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Summer 2017, Vol. 20, Issue 1 2016 Annual Report Enclosed

Celebrating 30 Years of

Making a Difference in Door County

Door County Land Trust

Protecting Door County’s Exceptional Lands and Waters Forever E����tu� Bo��� M������

Bo��� o� D����to��

President Jeff Ottum President-Elect Donna DeNardo Treasurer Tim Stone Secretary Donna Hake Past President Kathy Wolff

Jean Barrett Tom Blackwood Jack Finger Cathy Fiorato Peter Deschler Barbara Frank Mark Martin Bryan Nelson Kevin Nordahl Judy Perkins Gretchen Schmelzer Roy Thilly Rob Watson Karen Yancey


Executive Director Tom Clay Director of Land Program Terrie Cooper Administrative Assistant Amy Dwyer Development Director Susan Gould Summer Land Stewardship Assistant Jesse Koyen

Nancy Aten Bob Barlament * Mike Brodd Dan Burke Fran Burton Dave Callsen Beth Coleman Andy Coulson Robert Cowles * Sharon Donegan Frank Failing * Robert Forsberg Darlene Forsberg Ken Gill Betsy Guenzel * Julie Guilette Chan Harris * Tony Haswell Jon Hollingshead Laurel Hauser Jim Janning John Jessup Jim Ingwersen * Jim Kinney Lucy Klug Lon Kopitzke

Terry Lappin Jim Lester Judy Lokken Paul Mahlberg Neil McCarty John McMahon Beverly Njaa * Frank Pechman * Nancy Rafal Kate Rohrer Carl Scholz Neil Shadle Oliver Skrivanie Mary Standish Bill Tischler * John Turner Kieth Van Dyke Rob Van Gemert John Wilson * Robert Yeoman Bill Yunker * Virginia Yunker * Elizabeth Zimmerman James Zimmerman * * Founding Board Member

Land Stewardship Manager Amanda Pyke Land Protection Specialist Drew Reinke Office Manager Kristi Rice Communications & Outreach Manager Cinnamon Rossman Land Project Manager Julie Schartner

Three Springs Nature Preserve Photo by Dan Eggert

Office: 23 N. Fifth Avenue Mailing: PO Box 65, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235 Phone: (920)746-1359 • Fax: (920)746-1024 Email: info@doorcountylandtrust.org www.DoorCountyLandTrust.org

Cover photo by Melody Walsh May 2017, Washington Island In Wisconsin, the Caspian tern is listed as an endangered animal, making the sighting of this pair during mating season a truly remarkable event!

30 Wa�s We’re Ma�in� a Di��erence When organizations experience changes in leadership, the transition is commonly a time when all involved hold their proverbial breath—it is a time when organizations focus on remaining steady and poised to re-tool and re-launch. Well, I am pleased to tell you that is not how things work at Door County Land Trust. In our 30th year of operation, in the midst of its first leadership transition, Door County Land Trust permanently protected 663 acres spanning from Southern Door to Washington and Chambers Island, including two new conservation easements and seven acquisitions. These newly protected properties include Hine’s emerald dragonfly habitat, vistas of the Niagara escarpment, marshes, fens, wetlands of international significance, hardwood forests, ancient stands of hemlock and shoreline corridors. You see, re-tooling and re-launching are unnecessary endeavors for an organization that’s mission is bound by the word forever. Although its names and faces change with time, Door County Land Trust remains steadfast in its collective and enduring vision of protecting Door County’s exceptional lands and exceptional waters... forever. This vision has defined our organization for the past 30-years and this same vision will guide us long after we are gone. However, while our mission statement conveys our purpose and guides our vision, it does not account for how we succeed. To explain our successes, look no farther than the members of Door County Land Trust, its board of directors, exceptional staff, volunteers and our network of conservation partners. We succeed because we are surrounded by, and steeped in, passionate and caring people—people who believe in protecting and enhancing the incredible beauty of Door County. This is our collective legacy. I hope you enjoy the following pages—30 ways we are making a difference—on the land and in the community…forever. I especially hope you feel a swell of pride as you read about our work, because without you, our work and our successes simply do not happen. For that reason, and on behalf of its board of directors and staff, we thank you for continued support of Door County Land Trust. Sincerely,

Tom Clay Executive Director

Door County Land Trust’s 19 Board of Directors and 10 Staff Members

Check out our newly updated website! Wondering about the photos on the following pages? You can read the captions for these photos and more at www.DoorCountyLandTrust.org Landings, Journal of the Door County Land Trust — Summer 2017


Photo by Julie Schartner

Photo by Paul Burton

Photo by Julie Schartner

P�ot��t��� ���� ��� ��t��, p���t� ��� �������


Since the first conservation easement was written in 1986, the land and water, plants and animals, and the health of the environment remain at the heart of the Door County Land Trust’s mission. With the creation of the Neuman Conservation Easement, conservation priorities and a vision for land protection efforts were realized. Parcel by parcel, lands were protected by landowners who wanted to know their land would remain in a natural state forever and we continue work in the same conservation areas today.

In 1995, with partnership assistance from The Nature Conservancy, the Land Trust began its first-ever nature preserve. This parcel on the north end of Kangaroo Lake protected woodland and wetland that helps protect the water quality of the lake, as well as an incredible diversity of plants found along the lake’s changing elevations. Additions to the preserve since the first acquisition extend protection to Peil Creek and areas draining into the lake, further ensuring water quality for the diversity of fish found here.




When Bay Shore Drive member Mary Standish discovered Ram’s head lady slipper orchid in 1999, efforts to protect the threatened plant began. This find led to the creation of several conservation easements in the area. Researchers recognized the largest threat to the orchid was habitat loss through development. While the plant is still threatened by other factors, land protection efforts ensure hundreds of acres of known habitat are secured.

Kayes Creek meanders through Southern Door, and is one of the most ecologically significant tributaries for spawning fish in Green Bay. Protected in 2004, the Bissen Conservation Easement, a 420-acre forested parcel conserves wetlands and extensive habitat for migratory waterfowl. As the headwaters to Kayes Creek, the easement is the keystone to future conservation efforts in the Kayes Creek watershed— and the spawning habitat of fish species of Green Bay.

With the discovery of the federally endangered Hine’s emerald dragonfly, protecting quality wetlands has been a significant priority. In 2016, projects at Big and Little Marsh Natural Area, Kellner Fen Natural Area and Three Springs Nature Preserve protected water quality and habitat for the dragonfly. Conservation of wetlands that are crucial for the survival of the dragonfly also maintains the quality of our own drinking water.

Photo by Doug Sherman


Photo by Zak LaCrosse



Photo by Dan Eggert


Photo by Matthew Aaron Aicher

Photo by Drew Reinke



Lawrence University and the Land Trust partnered to create a conservation easement at Björklunden in Baileys Harbor. The 305 acres protected includes alkaline lakeshore and critical stopover habitat for migratory birds, as well as a boreal forest remnant, one of the most southern North American extents left behind as glaciers retreated. Expansive, pristine stopover habitats like Björklunden are crucial for the survival of birds on spring and fall journeys.

The Land Trust is committed to stewarding the more than 4,000 acres that we own and manage. Efforts to reintroduce native species and restore the health of the land is a daunting, but worthy endeavor that ensures habitat for the county’s most exceptional species of plants and animals. The Land Trust’s future stewardship commitment includes largescale restoration projects, like planting native trees and shrubs to improve the land’s health for the unique species found in Door County.


Land protection planning has identified the places most important to Door County’s conservation efforts. In the coming years, the Land Trust’s efforts will focus on places in southern Door County like Kayes Creek, Little Sturgeon and Sawyer Harbor, where protection of the streams and watershed has significant impact on water quality in the immediate area, as well as in the harbors and in Green Bay. Protecting these landscapes improves water quality for fish and people simultaneously.

Photo by Joshua Meyer

Photo by Julie Schartner


easement projects are underway, each protecting wetland and habitat in a different area of the county. These parcels add to a complex tapestry of land protection projects that will ultimately create corridors of land protection—a vision that began in the Land Trust’s early history and continues today. Protection by conservation easement will help the Land Trust create wilderness corridors and work with landowners in ecologically sensitive areas.


Since the inception of the Door County Land Trust, our commitment to the land and water has remained the same—to protect Door County’s exceptional lands and waters…forever. Striving to protect habitat for the most fragile species of the county simultaneously ensures that the next generation of people will inherit a county with healthy lands and waters, vibrant diversity of plant and animal life, and beauty that nourishes mind and body.


Photo by Julie Schartner

Photo by Julie Schartner

L��� p�ot��t�o� ��t���o��� ��t� �o��u��t�



The Land Trust was born in 1986 from the dedication and hard work of volunteers who shared a collective vision for the future of Door County. They planned the first land protection projects, developed a network of supporters for the mission and raised funds to hire the first full-time staff member. A collective vision has continued to inspire our Door County community throughout the years, giving the Land Trust strength through volunteers and members, and in return sharing the lands and waters that sustain us.

Early in the Land Trust’s history, a collaboration between partner conservation organizations was formed to create a cohesive schedule of spring outings. Ridges Sanctuary, The Nature Conservancy and others came together to begin what is now called the Festival of Nature. Experiences hiking with experts, landowners and staff have deepened the knowledge of those attending and inspired many to become stewards, hike leaders, members and donors.




In 2001, the Land Trust was gifted a parcel on Washington Island to be used as an outdoor classroom for the community. Unlike most land in the county, the Richter Community Forest Nature Preserve was never tilled and farmed, and remains much like pre-settlement times. Abundant wildflowers and signs of natural forest succession offer opportunities to learn in nature. The forest canopy now acts as a classroom for islanders of all ages.

From the creation of our first nature preserves in 1995 to now, more than 25 miles of hiking trails have been developed on Land Trust nature preserves, attracting members and the general community alike to explore the exceptional ecology and beauty of the places that together we have protected. Providing access for hiking, hunting, fishing, and other recreational activities builds and invested community connected to the lands.

With the addition of the Heins Creek Nature Preserve, the Land Trust’s hiking map now features 14 nature preserves from northern points of Washington Island to Clay Banks in Southern Door. Door County Land Trust’s quiet and extraordinary nature preserves are within a short drive of every resident of the county. The Land Trust is fostering a sense of place and neighborhood pride at every nature preserve, thanks to the support of volunteers and neighbors.

Photo by Julie Schartner



Photo by Julie Schartner


Photo by Dennis Connolly

Photo by Jeffrey Schneider


Photo by Dennis Connolly

Ask any conservationist and you may learn that the future of land protection lies with the next generations. To this end, the Land Trust has provided programs for children, teens and young adults. Gibraltar High School Ecology Club built and installed nesting boxes, Sturgeon Bay High School students planted trees, Gibraltar Elementary School students learned about citizen-science, and college students now participate in graduate and undergraduate research and programs at the preserves.


Public lands constitute an abundant source of educational, recreational, spiritual and healthful opportunities for people of all ages. From young families experiencing the joy of exploration, to new residents choosing Door County as their home, quality of life is enhanced by protected scenic views and natural places. The Land Trust participates in programs with the Door County Medical Center the the YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day to encourage outdoor activities in healthy lifestyles.




Lands and waters protected by the Land Trust have measurable and lasting economic value to the communities of Door County. Visitors are drawn to Door County in part by its scenic vistas and outdoor recreational opportunities. By prioritizing the county’s natural spaces and recognizing their role in supporting the local economy, the Land Trust aims to protect and maintain the wild places and scenic views that provide so much in return.

Majestic bluffs, quiet forests, stone-lined fields, and dramatic coastal landscapes: these natural features are integral to the character of Door County. These elements are a part of the reason landowners choose to protect their land, ensuring the character of Door County remains unaltered. The Land Trust hopes to foster a land ethic that inspires people of all ages, visitors and residents alike, to become committed to protecting these wild places forever.

We enjoy a beautiful Door County in part because of a vision and commitment to land protection that started many years ago. The Land Trust aims to deepen the connection to the land so that we may make wise decisions in the future and ensure that values like the love of nature, wise use of resources, caring for the land and a healthy home for all plants animals and people are passed on to the next generation. This is our way of leaving a legacy worthy of our children and future generations.

Photo by Dan Eggert



A St�o�� M����o�, A P��p�tu�� P�o����






To uphold the Land Trust’s commitment to ‘forever’ means planning for a strong financial future. The Land Trust began its membership program in 1999. Now, membership contributions support the day to day operations and provide matching funds necessary for land acquisition grants. Every dollar donated results in $4 to $6 of land protection—an incredible investment supporting the quality of life, local economy, and well-being of the community.

In 2000, shortly after the Land Trust completed acquisition of its first 1,000 acres, the opportunity arose to purchase the parcel which would become the Bay Shore Blufflands Nature Preserve. In a leap of faith, the Land Trust secured a loan with a co-signer and set out to raise the funds for the 180-acre purchase. The success of the campaign and the endorsement of the co-signer became evidence of the strength of the Land Trust, leading to further support.

In honor of the Land Trust’s 20th anniversary in 2006, a goal was set to help protect 20 special places in Door County. The goal was lofty, but worthy, and the response from supporters was overwhelming. The community contributed more than $2.2 million which resulted in the creation of the Ephraim Nature Preserve at Anderson Pond, Three Springs Nature Preserve, Legacy Nature Preserve at Clay Banks, and additions at many other nature preserves.

Local organizations turn to the Door County Land Trust because they know we are uniquely suited to inspire the community to protect the places they love. Projects like the protection of the Grand View Scenic Overlook and Park show how a community of supporters, no matter what size their individual contribution, can change the landscape forever. The Land Trust has a solid reputation in the community for following through when a community supported opportunity arises.

In 2007, Richard and Dorothy Burkhardt donated their home and land in Egg Harbor, with the understanding that it would be sold after they passed, and the funds would be put to conservation use. The value of their reserve life estate resulted in a truly transformative gift to the Stewardship Endowment Fund, which ensures resources are available to care for the land so the next generation inherits nature preserves that are home to Door County’s native species.

Photo by Julie Schartner



Photo by Nancy Aten

Photo by Julie Schartner

F������ The Land Trust embarked on the process of accreditation nearly six years ago and in 2016, was awarded the seal of accreditation—a recognition of the quality of our land protection work. Accreditation means the Land Trust is governed by the highest standards of sound finance, ethical conduct, responsible governance and lasting stewardship, which gives confidence to our supporters that their investment in our organization is worthwhile.

Door County Land Trust is part of a coalition of land trusts led by Gathering Waters: Wisconsin’s Alliance for Land Trusts. Together, we share expertise and strategize how to make a lasting impact for our work. Executive director Tom Clay serves on the council where he advises and assists with strengthening the land trust movement. Gathering Waters encourages citizen action and advocates for essential funding such as the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Grant Program.



With each additional acre the Land Trust acquires, our responsibility to monitor, care for and restore the land increases. To accomplish this mission now and into the future, volunteers assist by walking the preserves, trails and boundaries, looking for and eradicating non-native, invasive plants, marking and maintaining trails, and supporting the fundraising and community events that support our efforts. Their time and effort truly make a difference.

To protect Door County’s exceptional lands and waters...forever. It is a seemingly overwhelming task, but taken piece by piece, the Land Trust is achieving this mission with conservation planning and partnerships; support from the community, members and volunteers; and an eye toward the future partnerships and financial resources that will be needed for our land protection work to last forever.

Photo by Julie Schartner

The Three Springs Nature Preserve was recently designated as a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance, one of the highest ecological designations. Land Trust staff worked with conservation partners to identify and secure the Ramsar designation for more than 11,000 acres stretching from the Mink River south to Toft Point. This designation highlights the success of conservation partners working together.


Photo by Amanda Pyke


Photo by Julie Schartner



2016 Financial Report As a 501(c)(3) organization, the Door County Land Trust depends on the generosity and contributions from members and supporters to finance our land protection work. 2016 audited financial statements and our Federal Form 990 are available by request.

Net assets as of December 31, 2016 Funds restricted or designated for future land acquisition 1 Funds restricted or designated for legal defense 2 Land stewardship endowment fund 3 Cash restricted for current land acquisition projects Working capital and operating reserve Investment in property and equipment

$ $ $ $ $ $

265,498 193,353 2,563,468 818,655 645,622 217,649

Net assets excluding land Land held for conservation

$ $

4,704,245 24,640,710






Change in net assets versus 2015

The Land Acquisition Fund is set aside for use in covering costs associated with land purchases. 1

The Legal Defense Fund is a segregated fund for use in defending and enforcing Land Trust conservation easement agreements and in resolving encroachments or vandalism issues that may arise on Door County Land Trust owned properties.


3 The Stewardship Endowment Trust is a segregated fund designed to provide a long-term stream of income for monitoring, stewarding, and restoring Door County Land Trust protected properties.

Stewardship Endowment Trust The Endowment is managed by Nicolet National Bank and is governed by the following Board of Trustees: Peter Deschler Sharon Donegan

Tony Fiorato Jim Lester

Al Radtke Roy Thilly

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the Endowment, please contact Susan Gould at the Land Trust office, (920) 746-1359. 10

Landings, Journal of the Door County Land Trust — Summer 2017

Barred owl on Chambers Island Photo by John Van Den Brandt Wild Wind Images

2016 Uses of Funds for Operations Land Stewardship and Acquisition Costs


Education and Outreach





$94,421 In 2016, the Door County Land Trust spent a total of $1,046,366 on the activities described above.

2016 Sources of Funds for Land Acquisition As you might imagine, land conservation can be a very expensive endeavor. Three separate sources help the Door County Land Trust establish new nature preserves or expand existing preserves. The largest source of funds for the Door County Land Trust’s aquisitions are obtained through grants that are applied for and secured from state, federal and other agencies. In addition to grants, we use contributions from our supporters to help pay for land acquisition costs. In some years, we receive land donations or bargain sales from generous property owners. Donations of property may be used as a match for leveraging grant funds.

Sources of funds for land acquisitions completed in 2016 $683,074 59% Funded by Grants

$483,538 41% Funded by Memberships and Other Contributions

In 2016, $1,166,611 was expended to purchase 7 properties, totalling 324 acres! We thank the following partner organizations and agencies for their support of our current land acquisition and stewardship projects:

Fox River and Green Bay Natural Resource Trustee Council Environmental Protection Agency, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Funds The Nature Conservancy U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, North American Wetland Conservation Act Grant U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Section 6 Endangered Species Grant WI Department of Natural Resources, Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program Landings, Journal of the Door County Land Trust — Summer 2017



Be�uests, Me�orials an� Tri�utes


There are fewer and fewer places like Door County in the world. We have an opportunity and an obligation to future generations to identify, protect and care for the special places that make Door County one of the most inspiring places to live and visit. The inclusion of the Land Trust in your estate plan creates a lasting legacy.


Lea�in� a Le�ac�

Gifts received between January 1 and December 31, 2016


Kress, Billie Franceschi, Laura Pomerance, Gene and Virgina

By making a gift to the Door County Land Trust through your will or beneficiary designation, you will be welcomed into the Legacy Circle, a group of our benefactors who have indicated that the Land Trust has been included in their estate plans. If you would like more information about Legacy Circle or have already included the Door County Land Trust in your estate plans, please let us know by calling Development Director Susan Gould at (920) 746-1359.



Friedl, Mike and Carolyn Fundingsland, Donald Gerrits, Lloyd R and Dorothy J Hansotia, Phil and Marilyn Heveran, Edward and Janet Hoehn, James L and Goldberg, Nancy J Hunter, Fran and Laatsch, Bill Jacobson, Rod and Jean Klepp, Dottie Klimaitis, Ron and Dougherty, Gloria Klug, Karl and Lucy Knox, Robert W and Schlott, Kathryn E Kokes, Dan and Jeannie Koutnik, Dr. Edward and Cindy Kress, Billie Larson, Richard and Roberta Leavitt, Mitch and Jean Lester, Jim and Barbee Licata, Anthony and Judith Lokken, Ron and Judy Luker, Don and Lynne Luker, Donald R Madden, Michael and Barbara Miller, Ed and Sandy Miller, Kenneth and Glenda

Landings, Journal of the Door County Land Trust — Summer 2017

Moline, Ronald and Barbara Morris, Greg and Terry Nowak, Peter and Jean Perry, Kerry Propsom, Rich and Bruesch, Jane Schultz, Craig and Sandy Schwengel, Jim and Judy Scott, Richard and Vanden Houten, Dale Seagard, Tom and Kozma, Brigitte Seville, Joseph and Linda Silberman, Ann Monteith Standish, Michael and Mary Turner, John and Judy Van Den Brandt, John and Jean Vervoren, Thora Walwark, James and Polly Warner, David and Rose Watson, Rob and Picken, Judy Wilson, John and Karen Wissink, Steve and Janet Wittenkeller, Al and Judy Yancey, John and Karen Yeomans, Robert and Charlotte Youell, Sylvia

Photo by Zak Lacrosse

Anderson, Bob and Dorothy Anderson, Robert C Anonymous (6 ) Aten, Nancy and Collins, Dan Aufrere-Sebetic, Jacqueline Barrett, Jean and Nevalainen, David Beadell, Tony and Prilla Bell, Hugh and Joyce Blankenburg, Ralph and Kathy Blanton, James and Barbara Burton, Paul and Fran Bussard, Ken Cady, Bonnie CaJacob, Claire and DuMont, Debra Callsen, Dave and Vonnie Cermak, Ardis Coleman, Beth and Wessel, Curt Conroy, Peter and Beverly Ann Cooper, Terrie Cosgrove, Michael and Julia Cross, Jerry and Steffens, Jayne Deschler, Peter and Gina Dimberg, Lyn Donegan, Sharon Ficken, Millicent S

Photo by Nancy Aten

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In Honor of Mary Brevard Brevard, Mathew and Julie Brevard, Ryan and Marianne Ellison, Margaret In Honor of Bethany Brukardt and Aaron Robbins Laing, Susan In Honor of Dan Burke Alt, Tom and Sue Anonymous Anonymous Basten, Lee and Susan Berggren, Janet and Ken Black, Jim and Patricia Blackwood, Thomas and Joan Blankenburg, Ralph and Kathy Blietz, Bruce and Bev Bock, Barbara Boldt, Oscar and Pat Brodd, Mike and Judy Bultman, David and Marge Burton, Frances and Paul Callsen, Dave and Vonnie Coleman, Beth and Wessel, Curt Davis, Rob Donegan, Sharon Dull, Charles and Joanne Engelke, Dan and Jean Finger, Jack and Diane Francik, Jeffrey Frank, Rick and Barbara Gathering Waters Land Trust Council Gerrits, Dottie Geyer, Phyllis Glenn, Bill and Mardi Goodner, Dale and Mary Hake, Bruce and Donna Hammerberg, Wally and Norma Henderson, Doug and Barbara Hermann, John and Dolores Ironwood Foundation Jacobson, Rod and Jean Janning, Jim and Donna Johnson, Albert and Cynthia

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Landings, Journal of the Door County Land Trust — Summer 2017


Chomeau, Doug and Mary Classen, Peter and Barbara Classon, Karen Total contributions received during 2016 Collins, Dan and Aten, Nancy Colton, Erv and Bev Connolly, Dennis and Bonnie e thank the following donors who, in partnership with the Conta, Dennis and Deborah Door County Land Trust, help protect the special places of Karen & Andrew Cook Charitable Fund Door County. Cramer, Ward and Judy Dagon, Russell and Sandy Welcome to our new supporters! Donor names listed in bold type Davis, Bob and Nancy Davis, Dwight and Linda made their first contribution to the Land Trust in 2016. Eleanor R Dean and John L Gosney Fund - Door County Community Foundation Olson, Ted and Lady Ministry Door County Medical Center DeNardo, Tony and Donna $25,000+ Rutabaga Paddlesports LLC Moore, Tom and Kathie Deschler, Peter and Gina Sargent Family Foundation Northrop, Steve and Kaaren Dineen, Dan and Linda Vanden Heuvel Holm, Barbara Schneider, Allan and Betty Jeff and Barb Ottum Fund - Greater Donegan, Sharon Lester, Jim and Barbee Siebel, Barbara Green Bay Community Foundation Door Landscape & Nursery David and Julia Uihlein Charitable Riopelle, Maureen and Baliszewski, Eggert, Joel and Paula Foundation Robin Finger, Jack and Diane David V Uihlein Sr Foundation Spitzley, John and Judy Ford, Pat and Diane Robert A Uihlein Foundation Inc $2,000 - $4,999 Stanley, Emmy and Steve Fuhrmann Clark, Kristin and Clark, Uihlein, Margery Thilly, Roy and Mary Stephen Ambuel, Bruce and Helen Trainer, Charles and Booth, Anne Gould, Barbara and Spencer Batzli, George and Sandra Turner, John and Judy Grelck, Dick and Carol $10,000-$24,999  Baudhuin, Mike and Connie Waldburg-Wolfegg, Andreas Hansen, Charles Beadell, Priscilla and Anthony Anonymous Wenberg, David and Brenda Harling, John and Lee Ann Becker, Bruce and Patty Bernal T Chomeau Private Foundation WIDNR State Stewardship Fund Heeringa, Don and Coggin Bero, Robert and Judy Callsen, Dave and Vonnie Wolff, Bill and Kathy Hitt, Brad and Karol Blacksmith Inn Diekman, Don and Marianne Youell, Sylvia Hollingshead, Jon and Judy Brevard, Mathew and Julie Fiedler, Jessie Horn, Andrew and Patricia Brezan, Barry Friedl, Mike and Carolyn Jacobson, Rod and Jean Cady, Bonnie Geyer, Phyllis Jankowski, Theodo and Patricia Callen, Chris and Katie Haggerty, Mike and Jeanie Johnson, Albert and Cynthia Conner, Dick and Kit John C Bock Foundation $1,000 - $1,999 Keen, Dave and Perkins, Judy Daniel, David and Janet Kessler, Dennis and Barbara Keller, Bob and Paula Davis, Rob Alexander, Duncan and Keane, Kit Portland Trust II Kimbell, Alan and Anne Fitzgerald, Carolyn Anderson, Charles and Mary Rogers, Pete and Fawn Klein, Michael and Maureen Fitzgerald, Tim and Myers, Christa Anonymous (7) Schmitz, Michael and Jeanne Lanser, Brian and Sue Fletcher, John Arey, Ted and Virginia Steffen, Michael Lewis, Elmer and Ann Augustian, Chris and Billina Peter Foote and Robin Wilson Stone, Tim and Sue Lindsay, Bill and Sue Charitable Foundation Cedar Baer, Charles and Stephanie Trainer Family Foundation Lokken, Ron and Judy Street Charitable Foundation Barrett, Jean Trainer, Robert and Mary Lukes, Charlotte Frank, Rick and Barbara Becker, Carl and Susan Vanderson, William and Gehrke, Marshall, Elaine Grant, Kevin and Teresa Bell, Steve and Susan Christina McCarty, Neil J and Patricia Harlan, Bob and Madeline Benson, Adam and Linnea McClaren, Bruce Hoehn, James L and Goldberg, Blahnik Investment Group McGinnis, John and Lana Nancy J Blahnik, Joel and Mary Ann McLeish, Ken and Chris Janning, Jim and Donna Bramsen, John and Norma $5,000 - $9,999 Miller, Ed and Sandy Keller, Chuck and Carol Brevard, Ryan and Marianne Black, Jim and Patricia Klug, Karl and Lucy Hugh and Helena Brogan Foundation Moline, Ronald and Barbara Munch, John and Nancy Brevard, Mary Kuester, Dennis and Sandy Bunning, Jim and Barbara Nell, Patricia Brumder, Robo and Kathy Lardinois, Tom and Cindy Richard W and Dorothy J Burkhardt Nicolet Bank Eccles Family Foundation Licata, Anthony and Judith Charitable Fund Niesen, Dan and Penny Fiorato, Tony and Cathy Main Street Market Burton, Frances and Paul Olander, Ron and Lori Franklin, Larry and Cissie McCoy, Mike and Marge Cambium Asset Management, LLC Olin, Joyce Laird, Ben and Rintelman, Mary Jane McDonald, Kevin and Wanda Carl, Rudy and Patricia Olson, Carol and Bruce MMG Foundation Inc



Landings, Journal of the Door County Land Trust — Summer 2017

Olson, David and Fritsche, Claire Orner, William Parkes, Johanna Peterson, Scott and Desenis, Judy Pinkert Law Firm LLP Reynolds, Jean Richards, Jim and Marianne Roenigk, Randy and Julie Ross, Mason and Julie Sankey, Peg Schlick, Toby and Valerie Schultz, David and Kristine Seiler, Lois Sensenbrenner, James and Carol Silberman, Ann Monteith Standish, Michael and Mary Taylor, Gene and JoAnne TJM/VPM Fund of Akron Community Foundation Turriff, Tom and Jo Ann Vichick, Greg and Wendy Virge Temme Architecture Inc Walker, Bill and Sunshine Warner, David and Rose The Washington Hotel Watson, Rob and Picken, Judy White Gull Inn Wilder, Nick and Keven Willer, Mary Williams, Jeffrey and Susan Wilson, John, Jr Wilson, Karen Wisconsin Land Fund - Greater Green Bay Community Foundation Gibraltar Fourth Grade students Yancey, John and Karen search for and log insects and Zimmer, Fred and Diane

$500 - $999 Alsdorf, Charles and Ellen Anderson, Henry Anderson, Stefan and Joan Anonymous (3) Banks, Kendall and Susan Bednarowski, Keith and Mary Benson, Don Blackburn, Robert and Kay Blahnik, Jon and Christianna Blanton, James and Barbara Blietz, Bruce and Bev Bosworth, Bob and Wendy Brodd, Mike and Judy Brophy, Michael and Debra Budzak, Lynn Burke, Dan, Heidi, Makenzie and Nathan Butler, Jill N Capp, Stephen and Carol

amphibians at the Aten-Collins Conservation Easement

Carstens, Peggy Carter, Richard Chapman, Donald and Debra Chowdhury, Mofazzal and Audrey Ciezki, Nancy and Kostecke, Diane Claggett, Tom and Meg Coffman, Scott and Debra Colburn, Marshall and Arlene Cubar, Susan and Jordan, Tom Cummings, James and Lisa D’Abbraccio, Deanna and Morgan, Barbara Dammon, Ronald and Candace Deutsch, Harold and Regine DiBuono, John and JoAnn Dickson, Jay and Nancy Doneff, Robert and Lynn Drake, Merton and Carol Drouet, Christina and Michael EarthShare

Photo by Cinnamon Rossman

2016 Financial Supporters

English, John and Claranne Enright, William Fehring, Larry and Liz Fickes, Bob and Liesbeth Fiedler, Carol and Therien, Claude Foster, Terry and Ginny Fredrick, Richard and Jane Frudden, Bruce and Grace Fuhrmann, Don and Barbara Gerrits, Dottie Graebner, Richard and Hanson, Gail Greenfeldt, Eric and Barbara Hake, Bruce and Donna Hansotia, Phil and Marilyn Haswell, Anthony Haus, David and Jill Hendrickson, Duane Hermann, John and Dolores Huff, Christopher Ironwood Foundation Johnson, David and Mel Johnson, Ingert Johnston, Mike and LeTourneau, Sara Kane, Ralph and Gretchen Keller, Dr and Mrs Tom Keller, Frank Kinney, Jim and Susan Klimaitis, Ron and Dougherty, Gloria Knight, Sue Paul Knueppel Family Koehler, William Kostecke, Keith and Jann Krol, Gary and Ekaterina Kruse, Steven and Cady-Kruse, Nell Kurtz, Jim and Becki Laatsch, Bill and Hunter, Fran Landwehr, John E Larsen, Bob and Sara Larson, Eric and Lewis, Susan Lecy, Jerry Lecy, Mark and Deana Leonard, Marce Lindahl, Bob Loewi, Helen Lynch Family Fund - Madison Community Foundation Mahlberg, Paul and Marilyn Maloney, Ron and Pam Marine Travelift Inc Mazeski, Conrad and Kelly Mazurkiewicz, Mike and Carol McCarthy, Chip and Mary Jo McGurk, Lincoln and Florence McLaughlin, Rick and Joan Meissner, David and Genie Meyerhofer Family, Guy and Sara Molnar, Alex and Lindquist, Barbara Myerson, Robert and Carla Nelson, Bruce and Cindy Neumann, William C

Nooyen, Steve and Kristi O’Brien, Frances Olsen, Lawrence and Lynn Pelto, Mike and Kathy Perry, Kerry Petrie, Pete and Lucia Place, Sandra Polzin, Donald and Jacqueline Kent and Kristin Powley Family Fund - Fox Valley Region Community Foundation Przybylo, Jay Radtke, Al and Sue Rakoczy, Joe and Marie Rice, Ken and Luke, Jacquie Richards, Bob and Nancy Roenigk Family Foundation Roppuld, Paul and Marianne Rowley, Gordon and Naomi Russell, Stan and Dorothy Sandor, Bela and Ruth Schanock, David and Kim Schroeder, Brent and Mary Kay Schultz, Craig and Sandy Schwartz, Carl and Barbara Sedar, Jo Smythe, Dick and Mary Sterner, Frank and Elsa Sunnypoint Landscape Telfer, Lee and Ruth Thilenius, Otto and Elsbeth Thompson, Doris L Thrivent Financial- Grace Rossman, CFP Tilton, Dave and Oeler, Paula Van Lanen, Jack and Fran Vanden Houten, Dale and Scott, Richard Wake, Brian and Joan Walters, Mark and Diane Washington Island Ferry Line Inc Timothy John Wick Charitable Fund Widder, Tripp and Nancy Widen, Arnie and Judy Wilcox, Jock and Karen Wilson, Doug and Vicki Wilson, Jim and Doris Wiltse, Curtis and Roxanne Witt, Gene and Carmen Young, James and Margaret Zimmer MD, Michelle

$250 - $499 Agnew, Bob and Marge Alexander, Kenneth and Mary Ellen Allen, Edson and Loretta

Allen, Mark and Fisher, Judith Anderson, Bob and Dorothy Anderson, Greg and Mary Andrae, Dan and Marjorie Anonymous Arduser, Bruce and Jane Ashbrooke Hotel Axelrod, Jon and Susan Basten, Lee and Susan Bearman, Ken and Larsen, Karla Beerntsen, Tom and Penny Bell Family Fund - Madison Community Foundation Berns, Donald and Linda Bhatheja, Alexis Blackwood, Thomas and Joan Bleser, Helen Blue Dolphin House Bonk, Mack and Kaczmarek, Lynn Boyd, Ken and Carol Brorson, Jon and Linda Brown, Karen and Kirk Buerstatte, Gary and Pepelnjak, Anna Bultman, David and Marge Bultman, Tim and Ruth Canter, Richard and Sharon Carmen, Sam and Vicky Carpenter, Joe Casperson, Greg and Debbie Christensen, John and Mary Coleman, Beth and Wessel, Curt Conway, Darrell and Susan Craig, Will and Ginny Dave’s Tree Services Inc DeLisle, Becky Derksen, Jon and Susan DeVries, Jim Dickson, Bob and Liz Doane, Alger and Blalock, Martha Dobyns, Alicia Stenger Donovan, Ron and Chris Donovan, Tom and Linda Door County Eye Associates Door County Ice Cream Factory Door County Nature Works Door Islands Bird Festival Dougherty, Tom and Linda Dramm, Kurt and Marlene Dude, Bob and Mary Ann Dull, Charles and Joanne Eagle Harbor Inn EcoDoor LLC Elson, Christine Fedenia, Sue and Stanley, Jeff Feeco International Foundation Inc Filosa, John and Roach, Cathaleen Fletcher, Grant and Keeter, Laura Francik, Jeffrey Frey, Fred and Barb Freyman, Bill and Sarah

Fuchs, Marianna Fults, Tim and Marsella Gadient, Stephen and Margaret The Garden Lady Garrity, Dennis and Susan Geis, Laura Germain, Chuck and Faye Gesme, John and Person, Colleen Gills Rock Stoneware Girolamo, Tom and Kathy Glenn, Bill and Mardi Goldammer Family Foundation Gomoll, Thomas Goodner, Dale and Mary Gould, Susan Guenther, John Hammen, Nancy Hammerberg, Wally and Norma Harrer, Bernie and Schab, Lisa Hartman, Bill and Mary John and Laurel Hauser Family Foundation Hawley, Robert and Blahnik, Jennifer Hayes, Howard and Charlotte Hein, Marilyn Hellyer, Walter and Jeanee Hillner, Ed and Nancy Holly, Mike and Deb Holub, Gregory and Mary Hoppa, George and Nancy Hoyem, David and Carole Hubbard, Ron and Bev Impressions Printing and Graphics Inc Johnson, Arlene and Weidenbacher, Chris Johnson, Dennis and Janet Judd, Robert and Martha Kaercher, Ray and Susan Kaldor, Dennis and Patricia Kalmbach, Charles and Lois Kanzler, Barb Kerscher, Tom and Lynley Herbert H Kohl Charities Kosky, Bob and Judy Koutnik, Dr Ed and Cindy Kraemer, George and Carole Kupper, John and Koestring, Janet LaBorde, John and Lisa Lacy, Mary Pauly Lacy, Tom and Jane Larson, James and Susan Larson, Paul and Corky Lauter, Charles and Estella Leavitt, Mitch and Jean Lees, Lynn Lesica, Mike and Julie Levi, John and Jill Lewis, Lloyd Lhost, Cynthia and John

A view of Lake Mackaysee on Chambers Island, and the narrow strip of land which separates it from the waters of Green Bay

Dr John Ludwigsen DDS and Dr Timothy Tishler DDS Luker, Don and Lynne Lundquist, John and Mary Ann Lundstedt, Tom and Charli Lyons, Timothy and Julie Madel, Melvin and Margaret Marlett, Myron and Pat Matzke Family, Rev and Mrs Mark G McAninch, James and Susan McCoy, Bob and Sharon McCutcheon, Mike and Windsor McDermid, Debbie McDonough, Dave and Colette McKeon, Judi and Tim Jane McKie and David Zuhlke Charitable Fund McNamara, Daniel and Debby Mcnutt, Rick and Gail Mead, Chuck Meyer, David and Corinne Moore, Chris and Sheri Mueller, Peter Mullaney, Pat and Gail Mutchler, Keith and Sherry

Mutchler, Leo and Monica Nelson, Joanne Nerenhausen, Mark and Martha Neuman, Paul Nottleson, Neal and Gerry Panzer, Fred and Sandy Parrish, Todd and Shelley Paschen, Douglas and Terry Pescheret, Marc and Kathleen Pojunas, Kathleen Pope, Rex and Linda Potts, Greg and Marilyn Ranta, Bruce and Lyn Reichwald, Harry and Carla RentShadowLawn.com Riker, Terry and Gini Ripp, Dan Roback, David and Virginia Rogers, Emily and Robert Rogers-Ketterling, Kaye Ross Estate Planning Rotilie, John and Susan Sandlund, Dave and Pat Sannes, Randy and Sandy Sauter, Martha

Landings, Journal of the Door County Land Trust — Summer 2017


2016 Financial Supporters Total contributions received during 2016 Schaars, Bill and Mary Jo Schaper, John and Susan Schaulis, Dan and Cindy Schmeltz, Tony and Barbara Schoenfeld, David and Green, Candice Schuldt, John and Moore, Mary Schultz, Jim and Ginny Schwartz, Harry and Chris Shadle, Neil and Lillie May Sheard, Bart and Linda Sherman, Gerald and Lipp, Carolyn Smith, Neil and Barbara Stiefel, John Stock, Tom and Mary Jo Straubel, Jeff and Carol Sullivan, Maury and Ann Surbaugh, William and Cheryl Swanson, John and Deanna Sweeney, Michael and Barbara Szuberla, Wayne and Geri Taylor, Phyllis Tencate, Chuck and Lana Terra Cottages Thurow, Dave and Posy Tishler, Bill and Betsy Toth, Susan and Peirce, Nancy Jane Tranquilli, Bill and Sue Trellue, Ron and Patty Troutman, Bryan and Diane Turner, Ron and Millie Van Gemert, Rob and Jensen, Marilyn Vavrus, Steve and Swanson, Susan Von Briesen, Ted and Peggy Voreis, Mark and Allen-Voreis, Lucia Wagner, Kaye Waldron, Merrilee and John T Walker, Richard and Melissa Watkins, Norman and Mabel Wiley, Sally and George Wilkie, Steve and Joan Williams, Lou and Moster, Mary Wilsman, Norman and O’Harrow, Peg Wilson, Nick and Demoly, Marc Wise, Karl and Jane Wojahn, Dennis and Karen Wojciechowski, Jim and Mastrangelo, Jane Wolf, Cheryl Wolfenberg, Jim and Janet Wolfgram, Dan and Joan Wolter, Kirk and Mary Jane Wood, David and Doughty, Jane Yard, Albert and Valerie Young Automotive Youngsteadt, Duane and Leslie Zeller, Peter and Lisa 16

Ziarnik, David and Shelley Zimmer, John and Bernie Zimmerman, Steve and Jan

$150 - $249 Abbott, Ann Acker, Fred and Cindy Aik, Betty Alexander, Ann Alfred, Larry and Linda Alt, Tom and Sue Ames, John and Betty Anderson, Jack and Susan Anderson, Jim and Jane Anonymous Apfelbach, G Leonard Axelrod, Michael and Roberta Bauhs, Richard Bay Ridge Golf Corp

Benson, Donna Berggren, Janet and Ken Berkeley, Anne Blankenburg, Ralph and Kathy Bock, Barbara Bonovich, Sarah and Brian Bosman, Julie Bowman, John and Kay Bresnahan, Julia Brogan, Julie Brown, Bob and Kathy Bussard, Ken Campbell, John and Kathy Carpenter, John and Julie Casey, Daniel and Barbara Chomeau, Vinni, Jay and Taylor Comstock, Warren and Carolyn Conway, Robert and Maureen Cooper, Terrie Cosgrove, Michael and Julia Cotts, Bill and Wilson, Carol Craig, Richard and Barbara Cramer, Joe and Donna Cross, David and Fagan, Joan

Culver, Tom and Cheryl Czarnecki, Nancy Dahlberg, Daniel and Nancy Danis, David and Nancy Dare, Chuck and Karen Debenham, Barb Delaney, Don and Janice Diekman, Karl Differding, James C and Dickes, James R Diltz, Greg and Julie Doyle, Charles and Rita Eckert, John and Judith Egg Harbor Business Association Ehlers, D Todd and Cynthia Ellison, Margaret Engelke, Dan and Jean Erskine, Tim and Holly Eskra, Dale Fales, Dennis and Mary Feeney, Barbara Fields, Chuck and Carolyn Forsberg, Bob Frazier, Jay and Alison

A Black-throated green warbler on Chambers Island, photographed by Legacy Circle member John Van Den Brandt, Wild Wind Images

Landings, Journal of the Door County Land Trust — Summer 2017

Frings, James Froemming, Barbara D Fruncek, Ron and Theresa Goldberg, Larry and Barbara Gousseff, Marla J Graham, David and Elizabeth Graul, Tim and Barb Hammerberg, Craig and Kate Hanke, Dale and Kathy Hanney, Rick and Roxanne Harsh, Dr David and Ann Hauser, Richard and Carrie Heim, Paul J and Watkins, Julie Helm, Mary Jo Helpern, Leslie Henger, Gary and Jo Ann Hensge, Bill and Jane Hersam, Larry and Joanne Hickey, Dave and Pat Holman, Dave and Barbara Hubing, Dan and Kathy Janda, Dawn Johnson, Nancy and Tom Johnson, Stan and Sandra Johnson, TC and Linda Kalupa, Tony and Linda Kane, Terrence and Judith Karch, Michael and Reverend Katherine Kierstyn, John and Karen Kile, Lucy Kimbell, Bob and Carolyn Kind, Darcy Kitchens, Joel and Billett, Sherry Klatt, Mel and Shirley Klein, Gabriella Klug, Bill and Gretchen Konetzke, Steven and Carol Korte, Joe and Kathy Krainak, Mike and Janet Kress, James Krutek, Don and Brigid Kudick, Julie and Wayne Kuehn, Gregg and Kathy Kufrin, Bob and Lainie Kurtz, Gary and Nancy Lange, Jeff and Brenda Lapp, Beatrice Lee, John and Claire Lehman, Jim Lengh, Robert and Carolyn Liss, Paul and Jan Lubbers, Ben Lundh, Christopher Madden, Michael and Barbara Mancuso, Debra and Peter Martin, Mark and Foote, Sue Mason, Mr and Mrs Ronald Masterson, Michael and Claudia Mazza, Peter and Mary

McDonald, Marilyn McHolland, Jim and Cass Meiners, John and Alice Merline, Robert and Linda Miller, Bill and Diane Miller, James Mix, Phoebe Moegenburg, Pete and Laura Morris, Greg and Terry Muderlak, Carol and Ken Mueller, Paul and Ingrid Nellen, James and Joan Nelson, Ken and Wendy Neuman, Juliana Newkirk, Martha Norfray, John and Diane O’Hagan, Pat and Karen O’Mara, Brian and Debbie Osowski, Edward L and Maryjo Ostrand, Madelyn Ott, Sandie Pagano, Kristin Palmer, Patrick Patti, Carmen and Paulette Payne, Don and Carolyn Peshek, Sharon A and Peter A Pfeiffer, Gabriele Popiel, Michael and Sharon Rankin, Jim and JoAnne Ranney, Dave and Wright, Pat Ray, Don and Kathy Rifenberg, Ann and Zahn, Barb Rintelman, JR and Linda Sabourin, Ed and Nan Sanden, Jim and Kathy Sargent, Madeleine Saron, Gordon and Dianne Schartner, Julie Schluter, Ernie and Betty Schmuhl, John and Carol Scholz, Carl and Ruth Schoof, Robert Schouten, Thomas and Susan Schulze, Gary and Beverly Schumacher, Paul and Logerquist, Deb Schwartz, Neena Schwengel, Jim and Judy Scrivner, Tom & Meredith Sessler, Greg and Kaufman, Dale Ann Seville, Joseph and Linda Sherman, Art and Jan Siegel, Ginny and Ross Slavik, Richard and Mary Sorensen, Larry and Kathleen Stanley, Jerrel and Judy Starck, Paulette and Hyde, Jane Stenzel, Gary and Sue Sterrenberg, Paul Stevenson, Nancy E

Stowell, Janice Y Strupp, Tom and Linda Taylor, Rick and Boucher, Karen Temple, Vic and Ginny Treleven, JT and Terry Tuch, David and Barbara Urbrock, Bill and Barbara Van Zandt, Mike and Sue Vanderheyden, Todd and Michele Verbeten, John and Murphy, Pam Voigt, Ken and Sue Vopat, James and Theresa Wagoner, Andrea and Ruggeri, Roger Wallman, Steve and Betsy Walwark, James and Polly Webber Chiropractic Office Weber, Dan and Mary Webster, Chuck and Melanie Weinert, Robert and Joann Westbrook, Dan and Connie Wilde, Greg and Jean Wilkie, Charles and Nancy Williams, Elizabeth Williamson, Jim and Betsy Wittenkeller, Al and Judy Wolter, Rich and Cindy Young, Larry and Kate Zakry, Dennis and Sue Zaug, Jerry and Joan Zigler, Ron and Sylvi Zuhlke, David and McKie, Jane

up to $149 Agarwala, Darlene Aicher, Matthew Alexander, Betty Alme, Brian and Luanne Alt, Claudia J Ammons, Mike and Lesley Andera, Eileen Anderson, Beatriz Anderson, Bill and Candy Anderson, Joyce L Anderson, Linda Angst, John Anonymous (3) Armstrong, Lloyd and Susan Asher, Barbara Asp, Robert and Michele Aufrere-Sebetic, Jacqueline L Aulabaugh, Norman and Carol Bach, John and Gorence, Pat Bachman, Kristen Banzhaf, Harry and Marylin Barounis, Tom and Diane Barta, Bud and Marilyn Bartels, Thomas and Delores

Bartolini, Susan and McMillan, Michael Bartolini, Vickie Bass, Leroy and Marjorie Bauer, Dorothy Bauer, Tim and Barb Bauer, Tom and Mary Anne Baxter, James and Elizabeth BayCare Clinic Foundation Beaumont, Susanne Bell, David and Mary Benedict, Roger and Christensen, Paula Bengston, Dirk Bennett, Carl and Broeren, Sue Bennett, Joan Bennett, Tom and Nancy Berg, Keith and Hedblom, Mary Berg, W Gerald and Jane Avram Berk Charitable Fund - Greater Green Bay Community Foundation Berner, Sally Bezouska, Bob and Mary Biebl, Phil J Binder, Susan Bither, Chuck and Leanne Bither, Philip and Gavin, Kathleen Blahnik, James and Judith Blanc, Marge and Jon Lyon Block, Bob and Bonnie Block, Jim and Allen, Terese Block, Phil and Cindy Bloedorn, Michael and Lucy Boldt, Oscar and Pat Boyer, Mike and Rebecca Boyer, Wayne and Eleanor Bradley, Jim and Arlene Bradley, Jim and Libby Branson, Beverly Breseman, Mark and Hillstrom, Jane Breuch, Thomas and Carol Breving, Bob and Rosenberg, Emily Brink, Don and Loraine Brogan, Bob Brogan, John and Gisela Brown, Gerry and Judy Brown, Ron and Nurnberg, Kenneth Bubnik, Paul and Gretchen Buchholz, Donald Budic, Peter and Ruth Buechner, Dave Bultman, Steve and Donna Burkhardt, Jeff and Jeanine Burlend, Warren and Nancy Burnham, David and Bonnie Burress, Dick and Jane Bush, Guy and Dorie Bykowski, John and Rose Cahan, Jim and Schneider, Linda

CaJacob, Claire and DuMont, Debra Cance, John and Iris Carey, George and Linda Casagranda, Gary and Teri Cascio, Kathi Casey, William and Jean Caviggiola, John and Kim Cerny, Lawrence and Eleanor Chang, Robert Chopp, Jack and Claudia Christensen, Frank and Cristy Christenson, Toni Christiansen, Bruce and Laurie, Susan Christy, Stephen and Jennifer Ciszewski, Jerry and Elaine Clark, Daniel and Miller-Clark, Mary Clay, Tom and Lisa Cobb, George and Sharon Cochrane, Pete and Sandy Cockburn, Russ and Linda Cole, Roy and Jo Comeford, Christine Conroy, Peter and Beverly Ann Cooke, Thomas and Wendy Cory, Mr and Mrs William Cosmos, Jan Cote, Phil and Miriam Cotts, Tim and McNally, Patty Coventry, Martha Cowan, Karen Crocco, Syndi and John Crow, Patricia Crummer, Flip and Gayle Cushing, Jim and Marilyn Cutler, Verne and Charlene Czajkowski, Ned and Carol Dahlman, John and Betty Jo Danielson, Dan and Donna Dannhausen, Richard Davis, Mike and Buchanan, Susan De Boef, Connie Deardorff, Joan Deardorff, Stuart and Robyn DeLong, Paul and Myra DeMint, Tom and Judy Dempster, Dorene and Herrell, Mark Desotell, Larry and Wied, Debbie Detert, David and Joyce Dickey, Frances Dickmann, Jeff and Karen Dickson, Charles Diemer, Pat Dinan, Stephen and Joan Dinesen, Niel Dirks, Rich and Sandra Domiano, Steven and Stephanie Donaldson, Gary and Nancy Door Pioneer Trailblazers Snowmobile Club

Douglass, Ed and Adele Draeb, Joan Drake, Charlotte Dramm, Hans and Keller, Sarah Drey, Robert and Cynthia Dries, Bob and Jeanne Dubois, Paul and Karen Dukehart, Tad and Andy Dukes, Jack and Joanne Dunworth, Bob and Mary Dupuy, Mark and Toft, Trudy Ealy, Tom and Linda Eastman, Mark Eccles, Margaret Edelstein, Daniel Edmundson, Rob and Catherine Egan, Michael and Llanera, Eva Ehrfurth, John and Linquist, Ann Ekman, Malin Elder, Randall Ellis, James and Karen Ellsworth, James and Patti Elquist, Roy and Diane Emmerich, Gerald and Signe Engl, Rob and Robin Enroth, Mary Eric, Bob, and Nanette Franze Erickson, Miriam Erskine, Randall Evans, Tom and Pam Evanson, Robert and Nancy Evenson, Phil and Carolyn Everett, Curtis and Joan Ewaskowitz, Jeff Falk, Kenn Farber, Gary and Marcia Farnan, Laurie Feirer, Russ and Debbie Feist, Tim and Braatz, Laurel Ferris, Ken and Beth Ferry, Ken and Barbara Jo Ficken, Millicent S Field, Mary Fink, Bob and Marge Fiore, Michael and Beth Fish Creek Moccasin Works Fisher, Walt and Fitzpatrick, Joan Fitchett, George and Judith Flansburg, Ron and Jean Fletcher, Robert and Suzanne Florin, Jack and Gail Fonk, Pat Ford, Martin and Hilary Forkert, Frank and Jan Foss, Kirby and Margaret Fox, Jim and Luann Franceschi, Bruno and Shirley Franczyk, Linda Frank, Peter and Katy

Frank, Ron Franz, Jeff and Engs, Ruth Frelly, Michael and Donald Friedberg, Gerri Fuller, Dan and Lois Furlick, Tony and Cheryl Galloway, Maud Garrity, Jerry and Lois Gaskill, Warren and Sharon Gaston, Bud and Karen Geiger, Chuck and Cheri Genskow, James and Judy Gerrits, Nick and Katherine Gershan, Bob and Jill Gilson, Michael Glasser, Mark and Linda Glessner, Kay Goeppinger, Al and Lynn Goldsmith, Ann Goodrich, Ellen Gordon, Brad and Judy Gorski, Deb Whitelaw Grady, Hildy Graef, Maude Graff, Jerry and Ann Green, Andrew and Louise Green, Kathy Greene, Tad and Deb Grier, Cathy Griesser, Robin Groenfeldt, Tom and Keli Gross, Daniel Grota, Carl and Jennifer Grow, Conrad and Marlene Grzechowiak, Dale and Janda, Melissa Guasta, Joan Guilfoile, Tom and Jeanne Habschmidt, Jim and Paula Hage, Eric and Denise Hagman-Shannon, Deborah Hale, Mary Jean Halverson, Paul and Gloria Hamann, Jim and Jane Hammerberg, Lucy Hammond, Charles and Janet Hanke, David and Terri Hanreddy, Joe and Jami Hansen, Charlotte Hansen, Elizabeth Hansen, Scott Hanson, Bob and Gretchen Hanson, Jon and Bonnie Harding, Ruth and Jeff Harmon, George Harsch, Roy and Leslie Hartmann, Bob and Bonnie Hatch, Mick and Lisa Hauser, Tom and Peggy Hazen, Kimberly

Heath, Bill and Darlene Hebal, Bill and Katie Hedquist, Pat and Susan Heier, Richard Heil, Richard and Carol Held, John and Grace Hellstedt, Linda Henderson, Doug and Barbara Henrichs, Melvin and Ruth Henshaw, Cullen and Sally Herbst, James E Herndon, Richard and Carol Herschberger, Lisa Herschberger, Nancy Heveran, Janet Hibbard, Bill and Edie Hilbert, Roger and Danette Hilbert, Ryan and Jessa Hilton, Ron Hitch, Gregory Hobson, Carol Hoelzel, Jim and Linda Hoffman, Dave and Liz Hoft-March, John and Eilene Holada, William and Mary Holey, Mark and Michaela Holland, Jackie and Jim Hoover, Robert and Rebecca Hopper, Arthur and Dee Houston, Kate Howard, Phoebe Hubbard, Kenneth and Denice Huber, Mark and Haig, Laurie Hughes, George and Sue Raye Hulburt, Sigrunn Hultman, Marv and Barb Huth, Glenn and Dorothy Hutmacher, Michael and Carol Ihlenfeld, William and Lynn Ingerson, Katy Irwin, Harriet Jacobs, Gail Jacobs, Steve and Amy Janda, Louie and Rosie Jarosh, Joe and Sue Jaskunas, Richard and Sharron Jauquet, Jim and Andrea Jennings, Jon and Amy Jerdee, Ann Johnson, Alan and Gail Johnson, Charles and Marilyn Johnson, Dale and Michele Johnson, Darrell and Dianne Johnson, Donna Johnson, Jeff and Sue Johnston, BJ and Linda Jome, Bob and Ruth Jondahl, Thor and Darlene Jordan, Raeona

Landings, Journal of the Door County Land Trust — Summer 2017


2016 Financial Supporters

Maras, Jeff and Amy Marcin, Marietta Maronek, James and Carole Total contributions received during 2016 Marquis, Robert and Kelly, Carol Marsho, James and Nancy Krug, Carol Jurss, Allan and Sue Martin, Gary and Sara, Julie Kubicz, Agnes Kalb, Judith Martin, Lucy Kallaus, Darlene and Williams, Nancy Kuehn, Andy Marvine, Paul and Larson, Kim Kalms, Walter and Michelsen, Patsy Kuffner, David and Kathleen Masiak, Cory Kuske, Mary Lou Karlo, Ken and Laurel Mason, Jeffrey and Elsie Ladinsky, Jack Kasriel, Paul and Katy Matousek, Ron and Louise Laird, Emily and Schafer, Eric Kaye, Jesse Mayer, Irene Lake Michigan Wind and Sun Kearney, Doug and Anne Mayer, Joshua Landry, Robert and Stillman, Keating, Julie and Terry McCaffrey, Thomas Gertrude Keck, Krista McCluggage, Lee and Sandy Lang, Merlin and Carol Keefer, Jim and Mary McCurdy, Bob Lappin, Marilyn Keene, James McGee, Doug and Pam Larsen, Barbara Keene, John McGrath, Maureen Larson, Don and Kayval Keith, Annie Lefebvre, Terri and Campshure, Joe Law Office of Peter McKeever LLC Keller, Craig and Kari McKie, Eldon and Kathryn Legois, Jason and Jen Keller, Ed (Charles) and Barbara McMillan, Florence Lehmann, Emmet Keller, Ron and Diane McNeil, Dean Leist, Michael and Patty Kelly, George and Zatlin, Phyllis Meiborg, Diane and Zacek, Roger Lembck, Diane Kemmler, Mike and Lori Mellem, Roger and Connie Lenehan, Roma Kennedy, Michael and Carol Mercurio, Joe and Lynn Lenius, HJ and Sharon Kenney, Thomas and Shirley Mettel, Carson Lenius, Norb and Pat Kepper, Martin and Karen Meyer, Elizabeth C Lenke, Robert and Linda Ketterer, Robert and Margaret Meyer, Gertrud Leonard, Judie Kexel, Duane and Jo Ann Meyer, William and Barbara Leonard, Richard Kibbee, Doug and Jo Michal, Robert and Riva Lepkowski, Cynthia Kiehnau, Jake Middendorf, Jim and Peg Leporte, Lawrence and Elfriede Kimbell, Charles Middleton, Fred and Judy Lerner, Neil King, Mark Mielke, Phyl Lesko, Gary and Susan Kirgues, Patricia Levar, Frank and Brooks-Levar, Judith Miller, Allen and Dirst, Victoria Kirkland, Diane Miller, Jack and Jane Lewcock, David and Danielle Kirkwood, Rhonda LFP Design! - Pete and Carol Schuster Miller, Keith and Christine Klein, Rose Marie Miller, Marvin and Audrey Librizzi, Charles Klein, Herb and Bonnivier, Cal Mitchell, Judith Lincoln, Jim and Eleanor Klepp, Dottie Moeller, Mark and Jennifer Lindgren, John and Elsie Kleppin, Patricia Moeller, Robert and Judie Locher, George and Patricia Kluessendorf, Jerome and Lucy Mohr, Wayne and Barbara Lorenz, Nancy and Anthony Klug Associates Inc Molitor, Daniel and Tracy Loss, Robert and Doris Kneip, David and Ellen Mooney, Brian and Christina Lott, Peggy Knowles, Richard Moore, Bill and Sandy Loy, Phil and Judy Knox, Merritt and Julie Moore, Craig and Karen Lucier, Larry and Jeanne Knutson-Bochek, Bev and Bochek, Morgan, Ed and Chris Lundquist, Barbara Rick Moses, Marilyn Luning, Thomas and Betty Kochaver, Teresa Moss, Pat Lurie, Paul and Margaret Kopecky, Rob and Cheryl Mostek, Irene Lutzen, Bob and Val Kopf, Angie Mroz, Mitch Lynaugh, Ann Kopitzke, Lon and Ruth Mueller, Bill and Jo Ann Lyndahl, Dale and Kay Kozicki, Chris and Jane Mueller, David and Erin Lyon, Tom and Barbara Krapf, Wiley and Roselyn Mueller, Ken and Judy MacEachern, Mike and Alicia Krause, Gerald and Nancy Murphy, Beth MacPhetridge, Louise Krause, Tim Murphy, John and Dorothea Maher, Tom and Virginia Kreml, Gary and Carol Murray, Bob and Faith Malchow, Jan and Lynn Krings, Steven and Margaret Murzyn, Michael and Alice Mallien, Larry and Barbara Krol, Robert and Gina Musiel, Tammy Mann, Connie Krueger, Dean and Judith Musolf, Gene Maples, Phillip and Janet Krueger, Thomas and Kimberly 18

Landings, Journal of the Door County Land Trust — Summer 2017

Naleway, Wally and Elaine Naples, Greg and Lynn Nauman, Justin and Keeley Needelman, Jerry and Margie Nelesen, John and Shirley Nelson, Bill and Kay Nelson, Doug and Judy Nelson, Jim and Judi Nelson, Randy and Jane Nelson, Rick and Patty Nelson, Steven and Nicola Newby, Robert and Recht, Donna Newlon, Joan Newman, Peter and Castelli, Pat Nicholsen, Linda Nielsen, Camilla Nixon, Judith Norsetter, John Notermann, Tom and Carol Nowak, Peter and Jean Ocock, Glenn Oimoen, John, Denise, Kristin, Jenna and Erik Olson, Eugene Olson, Lynn Orthober, Mike and Lorie Page, Susan Pagel, David Paley, Irving and Vivian Paral, John and Harriet Pardonner, Don and Reninger, Judy Parent, Steve and Mary Parsons, Bill and Betty Parsons, Robin M Passen, Phil and Gregorich, Barbara Pedersen, Sverre and Falck, Christine Penpek, Elaine Pentecost, Ed and Erny Perloff, Bill and Barb Peters, Stefan and Glenna Petersen, Sandy Phipps, Ken and Diane Piehl, Ann Pierson, Cal and Trish Pikas, Bruce and Joan Pingry, James and Mary Ploor, Jerry and Pat Pluger, Brian and Brenda Poehlman, Art and Sandra Polacek, Thomas and Lynn Porter, Bill and Anne Porter, Harry and Judy Postles, Jeff and Therese Potter, Jeffrey Potter, Rod and Judy Poulton, David and Marlene Powis, Don and Judy Prindle, Peggy Propsom, Rich and Bruesch, Jane

Protz, Jane Prout, Steve and Susan Quigley, Mike and Mary Quirk, Neil and Susan Quirsfeld, David and Kathleen Ralston, Doug and Nancy Ranta, Kelsey Reddin, Jon and Mary Reed, Stephen Reeve, James and Ann Regnier, Paul and Cindy Reiser, Dale and Maureen Remy, Gene and Pat Rentmeester, Tom and Honore Rentsch, Lothar Repp, Pete and Shirley Retzer, Dennis Ries, Jane Riplinger Stenger, Cynthia and Riplinger, Mike Risser, Joyce Rix, Bill and Jerri Rogers, Franklin and Elisabeth Rogers, Jim and Kitty Rogers, Robert and Laura Romano, Eileen Rosenthal, Deborah Rossman, Cinnamon Rossol, Jim and Evie Rothschild, John Rothwell, David and Mary Ellen Rusy, Agnes Rutledge, Ham and Chari Ryan, Bob and Sue Ryan, Caroline Ryan-Hohman, Billie Ryder, Ingrid Sadler, Frank and Annie Sandretti, Dick and Sally Sandstrom, Karen Sanford, Lynda Sargent, Nancy Sautebin, Alice Savard, Marc and Julie Saville, Judith Schaefer, John and Sandra Scheckler, Bill and Rolliana Scheil, Steve Scheinoha, Chad and Jenny Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Schmelzer, Steve and Gretchen Schmidlin, Brian and Caryl Schmidt, Ken Schneider, Mike and Cindy Schneider, Tom and Sarah Schomburg, Jerry and Ronda Schorer, Jim and Kriss Schrader, Dave and Jan Schudson, Charlie and Karen

Schueppert, Tom and Mac Schultz, Gwynne Schultz, Jim and Marti Schultz, Richard and Haldane, Diane Scott, Carol Scott, Ron and Sharon Scripp, John and Sue Seagren, Warren and Barbara Sedlacek, Warren and Joan Seefeldt, Andy Seefor, Anne Seidl, Dan and Jane Kolstad Seiler, Jeff and Sally Selke, Esther Serrahn, Robin Settles, Bob and Laurel Shanahan, Allen and M Karen Shappell, Dick and Dottie Shelgren, Lois Shellswick, Leon and Betty Shereikis, Judith Shields, Walt and Tiggy Sholem, Tank and Susan Shoreline Charters LLC Sieker, Fritz and Van Glarik, Janet Sigmann, Peter and Jeannie Sijgers, Robert and Reid, Christine Silverwood, George and Patricia Simpson, Mona Skaff, Larry and Franie Skoglund, Bob and Janet Skogsbakken, John and Pat Small, Ron and Christine Smith, Babs Smith, Greg and Alice Smith, Helen Smith, Jim and Kay Smith, Ken and Nolde, Judy Smith, Lee and Sue Smuda, Jerald Snapp, Erik and Brubaker, Cathy Sneeberger, Marion Snowball, W David Soffa, Marguerite Spangler, Ray and Mary Sperberg, Elizabeth Spevacek, Glenn and Kathleen Spielman, Bob and Bonnie Spitz, Mike and Sue Spoerke, Bob Sprague, Mark State Farm Insurance Stein, Harry and Heimerl, Kristine Steiner, Bruce and Carol Stenger, Michael and Thieda, Su Sternkopf, Richard and Barry, Kathleen Stocking, Trish Stoelting, Paul and Carol

Stonypath LLC Stowe, Dennis and Kathy Strelow, Lawrence Stricklin, Glenn and Carol Stringer, Steve and Jan Strobel, Jeffrey Stultz, Rich and Jenni Sucharda, Rick and Sue Sullivan, Bob and Rita Swearngin, John and Sherry Swiercz, David and Edith Tanck, Glen and Lou Ann Tank, Rick and Kathy Tarczewski, Eugene and JoAnn Tarkowski, Jim Taylor, Charles Thompson, Jeanne Thompson, Marti Thorpe, Craig and Diane Tipton, John and Marilyn Toneys, Mike and Carrol Top O The Thumb Snowmobile Club TR Pottery Tuohy, John and Anne Urbanik, Ron and Maggie Utley, Bill and Phyllis Van Den Brandt, John and Jean Van Dyke, David and Mary Van Houten, Bruce and Becky Vass, Joe and Barbara Vavra, Kerry and Kathie Vermillion, David and Meg Vincent, John and Annette Vlaming, Lee and Ray Vogel, Mary Volk, Gregory and Gretta Voss, William and Trudy Vuksanovic, Rob and Cathy Wahlen, Jo Waitkus, Phil and Audrey Waldron, Steve and Laura Walesh, Steven Walsh, Bill and Adele Walsh, Jim and Ann Wanda, Nick and Jane Warth, Robert and Mary Watson, Al and Maribeth Weber, Charles and Sigrid Weber, John and Sandra Weis, Jane W Wellhausen, John and Donna Welsing, Pat and Jane Wessel, Joanne Westen, David and Elizabeth Whipple, Thomas and Christine White, David and Lynn Whitney, John and Jane Whitney, Susan Whyatt, Nelson and Christine

Join us in thanking our Annual Business Members!

Wickman, David and Debbie Wilkinson, Jim and Karen Williams, Clyde and Marsha Wilner, Dorry Wilson, Mary E Winsborough, Hal and Shirley Wissink, Steve and Janet Wittmann, Thomas and Beth Woelfel, Dan and Arlene Woelfel, David and Joy Wolf, Terry and Debbie Wolst, Henk and Buttons Woodruff, Tony and Grace Woodside, Terri Woodyard, John and TaylorWoodyard, Patricia Wrede, Jan and McFarlen, Jerry Yeast, Gary and Barbara Yeomans, Geoffrey and McKeefry, Bruce Young, K E Young, Raymond and Jean Zehner, Diane Zeldenrust, Lucy Zeller, Dwight and Pamela Zeratsky, J Bur Ziemann, Jan Ziman, Rudy and Shirley Zingsheim, Kurt and Sue Zuckerman, David and Madsen, Judy Zwick, John Zwick, Kenneth and Hollar, Carol Zwiefelhofer, Peter and Sarah

Island Lavender LLC Island Orchard Cider Johnson, TC and Linda Keen, Dave and Perkins, Judy Klimaitis, Ron and Dougherty, Gloria Kreif, Tony and Connie Kurtz, Tom and Sue Leeder, Susan Lengh, Robert and Carolyn The Linen Press Lokken, Ron and Judy Madison Avenue Market Malone Auto Racks Martin, Max, Dee and Hans Marvin, William Milske, Jodi Motionize Norse, Ann Northwest River Supply Otherography Photography Ottum, Jeff and Barb Ranta, Bruce and Lyn Roppuld, Paul and Marianne Rowleys Bay Resort Schartner, Julie Stone, Tim and Sue Washington Island Ferry Line Werner Paddles Wilderness Systems Wolff, Bill and Kathy Zanitsch, Tracy Zuhlke, David and McKie, Jane

I�-K��� ��� Sp����� G��t�

AmazonSmile Foundation Benevity Causes Follett Corporation Gannett Foundation GE Foundation Kimberly Clark Matching Gift im rg trecm rrceh i t e c t u r e virge v te me a hm i t e ca tu Program virge temme architecture Mead Witter Foundation Inc. Medtronic Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Ashbrooke Morgan Stanley Thrivent Financial Bier Zot Travelers Insurance - Cyber Grants Inc Blue Dolphin House UBS Matching Gift Program

Aquabound Barnard, Francha Bay Shore Outfitters Bazyli Studio Bissen, Ivan and Jo Ann Black, Jim and Patricia Blacksmith Inn Comeford, Christine Connolly, Dennis and Bonnie Cramer, Ward and Judy Current Designs Daoust, Shawn and Dawn Fairfield, Alan Fiorato, Tony and Cathy Fitzgerald, Tim and Myers, Christa Frank, Rick and Barbara Freyman, Bill and Sarah Glessner, Kay Gould, Susan Harbor Ridge Winery Henger, Gary and Jo Ann Hoehn, James L and Goldberg, Nancy J

Please patronize these businesses that support land preservation. And, when you do, please thank them for contributing to the Door County Land Trust.





Grace Rossman, CFP Glen Rossman, ChFC, CASL ÂŽ



door go native! landscape since 1999

& nursery

Co�p��� M�t����� G��t�

Your gift deserves to be acknowledged. If we have made an error or omitted your name from the list, please notify us so we may correct it for future publications.

Eagle Harbor Inn

Impressions Printing & Graphics, Inc

EcoDoor, LLC

Dr John Ludwigsen DDS and Dr Timothy Tishler DDS


Dave’s Tree Services, Inc

Edgewood Orchard Galleries

Door County Eye Associates

The Garden Lady

Door County Ice Cream Factory

Gills Rock Stoneware

Door County Nature Works

Joe Jo’s Pizza and Gelato

RentShadowLawn.com Ross Estate Planning Sunnypoint Landscape Terra Cottages Young Automotive

To learn more about business and corporate giving, please contact Development Director Susan Gould at (920) 746-1359 or sgould@doorcountylandtrust.org.

Landings, Journal of the Door County Land Trust — Summer 2017


Door County Land Trust

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You’�� ����t�� to T��

Door County Land Trust

19t� A��u�� G�t������ Sunday, August 20, 2017 3:30 - 6:30 pm

Register online at www.DoorCountyLandTrust.org/events

Photo by Dan Eggert

Held at the Grand View Scenic Overlook and Park, Ellison Bay

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Landings 2017 30 Ways We're Making a Difference  

Landings, Journal of the Door County Land Trust. Summer 2017, with previous year Annual Report enclosed. 30 Ways We're Making a Difference

Landings 2017 30 Ways We're Making a Difference  

Landings, Journal of the Door County Land Trust. Summer 2017, with previous year Annual Report enclosed. 30 Ways We're Making a Difference