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They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. – Andy Warhol




Developing Global Leaders. . .

Society, community, family are all conserving institutions. They try to maintain stability, and to prevent, or at least to slow down, change. But the organization of the post-capitalist society of organizations is a destabilizer. Because its function is to put knowledge to work -- on tools, processes, and products; on work; on knowledge itself -- it must be organized for constant change. – Peter Drucker

Creativity in Action is Innovation Organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to innovate to survive. Globalization, rapid technical change & new competitors have converged to create a turbulent environment which has increased pressure on organizations to become more adaptable. Creativity is only a beginning, the challenge is to transfer creative ideas into tangible solutions. The need today is to develop an individual's abilities to trigger, generate, control & steer new Ideas towards developing innovative products & services. INDIRA provides visionary leadership, creative ambience, faculty strength & holistic learning to create leaders of tomorrow. Leaders, who will not just be creative but innovative too ..

Global Business School

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The program at the Indira Global Business School will equip the students with fresh insights and alternative ways of thinking, helping them to succeed in highly unpredictable and non linear conditions, making Global Leaders out of them.

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The program at the Indira Global Business School will equip the students with fresh insights and alternative ways of thinking, helping them to succeed in highly unpredictable and non linear conditions, making Global Leaders out of them.

Chairperson's Vision The interdependent global economy has ushered in a revolutionary new system of management; of societies, and organizations. Today, old paradigms are crumbling and new ones are emerging. As 'Globalization' matures from being a business buzzword to an economic reality more and more organizations are realizing that knowledge of world economies, international business practices and global cultures is essential for success. The greatest obstacle to global effectiveness is a shortage of people who are prepared to manage and thrive. In the new business paradigm, Global experience and knowledge is becoming essential for managers who aspire to be at the top in an organization. What is needed is a model of management thought which is comprehensive enough to respond to the emerging social, technological, political and cultural realities. At Indira Global Business School there is a Global focus in everything that is done. We are Global in the way we teach interact and learn. The program at the Indira Global Business School will equip the students with fresh insights and alternative ways of thinking, helping them to succeed in highly unpredictable and non linear conditions, making Global Leaders out of them. Ms. Tarita Shankar Chairperson - Indira Group of Institutes


Group Director’s Message Globalization has created a shift towards a more integrated and interdependent world economy. The sourcing of the production process to various locations around the Globe has led to the creation of several 'Global Products' and through offering of standardized products worldwide we see the creation of a 'Global Market'. The business case for Global leadership is compelling today. There is a strong need for 'boundaryless' cooperation in organizations and societies. In the new world order almost all work is Global in scope and Global knowledge is becoming an essential economic reality. It is increasingly evident that to establish Global Leadership individuals will have to unlearn and learn extremely rapidly. It's the leaders who possess a truly Global point of view will drive sustainable success. The Management Program offered at the Indira Global Business School is about establishing global leadership. It focuses on developing individuals who can handle management responsibilities that are global in scope. Prof. Chetan Wakalkar Group Director - Indira Group of Institutes

The business case for Global leadership is compelling today. There is a strong need for 'boundaryless' co-operation in organizations and societies.


From the Director's desk Indira Global Business School has evolved from the strong need to have global, socially conscious and integrated school of management. IGBS is responsible to bridge the requirements for business minds who can work seamlessly in the global environment, a need created as a result of globalization and increased competition. The overall objectives of the Global Program are : l To inculcate

in our students the values of integrity, justice and fairness

l To encourage

The two year program will provide the students with opportunities to learn from the most fundamental as well as contemporary management thoughts, experience best management practices and become responsive to the challenges round the world.


the development of an innovative and inclusive mind-set, to address the challenges of globalization

l To provide

students with practical skills to address the challenges of global competition

l To empower

students to become effective global leaders

Towards this Indira Global Business School undertakes a diverse range of academic activities and interventions, which are aimed at creation, dissemination and application of management knowledge. We are committed to excellence in all our endeavours, encouraging, intellectual discipline, academic vigour for maximizing the learning. The pedagogy at Indira Global Business School ensures that students get a holistic learning experience as they prepare to take on the challenges of the globally competitive corporate world. Dr. Neha Sharma Director

Vision To develop leaders to meet the diverse and challenging demands of Global Business, Industry and Society. Mission Provide a knowledge environment that will Enthuse, Encourage and Empower students and faculty to develop Contemporary Competencies to lead in the emerging Global Business scenario.

Advisory Council 1. Ms. Tarita Shankar Chairperson, Indira Group of Institutes

4. Dr. Ajoy Kumar CEO, Max Neeman Medical International

2. Prof. Chetan Wakalkar Group Director, Indira Group of Institutes

5. Mr. Robin Banerjee CFO, Suzlon Energy Ltd.

3. Mr. Anant Nadkarni V.P., Group Corporate Sustainability, TCCI

6. Mr. M. Paralkar Advisor – H R and C.S., Tata Motors Ltd.

The overall objective of the Global Program is to inculcate in our students the values of Business with integrity, justice and fairness.


In the new world order almost all work is Global in scope and Global knowledge is becoming an essential economic reality.

Indira Global Business School - A Profile Indira Global Business School (IGBS) was established under the aegis of Shree Chanakya Education Society (SCES) in the year 2009. Shree Chanakya Education Society began as a trust in 1994, under the visionary leadership of Ms. Tarita Shankar, with the explicit vision to provide sustainable impetus to the corporate and entrepreneurial abilities in the youth. Unrelenting initiatives by the management team at Indira led to the creation of multidiscipline Institutes in the realm of Management, Information Technology, Pharmacy, Commerce, Science and Engineering. All this Growth is enabled and sustained by the expertise and exertions of Prof. Chetan Wakalkar, Group Director, Indira Group of Institutes, whose commitment and concern for student's development stands unmatched. SCES has grown steadily and today boasts of several Institutes, having more than 6000 students, from all over India,


pursuing multi-disciplinary, graduate and postgraduate programs. The Institutes managed by SCES have maintained high academic standards and have successfully provided trained manpower to the diverse industrial sectors of the country. Indira Global Business School (IGBS) was established as an autonomous professional school to meet the growing needs of the business sector with the explicit vision to provide sustainable impetus to international business. The program of the Institute is provided by AICTE and IGBS has established its presence in Pune as a premier International Business Management Institute.

to face greater situational challenges; predict and handle the vagaries of the market and provide better quality products and services. Such an environment requires professional graduates not only armed with the necessary knowledge but also confident of facing extremely competitive scenario to keep abreast of the trends in the field of business. The flexibility afforded to the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programs keeps the student abreast of the trends in the field of business and assures greater articulation of the same. With Global boundaries diminishing rapidly, PGDM-IB is another initiative at IGBS to provide global exposure to the youth of India.

Indira Global Business School (IGBS) believes that the emerging global environment requires professional graduates to be armed with the sufficient knowledge and confidence of facing tough and competitive scenario. The current global economy has created an environment where managers have


ndira Milestones Indira Milestones Indira Milestones Indira Milestones Indira Milestones Indira Milestones


Indira Milestones Indira Milestones Indira Milestones Indira Milestones IGI is ranked amongst the top 2 B-schools in n Pune, by the prestigious AIMA – IMJ. The same journal gave us a top 30, all India n ranking on the parameters of industry interface. Business India ranked IIMP among the top 50 n B-schools of the country in its ranking exercise in Nov. 2009 Indira Group is the first ever to recognize and n felicitate the Corporate Excellence of leaders from 10 different nations under one roof at Indira Group Super achievers Awards held at Pune as well as Dubai. Outlook magazine ranked IIMP among the top n 35 B-Schools in the country in its latest ranking exercise - October 2009 Indira Institute of Management was the 1st n institute in Maharashtra and only 9th in India to receive the accreditation from the NBA, New Delhi

Indira Global Business School has won the Award for Business School with Best Academic Inputs (Syllabus) in International Business at Dewang Mehta Business School Awards - 2009.

09 07

The Program Post Graduate Diploma in Management – International Business (PGDM-IB) is an AICTE Approved, Full-time, Two Year Program International Business The challenges of today demand new approaches which are insightful, creative and innovative. The solutions to the new challenges are driven by ethical and entrepreneurial leaders who seek to add value both to the communities as well as the balance sheets. The full-time two year program ensures coverage of global finance, global marketing and other business school essentials. The program seeks to transform business education through an integrated and interdisciplinary approach of learning and practice.

Program Highlights Structured Overseas Visit : Is a unique feature of the program. Students will be provided with an opportunity to visit business houses and understand local culture in addition to lectures and course work. The visit encourages students to gain international work experience in an area of the world new to them, working within a corporate, government, or NGO setting. Upon returning to school, participants share the insights gained from their professional and cultural experiences abroad. Global CEO Club : IGI has an exclusive tie-up with the Global CEO Club which will provide opportunities to the students for interaction with Global Corporate Heads. Guided Field Visits : Guided visit in organization will be provided, helping students to make decisions regarding their specialization. Corporate Mentoring : Students will be mentored by corporate stalwarts, through their academic journey. This will provide a balanced understanding of Management Concepts. Country Knowledge Experts : Political, Economic, cultural understanding of a geography form the bed-rock for Global Leadership. Each student will be guided in the development of the skills.


Learning Methodologies : Lectures

Thought Leadership

Lectures are used primarily for introduction of the subject and understanding the key aspects of the subject matter in order to facilitate students to work independently on their preparations. Lectures orient the students with the recommended text and help them in enlarging their vision to look beyond conventional learning.

Students are benefited with the presence of eminent global management thinkers renowned in their respective field. These global thought leaders give new dimensions to the teaching and the learning process. Their research experiences give impetus in planting innovative thoughts to the entire academic fraternity which in turn is very beneficial for emerging as global larders.

Case Studies The approach will help the students in getting hands on feel of implementing organizational strategies in classroom. It will give an opportunity to students to analyze, conclude and recommend corrective actions for understanding management strategies. The approach will test the students' ability to think analytically the real world problems and applying techniques they learn.

l R. Gopalakrishnan,

Executive Director, TATA Sons spoke on Innovation v/s Ingenuity.

l Dr. Sri

Beldona, Assistant Professor at the University of Dallas conducted workshop on International Marketing and Strategy.

l Dr. Tony

Manwaring, Chief Executive, Tomorrow's Company, conducted workshop on establishing sustainable tomorrow's companies.

l Roger

La Salle, from Australia – conducted worhop on “Need of Innovation for Sustainability”

l Marc

Van Dozen, Vice President Europe, Suzlon Energy on “Establishing Global Leadership”.

? Anant l

Nadkarni, Vice President, TATA Group on 'Sustainability of Businesses'.

? Nelson l

Eric D'Souza, Country Head, Sales and Marketing India, Tata Techonologies Ltd.

l ? John

Costello, Country Head – Kimberly- Clark Ltd.


Career Development Programes:

Social Responsibility Project:

IGBS provides a marked contrast to traditional classroom activities, enabling students to participate in intensive leadership focused activities. The career development programes also provides a forum for students to develop general business knowledge and exposes them to a wide variety of applied management principals.

For sustainability of organization they have to be socially responsible in the geographies they operate. Working on social responsibility projects will provide students grass root understanding of global challenges.

Management Simulations: When the teams deals with such projects, they approach through different angles based on varied works, classroom, life and practical experiences, synthesizing those different perspectives into a cohesive solution


Media Project: Experts from the industry will guide students on contemporary topics based on media research and analysis.

Faculty Who Inspire IGBS faculty is known for both inspired teaching as well as research that has helped to create many of the best practices used today. In fact, the students are being exposed to leading edge business and social research many years ahead of the mainstream. The IGBS faculty provides a unique blend of academic rigor, visionary research, and business acumen that gives them the resources to help you

bring together the theoretical and the practical. The IGBS faculty is responsible for developing outstanding research that creates new knowledge that can be brought into the classroom. It is one more way our faculty can provide students with a unique competitive advantage.








Dr. Neha Sharma

Director & Professor


Marketing Management

18 yrs


Dr. Vikram Mohite

Asst. Professor

M. Com, Ph.D

Financial Management

10 yrs


Dr. Irfan Siddiqui

Asst. Professor

M.Sc, Ph.D


9 yrs


Ms. Shradha Kokane




2 yrs


Ms. Vijeya Walia




1 yr


Ms. Priyanka Naik




6 months


Ms. Amrita Chouhan



Gen. Management

1 yr


Col. Indru Mansukhani


M.Sc., Dept. Strategy

Business Communication

34 yrs


Prof. Shekhar Naik

C.O.O. Urban Healthcare Ltd



30 yrs


Mr. Manoj Singh


M.A Political Science

International Marketing

18 yrs


Prof. Deepak Roy



Marketing Management

30 yrs


Dr. Bs Ks Chopra


MBA, Ph. D

International Business

35 yrs


Prof. S. Bhojkar



International Business

25 yrs


Prof. Y. J. Sathe




28 yrs


Prof. Curiumbhoy



B2B Marketing

23 yrs


Prof. K. Bhadury



Service Marketing

15 yrs


Year 1

Program Syllabus Semester - 1

Semester - 2

101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110

201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208

Principles and Practices of Management Managerial Economics Statistics & Quantitative Techniques Management Accounting Marketing Management Operations Management Human Resource Management Business Communication Foreign Language -1 Computer Applications –I

Note : Foreign Languages : German / Spanish

International Marketing International Finance Global HR Legal Aspects Of Business Financial Management Research Methodology Foreign Language – II Computer Applications - II

Marketing 209 Consumer Behavior 210 Global Product and Brand Management Finance 211 Banking Principles and International Financial Institutions 212 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Note : International Business Exposure Program

Year 2

Program Syllabus Semester - 3

Semester - 4

301 International Business Management 302 International Trade, Documentation & EXIM Policies 303 Global Business Policy & Strategic Management 304 Global CSR and Ethics in business 305 Global business Environment Report 306 Field Project Marketing

401 Management Control System 402 International Logistics and Global SCM 403 Country Risk Analysis 404 Knowledge System Management 405 Cases In Marketing / Finance Marketing

307(A) Services Marketing 308(A) Global Retail and Distribution Management 309(A) Integrated Marketing Communications Finance 307(B) Taxation Policies 308(B) Risk-Wealth Management 309(B) Commodities Trade & Futures Note : Industry Internship Training (2 months)


406(A) 407(A) 408(A) 409(A)

CRM B2B - B2C Overseas Marketing Research Pricing and Financial Management in Marketing Finance 406(B) 407(B) 408(B) 409(B)

Strategic Cost Management Investment Banking Global Financial Management International Accounting Standards


Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant. - Anthony J. D'angelo

Location The IGBS campus is located in a beautiful green valley at Parandwadi Maval, Pune in Maharashtra. Access to the campus is through a link road from the Mumbai – Pune express highway. The philosophy behind selecting the site and its entire design is to create a space where the mind can roam in the world of ideas ,to generate the spirit of enquiry and nurture a learning environment.

Globally Comparable Infrastructure The IGBS campus lies on a beautiful site, with large boulders, open fields and clusters of large trees. The campus architects have retained and highlighted the existing rock formations and the tree canopies. Ecological balance is maintained on the campus. The campus stands imposingly on the Mumbai – Pune highway, making it a very convenient location. Our infrastructure is dynamic in nature because of our constant attempt to maintain pace with the development available to us. The infrastructure acts as a facilitator for the effective delivery of our curriculum.

Classrooms The classrooms at IGBS do not just create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning but in a sense nurture the quest for knowledge that the students possess. The classrooms all seat 60 students each. These specially designed classrooms are equipped with the audio visual aids & internet connectivity to enhance group discussions and learning. The classrooms also provide the right environment for the faculty to give the students a hands-on experience and the right ambience for the students to stimulate and assimilate their learning.


Library And Information Services Library with its modern collection of information resources and innovative information services plays a pivotal role in enhancing intellectual pursuits of IGBS academic community. Library holds a rich collection of printed as well as electronic resources which include books, journals, databases, audiovisual materials, e-journals, annual reports , case studies, conference proceedings, training manuals, etc. The print collection includes over 5,000 volumes predominantly related to management and allied subjects. The library subscribes to essential national and international print journals and provides access to over 2,000 e-journals through various databases. Library provides valuable service to its academic community.

Computer lab The IGBS uses technology to provide a competitive advantage in its core areas of education and research. State-of-the-art hardware and software ensure high quality and uninterrupted services. We have our own web, mail, and database servers to cater to the needs of our community

Hostel Hostel is the place where students look forward to be after a hard day at college. We have been trying to make the hostel next best place to be after home. The hostel management comprises experienced persons who strive to provide the best atmosphere for the students. The warden has been trained to manage the hostel and also to handle any issue that may arise in the normal functioning. Adequate and well trained maintenance staff takes care to see that the hostel is maintained to highest of standards.


Apply Yourself Application


Students may apply in the prescribed form enclosed with the prospectus, duly completed in all respects. Online registration facility available, Online Application Form will be accepted only after receipt of DD for Rs.1250/- Drawn in favour of “Indira Global Business School�, Payable at Pune (Maharashtra).

The percentage of seats reserved for candidate of backward class category, belonging to Maharashtra State only, is 50%. Such seats can be availed only by attaching latest and relevant caste certificate / Non-creamy layer certificate along with the admission form; non submission of such updated certificates will not allow candidates to be considered for backward / reserved category. If the seats do not get filled by the backward class category until the prescribed date for confirming admission then the seats would be available for the open category candidates.

Eligibility A candidate is declared eligible for the PGDM course if he/she has passed the degree examination of a recognized university with a minimum of 50% marks and minimum 45% marks for backward class candidate from Maharashtra State only. Such candidate's application must be accompanied with relevant caste certificates and non-creamy layer certificates at the time of filling up the application forms. Absence of such certificates at the time of filling application forms for admission to the course disqualifies them from reserved category seats, and such candidates will be considered for open/general category. A candidate whose result of the final year of degree course is not declared at the time of admission will be admitted provisionally only after submitting a bona-fide certificate from the Head of the Institution, where he/she was regular student of the final year of the degree course. The admission of such a candidate will be confirmed only if he/she provides a proof of passing the final year degree examination with 50% marks.


Selection Procedure Admission to the PGDM program of IGBS is based on the selection process (IGBS-CEE). The written test of IGBS-CEE is objective in nature and tests the overall aptitude of the candidate, on topics such as Verbal Ability, Mathematical ability, Analytical ability, General knowledge and English Essay Writing. The second component of the CEE is personal interview and -group discussion. Students, who have appeared for the CAT / XAT / ATMA / MH-CET, at the all India level, for the year of application, and received a score of 70 percentile and above, need not appear for the written component of the IGBS common entrance exam (IGBS-CEE). Their score in the above mentioned exams is considered as the written exam component of the IGBS-CEE after being converted using relevant ratio for conversion. They however face the Essay Writing and Verbal Examination of the CEE (GD & PI) The Important dates for IGBS-CEE are : Prospectus sale starts on 12th February 2010 Last date of submission of duly completed Forms

20th April 2010

Issue of Hall Ticket

30th April 2010

Date of IGBS-CEE Test

15th May 2010

Reporting at

9.00 am Sharp

Declaration of Result - 1st List 2nd List

25th May 2010 03rd June 2010

The Structure of IGBS-CEE will be as follows : IGBS-CEE




Written Test


60 min

11.00 to 12.00 noon



30 min

12.00 to 12.30 pm



20 min

1.00 pm onwards



20 min

2.00 pm onwards

Once selected, the candidate is required to pay the fees on or before the prescribed date and confirm admission; otherwise the next student in the waiting list would be offered admission. At the time of admission, all supporting and relevant documents / certificates as stated in the application must be submitted to the Institute. The fees will not be refunded due to cancellation of admission after 30 calender days of confirmation. Indira Global Business School Institute Level Seats 20% Seats are reserved for the Institutional discretion of the management. All candidates desiring admission on these seats should also appear for the IGBS-CEE or produce results of a national level entrance exam at the time of seeking admission. Fee Structure




Merit Fee (Rs.) / annual





Tution Fee



Laboratory Fee



Library Fee






Placement Assistance



Seminars / Workshops







*Laptops, conference, industry visit, OMT etc. Structured overseas visit is optional with additional cost of Rs. 100000.

Disciplinary Policy at IGBS Action Against Ragging

Dress Code

Maharashtra Prohibition of ragging Act 1999 which is in effect from 15th May 1999 has following provisions for Action against Ragging within or outside of any educational Institution is prohibited. Whosoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets, or propagates ragging within or outside Educational Institution shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term up to 2 years and / or penalty, which may extend to ten thousand rupees.

At IGBS, we believe in observing a strict dress code. Students are expected to wear formal dress (shirt & trouser and ties for gents; sari / salwar kameez / formal western for ladies) throughout the week, except on Saturdays which will be observed as 'casual-day'. On the occasion of guest lectures, seminars, etc. students are expected to be dressed in the corporate formals (blazers, tie, shirt, trouser for gents/sari formal western for ladies). A student failing to adhere to the dress code will not be allowed to attend the lectures and will face disciplinary action.

Any student convicted of an offence of ragging shall be dismissed from the educational institute and such student shall not be admitted in any other educational institute for a period of five years from the date of order of such dismissal Ragging is Prohibited as per the decision of the Supreme Court of India in Writ Petition No. (C) 656/1998. Drug / Alcohol Policy Students of IGBS are expected to abstain from drugs and alcohol during their stay at the institute. Violation of this policy will lead to cancellation of admission.

Hostel Rules Hostels at IGBS have a set of rules which have to be adhered to strictly by the students. Each hostel is headed by a warden who acts as a facilitator and observer to maintain the discipline in the hostels and ensure its smooth functioning. Students will have to sign an undertaking in accepting the rules set by the management. Ragging of any type will not be accepted and the concerned students' admissions would be canceled immediately.

Attendance The Students of IGBS are required to maintain a minimum of 85% attendance per semester. Any student failing to meet the above standard is liable to get his/her term cancelled and in addition will not be allowed to participate in the Campus Recruitment Program. Minimum attendance required in each subject per semester is 75% and Lack of attendance in any subject also results in Term Not Granted (TNG) for those subjects. Feedback based on a monthly monitoring of attendance helps students maintain the minimum required attendance.


Indira Editorials

The future has a way of arriving unannounced. – George Will

Editorials of Indira 'Indira Management Review' the biannual Journal Indira School of Business Studies publishes its biannual journal. The Indira Management Review, aimed at academicians and management professionals. The journal entertains serious research and theoretical papers, and critiques case studies. Indira Management Review, in the process hopes to become a vehicle for creating knowledge capital and knowledge sharing. 'Tapasya' the Journo-Magazine Tapasya, published thrice a year, is our journo magazine that is conceptualized, edited and produced by the students of Indira. With articles based on management and allied subjects, Tapasya makes interesting reading. Tapasya reaches top corporate leaders all over the country and has a circulation of more than 5000 copies.


Your Future – Placements

Indira Group of Institutes has an excellent track record in campus placements. A diverse range of companies from engineering to manufacturing, financial services, insurance and banking, infrastructure, shipping and logistics, retail and real estate, telecom and IT, tourism and hospitality, visit campuses every year. These companies have a strong bond with us and visit us year on year providing us with an authentication about the excellent 'corporate fit' of our students.

At the IGBS we plan to have several points of engagement with the Global Corporate World. Mentoring Sessions, Workshops, Corporate visits, Management Practice Lectures will keep continuously associated with the Corporate World. With this we are confident of excellent international assignments and placement opportunities for the future leaders from the Indira Global Business School.

A representative list of Corporates : Accenture n

HDFC Home n

Airtel n

HDFC Std. n

American n

Express Ltd. (1) Ltd. AVIVA Life Insurance n Bajaj Auto n Cadbury India n CashTech Solutions (1) Pvt. Ltd. n Centurion Bank n Coca Cola India n Colgate Palmolive (1) Ltd. n Cybage n Essar Mobile Group n Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals n Faber Castell India n Forbes Marshall Ltd. n Frito lay India n GE Capital n Gillette (1) Ltd. n Page 25 & 26 n Glaxo Smithkline Ltd. n Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. n Honeywell Automation n HCL Technologies n HDFC Bank n Asian Paints n

Loans Life HSBC bank n HSBC Wealth management n ICICI Bank n ICICI Home Finance n ICICI Home Loans n Kimberly Clark n Microsoft Partners n Nihilent Technologies n Onida Electronics n Patni Computer Systems n Quantas n Suzlon n Syntel n Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces n TATA Auto Comp. Systems n TATA Automotive Limited n TATA Technologies n Times Of India n United Colors of Benetton n VODAFONE n Wipro Spectramind n Zensar Technologies Ltd. n 21

Events and Programmes at IGBS Indira Super Achievers Series Super Achieves Series and Corporate Excellence Awards in Marketing and HR from an integral part of Indira Group. Indira Group of institute has always recognized Corporate Excellence and in this endeavor we have initiated the above series of awards. The Marketing Excellence Awards are presented to those who have dared to dream beyond the boundaries, those who have put passion into building their Brands and those who have shifted the paradigm in setting a new trend in Brand Excellence.

Indira Marketing Excellence Awards The Marketing Excellence Awrds are presented to those who have dared to dream beyond the bounadries those who have put passion into building their Brands and those who have shifted the paradigm in setting a new trend in Brand Excellence. Since the last four years, Marketing Excellence Awards have become a benchmark for many to emulate, recognizing excellence in the broadest way possible. The Award ceremony to felicitate leaders for their excellence in the field of marketing was organized at 'Dhruv' Auditorium and students actively participated in the event.


Global Melting Pot

The Global Dinner Night

Global Melting Pot saw the confluence of world cultures at IGBS campus. Variety of food, loans of dancing and oodles of fun set the weather ablaze. The chilly air became crispier with the celebrations at this rocking do. The venue was the serene locales of the Parandwadi campus of the Indira Global Business School. Hundreds of students, staff and faculty from various colleges of the group culminated at the spot to enjoy the fun fair. Multi cultural programmes by students of various nationalities made this a unique celebration. Fashion designer turned politician, Shaina NC, who was presented as the chief guest applauded the performance at the event. As apt Christmas decoration was dummy show flakes covering the tree tops and smart lighting arrangements brought alive the venue in true Christmas spirit.

A series of seminars were hosted by the Indira Group of Institutes (IGI) on 'Sustainability' by leading management thinker Tony Manwaring with an objective to spread awareness and create future business leaders. In this seminar the students got the opportunity to interact with the leading management thinker and practitioners on building sustainable global organizations for future. The seminar was attended by Chairperson of IGI Tarita Shankar, group director Chetan Wakalkar, and VP group sustainability initiative TATA Group among other distinguished corporate leaders.

23 21

Student's Activity Student Engagement - Making Difference At IGBS there will be several opportunities for students to voluntarily participate in extra-curricular activities. This will provide students with an opportunity to take initiative, handle responsibilities and demonstrate leadership skills. Some of the activities at IGBS which will be run through student engagement are :

Global Corporate Interface Team This team is responsible for inviting leaders from Industry and Business to share their experiences with the students. Sports Team Students are under constant pressure to learn and excel, they need time to revitalise themselves. The sports team will be responsible to enliven the sporty spirit. Jagruti This team will be responsible for bringing the focus on current issues through the organization of several workshops and debates. Events Team At IGBS we look forward to celebration. This team will take the initiative to plan and organize several important national, international festivals and events. Country Expertise Team This team will provide the initiative for creating in-depth understanding of different cultures round the world.


IGBS student experiences – Taking you beyond academics Students on stage will have the spotlight on the home grown talent right here on campus. In the division of campus life we understand the values of both academics and learning outside of the classroom. We also support academic goals by providing involvement of activities and services that enhance the student learning experience. Movie club Friday is a day of enjoyment where different kind of events is conducted like movies and documentaries. There are different cuisines which are being organized by college itself and includes continental, Chinese etc. picnics are conducted by the event committee and many more. Sports Students always tend to learn discipline by the means of different sports and other activities. Various sports like cricket, basketball, volleyball, football and many indoor games like table tennis, carom, chess etc.

Pune City Pune has for ages been the education capital of India. Long before other centres in India could lay claim to dispensing quality education, the University of Pune had the honour to be rated among the best in the country — both by discerning educationists within and outside the country. Around the late 80s, with the realisation that government alone cannot be expected to take the responsibility for making education available to all, came the gradual decentralisation of the function to private participants. They had the wherewithal to improve upon the quality. This helped Pune to take a leap into the modern era of technology and stateof-the-art teaching pedagogy. If at all any evidence is required of the tremendous credibility Pune enjoys as a city of learning, the sheer numbers of students from other states of India and other countries seeking higher education here will set the argument to rest. Pune records an influx of over five lakh students from all over — Tamil Nadu to Jammu and Kashmir, and from Gujarat to the Seven Sisters in the East. But then, the city also attracts foreign students like bees to honey! The IT boom in the city in the early 90s, has given a boost to the education scene with a number of good educational groups becoming involved in dispensing education. Indira has become a household word among most aspirants for higher education. This is the city in which I grew up, and was privileged to get my education in and I am today glad to be doing my bit to add to its value. Ms. Tarita Shankar Chairperson - Indira Group of Institutes


Global Business School 64/65, Parandwadi, Maval, Pune 410 506, Maharashtra, India. Tel. : +91 2114 237778 Fax : +91 2114 237779 E-mail : Website :


IGBS Brochure  
IGBS Brochure  

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