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CRISPY PATA A specialty of the house, deep fried pork knuckles LEECHON KAWALI A traditional dish made out of pork belly CAMARON REBUSADO Crumb fried shrimps CHICKEN BBQ Chicken marinated with homemade BBQ sauce and then grilled to perfection SIZZLING SEAFOOD Mixed seafood served with chef’s special sauce on a sizzler plate GRILLED LIEMPO Thinly sliced pork belly cooked to perfection and served in a special BBQ sauce PANCIT CANTON GUISADO Egg noodles served with chicken & veggies BEEF TAPA Panfried beef tenderloin FRIED TOFU Marinated and deep fried tofu CALAMARES Batter fried squid rings SISIG Hot & spicy pork ears served with mayonnaise and topped with egg

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