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TANDOORI TAMATAR SHORBA (A mildly flavoured tomato soup) SUNEHRA JHINGA (Golden king prawns with an unmistakable homemade masala flavour) SORSE BATA MACHLI (Authentic Bengali style fish with a predominant mustard flavour) HYDERABADI MURGH TIKKA (Chicken marinated with mint, fresh herbs, curry leaves and cooked to succulent consistency) GALOUTI KEBAB (A classy Lucknowi kebab made of fine mince) KADAK SHEEKH (Fresh minced vegetable kebab stuffed with cheese and crispy batter fried) ZAFFRANI LOBSTER LAJAWAAB (Omani lobster cooked Dum style and flavoured with saffron) LAL MIRCH KA MURGH (Tender chicken morsels gently simmered with onions, tomatoes, coriander and spiced with reshampatti chillies) NALLI KA SALAN (Lamb shanks in a rich brown gravy a la Patiala) BHINDI ANARKALI (Hand picked okra flavoured with pomegranate seeds) HARA MUTTER MASALA (Fresh garden green peas cooked in chef’s own hand pounded masala} KULFI MOUSSE (Our Chef’s creation of east meets west medley)

* The menu also features a wide selection of Jain Specialties.

The Bombay