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STOREMEBUD Cannabis’ journey out of the underground has brought many consumers out of their hot-boxed closet and into the light of day. That doesn’t mean that discretion isn’t still of paramount significance for many, which is why this very intimidating book turned six-way secret storage device is a great option for your bookshelf.

GREEN SPRING TECHNOLOGIES The team at Green Spring Technologies is looking to rewrite a little bit of history with their Hemp Pen—comprised of Kentucky Hemp— 100 percent grown and manufactured in the U.S.A. These writing utensils were designed and engineered by veterans, and also come in 3D printed options. @greenspringtechnologies $24.99

HEMPER BOX Receiving a monthly box from Hemper guarantees that you’ll never run out of rolling papers or weed swag. With things you never thought you’d see like limited edition White Widow candles and slow-burning OCB rolling papers from France, your monthly array of goodies will never disappoint. @hemperco Prices vary

Dope Magazine - September 2016 - The Art Issue - National