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LIFESTYLE With the right attitude—and the right combination of cannabinoids—it’s possible to approach even the most familiar surroundings with the whimsy and enchantment of a wide-eyed tourist. The Portland area, with its abundance of craft cannabis and both natural and manmade splendor, provides plenty of options for a weed-infused couple’s weekend. We’ve designed an itinerary sure to please both the native guest looking to reset and the out-of-towner on a pilgrimage to our beautiful cannabis mecca. The site of your retreat can make or break your weekend, so we’re fairly certain we’ve found the perfect spot. A rambling, blue, 1920s-era gem at the east end of the Alberta Arts District, this 420-friendly bed and breakfast is both ideally situated and filled with luxurious amenities designed to appeal to your senses and heighten your relaxation. Host and chef, Bill Stewart, loves to welcome

new guests, “Our location is fantastic, within walking distance of dozens of shops, bars and galleries. It’s a really comfy house in a really nice neighborhood. If you need a bong, we can get you one from the basement!” The beautiful home, with its Dutch exterior and English interior, features salt glazed tile, a Rumsford-style fireplace, two guest rooms and ample outdoor space. In addition, the B&B offers guests a continental breakfast spread and hot options like frittatas, muffins or coffee cake. The B&B also comes equipped with pipes, bongs and dab rigs—catering to all styles of smoking. Be sure to stop at a cannabis retailer on the way so you’re stocked up for the weekend’s adventures. Alberta Green House is nearby, and a visit there will also afford you the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee at Case Study Alberta. The big blue B&B makes an ideal jumping-off point for an evening out in Bridge City. You can stay in the neighborhood and easily have plenty to do; walk just a few steps from your door and you’re surrounded by enticing food, drink, coffee and entertainment options. If you’re in the mood for tacos, you can hop across the street to experience Stel-

“WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE—AND THE RIGHT COMBINATION OF CANNABINOIDS— IT’S POSSIBLE TO APPROACH EVEN THE MOST FAMILIAR SURROUNDINGS WITH THE WHIMSY AND ENCHANTMENT OF A WIDE-EYED TOURIST.” la’s Austin-style street food. Head a bit farther west down Alberta and you’ll find Pine State Biscuits and Salt & Straw. We recommend Dar Salaam to those who want to be transported by their dining experience; opt for patio seating for people watching or take in the colorful Middle Eastern décor on the inside. Whether you choose lamb or falafel, each warm, flavorful bite will satisfy your cannabis-fueled cravings. To cure your inevitable dry mouth, don’t miss the fresh-squeezed mint lemonade. Portland is teeming with post-dinner entertainment, but If you’re looking for an exceptional herbal-enhanced experience, navigate your way to North Portland’s Tillamook Station for a Make & Mary class. These

crafting workshops are based on the idea that cannabis inspires connection and creativity—and are BYOW (bring your own weed), so come prepared and let your imagination go wild. Yvonne Perez Emerson, the maker and educator who leads Make & Mary, loves sharing space and creating community ties, “As the owner of Tillamook Station, I want unique programming that serves these purposes. I started Make & Mary as a way to connect with community. I’ve been a teacher and designer for many years, and a maker most of my life. Tillamook Station is a great place to gather and create, and I personally love that these two worlds combine so nicely—making and enjoying cannabis with like-minded folks. It’s all about inspiration, why not be highly inspired?” You don’t need any special skills to attend Make & Mary, and each session includes all necessary materials, a helpful how-to maker demonstration, stimulating conversation and lots of natural inspiration. By this point, you’re probably dreaming of a warm shower, your cozy bed and some quiet couple time with a late-night joint. To round out your romantic weekend, wake up refreshed, devour a delicious breakfast and participate in a Lifted Yoga Class by Lifted Events. Lifted aims to build culture and community by providing a safe and welcoming space for cannabis-friendly events. Yoga and cannabis are already the perfect pair for ultimate relaxation; they can also be the ideal combination for a couple seeking a special bonding experience. Get ready to get into the zone with your partner as you explore enlightenment on the mat and in the bowl! Cannabis is a wonderful tool to help you pause and focus on your well-being and your relationships. A romantic weekend built around our favorite herb can be the best way to reconnect with yourself and your partner.

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