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Our Family News July 2018

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- Mandela 9 May 20

BABY #200 THROUGH OUR BABYBOX We received our 200th baby through our BabyBox in Berea. Sweet little baby A is doing very well and receives an overdose of love and care and attention every day! Well actually, all our babies get that but Baby A, as the youngest, has every single aunty wrapped around her little finger. Our BabyBox offers a safe alternative to mommies who don’t want their babies. We encourage desperate mommies to not leave their babies somewhere unsafe or where they can die, but to rather place them in our BabyBox.

BABYBOX = LIFE We have our own fundraising page on GivenGain. Here you can donate to one of our projects - choose from assisting with our everyday needs through to one of our major events.

MANDELA MONTH BLESSINGS Almost the whole month of July has been booked up with visits from people wanting to give back for Mandela Day. To name but a few:


Renovated and painted our new ECD centre at the village and they are providing all the equipment for the ECD centre.

Rohlig-Grindrod Logistics

Have committed to purchasing nappies and formula to the value of R5,000.00 per month for 12 months (R60,000).

Workforce, Palazzo Hotel Monte Casino, British Airways, DHL Bringing much needed donations.

And the community around us is popping in and dropping off donations We want to use this space to say thank you to every single person getting involved and helping Door of Hope and our babies. Not just this month but every month. We won’t be where we are if we did not have God’s blessing and your support. THANK YOU!

If you want to get involved email us at

FUNNY BIG KIDS STORY: Most of our big kids will take advantage of any opportunity to show off their leadership skills and knowledge. Recently, at their own request, we have been giving them the chance to each read a story to the whole group before nap time. This is something their aunties have been leading as they choose the books. Now the kids know some of these books so well they want to show off what they can remember. A few of our books also come with CD’s, which have the story being read or sung along to, to some music. This has been quite useful for the children who want to read to us, as they can just flip through the pages along with the CD. One particular afternoon, we had three of our big kids who were very keen to get up and read to us. Mr. E went first and picked his favourite book; Wonky Donkey! We popped the CD in and E flipped through the pages along with the CD and sung the whole song right through! Next up was Little Miss L. She picked a book we have read through often, about a little spider who is so busy building a web that they cannot go and play with all of the animals who come to talk. As L read each page she acknowledged the animal in each picture and told us what sound in makes. When she came to the final page with the spider building his web, she sung “And the spider says… The incy wincy spider went climbing up the spout…”

After all… What other sound do you think a spider makes!!! Mondays is a day out for some of our kiddies in the car to a session. Our ever so clever Boy O has a question for everything he sees in the road ‘Aunty Angele what this is… Aunty Angele what is that… ‘Of course, our aunty Angele does not know what is on his mind or what he is looking at as she is driving. So, she would just guess and reply…’ It is a robot’ O will reply and say ‘noooooo it is a bus’ another road on … ‘it is a bus ‘and the reply ‘nooooo Aunty, it is a robot!’ Aunty Angele reckons that Boy O must think she is very dumb because she gets all the answers wrong Aunty Angele will never get full marks for this weekly test for as long as she is driving, and Boy O sits in the back!

VILLAGE UPDATE ONE BRICK AT A TIME It was over a year ago that the first Stumbelblocs were cast at the Village by the Chowan Team from North Carolina. Since then many blocks have been made by local and international teams, some people even giving up their birthday to make blocks. The blocks were first used in the foundations of one of the houses which was then been finished to roof height with standard bricks. A team visiting at the beginning of June however started the construction of the first walls to be built with the Stumbelblocs. It was surreal experience seeing the walls go up with the blocks that were literally made on site! It happened fairly quickly for a first-time effort despite some teething issues. You can see that the walls have just about been completed by another team that visited Door of Hope at the end of June. I have very realistic expectations of finishing this house by the end of this year. This will then mean that three new houses

would have been constructed during 2018. The one in the photos is however a massive team effort and has been done‌ 1 brick at a time‌ Many, many hands have been involved in the construction of the house so a huge thank you to every one of you! We are still in early days and have many hurdles ahead, but the vision of the Village is slowly but surely becoming a reality. I feel privileged and grateful for being able to play a small part in this. All praise to God for what he is doing through His people!

Latest Stats

1622 Babies saved since 1999



adoptions to date

201 Babies SAVED via our “BABYBOX”

EXCITING FUNDRAISERS Monique van Rensburg is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money for Door of Hope!! Wishing her all the best and to stay safe!

You can also visit for some awesome fundraising ideas!

PROMOTIONS IN THE USA Richard Allen, our CEO, was engaged in a promotional tour in the United States for the months of April, May and some of June. He travelled through 12 different states covering many, many miles and speaking to hundreds, if not thousands, of people. In this time, the work of Door of Hope was shared at the North Carolina Baptists on mission missions conference, in numerous churches, small groups, Sunday school classes, house meetings, even radio interviews and a University, as well as countless personal conversations. Part of the time was spent having meetings for setting up a support office registered in Virginia. These went well and more information on this is to follow in the coming months. As an extra, Richard was also blessed to catch up with a few friends and have some fun taking advantage of various sightseeing opportunities.

We wish to say a big thank you to all who made this trip a possibility and all who hosted Richard so graciously during his time there. We look forward to continued partnerships in the work that God is doing in and through Door of Hope to save abandoned babies and bring glory to God.

Thank you to all our USA partners and supporters for your continuing kindness and generosity.

GOLF DAY! Door of Hope was delighted to welcome the teams and wonderful sponsors on the 29th of June 2018 at Houghton Golf Club. The weather was wonderful coupled with a great team spirit as players joined forces to raise funds for Door of Hope children’s mission. We received wonderful support by way of sponsorship and prizes from Spar, Tsogo Sun, Lion and Safari Park, Soho Nails Waxing and Beauty New York (Sandton), Houghton Golf Club, Tiso Blackstar Group, Mangwanani African Spa and Diverse Gifts with the event being emceed by Brian Mitchell. Each contribution made the day assisted in raising funds towards the children’s mission.

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Door of Hope - July 2018 Newsletter  
Door of Hope - July 2018 Newsletter