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Sam Warner 9/22/12 Honors Economics Period 3 Maroon

Have you ever noticed things about human behavior. Like when watching someone, you notice a pattern that the follow. Like at lunch in the lunchroom, they eat their main course, lets say a chicken burger (If you want to call that a main course). And then they eat their french fries or fruit. And then they drink their milk. You notice that they follow this pattern every day. That is social science! Economics is a social science that is based on the analysis of the production and consumption of goods and services. A social science is a science that studies human behavior. Some examples other than economics of a social science are education, history, and psychology. Economics is all around us and we decide how it works. It is based on scarcity and human behavior. There are three categories of people in economics. There are the producers. They make the products, lets use cars as an example. There are the distributors. They are the ones who distribute the product to the population, in this case they would be the car salesmen. And last, but not least, there are the consumers. They are the ones that take and use the products, in this case, with the cars, that would be all of us. All three of these groups of people are vital to maintain a stable economy. Without consumers there would be a surplus of goods. Without the distributors it would be harder to get your said item. And without the producers there would be a scarcity of that item. Economics is based on the social interactions between these groups of people, and without these people our economy wouldn’t be an economy. Or at least not a very good one. So this is why economics is a social science. Now then, in order to better understand why economics is a social science, we are going to look at an area that I am very familiar with. It has only come into play in our world within the last thirty years, and it has only been taken seriously in that last few

years. I am talking, of course, of video games. We will be looking at one video game in particular. Team Fortress 2. Team Fortress 2 is a team based first person shooter, Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer video game developed by Valve Corporation. It was released in October 10, 2007 with the Orange Box, which was a compilation of games created by Valve Corporation. It is a sequel to the original mod for Half Life, another Valve game, Team Fortress. This game utilizes the ever popular Source Engine. To anyone in the online computer gaming community this game means something. Not necessarily for the gameplay, although it is very good, but for the deep economic underbelly that keeps players hooked to this endlessly addictive cartoon action shooter. What the game is about is unimportant to what we will be looking at. What we will be looking at is the economic system built into the game, which nearly mimics what is going on in real life. Team Fortress 2 has an economic system that is based on trading. The trading mostly involves trading weapons and hats for metals and keys. The metal is used to create new weapons and hats. They keys are used to open up crates which will give you new weapons and hats. It is completely social, that is it is run almost entirely by the gaming community. There are producers, distributors, and consumers. The producers, the people who create the items, are the people who made the game. The company is called Valve. The distributors , the people who distribute the items, are a mix of the people who work for Valve, they sell things for actual money in the game in a tab called The Mann Co. Store, and the community. They distribute through trading each other. And lastly there are the consumers, they buy/trade to get the items. They are the community. Again, without the social part of this economic system, it would be unstable or not work. So as you can see, economics is a social science because without the social parts of of it, being the producers, distributors, and consumers, the economic stability would be bad.


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Economics: The Social Science  


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