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29 April to 12 May 2012



“THIS CITY WILL CERTAINLY FEED THEIR PEOPLE” says Actor Srikanth, in an exclusive interview for Doorstep. How would you describe ‘Singara’ Chennai in one sentence? It’s like a Home sweet home; probably you won’t like home food, but when outside, you tend to miss your home food. Chennai is similar to that. Change is permanent. But one aspect of this city, that you wish never changes? The huzz and buzz of the city. You get so used to it, that you sometimes feel that there is so much noise, traffic, and pollution around you. But at the end of the day, you feel incomplete without that stuff. Even the gossips; Chennai is a most gossiped city. Some times its odd, sometimes it keeps you vibrant. One aspect of the city that needs a change? The roads. Once upon a time we used to claim that Chennai had the best roads possible. But now we have the most disastrous and most dangerous roads possible. Talking about the metro rail in the future, but in the mean time we are probably compromising on the infrastructure elsewhere. Let us talk about the present issues which need to be first looked into and then look about the upgradation. As an entertainer, how do you relate yourself with the People of this city? Everybody’s work will be for a living, likewise me too lead my life as an actor. Having said that, we have a great regard to the people around, as entertainers we reach and teach people through silver screen. When people ask me, are you actors into social service? I say, cinema is also a social service. Through the services of entertainment, we entertain people, and also bring in a lot of life into them. I don’t know about other cities, but Chennai and its people are very active and aware in Social Service. Your favorite places where you would love to hang out in the city? Elliot’s beach has always been one of my favorite places. It is one of the finest places to be, within the city. Beach is the main place to hang out and also has wonderful restaurants, the road side joints, where we spent quality time

2 Doorstep

29 April to 12 May 2012

But, you can go there now, right? Yes, I can go there. The only thing is, my presence should not be an inconvenience to the public. Places which you feel nostalgic about and that made your sweet memories, those places where you can’t go now as an actor? The Besant Nagar beach or else the marina. If not, we used to be on the streets of Anna Nagar, Shanti colony, where we group of guys used to hang around. The other place where we used to go was, Sparkling Sands on ECR road. We just go there, park the car; one friend with guitar would sit inside the boot of the car and used to play, so that we can dance, and all this when it was raining. No more than half a dozen people dance in the rain as the friend used to sing in languages which were unknown to human kind. Those times are always memorable. Fame and Privacy, How do you feel Chennai respects your Privacy? They do! To be very honest, people have outgrown on this. People no more come and intrude into your space. But I feel, sometimes, when you don’t have people coming into your space, you feel left out. That’s what I believe personally. As an actor, sometimes I enjoy it. I wouldn’t get the same attention if I was a normal person. The mobbing and all those days have gone. People have got learned, they have outgrown the former mass hysteria. The most nonsensical controversy that you were linked to? Once they said, I already got married and divorced even before I met that girl. That’s the most horrible controversy personally, here you are also talking about a lady who is going to be tangled with this man, and there was no truth in it. Once I read, I lost 16 kilos in one month, which is again full of nonsense.

Team Doorstep K.V. Kannan Managing Editor C. Prasanna Venkatesh Editor V. Shrie Mohan Creative Head Nishanth Radhakrishnan Food Editor Sruthi Sai Fashion Designer S. Suresh Art Consultant Tiasa Das Design Consultant Soju Francis Graphic Designer

What is the role of this city, in your personal and professional growth? As I already said, Chennai is like a mother to me and I can relate to it. This has given me an identity. It has probably recognized me as an individual, whom the world can look up to. I am a Chennaite. I was born in Chennai, brought up in Hyderabad; and again I came back to Chennai. It so happened that only Chennai gave me this profession, this livelihood, probably it is not Hyderabad which gave me this. Right! Destiny brought me back here and whatever you say, I have been to every nook and corner of the city. I worked in every part of the city; and still I made it back in the city, so I can relate to a lot of things in the city.

Writers / Contributors Stills Ravi

Javeeth Ahamed

During your early days in Chennai, what were your favorite theaters that you would regularly go in your childhood? Sathyam theatre. For what we thought, that we may see the hep crowd (laughs) and Melody theatre for its Hindi films.

Zara Khan

Tell us about your contemporaries, and who are your best friends? Contemporaries like Vijay. Although he might be a senior actor to me, he is a good friend to my relative. Others, it would be right to say that I can actually relate with all my fellow actors, whoever you say, A to Z, we are always connecting each other. Tell us about your upcoming movies? Next is PAAGAN. is almost on the verge of finishing. Just for the strike, we are in hold, will resume after the strike ends. Dream role which you would love to do? I would like to do a nice superhero film. A film like how Rajini Sir did BAASHA. I would like to do all that over- the-top acting kind of films also. Lastly, what do you want to tell to the new Doorstep readers, on this Tamil New Year day! I wish I could really sell dreams. But you can’t do that. Probably at least be happy, if most of the print media stands for truth and honesty. Get into things which are deeper than the issue on the outer. When we talk about an actor, we say he comes to the shooting spot on time, he has done this role, and nobody is interested in reading. But when you talk about the gossip art, with whom he is linked with? Everybody wants to read. Bring them out of it. I am proud to say this as a Chennaite. If you have come out looking for work in this city or any other place, you have to put a lot of effort and you will find that work definitely. That much the city can promise you. How you take it across from there, that’s left in one’s hands. “THIS CITY WILL CERTAINLY FEED THEIR PEOPLE”. Anything, it’s you who has to go out looking. Having worked everywhere, I can stress you on that point. I have even sold cool drinks in petrol bunks, I have done overnight event managements, being like probably, volunteers for all the big bashes, so many events and got paid 750 bucks – 1000 bucks. But that’s big money for us at that time. That’s why I’m telling, you will find work. We need to go and knock. We can’t expect work come knocking at our doors.

Kumar Ganesan

Kamalika Krishmy

Tamilselvi Shahul

Lenin Samuel Managed by K.V. Kannan Publisher Rajesh Narayanaswamy Managing Partner Printers Rasi Graphics Pvt Ltd.

29 April to 12 May 2012 Doorstep

Our City, your Doorstep Chennai , Madras, Enga uru, Unga uru, Native place, Metro City, South Chennai, North Chennai, Beach, Theaters, Temples, Terrace, Playgrounds, Tea kadai’s, Trains, and at current CSK etc. Every city can be described in a breakdown of words, that can tell us about it, but ultimately The Soul of any city would be its people, their living, their culture, which forms the functioning of the city. DOORSTEP will talk about the culture of this city, its people, and its happenings and also features the current trends, latest newsmakers. The focus will be on the citizens who contribute to the city in various spectra of living. We want to make people think, react, question, answer, learn, fight, share, etc… within themselves and within this city. we try to relate the people to the current lifestyle of the city thus advancing a discussion about ‘what’ and ‘what not’? The poise we talk about is “uniformity” where the content talks about the people, to the people. What we try to achieve is “CONNECTIVITY” between the paper and its readers, which reflects in mutual growth. We expect an active interaction from people, they can write to us, write for us, share their views, shout at us, praise us, and also can tear the coupons from our paper and use it outside.

So Makkale, here you go!

The Editor

FASHION RISE WITH THE SUN ! When the sun of summer rises, remember, it’s time to rise high in style and fashion too. Chennai being one of the cities which “celebrates” summer more than winter or monsoon, we have special reasons to be more “HOT” in our styles too. Well, talking about summer and styles, here’s some optionsyou’re your wardrobe change for the new eason.

Fashion designer, Stylist, illustrator, n lot more, for feedback contact @sruthisai86.


SHEER DELIGHT Summer = Cotton is an old equation. Now with the variety of fabrics we have its high time we also consider other sheer options in fabrics we have. Lace, chiffon, georgette, organza and net fabrics are few extra options we can consider in our wardrobe to beat the heat. Our skin needs to breathe when the temperature is high. And sheer fabrics give them the air space required.



Time to replace your tight fitted If you have noticed, recently, there are exclusive shops for this new piece of suffocating denims with some fashion in Chennai. It has been a classic piece of accessory for summer. But our breezy silhouettes. Bring in your city never dares to flaunt it. Why don’t we give it a chance? It’s all about every gal’s skirts, harem pants, wide legged favorite piece of accessory “THE HAT”. This is a fun element in one’s summer trousers and why not even a maxi wardrobe to stay stylish and also protect the face and hair from sun rays . dress. Anything that lets some air in, keeps you cool and lets your There are hats in various styles to suit every face shape and bringing in the style skin breathe is a cool option for this factor will pep up your summer dressing and makes it more fun. Just try it on and summer, instead of always sticking pick the best suited one for you. to denims or leggings, be it summer or winter or monsoon. So keep A KNOTTY STYLE aside your usual pair of denims and bring in some fashion for the city. Wanna add one more new style in your wardrobe!!! Then all you have to do is shop for some nice silk and cotton scarves and stoles. There are endless ways of styling one’s outfit with scarves. You can wear it on your neck draped or tied in various styles to go with your outfit. On a bad hair day it can be knotted on your head to cover your hair and this way you also protect your hair from harsh sun and pollution in our city. Another way to knot it in style is, as a belt on your waist. Doesn’t want it anywhere on you; well, u can still use it. Ask me how!!!! Jus knot it on your handbag in a sweet bow. One way or the other it keeps u stylish in its own way.

This summer, its all about color blocking and it need not be always a combo of bright colors. The new idea is to mix up pastels with bright options. It can be with outfits or even giving a color block with accessories. Either all pastel in outfits and use bright accessories or pastel tops with bright bottom options. Color blocking is so much of fun and have all that fun when summer is here.


4 Doorstep 29 April to 12 May 2012

Food for the Senses Sigree is one of the few specialty restaurants in Chennai that offer absolute Value for Money. The hospitality of the staff is exemplary; the food served, everything makes you feel ‘Royal’. A fresh-up with a towel and refresher, inside the restaurant; made me feel cool and set the mood to relish the lunch. The menu consists of 3 starters for vegetarian and 2 for non vegetarian. Starters are a league apart because; they are cooked well with the right amount of spices. The ‘Hariyali Panner’ is soft and succulent, coated with flavors of coriander and mint. The ‘Chicken Tikka’ offers a good bite with right amount of red chilly and coriander powder. The vegetarian main course of Mixed Vegetable Pulav when had with Dal Sigree, enhances the taste. ‘Dal Sigree’ is the signature dish of the restaurant; which has ‘Dal Makhani’ with loads of butter, tasting yummy! The menu also comprises of ‘Gobi Aloo Spinach’, ‘Mix Veg Chogra’, ‘Bhaigan ka Bhartha’ and ‘Panner Butter Masala’. The non-vegetarian main course offers ‘Ghost Biryani’, ‘Hunter Chicken’, ‘Rarha Ghost’, ‘Prawn Masala’ and ‘Fish Fry’. The ‘Ghost Biryani’ is the star of the non-vegetarian menu with proper consistency. With each morsel, you will relish the various flavors of mint, saffron, tomato and onions. The salad section here offers an equal importance to both vegan and non-vegan palates; which need special mention, as very few restaurants offer this way. Veg Salads like Raw mango, sprouts, papaya, etc clash with non-veg salads like minced mutton, finger fish and mixed rice with meat. Sigree offers a live counter for ‘Chaat’ items too. A sneak-peek into their dessert section will create room in the packed tummy for the 5 sweets, 3 types of cut fruits and 4 flavors of ice creams they offer. In case you want to surprise your loved ones for a birthday or anniversary, mention to the staff at the restaurant and see your wish come true. Every bit of Sigree will leave a lasting impression on you. You will love to go back to the restaurant. What more can a foodie ask for!!!

Kamalika Krishmy Ambience 9/10

Top 5 apps for Journalists

You are all set to cover the world, and you go through your checklist. Pen, (check), note book (check), journalist jacket with multi pockets (check) and your iphone which in a way makes everything else in the list redundant (check). Your happy (check), but what is the use of an iphone, if you don’t have the latest apps which makes you work radically simple. We present you with the five most apt apps (forgive the alliteration) for you, which makes you look both cool and efficient. Hootsuite: A true ally in the mesmerizing world of social media interaction. If you are searching for an app which will help you manage your twitter, facebook, Wordpress or any other social media sites, than you need not go further. Use Hootsuite and you can view and send messages to all the social network sites at the same time in a clean and user-friendly interface. Quickpix: For all those who want a machine gun camera which doesn’t miss a moment, this is the app. The top class high speed shooter can take full resolution pictures at a speed of 2 images per second as long as you hold the button or till it reaches its 64 images limit. And ofcourse, need I say that it can take neat video of your cat running all over the lawn.

Service 10/10

Food 9/10

Dropbox: You might have heard about it, or you might not have, but this app is a simple piece of beauty. The onestop app for storing and sharing your data saves all your work via cloud computing and reduces any possibility of ever losing your data while you work on the move Dragon Dictation: This app is as cool as it sounds. The leading voice recognition and recording application makes your job of noting down your thoughts and interviews immensely easy. An added bonus is the capacity of this app to convert audio into text, killing the cumbersome work of transcription and making sharing a pleasure. Spreaker: If you have the thumping desire inside you to run your own radio station, where you can talk on everything from politics to music, just speak to Spreaker. Its dynamic online app for creating and sharing live audio content on the internet. A unique online DJ console allows real time mixing of voice, music and sound effects creating a very personal experience for all those who want to be the “Voice”.

Lenin Samuel

29 April to 12 May 2012 Doorstep


Hiding in plain sight – little treasures at Mint Street Mint Street : To any Chennaiite, the two words conjure up a set of images: a vivid, colourful, noisy, narrow strip of tar with shops lined up on either side, a few modern monstrosities amid crumbling heaps of red bricks. Voices of shopkeepers hawking their wares mixed with the laughter of shoppers, the sizzle of oily snacks in frying pans and the occasional curse of a harried rickshaw puller. Mint Street : To a confirmed shopaholic, the two words conjure up visions of the longest street in Chennai that promises to be a bargain hunter’s delight, offering myriad treasures within its rather congested confines.

Shopping at Mint Street is not merely shopping; it is an experience in itself. One cannot simply make up a list, go to a shop, buy the needful and go back home. One is almost always persuaded to linger a little, sometimes to look at and examine new wares at one’s favourite shop, sometimes to drink a fresh lime soda to beat the heat, sometimes to eavesdrop on a mother’s harassed conversation about her daughter’s trousseau, sometimes to share a joke with a nearby shopkeeper or passer-by, or sometimes to discover a little shop that sells the prettiest jewellery this side of the Adyar tucked away in one of the numerous by lanes. As one opens the glass fronted doors of Kyaira Enterprises, at first glance it appears to be a run-of-the-mill jewellery store. Inside, however, one would find a literal treasure trove of silver, Sterling silver and German silver jewellery.

Vintage designs that are reminiscent of old world charm to skulls and bones that can be worn at a metal concert, this place can pretty much offer accessories for any age group at any occasion. If plain accessories are not your thing, there is a whole lot of other stuff to choose from – blingy to classy, sparkle to subdued glamour, classic to postmodern. Stones – precious, semi-precious – American diamonds, Marcasite, Zirconium, metals like gold, silver, rhodium, have been put together to create some very pretty rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, bangles, armlets, and the like. One can even choose from a range of designs featured on the proprietor BhagyashDoshi’s Facebook profile or request a custom design. And the cherry on top?The prices, of course. Since Kyaira Enterprises

is primarily a wholesale dealer, a pair of earrings that one would buy at, say, an exhibition or a swanky mall for Rs 300 costs Rs 120 here. The range starts from 50 rupees for a simple ring and goes up to a few thousand rupees, depending on the metal and stones used in the accessory. Ah, Mint Street.Delighting you. Always.

Zara Khan

The writer is a Dreamer, Writer, Photographe, Foodie, Bookworm,Engineer, Journalist. Nomad, feedbacks @zukosta

6 Doorstep 29 April to 12 May 2012

Did She Miss him ?

Tamilselvi Shahul

Many men will agree that being a father is the most reward-

ing relationship that they have. There is nothing the father has to do to earn his child’s love. The difficult part is the fear of losing it. “Will u miss me? My husband asked my 5 year old daughter the nth time on that day. I had to leave for a college tour, and had no choice but to take my daughter with me. She was so excited about it. However my husband was not interested in this. He tried to convince her by promising a visit each day to the children’s park, beach, theater etc. But our daughter said a big NO to his offers saying that she cannot miss me but can manage without him. Few days before the tour it was hard for me to tell who was the kid and who was the dad. My husband was in a state of trance. He did not eat, did not sleep, and kept whining that our daughter loves only me and not him. When I saw him silently crying at night, I wondered how she has become his number one priority. I realized how true it is that men shift their priority from wives to daughters when they become father. It’s difficult to make men understand that the bond between a father and daughter is a soul tie. It’s more than a special bond, an exclusive connection. As my husband was busy packing my daughter’s bag, she was busy informing neighbors about the trip, and was rejecting any questions of

missing her dad as a joke. This made me doubt about her love towards her father, i felt for my husband, and could see my daughter not noticing his love towards her. On the day of travel, when he left us in the train wishing a “Happy journey” heavy heartedly. It was a memorable moment for me to realise the power of DAD and daughter connection. When I came back to my seat, my daughter asked me “amma where’s daddy?” The minute I replied that he has left for home, that’s it, like thunder came her cry. She was angry with me for leaving her daddy alone. When I buzzed my husband to share my amazement of how much his daughter is missing him, my daughter just grabbed the phone from me and said “Daddy, I miss you!!” just after 5 minutes away from the station. The permanent impression of love was found tattooed upon my daughter’s face. Her eyes were holding the tears of love so beautifully and left me in tears too.

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Back 2 School Blues T HE IL L U S ORY TRUTH

Rare and Unseen Picture of Superstar Rajinikanth, shared by Noted Photographer “Stills Ravi”.

April - the month of examination not only for students but also for parents. It’s time to stand in long lines for parents to get admission to a school which will be a second home for their kids. The search for a good school is always a nightmare to many parents. The physical presence of the parent is needed in many schools on a specific day even for a simple enquiry. Its hard to believe that in this era which is technology savvy information is not even provided over the phone. My friend was trying to get an admission for her daughter and when she went to a school she was only asked to provide the basic information about the student and the parents. There was no discussion about the school’s admission procedure or its facility. She made few calls and finally got an appointment with the Principal. The interview went on very well with no positive answer about the seat. She was asked to wait for few more weeks but never got a reply from the school. Finally she found out that the policy of the school is to admit a new student only if there is a vacancy. Like my friend many parents are waiting only to be greeted with unfavorable response from the schools which are believed to determine the destiny of their kid. Luckily my friend found another school in Chennai which had an exception to this rule. Their objective is to help students whose parents are moving to different places due to various reasons. In USA, the public schools are good and very popular and everyone who lives within the school area is guaranteed admission even if they join just a week before the end of the academic year. We needed a Transfer Certificate for our daughter’s admission in Chennai from the school in USA where she studied. All we did was to send an email. A scanned copy of the TC was received on the same day and the original in a week. We are in an electronic world and it’s high time the educational institutes realize the usefulness of it. Admission process can be made easier through websites which can help remove one of the fears from the list of back to school blues and make both parents and children happy.

Kumar Ganesan

29 April to 12 May 2012 Doorstep 7

ENGINEER-ED Four out of five college students you come across today would probably be engineers. Blame the IT bubble for that or the slimy ignorance of their parents. Engineering is a way to earn decent money as soon as you walk out of college. That is the sole reason most people take up this four year course. Many of the drafter-carrying boys and girls will vouch for this fact, as well as point to a 150year-old University to blame those dreadful four years on. Sounds bad enough? But then I have been through that gruel and guess what, thinking about it now, Engineering is the best thing that has happened to me because it has set up such a base for me that among becoming what my parents wanted me to become I can probably become anybody I choose to. Let’s not confuse this anymore. How many doctors do you know who turned out to be writers? The same question can be asked for chartered accountant who became cricketers or pilots who became actors or directors. Or for that matter even journalists who probably became sales & marketing people. But how many do we know of who have achieved, might I say the above feats, in our day to day lives.

Let me turn the question around. How many engineers do you know who became writers? Now think a little of engineers who turned out to be actors or directors or journalists or marketing people or entrepreneurs or politicians. Your mind’s running, the list goes on and on and on. To name a few - Anil Kumble, Aarya, Karthi, Chetan Bhagat, Gautam Vasudev Menon etc., etc. Now you understand me a little, I hope. The obvious reason why it took you so long to figure this out is that you are probably a non-engineer. Yes, I’m trying to make it sound like an insult. We engineers are more or less looked down upon when we say, “I’m an Engineer” and the reply goes like “Yeah, one among the crowd. Are you working for a company that remotely does anything to what you studied?” Next time when a friend, who probably is a lawyer, asks you this question snap back at him and tell him – “You can do that just one thing. I, sir, can do anything. My education has taught me that. I can engineer my beliefs to what I want to be. Can you?” Watch how that jaw drops and the eyes look up at you with slight remorse. And no, it isn’t wrong to follow what you think is best after those four years of assignments and viva and micro bits. You use what you studied in some way. Maybe make the world a better place with anew idea mixed with those engineering skills. Walk with your head held high because dear engineer brethren, we can do anything we want to do without guilt. We are a national treasure! We can build bridges and also paint them. We can programme software and also write a poem with it. We can design stadiums and also play for the National Team. Or else, even if you are not an engineer who studied IT, you can still get a job in IT! We can choose to B.E. or not to B.E. Javeeth Ahamed (The writer is an Engineer by qualification and writes such free-lance work among an ocean of other things and is available on twitter @javeeth for all your feedbacks)

Send you Articles / Contributions, of word limit 300 to 400 words, along with your profile and contact details to Hey Writers, May your Dreams Come True ! Hey Readers, bring out the Writers inside you ! It can be any topic, feature, solution, regarding Chennai City.

8 Doorstep

29 April to 12 May 2012

Launch of Doorstep, The magz-paper.

Guests and Invitees at the launch.

Tmt Gokula Indira Honorable Minister of Tourism

Mr. K.Hariharan and Mrs. Lakshmy Ramakrishnan during the Panel Discussion.


oorstep The Magz-Paper, was launched by Tmt Gokula Indira, Honorable Minister of Tourism, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, and received by K.Hariharan, Director – LV Prasad Academy, in the Presence of Actor Ashokk Kumar, Actor – Film maker Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, and Mr. R.Sritharan, Principal, MGR Film and Tv Institute of Tamil Nadu. The Launch Event was held in Odyssey Store at Express Avenue Mall, on the evening of April 14th 2012. And there was a panel discussion on the Topic “Impact of Art, Towards the Development of the Society”, by the guests and the audiences. The event was sponsored by style partner “Naturals” and Health partner “Vasan Eye Care”. Actor Ashokk Kumar

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Doorstep_First Edition  

first edition of the MagzPaper

Doorstep_First Edition  

first edition of the MagzPaper