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Orange 20 Lemon 20 Pineapple 20 Kiwi 20 Pomegranate 22 Pink Grapefruit  22 Carot 20

Tomato 12 Cranberry 12 Apple 12

Hot Chocolate  18 Cold Chocolate  18




MilkShakes ___



Hildon Natural half / full  12 / 16 Hildon Sparkling half / full  12 / 16 Aquafina half / full  8 / 16

Menthe 10 Grenadine 10 Cassis 10




Pepsi / Diet Pepsi  12 7-up / Diet 7-up  12 Mirinda / Mountain Dew  12 Red Bull  15

Espresso  12 Double Espresso  18 Café Crème  15 Cappuccino  18 Café Latte  18 Ristretto  12 Turkish Coffee  16

Pineapple, banana, strawberry, yoghurt & milk



Revolution 25

Orange juice, melon, honey, mango & yoghurt

Red, White & Blue   25

Lemon 20

Blueberry, strawberry, cream, yoghurt, banana & pineapple

Asian 20

Banana, chocolate syrup, chocolate chip, yoghurt & milk

Banana Split  25

Black iced tea with fresh ginger & lemongrass

Lavender 20

Black iced tea infused with lavender

Coffee Madeleine  20

Espresso & whipped cream

Latte Machiatto  20 Espresso & milk

Peach 22

Jasmine iced tea flavoured with peach & raspberry

Passion Fruit  22

Jasmine iced tea with passion fruit

Shakerato  15

Passion fruit  Peach  Raspberry  Mango  Pineapple


Classic 20

Classic blended ice coffee


Happy Forest  18 Sencha Zen  20 Rooibos Heal  18 Chamomile Breeze  18 Jasmine Pearl  20


Choose from a selection of flavours to create your own Virgin Colada:

Milk froth & chocolate powder


Mocktails Madeleine Colada  25

Ice cold espresso with lemon zest

Babyccino  10

Royal Breakfast  18 Moroccan Nights  18 Earl Grey Flora  18 Freemind 18 Traditional Masala Tea 18

SmoOthies Classic 25

Classic lemon iced tea with mint


A LA CarTe ___



Banana 22 Chocolate 22 Vanilla 22 Mango 22 Caramel 22

Caramel 20

Classic iced coffee with caramel syrup

Paradise 25

Orange juice, banana, pineapple, strawberry syrup

Raspberry 22

Raspberry with passion fruit & soda

Mint Lemonade  22

Fresh mint blended with homemade lemonade

Gingerbread  20 (n)

Classic iced coffee with gingerbread syrup

Viennese 20

Vanilla ice cream covered with fresh coffee All prices are quoted in AED




Nicoise Salad  45

Quiches ___

Turkey Ham and Cheese  42

Traditional salad with tuna, anchovies, peppers, egg, potato, beans & tomato

Traditional quiche with Turkey ham, onions & Emmental cheese

Provencale Salad  42 (n) (v)

Smoked Salmon  44

Rocket salad with marinated tomatoes & peppers, artichokes, green olives & Xérès vinegar

Apple Tart  30 (n)

Salmon and Leek  48

Vanilla Slice   20

Filled crêpes with smoked salmon, leek, cream cheese & gratinated with Gruyère cheese


Soup ___

Mediterranean Vegetable Soup  25 (n) (v)

Endive salad with Blue D’Auvergne cheese, walnuts & grain mustard dressing

Soup from the Provence with tomato, vegetable & basil

Platter of Cold Meat  52

Seafood Soup  32

Smoked duck & chicken breast, turkey salami & chorizo, Comte cheese & condiments

Seafood soup with saffron, vegetables & country bread

Smoked Salmon Salad  50

Onion soup topped with croutons & Gruyère cheese, then baked in the oven

Onion Soup  25 (v)

Vegetable Ragout  44 (n) (v)

Fresh pasta sheets with asparagus, roasted peppers, pesto & Parmesan cheese

Opera Cake  25 Apricot Tart  30 (n) Chocolate and Croissant Pudding  32 Crepes with Lemon, Sugar & Whipped Cream  30 (n)

Crab and Lobster Ravioli  55 (n)

Crab and lobster ravioli in a rich sauce with spinach & celery

Macaroni Cheese Gratin  37 (v)

Gratinated macaroni pasta with béchamel sauce & Emmental cheese, served with a small green salad

MadelEiNes ___

Choose from the following flavors;

Smoked salmon, braised leeks, mixed greens & caper mayonnaise dressing

Orange and lemon  Chocolate  Pistachio


Beef Tartare  50


Traditional hand minced beef with condiments, mixed green salad & toasted baguette

SaNdwiches ___

Roasted chicken in tarragon & tomato sauce with sautéed potatoes

Duck Leg Confit  62

Confit duck leg with roasted potatoes, green beans & frisee salad

* Additional Fried Egg  5

Minced Beef Steak  55

Mediterranean Tuna Sandwich  40 (n)


Traditional roll filled with tuna, anchovies, tomato, boiled egg, capers & green olives

Potato and Turkey Bacon  42

Parisian Ham and Cheese Baguette  35

Toasted sour dough topped with potatoes, turkey bacon, crème fraiche & Raclette cheese

Turkey ham and cheese sandwich with slightly salted butter on baguette

Tuna and Sundried Tomato  44

Chicken Mayonnaise  36

Toasted sour dough topped with tuna, tomatoes, olive & Parmesan cheese

Poached chicken with mayonnaise, lettuce & cornichons on baguette

Home Smoked Chicken   44

Camembert Sandwich  38 (n) (v)

Camembert cheese smothered with pear & walnut compote on granary bread

Pan fried minced beef steak served with a macaroni gratin & ratatouille

Turkey Bacon and Potato Gratin  58

New potatoes with turkey lardons, onions, crème fraiche & Reblochon cheese baked in the oven, served with a small green salad

Kids MENU ___

Chicken Fingers  35 Fish Fingers  35 Chicken Stew  35 Mini Sandwich  35 *Personalise your meal with your choice of 2 accompaniments; Green beans, carrots, peas, French fries, potato wedges or mashed potatoes


Macaroni Cheese  32 Penne Pasta with Tomato Sauce  32 Tartine with Cheese & Turkey Ham  32

Fillet of Salmon  60

All kids meals come with a soft drink and a scoop of ice cream for dessert


Pan fried salmon fillet with a leek & onion étuvé & grain mustard sauce

Poached Cod  65 (n)

Mediterranean Vegetable  38 (n) (v)

Poached cod Marseillaise style, served with traditional socca

All sandwiches are served with a small green salad and French fries

Gratinated smoked fish and new potatoes with cream & garlic, served with a light fennel salad

Baked vegetables Mediterranean style with tapenade & garlic on rosemary potato bread

6 pieces  15 12 pieces  25

Chicken and Tarragon Stew  58

Toasted French Ham & Cheese Sandwich   38

Sandwich filled with turkey ham, cheese & béchamel sauce

Toasted country bread and smoked chicken breast topped with sundried tomato & Emmental chesse

Strawberry Tart  35 (n) Chocolate Choux Pastry  20 (n)


Lyonnaise Salad  44


Lemon Tart  30

Vanilla Flan  20

Warm Goat’s Cheese Salad  48 (n) (v)

Endive and Blue Cheese Salad  48 (n) (v)


Crêpe parcels with smoked turkey, mushrooms & cheese, topped with a whole egg fried

Smoked salmon & buttered leeks with crème fraiche

Pan fried breaded goat’s cheese with rocket salad & tomato pesto Frisee and baby spinach salad with poached eggs, pan fried sausage & garlic croutons

Smoked Turkey Ham and Cheese  45


(v) vegetarian (n) contains nuts

Gratinated Smoked Fish  62

All prices are quoted in AED

Madeleine Cafe & Boulangerie  

Madeleine Cafe & Boulangerie menu

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