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Italian Made Espresso Machines and Grinders We carry the highest quality Italian espresso machines and burr grinders that are available on the market today. Our semi-automatic espresso machines are a perfect fit for the barista who enjoys quality and the freedom to customize their machines. We also cater to small commercial businesses with our super-automatic espresso machines and semi-automatic volumetric machines. For the traditionalist, we have the manual espresso makers, for the ones who truly like to pull a shot.

Our espresso grinders are selected because of their quality, reliability and consistency. Whether you’re a beginner or an owner of coffee shop, our burr grinders will meet your needs. If there is a specific espresso maker that you are looking for and we carry the brand, we can probably get it for you. We work directly with exclusive importers who carry those hard to find Italian espresso makers. All our espresso machines and burr grinders come with lots of information, pictures and videos to help you find that right espresso machine. We also provide great espresso beans and accessories to enhance your results. New products are added regularly, so check back often to see what is new! We began our coffee journey looking for the opportunity to enjoy a consistent, quality cup of coffee at home instead of the unreliable, mass production lattes available in the chain coffee shops. As we progressed, we realized that creating a cup of well-made coffee provides satisfaction on multiple levels. From the physical pleasures of the aroma, warmth, taste, and texture, the mental stimulation of understanding the processes and history, and the sense of belonging to a community of coffee

connoisseurs, which elevates the experience and allows participation in the modern evolution of coffee tradition.

Our name, DoppioCrema (dop-pee-oh) (kreh-mah) is derived from the Italian words Doppio meaning “double”, as in espresso double shot and Crema, from the words “cream” or “custard” that has come to refer to the golden creamy layer of quality espresso.

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Italian made espresso machines and grinders