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Garage Door Openers and accessories

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Che ck o ur Digit al Pho t o Library

Ne e d m o re inf o rm at io ns ? To get a free quo te o r to receive info rmatio ns abo ut o ur pro ducts and services,fill the fo rm belo w. We will co ntact yo u as so o n as po ssible.

Our Garaga garage do o rs Cambridge

Repairs Repairs & & Maintenance Maintenance Eastman

Repairs & Maintenance

Of f ice Mo ntreal

First name No rth Hatley

Last name To p Tech

H-Tech Plus

Commercial Garage Garage Doors Doors Commercial Commercial Garage Doors

Phone Email


Industrial Industrial Equipment Equipment Standard+

Industrial Equipment Enter the security co de 7 4 5 83 >

Series 138

Alterna Alterna II


Doors & & Frames Frames Doors Doors & Frames

Eve ryo ne t alk abo ut us: Se rvice de part m e nt Est im at io ns

Pro duct s Re side nt ial

Co m m e rcial

Indust rial

Do o rs & Fram e s

G arag e d o o rs

G arag e d o o rs

Ro lling Ste e l

Eme rg e nc y Exit Do o rs

Co nte s t

Re s id e ntial

Ele c tric o p e rato rs

Ele c tric o p e rato rs

Hig h Sp e e d Do o rs

His to ry

Co mme rc ial

Ac c e s s o rie s

Ac c e s s o rie s

Do c k Eq uip me nt

G las s & Aluminium Do o rs

Ne ws

Care e r O ur p ro je c ts

G arag e d o o r hard ware G arag e d o o r hard ware G ate o p e rato rs Imp ac t Do o rs

O ur c lie nts Co ntac t us

Strip Curtains

Hand ic ap Do o rs Se c urity G rills Arc hite c tural Hard ware

Do c k Se als & She lte rs Lo c ks & Safe s

Privac y p o lic y Te rms & c o nd itio ns Exte nd e d warranty

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The only true Garaga Experts in Montreal , Ottawa and Kingston for 30 years!.  

Garage Door Accessories: we offer a complete selection of Lift Master and Residential door accessories.

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