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SOUR BHOTZ Sour Robot Medicated Gummies

WRITTEN BY SIMONE FISCHER PHOTOS BY TONY THEPKAYSONE PHOTOGRAPHY The story begins when the unlikely pair, a New York butcher and an artist, venture out to the West Coast to pursue their edible dream. The duo specializes in medicated sour robot gummies that seriously pack a punch. They coined their gummies as “Sour Bhotz,” a word play that focuses on the BHO they use in their product. Many competitors used “food-grade” BHO in their edibles that was not quality enough to dab with. The Sour Bhotz team refuses to settle for anything less than quality, tested BHO in their products. They refuse to use “food-grade” BHO. The round of gummies I tested were made from OG BHO that tested at 74 percent THC and .026 percent CBD. Many people argue that candies such as gummies are a ploy to market to children, but Sour Bhotz makes sure that all of their packaging and labeling strategically help to keep these gummies out of the hands of minors and children. All of the packaging is opaque and the warning and dosing information are seen before the gummy label and flavor.

The Sour Bhotz team did diligence and followed Colorado and Washington edible laws in order to carry that responsibility of packing and marketing edibles in Oregon. The gummy bhotz themselves are cool robot dudes covered in a sour-sugar dusting. Rumors have circulated that other gummy competitors simply use existing gummies from the store and coat them in a medicated spray, instead of actually infusing gummies with medication. Despite these shady practices, the Sour Bhotz team makes all of their products (including the gelatin base) themselves in small batches from scratch. Before the bhotz are molded, the gelatin flavor base is infused with BHO concentrate. I only ate half of a bhot and I was flying. The citrusy sourness of the bhotz helps mask the cannabis flavor, creating a tasty edible experience. These bhotz aren’t large, but they are incredibly potent. One of the best things about these gummies is that they are small and discreet, and you can pop one anywhere.

CANNABINOID CONTENT 75mg of THC per bhot Flavors: Fruit Punch, Mango, Blueberry, Grape, Sour Apple, Watermelon, Pineapple, Peach



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