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KINDMAN GARDENS “There’s Something For Everyone”

ITH OVER 37,000 square feet dedicated entirely to cannabis cultivation, Kindman’s garden facility is an inspiring example of what growers can achieve with the right vision. After purchasing a defunct General Motors distribution facility in 2009, Kindman founder and CEO Ryan Fox set out to build the most efficient, high yield garden this side of the continental divide. Today the facility houses thirty strains, twelve grow rooms, and a nine-person packaging team. After touring the place, it’s difficult to walk out and not think, “Ah, so that’s how it’s supposed to be done.” After donning a visitor’s badge and signing into a meticulously kept log book, visitors are ushered into a network of wide, industrial hallways. Meters, dials and pipes carrying important substances decorate the high walls. Gardening tools and big heavy sacks are neatly organized at various intersections. A man pushes a platform truck of healthy young plants past grow room 6, which is packed to the gills with lush, bushy plants on day 22 of their growth cycle. A sign on the wall reads “Arizonas,” an inexplicable relic from its days serving under GM. A short jog from grow room 6 is grow room 8 (the rooms aren’t in numeric order), and although the plants in 8 are just a few days older than those in room 6, they’re already so thick that walking through the aisles feels like an Amazonian expedition. The room is set up so that one light covers four plants, and each individual plant receives eighteen hours of direct light per day. Among the many strains in room 8 are Chemdawg, Diamond Jedi, and White Berry. The entire facility is automated, Fox explains, and equipped with top of the line irrigation, nutrient management, and air filtration systems. Aside from reducing man hours and maximizing efficiency, full automation allows Kindman to produce reliable, consistent marijuana crops each and every time. Stores will always know the quality of what they’re selling, and customers will always know the quality of what they’re buying. Committed to covering all his customer’s needs, they breed five to six original strains every year, and will typically run two sativas, two indicas, and one or two hybrids. “You can walk into one of our stores and there’s something for everyone,” Fox says. Kindman’s impressive operation should come as no surprise to those familiar with the Kindman brand. Their strains are sold in more than 25% of Denver dispensaries, including Kindman’s own dispensary The Grass Station, and their line of pre-packaged cannabis products was the first of its kind on the market. “We’re trying to give people something that’s more tangible, something they’ll remember,” says Fox. 40 | ISSUE 02 THE ADVOCACY ISSUE



DOPE MAGAZINE COLORADO March 2015 Issue 02 "The Advocacy Issue"  

Featuring Dr. Dina, "The Real Nancy Botwin"!

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