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Buy A New Garage Door Or Get Your Old One Repaired In Canada With The Help Of Leading Firms In Canada Whether you need a garage door for your new home or your old one has given way for a new one, you will find a large variety of garage doors in the market today. In fact Residential garage doors have come a long way over the years and add to the appeal and style of a home. Today it is quite common for people to get confused when shopping for garage doors owing to the large variety of garage doors being offered by different retailers but help is at hands for those in Canada who are looking to buy a new garage door. A few leading ones with head office in Montreal have been meeting every garage door needs of clients in Montreal, Ottawa and Kingston for 30 years and thus have a vast experience in meeting all kinds of garage door needs.

These leading firms are a member of the “Garaga Expert™” network and thus offer clients effective sales and service throughout Canada and cater to residential, industrial as well as commercial needs of clients. Clients looking for garage doors can choose from a wide variety of garage doors which these firms have. Their residential line of garage door includes Townships Series which is a reminisce of carriage house doors and has the appearance of distinctive country charm of the carriage house garage door style which is found in the North Hatley, Eastman Series of these firms. Some residential garage doors such as the H-Tech plus garage door available at these websites is perfectly apt for long Canadian winters as it

not only offers extra insulation (it has the highest insulation rating R-18) but also protects the residents from street noise and summer's heat too. These leading firms also stock up on different kinds of electric openers for garage doors such as those with 1/2 HP motor combined with an industrial-strength chain drive or with 3/4 horsepower strength which has a rugged I-beam rail and chassis support bracket, and offers a 2-speed dual sprocket customizable to door requirements or others.

Clients can even choose form different kinds of industrial garage doors such as those made with anti-rust aluminium and featuring a superior thermal insulation factor achieved through the injection of CFC-free polyurethane foam between its walls or pre-painted steel commercial garage door or even doors which come with an insulated pan door, with a CFC-free polystyrene core, R-value of 6.6 (RSI: 1.2) and 24-gauge steel, ribbed for added strength. Customers can even choose from different accessories for their garage doors such as reinforced horizontal tracks for double garage doors, white nylon rollers with 11-ball bearings which provide a smoother and quieter operation of the garage door, welded anchoring plates which increase the hardware's long-term solidity and durability and others too at these websites. Clients can even call these leading firms in Canada for repair and maintenance of their old garage doors as their team of highly trained, certified technicians are there 24 hours a day to provide clients with effective sales and service throughout Canada. Clients taking the sales and repair service of these leading firms can be sure about the quality of service they are getting. Find the more detail visit here:

Best Garage Door Repair Company In Canada  

These leading firms are a member of the Garage door expert network and thus offer clients effective sales, repair and service throughout in...

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