates them on the realities of strength training and its impact on kids’ growth. “Generally speaking most people have no clue when it comes to diets or how to improve their strength or where do they get their energy from,” he assures. “Even the whole concept of protein powders. We don’t even recommend that.” Across midtown Northern Secondary School has same theme of giving kids a program they can customize. Girls phys-ed head Wendy Luck says she’s noticing a shift in the physical fitness habits of kids. “More kids are going out and spending time at the gym and a lot of them are moving away from the competitive sports now,”

Violin & Piano

MUSIC LESSONS Free group classes for all New Private Music Students! Call 647-351-0161 Today

Art makes you Smart!


Highly awarded and recognized for exceptionally outstanding achievements in Early Childhood Education. Nurturing, a solid joyful foundation - the children flourish!

O’S ” for EENY TW

g....“ T


Sept. 2010

100 Ranleigh Ave. (Yonge/Lawrence),

1585 Yonge (at Heath) (Yorkminister Park Baptist Church)

she says. “The push from the community, in terms of society wanting to get kids healthy and the life-long learning type of an idea, that’s why that shift is happening.” The home of the Red Knights teaches grade 11s and 12s the basics of physical fitness inclass, but adds a weight-training focus for boys, while the girls concentrate on resistance training, endurance and toning. “With the females the interest in our weight rooms is sometimes waning just because the equipment is more geared towards the males in terms of the facility itself,” Luck says. To accommodate the piqued interest in flexibility and cardio, one trend making a transition into classes is yoga. “It’s always been in the curriculum, basically they have a unit called body management and that’s one of the things that has been in the curriculum for a while,” Luck says. “We incorporate some of poses through the girls program we offer.” When it comes to the boys, well they’re warming to the idea of yoga. “We’ve been getting a little bit better of a response,” Luck says. “It’s just one of those macho habits that are not being broken too quickly here.” At the all-boys St. Mike’s is stretching into it. “No, no we don’t poo-poo that,” Fifield says. “There’s a philosophy with yoga that we don’t really embrace but by the same token the whole concept of stretching is good.” Most of the yoga that’s not covered in Northern’s curriculum is taught bright and early Friday mornings. At 7:15 to be exact. “No rest for the wicked,” Luck says, with a laugh. Originally started as a dry-land practice for the Red Knights’ swimming team, Get Fit Friday moved from the pool to the rugby pitch to a weekly extra gym course taught by teacher-

coach Daniel Gana. “Get Fit is definitely positive,” Luck says of its impact on the students. “They’re interested in that and the boys in the school are responding well to that as well, although it is slower to build up with the boys because of the nature of it.” When all the spotting, reps and sets are done, it’s all about the students taking something with them once they leave high school. “The best success stories are the kids who are small, don’t play sports, and who get caught up in this and start realizing this is not one of those things you play games with,” Fifield says. “This is life-long learning.” Brian Baker

No matter what their ages, Linden girls are family. Every girl - whether she’s in grade 1 or grade 12 - can learn from her peers. That’s why each student at The Linden School belongs to one of twelve school “families”; in these micro-communities comprised of girls from all grades, younger students gain mentors and older students develop leadership skills - and everyone nds new friends.

Because that’s how girls learn best.

Open Houses:

January 22, 2010 | April 16, 2010 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

(Co-Principals’ Presentation begins @ 9:30 AM) *Find out more about how girls learn best at*

Academic excellence is only the beginning. Book a tour to learn more. We are now accepting applications for JK, SK and Grade 1 students for our new larger Lower School campus opening in September 2010. • 416.646.5275 • York on Yonge



was a wonderful place called

Manor Road Co-operative Nursery School

t t t t t t

Children ages 2 ½ to 4 2, 3, or 5 morning programs available Year-round enrollment Hours are 8:30 - 11:30 am School runs from September to June Potty training not required

O��� H����:

A place where parents have the opportunity to share in their child’s education.

Wednesday, January 28 from 7:00 - 8:30pm

111 Manor Road East (in the Church of the Transfiguration - West of Mt. Pleasant) 416-489-9554

OUR SCHOOL COLOURS: green, navy, yellow, and red

OUR TRUE COLOURS: respect, responsibility, integrity, compassion, and courage

MONTCREST SCHOOL Howdidyougrowtoday?


OPEN HOUSE : Friday, January 22, 9:30 to 11:00 a.m.

Registering for the 2010/2011 year Winter Public Open House Friday, February 26, 2010 5-7pm 1847 Bayview Avenue 416-488-4298

Small School...

Big Family

Your Neighbourhood School! JK-8 Co-educational Established 1988 2454 Bayview Ave. • 416-425-4567

Winter Open House - Feb 10 12


Building a family

Once upon a time, there

Get close Helping students become like siblings


amily means different things to different schools. Here’s how three foster that family feeling on campus.


Branksome Hall Living in residence at Branksome Hall means having 67 sisters. Whether from Korea, Australia or an island in the Caribbean, all students living at the all-girls school treat and care for each other like family, said Nanci Smith, the school’s director of athletics and residence life. Since students are often so far from home the school groups students living in residence into families of 10 to 12 girls and one residence don, who looks after her girls just the way a mom would, said Smith. “(The dons ) are a good blend of being a parent and an educator,” she said. For students not living in residence, the school also has a clan system where all girls belong to a team for friendly competition within the school. The clans often compete to raise the most funds for charity or to see who has the most school spirit.


Kingsway College School At Kingsway College School, new students are never alone. Grade 1 students, and grade 2s and 3s who are new to the school, are partnered up with a student in grade 8. The pairs get together various times over the year where they get to know each other and

often become caring of one another like siblings. The Primary Buddies Program is designed to give the older students practical leadership experience said Andrea Fanjoy, assistant head of academics as well as building the school’s community. Recently, two grade 8 girls organized a tea party for their grade 1 buddies. To prepare for it, the grade 8s brought in a tea set, cookies and made placemats, Fanjoy said. They even made sure to ask the parents if the girls had any allergies, “They’re taking interest and care in the little ones,” Fanjoy said. “It’s unforgettable and it’s going to be unforgettable for all of them.”


Bishop Strachan Bishop Strachan’s students are all family. The 81 girls living in residence each belong to a family, whether in the St. Hilda’s House or the St. Monica’s house, and are divided into groups, said Eleni Gicas, dean of residence at BSS. Together, the girls will eat meals and have community weekends. Girls are also assigned a family advisor who acts as a mediator between the students’ school and home life. They have contact with both the students and their parents to give them updates on how their children are doing. “I find that in the family environment, although the girls aren’t realizing it, they’re learning so much,” said Gicas.

If you didn’t go to Jewish Day School... You can still cometo

Alex Keshen

Application Pack – sign online: or contact Jill Garazi, Admissions Coordinator T: 905-787-8772 x 2509 E:

Wallenberg Campus Kimel Centre Families Living South of Steeles

Families Living North of Steeles

200 Wilmington Avenue 9600 Bathurst Street Toronto M3H 5J8 Vaughan L6A 3Z8

A look inside Marilyn Webb Nursery School francis crescia/town crier

Monday to Friday from 9am - 11:30 am. For children ages 2.5 to 4yrs. Located in Three Valleys School, 76 Three Valleys Dr. Don Mills

Classroom images Students at Fieldstone Day School, above, ponder the microscopic in science class while pupils at St. Clement’s School, right, work out a problem on the blackboard.

Reading Readiness Skills · Math & Language Activities · Interactive Learning Circles · Creative Arts · Sensory & Sand/Water Play · Music & Drama · Field Trips

For Information Please call (416) 443-9414 Visit us on the Web

Maria Montessori School For children two and a half to twelve.

photo courtesy st. Clement’s school

È É 8jZ_ffck_XkËjXjle`hl\XjpflXi\%

Accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale 123 Brentcliffe Rd., Toronto (416) 423-9123

Open House January 19th 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

February 18th 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. & 7:00 p.m.

March 24th


Dfe[XpjXk('1(,X%d%#Kl\j[XpjXk(1''g%d% Xe[K_lij[XpjXk('1*'X%d%Xe[(1''g%d% IJMG+(-%,+,%,(). ++*DflekGc\XjXekIfX[^i\\enff[Zfcc\^\%Zfd

Fieldstone is Canada’s ONLY Ofcial Core Knowledge School

9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

2999 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON M6B 3T4 TEL. 416.487.7381



No more tears

First day anxiety How to get through day 1 at school


hildren are screaming, tears are streaming as kids see their parents leaving. For some, their first time away from home, be it at a daycare or kindergarten, can be difficult. However, nursery school directors Pauline Foulkes of Children’s Garden Nursery School and Janet MacDougall of Yes I Can! Nursery School say there are simple ways to avoid the dramatics. “It’s good to prepare parents ahead of time and have them build a good relationship from the beginning with the school,” said Foulkes. “Parents having confidence and feeling good about the school definitely helps the child a lot,” she added. Foulkes knows the transition can be difficult for parents and children alike. She recalls the first day of one of the school’s two-day welcome to school programs. “There were 30 boys registered in the class and not one of them wanted to leave their mom,” she said. “There was lots of crying but eventually they all got over it.” Both Foulkes and MacDougall say that every

child is different, but in most cases, despite the initial waterworks, the children settle in and have a great time. “Eventually, they see there is a fun side to being at school,” said Foulkes. To help prepare a child MacDougall said there are a few things parents can do to lessen their child’s anxiety and get them excited and getting them familiar with their new setting. “Our philosophy is about how you set up the experience of being away,” she said. “Drive by the school a few times in the weeks before kids are to start. Play in the playground and take a peek in the window after class is over.” Shopping for a special bag for your child to put in all their treasures for school is also a way to get kids excited she said, or read them a book about school. But Foulkes said that making school the topic of every conversation is something that should be avoided. “It can get overwhelming for the child, build up unnecessary nerves and make it more intimidating.”

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Instead, she said, take cues from the kids — if they ask questions answer them. Once that first day finally rolls around both parents and teachers need to work together to get the child’s day off to a smooth start. If that means a parent has to stay a little bit longer, both Foulkes and MacDougall said that’s okay, but only to a point. “We find that the sooner a parent leaves, the easier it is for a child,” said Foulkes adding that if parents stay too long kids tend to stick with them and not socialize with the other children. Both Foulkes and MacDougall said it’s the parents that sometimes find the separation harder than the children. “We get to see the kids stop crying and smile, but parents leave with the vision of their child upset,” said Foulkes. To help with this teachers take pictures of the children having a good time and send them to parents, or call them to let them know their child is doing just fine. “We’ve even had parents hide out in washrooms,” she said, just to wait for their child to stop crying. To help ease the stress of parting ways, Foulkes

said parents should always say goodbye to their kids, never just sneak away. Once they have left, she said it’s better they don’t come back into the classroom. Also important, said Foulkes, is to make sure parents’ facial expressions match what they are saying to their child. “If you’re telling your child that it will be okay but you look like your going to cry, the child can pick up on that,â€? she said. “(So) say goodbye with confidence and a smile ‌ and reassure them that mommy and daddy are coming back.â€? At the beginning of the year MacDougall said she doesn’t bring in all the kids at once. She starts off with smaller and shorter sessions to help get kids into the new routine. Because of this, she said she rarely sees kids crying or throwing tantrums. “Kids all deal with it differently,â€? said Foulkes. “Some get angry, some get sad and others are happy to join the class.â€? Her staff keeps a close eye on all the children to make sure they are really ready for school. “There is a line where you don’t want to give them an experience they will remember in a negative way,â€? said Foulkes. For many kids it all becomes very familiar. “Ultimately children have to learn to be part of a group and be away from mom and dad,â€? Foulkes said. “Being able to overcome this obstacle gives them confidence and independence.â€? Nicole Miller

photo courtesy yes i can! nursery school

BUBBLY: Janet MacDougall of Yes I Can! Nursery School, above, has what she calls a “bag of tricks� containing items like bubbles and blowers to help kids cope during difficult times.









Teaching excellence


Writing well

rofiles of the educators that make our schools great

Judith Weatherhead


udith Weatherhead loves her job. For the past 21 years, she has been helping students with special educational needs — and teaching herself a few things along the way. Weatherhead teaches at The Dunblaine School for children with learning disabilities and says its small class sizes and alternative teaching methods help children to learn and prepares them for life beyond the classroom. The former public school teacher always had an interest in special education, but after discovering that her own son struggled with learning disabilities, the issue hit close to home. Working at Dunblaine gave Weatherhead the opportunity to explore the world of special education and find her passion for working with children with different educational needs. Focusing on poetry and expressing emotion with the written word, she encourages her students to write about their feelings and takes pleasure in watching them transform. “Many of our students are verbally eloquent, but find written expression difficult,” she says. “It’s wonderful to see them understand themselves better through their own writing and watch their confidence levels grow.” Now a certified special education teacher, Weatherhead is content where she is and says she wouldn’t dream of getting back into the public school system. With the freedom to educate her students in a way that specifically addresses their needs, she is happy to stay right where she is. “I will teach a long as I feel happy about going into school,” she says. “It’s just so satisfying to see the children make such progress.” Sarah Ryeland

photo courtesy st. michael’s college school

Tech guru

New boss Terence Sheridan


he new principal at St. Michael’s College School knows the place inside and out. Terence Sheridan has walked the halls of St. Michael’s for most of his life. As a former student, teacher and vice principal, he knows the 157 yearold institution better than most. As the 28th principal of St. Michael’s, Sheridan is only the second lay principal in the independent Catholic high school for boys’ long history and says he is honoured to fill the position. Although his vast experience at the school did prepare him for his new role, Sheridan says it was his predecessor Joseph Brisbois who made the biggest impact. “I had very good mentorship from Mr. Brisbois,” he says. “St. Michael’s is going in a great direction and I hope to continue the programs and technological advances we’ve already begun.” Sheridan graduated from St. Michael’s in 1989 and went on to York University before filling his first teaching position at St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School in Pickering. Three years later, Sheridan found himself back at St. Michael’s and has been a school fixture ever since. “I love the St. Michael’s community,” says Sheridan. “Everyone from the students, faculty, alumni and parents are what makes the school great.” Sheridan is currently working on his PhD in Educational Administration and looks forward to leading St. Michael’s into the future. “We have a very grounded student body,” he says. “To watch them work together to make the school better is a wonderful thing.” Sarah Ryeland



Trust and love Kathryn Humphrey


oronto Waldorf School’s Kathryn Humphrey prides herself on building relationships of trust and love with her students.

photo courtesy The Dunblaine school

Justin Medved

The school fosters that bond, as core subject teachers teach the same group of students from grades 1-8. The long-term class structure at the Thornhill private school was a perfect fit, Humphrey says, because it gives her room to connect with students. “There isn’t new testing and trying every year,” Humphrey says. “Certainly, from year to year you can’t just fall back on what you did the year before, you have to search for what’s right for the group that you’re working with at that time.” Humphrey credits her upbringing with pointing her toward a career in education. “That’s something that my parents brought to us, that we should be concerned with the quality of relationships with each other and with the whole world and with nature,” she says. Born in Dryden, Humphrey studied linguistics before earning a bachelor of education at Queen’s University. From there, she taught at a teacher’s college in Thailand, before supply teaching and teaching ESL part-time in the Toronto public system. Humphrey said she gravitated to Waldorf’s curriculum focus on the arts and intellectual academic work. She’s been teaching at Waldorf since 1988. “We try to develop those equally so that the children are actually taught the arts … and crafts so that they gain skills in those areas,” she says. She also likes the school system’s lack of a hierarchy. With no school principal, teachers are able to work independently and creatively, Humphrey says. “Everyone has to know why they’re doing what they’re doing and take responsibility for it.” Even though Waldorf extends into high school so Humphrey is able to keep in touch with old students, the goodbyes at the end of grade 8 are sweet, she says. “I think both teacher and student feel … it’s time for something new for the students, that they’re ready for a new kind of learning,” Humphrey says. “And there’s a great appreciation of each other and a real recognition that there’s time for something new.” Karolyn Coorsh


ustin Medved is using technology to help students and teachers connect to their community and the world around them. As the York School’s technology and learning specialist, Medved teaches both students and colleagues and shares information with instructors from around the globe. For the students, technology is a big part of how they learn. At the York School kids in grades 7–12 have their own laptop assigned to them, while those in the lower grades have access to either laptop or desktop. “I’m in all the classrooms,” Medved says. “This morning I was in a phys ed class. It was direct instruction. They are building a website for an investigation on (athletes) substance abuse and the different drugs used today.” Technology is also used to increase global awareness of different perspectives. In some cases, this may mean students writing blogs, or connecting with children and professors in other cities for online lectures or information sharing. “I tell students if you don’t have the answer, go out and ask (an expert),” says Medved. “So students can answer their own questions. “It’s teaching them how to use (technology) as a tool.” He also helps all the teachers stay abreast of the changing face of media and keep up-to-date with the online world by leading technology sessions. “Increasingly, teachers want to know how to use social media and online video (for class projects),” he says. And he has to keep learning in order to keep up with the rapid pace in tech advancements, so he is constantly reading and participating in podcasts with other teachers in his field. “Yesterday, I was on a podcast with colleagues from Morocco and Thailand,” says the 33-year-old. “There is an incredible global community of educators challenging the industrial age, ‘I talk, you listen’ teaching method.” Kris Scheuer photo courtesy The York School photo courtesy toronto waldorf school



Find your perfect school A directory of private and independent schools for students from preschool to grade 12 ADD Centre Train your brain to pay attention by Lynda Thompson, Ph.D., C.Psych. The latest developments in Neuroscience document brain plasticity – the idea that the brain can change. One exciting application involves exercising the brain using a brain-computer interface that indicates, by monitoring brain wave activity, when the person is calmly paying attention. The brain wave pattern is different if the person is daydreaming or drifting off and those mental states are not rewarded. Paying atten-

tion is rewarded with computerized feedback and encouragement from the trainer working with the client. This learning approach, called neurofeedback, is now established as an effective treatment for Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder. A meta-analysis just published in the journal Clinical EEG and Neuroscience (Arns et al, 2009) reviewed 15 controlled studies. All showed reduced symptoms of ADHD after neurofeedback training. Another study (Gani et al, 2008) showed that positive effects

were lasting; indeed, half the group who had done 40 sessions of neurofeedback no longer qualified for a diagnosis of ADHD when reassessed 2 years after training. This non-drug approach for ADD/ADHD, which produces lasting positive gains and no negative side effects, is something to pay attention to if you want your child to improve at school and in sports. For more information, contact the ADD Centre at 416-488-2233 or check

Bayview Glen School Bayview Glen - Whole Child. Whole Life. Whole World. Founded in 1962, Bayview Glen is a co-educational, multicultural, university preparatory day school. Our programs are enhanced to offer our students from age two to university entrance a highly challenging academic, athletic and characterbuilding educational experience. Bayview Glen is committed to fostering

a sense of community that includes students, parents, faculty and staff. The goal of the program is to develop the whole child by nurturing self-esteem, leadership, academic excellence and independence within a secure and supportive learning environment. Each day a t Bayview Glen is filled with new experiences, and opportunities are provided for both

challenge and success. Our academic and Advanced Placement programs are balanced by a strong music and arts program, languages, physical education, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, outdoor adventuring, Round Square, community service, and extracurricular activities. Please visit for details.

Branksome Hall Where learners grow into leaders From Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, the girls of Branksome Hall are passionate learners and leaders. Ours is a community of inquirers, of knowledgeable, principled students and skilled, caring teachers. Graduates proceed to esteemed universities worldwide, most as scholarship recipients. An IB World School, Branksome is

committed to a liberal arts curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking and values diverse perspectives. We offer support to students at every level and balance classroom life with a broad selection of clubs and athletic, artistic and leadership development activities. Our international and local community service projects are models for

schools across the country. We are a welcoming community, grounded in 106 years of tradition and actively supported by alumnae across the globe. Our students become confident, compassionate women who are ready to shape the future of our changing world. Please visit

Children’s Garden Nursery School Pre-School and Kindergarten Programs are our specialty! Since 1986, Children’s Garden Nursery School has been providing a vibrant, loving and nurturing atmosphere where children are introduced to both academic and social life. The ultimate goal of the school is to foster the things that enable young individuals to reach their full potential; independence, confidence, cooperation and respect. Bright and friendly classrooms, small group ratios, exceptionally dedicated



teachers, specialty programs that include French (AIM Gesture Program), Sportball, Music and Drama are just an example of what makes Children’s Garden Nursery School the perfect foundation for any Preschool or Kindergarten child. Looking for a Kindergarten program that will help prepare your child for Grade One? We offer both five morning and five afternoon Kindergarten programs. For those children enrolled in morning Public School, we also

offer two or three afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment. A unique individual learning philosophy provides the children with an opportunity to develop reading, writing and math skills at their own pace. Our program is a multi-level curriculum and is designed to challenge each child regardless of where they fall in the learning spectrum. For more information about our programs, call 416-488-4298 or visit our website at

Your perfect school Crescent School Crescent School: A unique educational experience for boys A school for boys since 1913, Crescent is committed to developing and implementing the most current research into how boys learn. Faculty members, rated by parents as Crescent’s greatest strength, consider teaching boys their job, and educating boys their responsibility. They combine a challenging academic

program with a superior array of co-curricular opportunities designed to allow each boy to find and develop his unique abilities. Students, in turn, strive for excellence and actively seek leadership opportunities in some aspect of school life. Community service and global outreach are integral components of Crescent’s broad educational program. Our school values – respect, respon-

sibility, honesty and compassion – guide the actions and decisions of faculty and students alike. We encourage our community to ask of themselves and of others – locally, nationally and internationally – “How can I help?” Looking at oneself through others’ eyes enables a Crescent student to progress from a boy of promise to a man of character. Please visit

Crestwood Preparatory College Meet the challenges of the 21st century Crestwood Preparatory College continues to educate young men and women with great energy and enthusiasm. Families are drawn to the caring and diligent staff. Superb academic and co-curricular programs draw students interested not only in University careers and a full and enriching high school experience. We offer excellent school facilities and an unwavering ambition to produce successful university students who will go

on to happy and productive adult careers. Academic content in all subject areas is advanced. Students who demonstrate particular aptitude in both academic and nonacademic areas are given every opportunity to develop their skills and interests. Teachers strive daily to inspire critical thinking, underline the importance of effort and process, and encourage the habits of good citizenship. Lessons and values related to fam-

ily and community are never far from our students’ lives. Through the experienced leadership of our Principal, Mr. Vince Pagano, and Vice Principals Mr. David Hecock and Mr. Phil Santomero, Crestwood Preparatory College will provide universitybound students with the tools necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century. For more information please call us at 416-391-1441 or visit

Crestwood School Crestwood School - 30 years of challenging young minds Crestwood School practises the traditional art of teaching by challenging young minds to learn and by structuring experiences that make learning possible. The school’s philosophy is based on triedand-true methods of teaching the basics, thus providing students with a solid foundation in the three Rs. Homework and development of

students’ organizational skills and good work/ study habits are an integral part of the program. At the same time, Crestwood School is concerned with the “whole child” — striving to maintain the balance of a child’s physical, social and emotional development. Each teacher is the key. With a well-planned program, a

positive rapport with each and every student, and a sense of commitment and dedication, Crestwood School’s goals are met! Crestwood is located in the beautiful wooded valley at Bayview Avenue and Lawrence Avenue. For more information please call us at 416-444-5858 or visit www.crestwoodschool.

Fieldstone Day School Self-esteem through Global Knowledge at Fieldstone Fieldstone has evolved from an elementary school of six students to a dynamic community of three hundred learners from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Twelve. Today, Fieldstone’s Lower School focuses on providing its students with a broad and deep body of knowledge and on building greater confidence and character.

The Upper School, with its dual focus on academics and a rich school life, has become one of Toronto’s top new universitypreparatory schools. Teaching and learning at Fieldstone is done within a safe, caring and supportive environment. As the school has matured, this feeling has grown stronger and has produced an environment in which young people are

able to achieve great things. Fieldstone measures its success not only with outstanding university placement results, but also with happy and confident students who are proud to be part of a truly unique school. To learn more about Fieldstone, please contact Sue Johnson at 416-487-7381 or

Greenwood College School Greenwood’s young graduates: where are they now? What’s the value of a Greenwood College School education? Ask our young alumni. Hannah Oatley (’06) brought her passion for international development both to McGill University and to Mpala, Kenya this past winter, returning to the region she visited with her Greenwood classmates in their final year. Sara Russell (’08) is now studying Interior Design at Sheridan College, building on her Greenwood co-op experiences. Sara’s class-

mate and 2nd year Brown University student Zoë McKinnell (’08) taught at the Hotchkiss School in Connecticut this past summer, where she reconnected with Class of 2009 graduates Daniel Martin (pictured at right) and Nick Toyne. Daniel is Greenwood’s first Harvard student, and Nick has taken his considerable musical talents to the Berklee School of Music in Boston. A Greenwood education sparks passion,

develops leaders and creates determined, empathetic and resilient young adults, now studying at over 40 universities and colleges around the world. Summing up her Greenwood experiences, Zoë says, “Greenwood teachers work together to make a place where people discover what they are good at. Everyone can be the best at something.” To find out more about Greenwood or book a tour, visit us at

Class of 2009 alumnus Daniel Martin, now at Harvard University in Boston. WINTER 2010 EDUCATION GUIDE Town Crier


Your perfect school Hudson College Dedicated to developing the whole child

Hudson’s balanced curriculum is rich in drama, languages, music, sciences & the arts.

Looking for a new school? At Hudson College we offer a challenging, nurturing & rewarding learning environment that allows students to reach their maximum potential. We are a co-ed, multicultural day school from PK to university entrance. Recognized for its excellence by the Ontario Ministry of Education, our balanced curriculum meets & exceeds Ministry guidelines. Our small class sizes & promise of a

Total Personal Support system dedicated to developing the whole child ensure that all students receive the kind of individual attention needed to develop their special skills, strengths & personal interests. Our dedicated & experienced faculty care deeply about our students & their education. They share a true passion for teaching, participating in all aspects of school life as mentors, coaches & leaders.

Situated on a large, quiet, air-conditioned campus in central Toronto, our modern facility features spacious classrooms, large gymnasium, state-of-the-art computer & science labs, music & fine arts rooms. We also offer Advanced Placement courses in senior-level Math, English, Business & Science. 416-631-0082

La Citadelle La Citadelle, an exceptional bilingual private school La Citadelle International Academy of Arts and Science is a unique bilingual private school in Toronto that was founded nine years ago on a clear vision of international education, rooted in the fundamental concepts of Canadian bilingualism, holistic education and a spirit of excellence. La Citadelle International Academy of Arts & Science offers an efficient educational setting based on student-centered classrooms with an optimal student to teacher ratio, attention to individual students, experienced and devoted teachers and specialized facilities.

The growing reputation of La Citadelle is founded on an exceptionally caring environment, an advanced curriculum from pre-kindergarten to university entrance and a comprehensive and balanced program leading to mastery learning in French, English and a third language (Spanish or Mandarin), Liberal Arts, Mathematics and Science and some unique courses such as Computer Music, Method of Study and Character Education. With three years of total French instruction at the kindergarten level and seven years of bilingual instruction at the elementary level,

students acquire the skills and knowledge required to start a five-year (30+credits) advanced secondary education that has been customized to offer them a very solid foundation to successfully pursue higher learning in the most prominent universities around the world. Open House: The last Thursday of every month at 10:00a.m. & 2:00p.m. 15 Mallow Road, Toronto, M3B 1G2 tel/fax:416-385-9685

Manor Road Co-Op Nursery School Manor Road Co-operative Nursery School, Established 1937

Manor Road Co-operative Nursery School Since 1937

Manor Road Co-operative Nursery School is Canada’s oldest non-profit nursery school. Our primary goal is to provide a warm and nurturing environment for children that promotes self-esteem and trust. Through play-based learning, children’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth is stimulated, giving them life-long skills and a strong foundation for their next stage of

development. Children have the opportunity to engage in a balance of fine and gross motor activities, art, role-playing, cognitive development and music, all at their own pace. Changing daily activities include exploring concepts of number and shape, and learning about varied cultural experiences and geography through costumes, crafts, holiday traditions, role-play

and song. Our teachers are highly experienced Early Childhood Educators. The program comprises both child-initiated and teacher-directed activities where parents have the unique opportunity to participate in the classroom to watch their child interact, develop, and learn. Please contact us at 416-489-9554 or visit

Maria Montessori School Maria Montessori - a unique alternative to traditional learning As with all schools, academic facility is important to the Montessori philosophy. Maria Montessori School graduates consistently enjoy success at schools throughout Toronto and beyond. However, while this claim can be made by many schools, for our children it is the path to this success that is markedly different. Within specially equipped classrooms, guided by teachers trained by the Association

Montessori Internationale, children happily work developing the skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning. Without competition, extrinsic rewards or punishments, artificially segmented work periods, restrictive uniforms, or hours of homework our children eagerly meet the challenges of the world around them. Whether it is learning to tie their own shoes or, in later years, to master the complexi-

ties of algebra, all development is supported and encouraged with equal enthusiasm and respect. If you are interested in exploring a truly unique alternative to traditional education, for children two and a half to twelve years of age, we invite you to call us and arrange a personal meeting and tour. Please visit

Marilyn Webb Nursery School Learning, friendship and fun at Marilyn Webb

Marilyn Webb Nursery School



Operated by Upper Canada Child Care, Marilyn Webb Nursery School is named in honour of our first teacher who retired in 1995 and set the high standards continued in our program today. The Nursery School operates Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 11:30 am. Parents may choose 2 to 5 mornings per week. The Marilyn Webb Nursery School is located in Three Valleys Public School, in a quiet neigh-

bourhood in the York Mills and Don Mills area. Our trained and experienced staff provide a variety of learning opportunities throughout the morning. Children are encouraged to develop social and communication skills, pre literacy, letter and number recognition and basic math concepts. Self help skills are developed through many of our classroom routines. We offer

children an environment in which they have the maximum potential to experience secure, stimulating, healthy and enjoyable opportunities for growth. The emphasis of our program is learning, friendship and fun. Registrations are made on a first come, first served basis. Register early as spaces fill up fast. For more information, please contact Fran at 416-443-9414, or visit

Your perfect school Metropolitan Prepatory Academy Metro Prep Academy: A strong foundation for the future Metropolitan Preparatory Academy offers semestered, co-ed Middle School (grades 7-8) and High School (grades 9-12) programs in the DVP and Eglinton area. Walking through the hallways of Metro Prep, you’ll quickly notice that it’s not an “old-fashioned” private institution. The academics are structured and challenging, yet the environment

is supportive and nurturing. Faculty and administration doors are open, encouraging strong relationships with students and their families. And, no uniforms are in sight, allowing young men and women to express their individuality. In this comfortable setting, Metro Prep’s students are taught to trust their instincts, to think both critically and creatively, ask questions, and

seek the help they need to succeed. Extensive athletic and extracurricular opportunities foster the physical and social potential of each child. For over 28 years, Metro Prep’s has been preparing children for the academics of university and the skills needed for life-long success. Preparation begins NOW! Please visit

Montcrest School Montcrest School - How did you grow today? Montcrest School is a co-educational, elementary day school, overlooking Riverdale Park in the Broadview and Danforth area of Toronto. The challenging core curriculum is taught in a structured and nurturing environment. Students receive individual attention and excellent instruction in small class sizes. The arts are an integral element of the curriculum.

Students benefit from the teaching expertise and enthusiasm of specialists in art, drama, music, French, physical education and technology. A dedicated faculty provides a caring environment that is conducive to a child’s growth and instills a love of learning by stimulating individual interests and imagination. Students participate in a wide variety of

co-curricular sports and clubs. Exposure to cultural activities both within and outside the school community enrich the students’ experience. Emphasis is placed on leadership, character education and community service. Small classes for children with learning disabilities are offered from Grades 2 to 8. For more information please call 416-469-2008 or visit us at www.montcrest.

Learning through the arts at Montcrest School.

Royal St. George’s College Respect, responsibility and voice. Royal St. George’s College is an urban day school, with a challenging program of academics and extracurricular activities designed to prepare students for placement at the university of their choice. Our high academic standards, strong support system and our expectation that students will participate in athletics, music, the arts, public speaking

and outdoor education is how we deliver on that promise. Founded in 1964 as an Anglican choir school, we continue to value our musical heritage and Anglican values. We welcome and respect the faiths of all boys in our diverse population. Our community is based upon the principles that we respect one another,

we take responsibility for our actions, and we have the right to respectfully use our voices to make our views known. The size of the school population, 426 boys, ensures that each student is known, respected and appreciated for his unique strengths and that he forms close, positive relationships with both peers and faculty. Visit our website at

Royal St. George’s College service trip in India with Free the Children, March 2009

St. Clement’s School A balanced approach to education At St. Clement’s School, we understand the importance of a balanced approach to education that reaches beyond the classroom. SCS develops women of character by encouraging academic excellence, self-confidence, leadership, and independent thinking in an enriching, supportive environment. In recent years, the School has doubled in

physical size, but the enrolment and spirit remain the same. Our expanded facility includes a performance and lecture hall, a dance/drama studio, a new gymnasium, new science laboratories, a new library, and more - all reflecting the varied activities of SCS students. Achievements last year included CISAA medals in cross country, track and

field, badminton, hockey, and softball; recognition for the most extensive AP program of any girls’ school in Canada; representation on Team Canada at this year’s World Public Speaking Competition; and nearly $1 million in scholarships to top universities in Canada and abroad awarded to the Graduating Class. Please visit

Sunnybrook School Why parents are excited about Sunnybrook School At Sunnybrook School, we are passionate about children’s learning. For over 55 years, we have offered an exciting, nurturing, co-ed learning environment for young children. Our students become caring, knowledgeable, and balanced individuals who are enthusiastic about the world and their place in it. Sunnybrook teachers understand children’s

needs and create an open and welcoming school culture, where each child is valued for their unique contributions. We are an IB World School, teaching the Primary Years Programme, a curriculum from Junior Kindergarten, right though to grade six. Through active inquiry and exploration, our students become dynamic and engaged learners. Students benefit greatly from

our size. We’re a smaller, more intimate school, and our nurturing, caring environment fosters confident and happy students. Our balanced programme offers challenging French language learning, stimulating art classes, varied phys. ed. activities and a spectacular yearly musical in which every single student is involved. Visit us at WINTER 2010 EDUCATION GUIDE Town Crier


Your perfect school TanenbaumCHAT TanenbaumCHAT Experience TanenbaumCHAT’s Kimel Centre in Vaughan (serving students north of Steeles) is an award-winning building with stunning new facilities, including a digital music and media centre. Our Wallenberg Campus (in Bathurst Manor, serving students south of Steeles) is embarking on a $15m upgrade. Students from Toronto’s Jewish Community

who want a safe school environment, an unbelievable social life, a truly outstanding academic training, extensive opportunities for extra-curricular activities and sports, and an inclusive Jewish experience - should think about applying to TanenbaumCHAT! TanenbaumCHAT offers a unique ‘New Stream’ programme for Jewish Studies

which gives students who have no previous Hebrew or Judaic Studies background access to the TanenbaumCHAT experience. Click onto and then click on ‘The CHAT Experience’ video. You can apply online for a full Information Pack. There is no parallel to a TanenbaumCHAT education!

The Dragon Academy Difference thrives at The Dragon

Dragon students study in the ROM.

Dragon students are nice kids. They have empathy, and the desire to be decent and kind. Dragon students have a sense of humour. They see the possibility of delight. Dragon students are thinkers and readers. They love books (printed, Kindled or taped) and what is in them. Dragon students are creative souls. It’s about more than art. It’s about bringing something into reality, of yourself, your ideas, your hopes. Our stu-

dents have that other aspect of heart: courage. We educate and support young people who see what is wrong with the world, have the imagination to see how it could be better, the analytical strength to see how to bring about change, and above all, the courage to tackle change. A good education will not make such changes in and of itself. But a good education is a wonderful place to stand, for a nice, kind, book-loving, free-thinking, risk-

taking, creative individualist with a sense of humour. Sound like someone you know? Come and visit. But beware - your child may never want to leave. Grades 7 to 12, leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Open houses: January 19th, February 23rd and April 20th, 2010 from 6-8 P.M. Please contact Dr. Meg Fox, Principal, at 416 323-3243 or visit

The Dunblaine School Focus on learning disabilities at Dunblaine School

"The Enjoyment of Learning"

The Dunblaine School is a small independent school offering a curriculum designed to motivate and meet the needs of elementary school children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, as well as speech and language difficulties. Through individualized programs and a low student-to-teacher ratio, The Dunblaine

School helps students realize their full potential. Direct Instruction methodology, individual tutorials, music, social skills and other professional services are emphasized features of our program. We are accepting applications for the 2010-2011 school year.

Please join us for our Open House on Thursday Feb. 18 or April 15 from 9:30am - 11:30am or 5:00pm - 7:00pm. For more information, please contact the school at 416-483-9215 or visit us at

The Junior Academy The Junior Academy, Small School...Big Family Last year, The Junior Academy celebrated 20 years of enriching children’s lives with the opening of a brand new facility at 2454 Bayview Avenue. The Junior Academy is committed to providing JK-8 students both small classes and a smaller school environment in which the different learning styles of students are acknowledged and

addressed. Our best references are always our families - past and present. Experienced and dedicated teachers are a strength, and a commitment to extracurricular activities and community service enriches the learning environment. “I can confidently say my children’s

academic, moral and emotional needs are being met everyday! Their confidence, abilities and love of learning are a direct result of the superior quality in teaching and atmosphere the Junior Academy provides.” Please visit our website at

The Linden School Help your daughter find her voice

Grade 7 students add their artistic touch to our rooftop playground; the grade 7 class undertook this project as a gift to students in grades 1-6.



Your daughter has a voice worth hearing – and The Linden School can help her find it. We support girls in becoming active, enthusiastic participants in several communities; that’s why Linden provides many opportunities for students to share their unique perspectives, both within the school and beyond. In the classroom, stu-

dents belong to a community of learners, where they develop confidence in their academic abilities by collaborating with peers and using hands-on experience to build their understanding. Each girl is also part of one of twelve school “families”, where students in all grades learn from one another: younger

students benefit from older friends and role models, and older students learn to be leaders and mentors. Finally, Linden’s strong social justice curriculum reminds girls that they belong to a global community and empowers them to become agents of change in the world around us. To learn more, visit

Your perfect school The Sterling Hall School The Sterling Hall School, an independent boys’ school At The Sterling Hall School, we know boys learn differently. Our dynamic researchbased curriculum is tailored to the way young boys learn best. Our hands-on, kinesthetic and inquiry based programs, accompanied by small classes and strong character education creates students who become today’s critical thinkers and tomorrow’s innovative leaders. Our students are risk-takers within

a secure environment, nurtured by a Faculty that celebrates students’ individualities and fosters a sense of community. Our boys know unlimited possibilities because of our exceptional facilities and specialist teachers in our music studio, art studio, technology labs, and science lab. SHS was founded in 1987 to provide a progressive and caring education for young

boys. This school which began with 17 students has grown to an enrolment of 310. Yet throughout this period of growth it has maintained a devotion to its founding principles: small class size, nurturing environment, academic, artistic, and athletic excellence. Contact Claire Reed 416-785-3410 x 238, or visit us at

The York School Academic excellence is The York School’s core strength It is the basis upon which we earned the honour of being the first school in Canada and the fourth in North America accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate programme for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. The IB Diploma is recognized internationally as the gold standard in education. It is the ultimate passport that opens doors for our

graduates and enables them to enter the best post-secondary institutions throughout the world confident that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to achieve success there and beyond. Our co-curricular programme consists of diverse activities conducted outside the classroom to complement and enhance the curriculum.

Our co-educational school provides students a natural environment for realistic, authentic learning. Our boys and girls work and play in a setting that removes stereotypes and misconceptions against the opposite sex and thereby promotes enormous advantages for intellectual, emotional and social development. Please visit

Toronto French School TFS Delivers Excellence in French and English Bilingual and co-educational, Toronto French School delivers an enriched curriculum with an international perspective and an emphasis on academic excellence and personal development. Our students prepare for the International Baccalaureate Diploma and students here have the option of pursuing a bilingual IB. TFS is renowned for its bilingual cur-

riculum. As early as Pre-Kindergarten (age 3), and all the way to university entrance, TFS helps its students develop outstanding skills in both French and English. Fewer than 10% of new students have a French-language background when they enroll at TFS, but all are bilingual when they graduate. Our introductory program, offered from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 7, successfully integrates students with no

background in French. The co-curricular program at TFS includes recreational and competitive sports, music, visual and dramatic arts and leadership activities. Students benefit from exceptional facilities and a diverse, nondenominational environment. We have two campuses: Toronto and Mississauga. If education means the world to you, visit

TFS students benefit from an international perspective.

Toronto Prep School Experienced faculty engages minds at Toronto Prep The Toronto Prep School is a new, independent, co-educational, university preparatory, day school for discerning students and parents. We are dedicated to creating an academic and social environment designed to prepare students not just for admission to university, but for success both in the post-secondary arena and in later life.

Toronto Prep is built upon the belief that a talented, experienced, dedicated, passionate, and well-prepared teaching staff is one of the most important ingredients for students’ success in school. Teachers’ knowledge and skill make a crucial difference in what students learn and how well they are prepared for the rigours of postsecondary school education. We are com-

mitted to engaging each one of our students and will provide them with the best learning environment. Let us help your child achieve and maintain academic success. Consider our program if you are interested in an academically rigorous and structured environment dedicated to challenging and nurturing your child. Contact us at

Trinity College School Exploring creativity while following your passion Before Trinity College School, I always felt that art was just a period. A time where we had to splash paint onto a canvas, I would dread it. Coming here has changed my point of view on art drastically. I love it now. I look forward to art classes and go to the art room in my spare time during the day. When I don’t have much

homework, I even go during study at night - it’s great because the room is always open. I love the feeling of walking into the art room; my imagination flying, as all the ideas of what will be done today, racing through my head. Not knowing what I can do next but knowing I can do anything and

everything. My art teacher helped me realize the potential that I have in art as he pushes us to take art to a whole other level. TCS opens so many doors and helps you realize your passions and talents. By: Sia Mehta, Grade 9 Visit our website at WINTER 2010 EDUCATION GUIDE Town Crier


Your perfect school WillowWood School Thirty Years of Student Success WillowWood School has been delivering student-centred, individualized education in a warm and caring environment for thirty years. We’ve been ahead of the educational curve by recognizing, since our inception, that one size does not fit all, and that students flourish when their school embraces their strengths, addresses their

needs and respects their dignity. This approach has paid off for decades of graduates who have gone on to postsecondary experiences of all types. WillowWood grads, filled with selfknowledge, self-confidence and strength, go on to engage dreams of all kinds: university degrees, college diplomas, startup businesses, careers in the arts, healthy

families, and much more. WillowWood’s small classes, dedicated teachers, robust program offerings and full curriculum make it a perfect school for all kinds of learners, from Grades One to Twelve. For more information call 416-444-7644 or visit our Web site

Yes I Can! Nursery School Award winning Early Childhood Education Specialists Yes I Can! specializes in Early Childhood Education with Enriched Preschool and Kindergarten programs. This small award winning school is highly respected in the Community for exceptional personalized attention and an outstanding curriculum. The Yes I Can! team is led by a proud recipient of a Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education and celebrates 20 years mid-town as a non-profit / charitable organization. The preschoolers at Yes I Can! are presented with hands-on discovery through cooking,

science and creative arts. The developmental curriculum nurtures the wonders of exploration and social skill building in a warm, welcoming atmosphere of acceptance and respect. Multi-media art explorations, newage science and math adventures, creative cooking, small reading / story circles, big block building & music galore enhance the children’s morning with one dedicated teacher to every six learners. Laughing and hugs are plentiful! The small Kindergarten classes offer individual and concentrated group work enhancing

independence while encouraging critical thinking and positive social interactive experiences. Cooperation & teamwork combined with progressive teaching frame the science / discovery component as the children investigate the wonders of experiments. Embarking on global adventures in geography, exploring customs and cultures, the children also enjoy the beginnings of conversational Spanish. The academically and creatively rich curriculum nurtures successes daily. Visitors are welcome. Please call 416-486-4911 and do visit...





Bayview Glen Branksome Hall Children's Garden Nursery School Crescent School Crestwood Preparatory College Crestwood School Fieldstone School

Sat., Feb. 6, 2010

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Greenwood College School

Hudson College

La Citadelle Manor Road Co-Operative Nursery School Maria Montessori School Marilyn Webb Nursery School Metropolitan Preparatory Academy Montcrest School Mrs. Parks School Royal St. George's College



Please call for information Fri., Feb. 26, 2010 All Grades Tues., May 18, 2010 Tours Available by Appointment

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Tues., Feb. 23, 2010 The Junior Academy

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The York School

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Junior School: Pre-Kindergarten (age 3) - Grade 5


Join us for an information session Thurs., Jan. 7, 2010

ext. 4247 9:30am

Senior School: Grades 6 - University Entrance



ext. 238 Please Call to Book a Tour Toronto French School



5:00pm - 7:00pm 416-631-0082


Tues., Apr. 20, 2010 The Dunblaine School

The Sterling Hall School

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Toronto Prep School

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The Linden School 416-545-5127



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TIME Sunnybrook School

Interviews arranged on an individual basis

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St. Clement’s School

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Wed., Mar. 24, 2010 Tours - Mondays @ 10:15am Tuesdays @ 1:00pm Thursdays @ 10:30am & 1:00pm Please R.S.V.P. Sat., Jan. 23, 2010 12:00pm - 4:00pm Wed., Jan. 27 , 2010 5:00pm - 8:00pm Sat., Feb. 6 , 2010 12:00pm - 4:00pm Sat., Feb. 20 , 2010 12:00pm - 4:00pm Last Thursday of Every Month 10:00am & 2:00pm Wed., Jan. 28, 2010


The Dragon Academy

Please call for information Tues., Jan. 19, 2010 Thurs., Feb. 18, 2010



9:30am - 11:00am

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Trinity College School

Trinity in Action


Sat., Feb. 20, 2010 Sat., Apr. 10, 2010 Sat., May 8, 2010

WillowWood School

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Yes I Can Nursery School

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Photo Courtesy: Crestwood Valley Day Camp WINTER 2010 EDUCATION GUIDE Town Crier


A match made for camp

Couple builds their dream Camp brought them to Canada


photo courtesy centauri Arts camp

DREAM COME TRUE: Craig and Julie Hartley, centre, opened their arts camp after emigrating from England almost 20 years ago.

ulie and Craig Hartley immigrated to Canada 16 years ago for the sole purpose of opening up their own summer camp. The newlyweds from Lincolnshire, England had backgrounds in education and business and knew upon arriving on Canadian soil they wanted to use their knowledge to open an overnight camp centred around the arts. So Centauri Arts Camp was born. Located in on the campus of the Robert Land Academy in the Niagara Region, the co-ed camp is surrounded by lush woodlands and the Welland River. Each summer, the camp offers programs in theatre, dance, writing, film and performing arts to nearly 500 artistically-minded teens. “I enjoy seeing young people come together from different parts of the world, different ages, genders and backgrounds,� says Julie, who has an extensive knowledge in theatre and writing. Camp, says Julie, offers teens a welcoming environment where they can play, create and learn without the pressure of school work

CRESTWOOD VALLEY DAY CAMP Superior Camping Experience In The Fabulous Valley At Lawrence & Bayview

For Ages: 2 1/2 - 10 1/2 416.444.9595

C.I.T. Programme For Grade 9 Grads


* 1/2, 3/4 & Full Day Programmes *Door to Door Transportation *Hot Lunches & Snacks



* 4 Heated Inground Pools * Red Cross Swim Instruction * Wide Variety of Activities


urture Your Creative Imagination

Discover your musical potential in: • Piano • Guitar • Voice • Drums • Violin, Viola, Cello • Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet • Theory • Young Children’s Classes

photo courtesy centauri Arts camp

ON STAGE: It’s not about makeup and designer clothes at camp, says Julie Hartley of Centauri Arts Camp. Through performances teens become part of a community.

and exams. Teens learn to become active members of a well-functioning community, where such destructive behaviours as bullying and the like are strictly prohibited, the cheerful camp director says. “Young people in society get a bad wrap but you’ll never meet a camp director (at Centauri) who feels like that,” Julie says. Since there are no summer camps in England, Julie’s first interaction with one was when she was at university and did a summer exchange program at a Canadian camp. From then on she was hooked. What Julie and her husband most like about camp is the chance for the experience to turn a shy teen into an outgoing one. Julie remembers seeing a 13-year-old when she first arrived at Centauri. She was guarded, dressed in her city clothes and wearing tons of makeup, Julie says. Two days later she was running around the camp, dressed in grubby clothes, sans makeup and having fun with the other kids. “We have parents calling us asking what designer clothes the kids wear at camp,” Julie says. “My answer? ‘Nothing.’ ” Working with her husband on something they both love and have a passion for also fuels Centauri and its success. “We are camp parents,” Julie says, adding the campgoers enjoy seeing the couple walk around Centauri’s campgrounds, holding hands. It signifies to both the teens and dedicated camp counselors that Centauri is unified, Julie says. Lorianna De Giorgio

All ages welcome to experience the joy of music!

14 Years of Music Instruction by Highly Qualified, Award-Winning Artists and Teachers in the Heart of Toronto

550 Eglinton Ave. E. (near Bayview)



PSB Dance Academy 91 Rylander Blvd (Port Union & Kingston)

2351 Kingston Rd (Midland & Kingston)

416 284 6784

416 261 9312

founded PSB ... in 1989 Offering intensive pre-professional and recreational classes for ages 3 to adult in beautiful state of the art studios at three locations: PSB (two east Toronto locations) and Interplay (downtown Toronto location)


JULY 5 - 23 boys program and pas de deux new this summer!

* Creative Movement * Ballet (Cecchetti & RAD exam program) * Pointe and Classical Repertoire * Modern * Contemporary Modern * National * Jazz & Hip Hop * Acro * Musical Theatre * Lyrical * Super Boys * Adult Ballet, Jazz, Movement * Stretch & Strength * Performing Companies * Daytime Children & Adult Programs

Quality training by internationally renowned and certified teachers including Glenn Gilmour Lara Kelly Catherine Kourkounakis Stephanie Landry Christina Neves Faye Rauw Jannine Saarinen Lucie Ward

250 Davisville Ave (at Mt. Pleasant)

Outreach Program: Bishop Strachan School

416 972 1316

416 483 4325

Karen Davies Thomas, Director F.I.S.T.D. (Cecchetti) A.I.S.T.D. (National) A.I.S.T.D. (Modern) Royal Academy of Dance Teacher’s Certicate; BFA Honours Degree, York University; Graduate of the National Ballet School Teacher’s Training Program

nded y ... fou Interpla 983 in 1 WINTER 2010 EDUCATION GUIDE Town Crier



An all-inclusive holiday


Come join our ADULT AQUAFITNESS classes and enjoy the benets of exercise and warm water. Don’t know how to swim? It’s never too late for ADULT SWIMMING LESSONS! WE KNOW YOU’RE A KID AT HEART!

Visit www.bloorview/ca/swim or call us at (416) 425-6220 ext. 3539

Gerry Barker’s

North Toronto Basketball Camp Week 1: July 5 - July 9, 2010 Week 2: July 12 - July 16, 2010 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Northern Secondary School 851 Mount Pleasant Rd. Cost $225.00 per week Boys & Girls 8 - 15

At camp with the kin

Register online at or call 416-690-4587

Ages 4 - 14 Swimming Lessons Field Trips Archery Athletics Theme Days Tennis Lessons Cooking

416.922.3714 ext. 103




Families return each summer

ynn Ryeland has tons of memories from Camp Koinonia in Parry Sound. Her parents helped found the Christian youth camp 60 years ago and she grew up camping, and then working, there during the summers. But one memory that stands out is a group of visiting clergy worrying about boys and girls mixing at what Ryeland calls well chaperoned events. Laughing, Ryeland says her response was, “How do you think we get our future campers?” Jokes aside, the Christian youth camp has strong family ties and a history rooted in family. As Ryeland puts it, many of the original founders were part of an Anglican youth group from Toronto, and many ended up becoming husband and wife, with her grandparents, Gordon and Betty Polley, leading the trend. “They were among the first to get married,” she says. When the other young men and women who founded the camp started having kids, the camp changed to accommodate their families, she says. That’s when Koinonia started holding family camp, which meant that for a few weeks every summer entire families could attend camp together. The family trend has continued, in more ways than one. Many counsellors employed at the

Get S.M.A.R.T. (Sports, Math and Rec. training) est. 1994

Girls and Boys 4-12 years & C.I.T. program gr 7 & 8 grads July and August 2010 LOCATIONS: Leaside H.S. - Bayview & Eglinton John Wanless P.S. - North of Lawrence between Ave Rd and Yonge Cosburn M.S. - Coxwell and Cosburn Our Sound Math in a Sound Body approach fosters sportsmanship and positive attitudes towards integrated fitness and age specific math concepts (gr. JK-6) For info. on our Summer programs contact Colin Strange@ 416-491-8408 For newspaper articles, parent/ camper testimonials or

registration forms please


visit us online at

FOREST HILL FIGURE SKATING CLUB Learn to skate at any age!

photos courtesy camp koinonia

Family camp has been important feature of Camp Koinonia since the early days, says long-time camper Lynn Ryeland. Former campers and the descendents of the camp’s founders revisit Koinonia for at least a week each summer.

• Quality skating programs taught by Skate Canada-certified coaches • From pre-school to competitive levels • Earn badges and ribbons and have fun!

Register Now

• Winter/spring skating programs • Holiday, March break and Passover camps

Contact us for more information at 416.481.7325 or

camp have met their spouses there over the years, says executive director Andrew Barker, who started off as a youth camper over 30 years ago. Ryeland was at camp every year in the summer as a child. She says she couldn’t wait to be a counsellor once she turned 13. “As soon as I was old enough my dream was to work there in the summer.” Ryeland got her wish a year early, at the age of 12, when a camp counsellor fell ill and the camp needed the extra help. “I worked there every summer until I got married.” Today she participates in family camp every summer, along with her children and grandchildren. It’s a great way for family to come together and for longstanding friends to visit, she says. “The friends you meet at camp are still your friends 40 years later.” Not every youth camp has traditionally had a family camp. But Ryeland says many camps in the area have adopted the idea. And Koinonia itself has adapted family camp over the years, sometimes having as many as five weeks dedicated to family. It all depends on the demographics, says Barker. But as Barker says, there is a special appeal to family camp. “It’s kind of like an all-inclusive holiday without the airplane ride.”

Kelly Gadzala



Fun in the sun

That family feeling photo COURTESY DORIS SO

MARYGROVE CAMP for girls is like the cottage many kids don’t have, says camp director Louise “Curly� Coutu. Campers enjoy swimming, games and arts and crafts. Coutu celebrated her 31st summer at the Georgian Bay camp this year.

Spirit keeps staff coming back




Panorama Adventure Campp && Film School A




)))#!"$ $%"$&" (!&'$ Conditions may apply to all packages and programs. Rates subject to change or cancellation without notice. All facilities and programs subject to seasonality and change without notice.



h, we’re from Camp Marygrove and we’re on the best team, we do the watussi, we’re seven-feet tall. Mosquitoes may eat us but the never beat us ’cuz we’re from Camp Marygrove and we’re on the ball.�

Visit Marygrove Camp on any given summer day and you will hear laughter, singing, playing and just some plain ole fun. You’ll see girls swimming, doing crafts, hanging out and having tea parties. Among the fun you will likely find a friendly, smiling, curlyhaired lady. She’ll have a watchful eye on the waterfront, or she’ll be chatting with a camper or two, or cooking in the dining hall.  It’s Curly, camp director.  Curly aka Louise Coutu, is a fixture at the all-girls camp. This year she celebrated her 31st summer on Georgian Bay.  In 1978, her family cottaged down the street from Marygrove Camp and when one counsellor had to attend summer school and the camp found itself a staff member short, the director asked Coutu if she’d be up for it. “I was a little homesick during pre-camp, but once the campers arrived for the first session, I fell in love with the whole idea of camp and the Marygrove experience,â€? Coutu said of her first summer. Two kids and thousands of campers later, she’s still there. Marygrove Camp is a residential camp on Georgian Bay, near Penetanguishene. Run by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, it provides eight-day camping adventures for girls ages five to 13 who may not otherwise get a chance to go to camp. Coutu describes Marygrove as the cottage that many kids don’t have. “It’s a place to do all the good cottage things — bare feet, campfires, watching the stars, swim, play after dark — flashlight tag, dress up, stay up late, get up early, play in the sand, have a look at the flowers and the trees,â€? she said. “There’s no high-tech stuff, just fun and good food, sunshine and happy times.â€?

She said once she started working at camp, there was never a question that she wouldn’t be there. “I planned my days around it — marriage, babies, career,” she said. “My mom said, ‘Now that you are getting married, guess you will be giving up camp? Now that you are having a baby, guess you will be giving up camp? Now that you have two kids, guess you will be giving up camp? Guess you’re in it for life!’ ” Coutu’s own children have practically grown up at camp. “There were some details to work out when we had the babies but they quickly became part of camp life,” she said. Her daughter Robyn, named for a little camper who “stole her heart”, spends her summers at camp. And while Jeremy spends less time there now that he’s teenager, he still loves it, she says. “It was busy when they were younger, but you couldn’t ask for a more meaningful experience than having your children be a part of such a loving, caring community,” she said. Coutu’s family has always been involved in camp. Her parents continue to collect craft supplies for the arts program. Her siblings have all lent a hand over the years, raking leaves, cleaning up or donating items. “And not a summer has gone by that my dad hasn’t dropped off new sand toys,” she said. So many great memories were formed through her years at camp, Coutu said. “Like the seven-year-old who thought my nickname was Cutie, not Curly,” she said. “Or how many times I’ve been called Shirley.” Coutu isn’t alone in her fondness for Marygrove. Many staff members, like Doris So, who celebrated her 20th summer this year, fall in love with camp and return year after year. So attended Marygrove one year as a camper and then returned as staff. And she’s been high-tailing it to Georgian Bay every summer since. Her summers at camp have introduced her to a large family of people, she says, between the camp director — who’s like a best friend, mom and sister to her — and her co-workers and campers. “When you see a camper walking down the city street and they point at you with their eyes opened, and their mouths dropping to the floor saying ‘I know you! You were at camp Marygrove’, the flooding of the memories excites us, even for a brief moment,” she says. And while many may see the staff as teaching the campers, she says, it’s actually the other way around. “We may take things for granted in our personal life,” she says, “(but) seeing through the eyes of children can be so innocent and ground us.” Many of the campers who attend Marygrove have seen hardships in their lives, she explains. “By giving them an awesome summer (holiday), it’s self gratifying to know that we have done our jobs and we did it well, so much

photo Courtesy Doris So

FUN IN THE SUN: Marygrove campers enjoy some time together on the sandy beach of Georgian Bay. Long-time staff member Doris So says she wished every child could experience the joy of camp.

so that it has made an impression,” she said. So says she can’t imagine a summer without camp. She even chose a career path that would allow her to continue to go. The programming director spends her off-season as a child and youth worker. “I was actually just saying to my shift partner, ‘I don’t know where I’d be without camp’,” she says. So says a camp coworker introduced her to the child and youth worker college program years ago, and it piqued her interest. “I had been saying how I wished I could be at camp year-round,” So recalls. She says every child should get the opportunity to go to camp. “What an experience,” she says. “There are so many benefits that could potentially last a lifetime. “And friendships,” she adds. “And in their adulthood when they have children they can pass on stories. “ ‘One time ... at Marygrove.’ ” — Alexis Dobranowski has spent many summer days at Marygrove Camp.

photo Courtesy Sarah Dobranowski

LASTING friendships start at camp.


Tel: 416.486.6959 Fax: 416.486.1837 Web: WINTER 2010 EDUCATION GUIDE Town Crier


Camps Yourand perfect After school school activities Barker Basketball Camps

Gerry Barker’s North Toronto Basketball Camp

Bloorview Aquatic Centre

Qualified instructor makes camp even more fun The Gerry Barker North Toronto Basketball Camp has been in existence for the past ten years. Our camp philosophy stresses equal participation for campers, skill development, and a positive atmosphere and above all make it fun. A typical day’s schedule includes a skill session, a guest instructor, two games, and 3 on 3, 1 on 1 games and shooting competitions. Gerry is proud to welcome on board this year as a co-director his son Brad Barker. Brad has coached in the NTBA for the past five years

and is the site co-ordinator at Northern S.S. for the NTBA House league during the winter. Brad brings enthousiasm and a love of teaching to the camp. This year the camp will be held at Northern Secondary School and the permits have been confirmed for the summer. The camp runs for 2 weeks July 5 - July 9 and July 12 - 16 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Campers can come for one or two. Gerry Barker has been involved in Basketball for over 40 years, as a player and

a coach at all levels including university, high school and community. He was co-founder of the North Toronto Basketball Association and is still an active member of the association as coach and Director. This program involves over 800 boys and girls during the winter. Basketball is a great passion for Gerry and the opportunity to share that passion with young boys and girls is the driving force behind the camp. You can register online at or please call 416-690-4587.

Bloorview Kids Rehab Bloorview Kids Rehab – Not just for kids! Bloorview aquatic programs are open to everyone in the community, from infants to adults! Our pool is perfect for our specialty ADULT AQUAFITNESS programs, combining the benefits of exercise and warm water. Whether you need a gentle or active class, we have a range of program options for adults who have arthritis, fibromyalgia or

other conditions requiring warm water exercise. Our deep water classes offer zero impact! Morning, evening and weekend classes available. Come try our TAI CHI in the pool. The benefits are countless! Don’t know how to swim? It’s never too late for ADULT SWIMMING LESSONS. Whether you’re new to aquatics or just

want some tips to make your swimming more efficient, our fabulous instructors can help you reach your personal swimming goals. For more information on any of our programs, contact us at (416) 425-6220, extension 3539 or visit our website at

Centauri Summer Arts Camp Arts Training in a Summer Camp Community! Centauri is an exciting community where the arts are at the centre of everything! Our faculty consists of arts professionals. Campers aged 9-18 choose from such specialties as: Theatre, Art, Stage Combat, Creative Writing, Film-Making, Dance, Photography, Musical Theatre and an exciting multi-arts adventure: C.R.E.A.T.E.! Campers enjoy their chosen

specialty for four hours daily, then select arts and sports electives and participate in recreational activities such as banquets, talent shows, campfires, murder mysteries, cultural day trips and festivals. Centauri is a nurturing sleep-over camp located in the Niagara Region. Our arts programs are top quality and our camp spirit ideal for making great friends from Canada and

overseas. For younger campers away from home for the first time our caring staff offer special programming and support to ensure the first camp experience is successful and memorable. Discover the arts, and create memories that will stay with you forever. Please visit us at or call 416-766-7124.

Crestwood Valley Day Camp Crestwood known for its spirit

Crestwood Valley fosters close family feeling and unbeatable spirit.

Crestwood Valley Day Camp, located in the beautiful green valley at Lawrence & Bayview, offers door-to-door transportation, lunches, snacks, camp pix, knapsacks, T-shirts and more. The Pre-School Camp (2 1/2 to 5 years) is renowned for its dynamic, fun, and challenging activities, taught by expert preschool specialists. A low camper-to-staff ratio helps create a nurturing environment. The Junior Camp (6 to 7 years) introduces campers to more specialized programming, including land-sports, batting-cage, archery, soccer, magic, computer clinics, Claymation, drama, dance, crafts, music, pottery, jewellery-

making and nature/camp-craft, led by highly talented and motivated staff. The Senior Camp (8 to 10 years) provides a greater choice for its campers, including Claymation, camp-wide musical theatre performances. The Baseball & Basketball Training Camp Options (7 to 10 years) offer intensive daily instruction and game opportunities led by dedicated staff. Introductory golf and our climbing-wall are favourite activities. There are 4 heated, In-Ground Salt Water pools on the property, providing campers with the best facilities in instructional swim, staffed by Fully Certified Swim Instructors. Crestwood

maintains “the only camp petting zoo/mini farm in the city” and the farm animals become great friends with the campers (*NEW FOR 2010*) Yoga Rocks Programme for all ages. Our Grade 9 Grad C.I.T. Programme offers specialized counsellor training, group placements, skill & team building, volunteer opportunities, access to all camp activities and future job potential. Above all, Crestwood Valley Day Camp is known for its close family feeling and unbeatable spirit among campers, staff and parents. Please visit our fantastic and fun websites @

Forest Hill Figure Skating Club Forest Hill Figure Skating Club programs

Join Forest Hill Figure Skating Club and learn to skate at any age



It’s never too early – or too late – to learn to skate! Forest Hill Figure Skating Club, located at Forest Hill Memorial Arena (340 Chaplin Crescent, two blocks north of Eglinton) offers an array of group and private lessons taught by a team of enthusiastic and skilled Skate Canada Certified Coaches.

Programs include Preschool and Mini-tot (age 2 and up), Start-Right, Hockey Skills, CanSkate, Junior Development, Double Digit (age 10-16), Intermediate, Advanced and Adult Learn-to-Skate programs. Register now for the upcoming season sessions. We also run half-day skating camps for all ages

and abilities during Christmas, March Break and Passover holidays. Come skate with us! Earn badges and ribbons and have fun! For more information or to download registration forms, visit our website at or pick up a registration form at the arena.

Camps and After school activities Interplay School of Ballet Interplay School of Dance - Two downtown locations The Interplay School of Dance, founded by Anna McCowan Johnson is under the direction of Karen Davies Thomas, located at it’s Main Branch - 250 Davisville at Mt. Pleasant, Unit 502 & Bishop Strachan School, 298 Lonsdale Rd . Karen is a graduate of the National Ballet School and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree from York University. Since its humble beginnings in 1983 when Interplay first opened its doors, the school has grown to over 300 students and continues to focus on teaching classical ballet in both the Cecchetti and the Royal Academy of Dance styles. Interplay offers recreational and intensive daytime &

evening classes for ages 3 to adult in Creative Movement, Ballet, Modern, Repertoire, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Acro, Tap, Stretch & Strength, Musical Theatre, Jazzercise, and Super Boys. Among its finest dance teachers are Lara Kelly, Stephanie Landry, Faye Rauw, Shannon Nedza, Lucie Ward, Charissa Zoeltmulder. Interplay offers intensive dance training for talented students who wish to pursue a professional career in dance or perform with our inhouse dance company. Because of the excellent dance training provided at Interplay, many of our students are accepted at Canada’s most prestigious dance schools: the National Ballet

School of Canada, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and Quinte Ballet School. Our students are rewarded with high school credits, university scholarships, dance teacher’s qualifications and professional training. Interplay also works in partnership with Bishop Strachan School, Branksome Hall, and Mooredale House to provide quality after-four dance programs. Whether your child is the next prima ballerina or simply loves to dance, Interplay has a space for you. If you would like more information on our school, please visit our website at or call 416-972-1316

Mooredale Day Camp New This Year: Tennis Stream! Mooredale Day Camp has been a place of wonder and excitement since its inception in 1968. Geared towards children age 4 to 14, Mooredale boasts a wide variety of sports, music, environmental, arts & crafts, swimming, and camping programs. With their extensively trained staff, your child is sure to experience a safe, fun summer. All camp staff have CPR and First Aid certification, and a passion for providing quality programs. Your child will

have the opportunity to jump into swimming lessons in Mooredales’ private heated pool under the supervision of lifeguards and pool instructors who all hold NLS and Instructors Certification. Our camper parents are satisfied that our small community day camp provides a nurturing and exciting place for the campers during each two week session. I am happy to announce that we have a new program this summer: the Tennis Stream! Your children

will get everything you love at Mooredale Day Camp PLUS 12 hours of professional tennis instruction with a Rosedale Tennis Club Pro. Remember: “the early bird catches the worm”, or in this case the discount! Our early bird registration rate ends January 31, 2010. We are now accepting online registrations on our website For further information, please call Joanna Ingram, the Camp Registrar at (416) 922-3714 ext. 103

Panorama Adventure Camp & Film School Introducing...Panorama Adventure Camp & Film School The Panorama Adventure Camp & Film School combines world class wilderness adventure with documentary film making. During two week summer semesters our campers acquire back country survival and mountaineering skills while mastering fundamental documentary film making techniques. Each team of five PAC&FS campers produces

an original documentary film of their summit assault on Mount Nelson, BC, Canada; a world renown 11,000 foot peak in the East Kootenay Range. The Panorama Adventure Camp & Film school teaches aspiring filmmakers how to tell their story, balance risk for reward and sometimes even touch the sky. We are dedicated to safety and excite-

ment, filmcraft as an artform and dreaming big. Give your child an adventure worth making a movie about... give them two weeks in the wilderness with a camera in their hands. Please call Julia Atkinson(Camp Director) locally at 416.301.3115 or our sales staff at 1.866.601.7382 or visit us at

Power Soccer Power Soccer Camps - skills, fair play, fun!!! Power Soccer is a full service soccer academy providing a comprehensive range of training programs from the beginner to the elite player. We emphasize fair play, skill development and the maximization of each child’s potential. Our programs are presented through a creative age appropriate soccer training model. We focus on allowing players to express their individuality while giving them clear feedback on how improvements in their

game can be made. Clinics and camps focus on ball control, movement with and without the ball, dribbling, shooting, defending and skilful passing. Players experience soccer sessions which are rewarding and enjoyable. Power Soccer coaches conduct a creative skills program which provides an opportunity for total involvement for each player. At Power Soccer, parents will encounter an age/skill specific program that will foster

confidence through a fun program. Improved ability level and a marked increase in game enjoyment are the results of participation in Power Soccer programs. Summer camper receive the POWERPACK: t-shirt, back pack, player report and color group photo. For children ages 4-5 years, we offer mini camps: 1.5 hour / 3 hours. Please visit our web site at or call us at 905.829.0562 (local call) to learn more about the Power Soccer School.

Have a blast at Power Soccer!

S.M.A.R.T. Camp Get S.M.A.R.T. (Sports,Math and Rec. Training) this summer S.M.A.R.T. Camp, created by P.E./Math teacher Colin Strange, has delivered quality programs to girls and boys for sixteen summers. S.M.A.R.T employs certified teachers, as well as Faculty of Education and University students. Kids get S.M.A.R.T. while parents get Peace of Mind. S.M.A.R.T. is Toronto’s only 3-in-1 community program integrating fun, fitness and positive attitudes toward co-operative games, sports and math concepts. The program is popular with parents because

30% of the ‘sound math in a sound body’ approach integrates physical activity with concrete and abstract strands of the Ontario Math Curriculum. However, children seldom realize how much age specific math is being delivered. S.M.A.R.T. is a member of various Ontario PE and Math Associations. An exciting, ‘Olympic style’, Gym-MathTicks event completes each session with medals and T-shirts. S.M.A.R.T. staff and campers look forward to hosting our friends from the Toronto Fire Dept, Toronto Police

Dept and EMS again in 2010. Our emergency response workers plan to return each summer as mentors to S.M.A.R.T. campers regarding teamwork and co-operation. Finally, S.M.A.R.T. will continue to visit the wonderful Leaside Lawn Bowling coaches. For further information on tutoring, After4 and expansion of camp locations visit – www.smartcamp. org. You can ‘Get S.M.A.R.T.’ in your area by contacting Colin Strange @ 416 491 8408; email or visit

Kids ‘Get S.M.A.R.T.’ while Parents get Peace of Mind. WINTER 2010 EDUCATION GUIDE Town Crier


Camps and After school activities Taylor Statten Camps Beautiful setting, amazing adventures, friends for life! The Taylor Statten Camps, a fourth generational family-owned and operated summer camps, are nestled in beautiful Algonquin Park, Ontario. Camp Ahmek for Boys (1921) and Camp Wapomeo for Girls (1924) have a unique brother-sister relationship grown from

nearly 90 years of shared history. We offer an unrivaled balance of out-trip and in-camp programming. Canoe trips range in length from an overnight to 50 days, and routes that explore much of northern Ontario and eastern Quebec. The camps share several facili-

ties and the campers get together throughout the summer for special events and weekly activities. An adventure of a lifetime! Please contact us at Tel: 416.486.6959, Fax: 416.486.1837 or Web:

The North Toronto Institue of Music Fourteen years in music education The North Toronto Institute of Music offers instruction in most instruments, singing, theory and pre-school classes. The school enables students of all ages to develop self-expression and confidence in their music making within a caring and stimulating environment.

Students are encouraged to participate in semi-annual student recitals, master classes and festivals. They can also work towards RCM exaninations. The Institute is starting new courses, including a choir program, a jazz and pop

singing course, culminating in a tour of a real recording studio. All teachers have extensive teaching experience, and many are award-winning artists as well. For more information, please check out our website:

The first recital.

The Tutor Doctor Educational TV Is Not an Oxymoron

 All ages  All styles  All levels  In 43 countries  Parking & Subway


 All ages  All styles  All levels  In 43 countries  Parking & Subway


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Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin studied the effects of educational TV on preschoolers aged 2 to 7 years. Younger children (2-3 years old) who watched a few hours of educational TV every week scored higher on academic tests three years later than did their peers who did not watch the programs. On the other hand, entertainment television had the opposite effect: lowering test scores in reading, vocabulary, and math. Research Head Dr. Aletha C. Huston

concluded that educational TV is an “important vehicle for children to get some early learning,” and noted the benefits of “better school readiness and better academic skills.” Huston recommends that parents “use television carefully” and screen the viewing choices of their young children. Educational TV is but one educational tool at a parent’s disposal, but it is by no means a magic bullet. Playing an educational DVD on a continuous loop is no sub-

stitute for one-on-one, quality time spent with your child: reading to them, showing them the world around them, and answering their questions. Finding the right balance is critical. Vince Bacani is an education consultant and owner of the local Tutor Doctor office. To learn more about Tutor Doctor’s oneon-one, customized, in-home tutoring services, contact 416-705-3975 or vbacani@ Visit them online at www.

Yamaha Music School 2009 Yamaha Music School Yamaha believes that everyone can create, perform and enjoy music, resulting in an enriched life. World-famous Yamaha courses are designed for specific ages: Tunes For Twos (age 2-3) encourages singing, movement and rhythmic play. Junior Music Course (age 3-5) develops aural/ music skills using the keyboard. Young Musicians Course (age 6-8) develops musicianship/keyboard skills. Piano Club (age 8-10) teaches piano styles and keyboard

ensembles. Guitar Course (age 7-adult) teaches strumming/solo/ensemble playing. Violin Course (age 8-adult) teaches classical/alternative music with motivating software accompaniments. We also offer cello lessons! Flute and Sax Courses (age 10+) develop basic technique through solo/ensemble playing with motivating software accompaniments. Drum Course (age 10+) teaches today’s popular beats with motivating

software accompaniments. Keyboard Club (teens/adults) teaches all about today’s electronic keyboards. Seniors Keyboard Course (age 65+) - making music improves quality of life – it’s an ideal way to learn a new skill while meeting new friends. We also offer lessons for seniors at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (@ DVP and Wynford Dr.). For more information, visit

YWCA Camp Tapawingo Tap into Tapawingo… And tap into an 80 year tradition of adventure and fun. For girls 6-15 years of age, the Y.W.C.A.’s Camp Tapawingo turns a summer exper ience into a summer of life-time memories. The relaxed atmosphere of an all-girl’s setting creates the perfect environment for embarking on a girl’s road to self-discovery, confidence, achievement and FUN.

Our Georgian Bay location provides for a broad range of activities-swimming, canoeing, sailing, kayaking as well as climbing, crafts, paddlemaking, dance, drama and woodworking. Whether it is making friends, singing by a campfire, special events, games, or sportsevery day is a new adventure. A range of

trips are offered from overnight canoe trips to a five day trip. Our sessions run 2 or 3 weeks with a one-week option for younger girls and a special 6 week leadership program for 16 year old girls. For slide show information or a brochure call the Camping office at 416-652-9374. Please visit


PK TO GRADE 12 CO-ED SCHOOL Lower School Superior, balanced curriculum Stimulating, nurturing environment Dedicated, highly qualiďŹ ed teachers Small class sizes Individual approach to learning Early-start literacy program Full-day kindergarten program Outstanding facilities Technology integrated into classrooms Wealth of clubs, sports & arts Before & after school program

Upper School Unique, exible 3-semester program Challenging, rewarding environment Experienced, caring teachers State-of-the-art computer & science labs Wireless campus Tutoring program available Helpful guidance & support staff Wealth of clubs, sports & arts Advanced Placement program 100% of graduates accepted to university or college of choice

OPEN HOUSE DATES January 23, 12 - 4 p.m. | January 27, 5 - 8 p.m. | February 6 & 20, 12 - 4 p.m. 21 Ascot Avenue, Toronto | 416-631-0082 |

Town Crier 2010 Education & Camps Guide - Central Edition  

The Town Crier's Winter 2010 Education & Camps Guide (Central Edition)

Town Crier 2010 Education & Camps Guide - Central Edition  

The Town Crier's Winter 2010 Education & Camps Guide (Central Edition)