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DOOMWATCH THE PLASTIC RAIN Written by Grant Foxon and Scott Burditt Prologue The tube station was packed at Birmingham. Mostly gangs of students in woollen hats and T-Shirts of The Rolling Stones in reflective materials. Arun Jones a banker looked at them with distain and disgust. He wondered to himself “how many Rolling Stones albums could they really name? Could they even name any of the line ups?”. The train pulled into Birmingham a mere three minutes late but it was packed. Arun noticed an aged television actor sitting alone reading a book. Arun wanted to say hello to him, a grin all all over his face, but what with the train over crowded as it was, it just wasn’t the right ambience to start a conversation with a childhood hero. He would probably make a fool of himself anyway. What is it they say? You should never meet your hero as you will always be disappointed. With all the people on board, squashed together cruelly like battery farm chickens, the train set off. It wasn’t long before people had begun to notice the plastics on the walls and the safety and promotional pictures for rail saving tickets were…dissolving? Arun coughed. His logical mind immediately dismissed such thoughts as pointless and irrational but never the less they lingered. Then slowly but surely the train missed its stop and fired past it. Chairs suddenly began to melt as a panic spread along the train into the next carriage. The lights then went out as people screamed banging on the door to the driver’s cabin. “What the hell is going on?” said Arun. Arun noticed some of the youths in the Rolling Stone t-shirts were now crying. A woman holding her baby had dropped it in the panic was now screaming as its young fragile body had been crushed to death in the mass panic as people raced towards the doors. Some of the passengers fainted as the train rocked from side as whole sections of the carriages began to melt away. Arun became reminded of the fear he felt one afternoon whilst rock climbing. The pressure was getting worse people were being crushed as they banged on the drivers door. The door began to buckle under the force. The driver was panic stricken. He was frozen in his seat in disbelief as the controls that stopped the train melted in his hands. The noise from the passengers was deafening and

he was afraid to leave his seat, terror struck as he passed a red light, then another, then another. Some people fainted through lack of oxygen getting into their lungs. One youth terrified produced a knife and lashed out at nearby people. Catching one elderly ladies wrists and slicing an artery in her arm. Blood flowed as her body fell to the floor and her blood fled her body in waves of emptiness. Soon the floor of the train was soaked in blood. This caused even more panic and fear. All the time the rain appeared to be speeding up. The door to the driver finally caved in. The driver sat still. Rooted to the ground in fear. Then the angry and terrified mob panic stricken started to smash the windows with their bare hands to get out, screaming in terror. Suddenly, the train that was ahead of his came closer and closer. In what felt like slow motion the two trains smashed into each other and the last carriage of the train in front buckled and slipped off the tracks and down the embankment. With it the two trains fell in unison sending the passengers who had no safety protection out of windows and onto the ceiling of the train as it tumbled down the embankment flinging them all to their deaths. Four hundred people lay dead.