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Dora Yiying Tan University of California, Berkeley Select works | 2016 - 2018


FLATALF Academic Work Spring 2018 Arch 100D

GOOD FOOD Academic Work Spring 2017 Arch 100B


Instructor: James Michael Tate Visiting Critic: Brandon Jorgenson

Instructor: James Michael Tate

Instructor: David Orkand

Academic Work Fall 2016 Arch 100A

ALMOST FLAT Academic Work Fall 2017 Arch 100C

Instructor: Neyran Turan

FLATALT Instructor: James Michael Tate Visiting Critic: Brandon Jorgenson This project focuses on a two-family dwelling inside one object, and both dwellings share the center courtyard, mechanical room, and a game room. The relationship of these two dwellings like the identical twins, it is hard to identify each dwelling has two levels because each level includes private rooms and living space.

Physical model on 1:8 scale




scale: 3/32”=1’


Physical model on 1:8 scale

GOOD FOOD Instructor: James Micheal Tate

The idea of this project is stack and archetype. The roof shape comes from five major programs which I decided to stack them side by side. There are two circulations around the building. One is easy to access around outside the building, another one is a fire stair locates inside the building corner. The idea of the skin looks like a cell, the pattern is a process of cell division and each cell has the function of opening. The material of the skin is a perforated copper, and some of them have solar photovoltaic panels.



Sun Position

Natural Ventilation

Natural Light Reflection

Shared Shared Ammenities Services


Shared Research/ Public Space Production



Physical model on 1:16 scale

Physical model on 1:8 scale

POTRETO BRANCH LIBRARY Instructor: David Orkand

With the advent of the digital age, the future of a library will be as a community center in the most neighborhood. The concept of this project is coplanar and parallel. The project is an expansion of the concept of double negative. In this project, I implied two basic geometries as the voids which are tetrahedra and octahedra that I found in Tony Smith’s sculpture.

Using a triangle shape because it represents three categories of people (children, parents, and seniors), they are the main visitors and users at the library today.

Main Voids along Coplanar

Second Level


First Level




Secondary Voids

Poche Space


7 8




Basement Level

Legend 1. Lobby/Reception 2. Reference Area

First Level

3. Reading and Book Shelving Area 4. Catalogues/Camputer Access

5. Children Area 6. Young Adults Area

7. Community Meeting Room 8. Administrative Offices

6 4



Second Level

Third Level


First Level

ALMOST FLAT Instructor: Neyran Turan Collaboration with Marco Leung This project focus on some details that people would barely notice - It is SUBTLETY. By using non-parametric curve as a starting point, we try to create an illusion and redefine how people are conceiving “flat�. The project is about how the subtle curves in the exterior, is creating an illusion to human through different perspectives.

Physical model on 1:100 scale

Imagining a subtle curve in a small scale, for example a house, to a convention center, how would the curves be perceivable? Would people consider the building as a flat building or a curved one? Where is the boundary between flat and almost flat? This becomes our starting point to develop about “Almost Flat�.

Prople might think the building is flat when they walk inside the building.

However, once they try to pay attention with the organized colored columns which represents the lowest height of the columns, they may realize the ceiling is not slightly curved.

The exterior also continues with the subtlety concept.

The stripes are defining the skylight and materiality of the building. The stripes are representing a sequence of three materials: Concrete, Stucco and Marble.

Emeryville, CA 2028-8-19 Saturday 9:00 am 70°F Mostly Clear

Emeryville, CA 2017-12-5 Tuesday 11:00 am 66°F Sunny

Emeryville, CA 2028-3-21 Tuesday 1:00 pm 55°F Light Rain

Emeryville, CA 2017-12-5 Tuesday 6:30 pm 53°F Clear

COLLECTING Instructor: Neyran Turan Collaboration with Marco Leung THE HOUSE speculates the difference between design and reality. “The Two Perspective Drawing”, it gives a further understanding of how people misuse the space with the comparison of the panorama view. Rather than restricting user’s activity, The House develops new opportunities on the spatial arrangement and human habit.

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Architecture Portfolio | Berkeley | 2016 - 2018  

Selected Studio Work from 2016 - 2018

Architecture Portfolio | Berkeley | 2016 - 2018  

Selected Studio Work from 2016 - 2018