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Our results show that overall 12 males and 8 females took time to complete our questionnaire.

The results show that out of the 20 people that answered the questionnaire most fit into the 12-17 category, and are least popular with the 30-39 category. So based on the results we have decided to categorize our short film in the 12-17 category. These results show that nearly 50% of people watch dramas films a few times a month.Majority of the remaining votes went to once a week , this is regularly. These results show that all participants enjoy or dont mind watching dramas as none of them said never.

A lot of the public that we asked did watch short films. This is shown in the pie chart that 8 out of 10 people we asked watched short films. This helped us in regards to know if we are making our short film to please the audience we have chosen.

As we decided our film to be a drama, the evidence to prove our production is a drama is shown in this pie chart. The public read our synopsis and because of the deaths in the production 3 people out of the 10 chose it to be a horror

Results show that more than half of the public think that the certification for Blind chat should be classified as a 12A so we decided to keep it at that.

This data showed us that the part of our script people believed was the weakest was the ending of our film. This prompted us to look back over our script and make some serious changes .

Out of the following components, people most believed the strongest element of our script was our storyline. When asked what is about the storyline, the majority of the people stated that they liked the funny elements that the script incorporated. Out of the 20 people we surveyed 18 out of 20 stated that they would come and watch our film after they had read the script and synopsis. Results show that nearly half of the public think that Blind chat is the best name for our production. Meaning we chose the right name, the least favorite name was Unisex because people said it was irrelevant to the storyline.

Prequestionnaire graphs  
Prequestionnaire graphs