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Spicy Tuna | ‫ تونا حارة‬ Fresh minced tuna mixed with a spicy mayo sauce. dhs 26 N

California | ‫ كاليفورنيا‬ Avocado, crab stick, and cucumber. dhs 26 Philly | ‫فييل‬ Smoked salmon and cream cheese. dhs 28 Alaska | ‫االسكا‬ Smoked salmon, crabstick and avocado with mayo rolled inside out. dhs 37 Veggie | ‫خضار‬ Cucumber, iceberg lettuce and avocado. dhs 18 Spicy Salmon | ‫سلمون حار‬ Fresh minced salmon and cucumber mixed with spicy sauce. dhs 28 N


Shrimp Tempura | ‫غمربي متبورا‬ Shrimp Tempura, fish roe and cucumber with mayo. dhs 28

‫ ليموناضة‬ Fresh Orange Juice | ‫ عصري الربتقال الطارج‬ Apple Juice | ‫ عصري التفاح‬ Fresh Lemon Juice |

‫ عصري اناناس‬ Mint Tea Punch | ‫ بانش شاي بالنعناع والربتقال‬

Pineapple Juice |

dhs 10 dhs 18 dhs 10 dhs 10 dhs 12

‫ مرشوبات غازية‬ dhs 5 Iced Green Tea | ‫ شاي اخرض مثلج‬ dhs 7 Iced Tea | ‫ شاي مثلج‬ dhs 10 Water (small) | )‫ مياه (صغرية‬ dhs 5 Water (large) | )‫ مياه (كبرية‬dhs 10 Perrier/Sparkling Water | ‫ ﻓﻮارة‬/‫ ﻣﻴﺎﻩ ﺑﻴﺮﻳﻴﻪ‬dhs 14 Soft Drinks |

Crunchy Crazy | ‫كرانيش كريزي‬ Shrimp tempura roll covered with sweet chili sauce and drizzled with teriyaki sauce. dhs 30 Rainbow | ‫رينبو‬ California roll topped with tuna, avocado, salmon tobiko, squid, and trevally sashimi. dhs 38 Caterpillar | ‫كاتربيلر‬ BBQ freshwater eel roll topped with layers of avocado. dhs 39 Crunchy California | ‫ كرانيش كاليفورنيا‬ California roll topped with crunchy tempura and mayo. dhs 28 Super California | ‫سوبر كاليفورنيا‬ Avocado, crabstick, mayo and cucumber rolled inside-out and topped with fish roe. dhs 31 Green Dragon | ‫التنني االخرض‬ Crispy shrimp tempura roll covered with a thin layer of avocado, served with a spicy mayo sauce. dhs 30 N

Sushi Sandwich | ‫سويش ساندويش‬ Fresh minced tuna mixed with crispy tempura and fish roe, rolled inside-out and topped with sesame seeds. dhs 35 Hot Lava | ‫ الفا حارة‬N Spicy tuna rolled in Jalapeno masago and tempura flakes. Garnished with spicy habanero mayo. dhs 34

‫ قهوة امرييك‬dhs 10 dhs 14 Café Latte | )‫ قهوة بالحليب (التيه‬ Cappuccino | ‫ كابتشينو‬ dhs 12 Espresso | ‫ قهوة اسربسو‬ dhs 10 Mochaccino | ‫ موكاتشينو‬dhs 12 Macchiato | ‫ ﻮقهوة ماكياتو‬dhs 8 Hot Herbal Tea | ‫ شاي اعشاب‬dhs 8 Hot Green Tea | ‫ شاي اخرض ياباين‬ dhs 8

Café Americano |

Hot Chocolate |

‫ شوكوالته‬dhs 8

Al Qasba (9716) 5569493 Town Centre 800-SUMO Al Garhoud (9714) 2830622 Health Care City (9714) 4380661 Dubai Media City (9714) 3914141 (9714) 3911041 (9714) 3911042 Juffair, Bahrain 17718090 Masdar City, Abu Dhabi: (9712) 5570500

Harumaki (Spring Rolls) | (‫هارومايك (سربينج رولز‬ Homemade vegetable spring rolls. dhs 20


Gyoza | ‫غيوزا‬ Pan-seared and simmered chicken dumplings. dhs 20

Ebi Fry | ‫ايبي مقيل‬ Deep fried shrimp served with Sumo’s own tangy Katsu sauce. dhs 24 Calamari Rings | ‫كاالماري‬ Seasoned deep fried Calamari. dhs 24 N


Chicken Fried Rice |

(can be served spicy ) Tekkadon | ‫تيكادون‬ Sliced raw tuna over a bed of sushi rice. dhs 48


Japanese Curry Katsu | ‫كاتسو ياباين بالكاري‬ Breaded chicken cutlet served with traditional Japanese curry. dhs 38

Chicken Katsu Bento | ‫بينتو دجاج كاتسو‬ Breaded chicken cutlet served with Sumo’s own tangy Katsu sauce. dhs 36

Avocado Maguro | ‫افوكادو ماغورو‬ Chunks of fresh tuna and avocado marinated in a special avocado maguro sauce. dhs 32

Chili Prawn Bento | ‫بينتو الغمربي الحار‬ Prawns sautéed in a sweet chili sauce, served with your choice of ginger tofu or teriyaki chicken. dhs 50 N


N Rock N Roll Shrimp | ‫غمربي روك اند رول‬ Rock Shrimp Tempura with a special spicy mayo sauce, tobiko, a splash of yuzu, and topped with green onions. dhs 26

BBQ Beef Bento | ‫لحم مشوي بينتو‬ Thinly sliced beef sautéed in Sumo’s very own spicy BBQ sauce. dhs 40

Tempura Bento |

‫متبورا بينتو‬

Tempura Shrimp and vegetables. dhs 38 Miso Soup |

‫حساء ميزو‬

Homemade Miso broth served with fresh tofu. dhs 9 Avocado Crabstick Salad |

‫سلطة افوكادو والسلطعون‬

Fresh slices of avocado and crabstick served over mixed greens. dhs 26

BBQ Unagi Bento |

‫اوناغي مشوي بينتو‬

Fresh water eel served over a bed of steamed rice. dhs 70

Fish Katsu Bento |

‫سمك كاتسو بينتو‬

Breaded deep fried yanam served with Sumo’s own tangy Katsu sauce. dhs 41

Cucumber Crabstick Salad | ‫سلطة الخيار والسطعون‬ Thinly sliced cucumber topped with a combination of crab, mayonnaise and tobiko. dhs 22

Teriyaki Chicken Bento | ‫تريايك دجاج بينتو‬ Charbroiled chicken glazed with Sumo’s famous teriyaki sauce. dhs 36

SUMO Sashimi Salad | ‫سلطة سومو ساشيمي‬ Fresh sashimi tuna, shrimp, salmon and trevally served over fresh greens. half-dhs 25 / full-dhs 45

Sautéed Shiitake mushrooms and ginger tofu. dhs 30

Japanese Garden Salad | ‫سلطة خضار يابانية‬ Fresh mixed greens served with a light Japanese dressing. dhs 24 Maguro | ‫ماغورو‬ Tuna. dhs 18

Kani | ‫كاين‬ Crabstick. dhs 16

Unagi | ‫اوناغي‬ Eel. dhs 30

Tako | ‫تاكو‬ Steamed octopus. dhs 20

Ebi | ‫ايبي‬ Shrimp. dhs 18

Tobiko | ‫توبيكو‬ Flying Fish Roe. dhs 28

Sake | ‫سايك‬ Salmon. dhs 20

Veggie Bento |

‫بنتو بالخضار‬

‫ازر محمر عىل طريقة سومو‬

Our famous stir-fried rice with shrimp and chicken. dhs 29

Sakedon | ‫ساكيدون‬ Fresh slices of raw salmon served over sushi rice. dhs 50

Shrimp Gyoza | ‫غيوزا غمربي‬ Pan-seared and simmered shrimp dumplings. dhs 24

Edamame | ‫( ايدامامي‬can be served spicy ) Steamed young soybeans, lightly salted. dhs 20

SUMO Fried Rice Special |

Chirashi | ‫شريايش‬ A fresh selection of Sashimi and vegetables arranged on sushi rice. dhs 58

Prawn Tempura | ‫غمربي متبورا‬ Traditional deep fried battered prawns. dhs 24

‫ازر محمر مع الدجاج‬

Stir-fried with chicken and vegetables. dhs 25

Vegetarian Fried Rice |

‫ارز محمر مع الخضار‬


Stir-fried rice with vegetables. dhs 18

Sushi Rice |

‫االزر السويش‬

Japanese rice tossed with sweet vinegar. dhs 11

Japanese Steamed Rice | ‫ارز ياباين مطهو عىل البخار‬


dhs 8

Chef’s Special | ‫ طبق الشيف الخاص‬dhs 180 Our finest selection of Sashimi, Nigiri, and sushi rolls (40) pieces. dhs 180 Musashimaru Special | ‫ماساشيامرو‬ Fresh cuts of tuna and salmon nigiri, tuna and salmon roll and tuna and salmon sashimi (36) pieces. dhs 180

Sashimi |


Fresh cuts of tuna, salmon, trevally, squid, octopus and crabstick (36) pieces. dhs 150

Super California |

‫سوبر كاليفورنيا‬

A selection of different style California rolls—everyone’s favorite (36) pieces. dhs 135

Akebono Special |


Select cuts of tuna, trevally, salmon, shrimp, squid, Egg Nigiri with Shrimp Tempura roll, Spicy Tuna and California roll (30) pieces. dhs 132

Takanohana Special | ‫تاكانوهانا‬ Selection of California, Rainbow, Caterpillar, Rock N Roll and sushi sandwich (32) pieces. dhs 160


N Miso Fish Bento | ‫ﺮبينتو ميزو سمك‬ Marinated fish on a bed of sauteed spinach. dhs 45

Take | ‫تايك‬ Fresh tuna, trevally, salmon, squid, steamed octopus and crabsticks arranged on a bed of shredded radish (25 pieces total). dhs 90 Maguro | ‫ماغورو‬ Fresh slices of tuna sashimi. dhs 35 Sake | ‫سايك‬ Fresh slices of salmon sashimi. dhs 38 Ume | ‫ اومي‬ Fresh tuna, trevally, salmon arranged on a bed of shredded radish (9 pieces total). dhs 47

Tuna Lovers Bento | ‫ملحبي التونا بينتو‬ A combination of your favorite tuna sushi and Sashimi selections. dhs 56 Salmon Lovers Bento | ‫ملحبي الساملون بينتو‬ A combination of your favorite salmon sushi and Sashimi selections. dhs 59 Nigiri Maki Bento | ‫نيغريي مايك بينتو‬ Salmon, trevally and tuna Nigiri, tekka and kappa maki, California roll with a crisp garden salad. dhs 56 Signature Dish




Veggie N


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Please refrigerate sushi items if not consumed immediately

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Sumo Sushi & Bento  

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