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Now that you know how to make a webpage analysis and which elements to look at, let me give you some inputs on free tools you can use to do so. Remember you can always contact me for help at

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page and used by the Google Internet search engine, that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set. There are an incredible amount of tools that can be used to check the PageRank of your website, however, remember that the page rank it is not the most important value you should look at as it is something you can’t easily influence, in fact, the algorithm used to measure it changes continuously Here you can check your PageRank

A meta tag is a line of HTML coding that contains metadata about a webpage. There are two common types of meta tags — meta description tags and meta keywords tags. Meta description tags describe, in some way, the webpage. The meta keywords tag lists other words that a visitor might be searching for With this tool you will be able to check • Title • Description • Robots • Author Here you can check your Metatags

Keeping a constant check on your website for broken links is essential to rank better in the search engines. You would not want to risk losing some of the rankings while doing your best to provide new content. Remember its all about the Internet user’s experiences, not you or your website. Not having broken links in your webpage is important • to get better ranking on Search Engines • to guarantee a better experience to your users Here you can check your BrokenLinks

Images are most of the times big part of your webpage. It is very important to check their accessibility based on width, height, alt, and longdesc. This service examines all images found on your web page to check for any accessibility issues.

Here you can check your Images

There are several web services that offer the free analysis of your webpage, not all of them provide the same information, some are more complete than others. For this reason I suggest you to use several tools and compare the results and create your complete analysis, or ask a specialist to do it for you as this is the base of any SEO action you will put in place in the future. I will give you an overview of some web analysis services. For any question please do not hesitate to contact me

This webpage offers different types of analysis. If you scroll down till PAGE ANALYZER and add there the url of your webpage it will perform a scan of some of the webpage elements.

It will give you information about: Tag Information Text Metrics and Readability Word Phrase Usage

It will give you information about: Web Page Speed Report Object Size Totals External Objects This site divides the analysis based on the importance of the mistakes that are present in the webpage. It is probably one of the most complete. It will give you information about: Sitemap Analytics Duplicate contents Title tag H1 Clean Url Meta descriptions Inbound links Flash Google page rang

Page load time Domain age Robots 404 error Blocking search engine Malware This site also sends you the report by email. It includes some social indicator related to blog, and It will give you information about: Image Summary Interior page analysis H1,H2,H3 count XML site map Page size Domain info Google page rank Indexed pages Back links information Google last crawl date Traffic rank

Blog analysis Blog rank bookmarks submission summary This site also sends you the report by email. It includes some social indicator related to blog, and It will give you information about: Image Summary Broken Links Spelling Errors Meta Tags Validate HTML Syntax Page Load Time Link Popularity Search Engine Inclusion Keywords Organic Keyword Ranking This webpage will give you a very complete overview, the analysis is devided in sections as follow : Create contents Optimize Promote Convert Analyze For each of this category you will find subcategories very well detailed.

This were just some of the many webpages you can use for your webpage analysis, here some others for you to have a look at:

There are many other tools that are available online to make different types of analysis, relate with accessibility of your WebPages, here some I find useful to run a complete check. Color tool simulator

Access Color

Improve readability

Webpage accessibility

I hope this presentation helped you clarify some doubts , if you have any question I invite you to contact me anytime.

Webpage Analysis Tools  

In this presentation you will find useful tools to run a webpage analysis and identify the SEO action you have to take. If you need support...

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