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a trial run for a more permanent operation iater. However, the 'Unit' is almost com~ letely booked out until Jun~. Instead a small transmitter may be set ~p, probably in the basement of the Arts Block, with R.T.E.'s help. The original transmitter ill belong to R.T.E~ and, it is hoped. they well provide, the expertise nex~ssary. However it is Kevin Higgins' hope thqt in the long run U.C.D. will have a fully licensed and permanently operating 'radio 'station. In his written submission to R.T.E. Higgins es clear the social objectives of the' enterprise. "U.C.D., he says, is perhaps' one of the most dispiriting institutions lin which one 'can spend a par±."of one's ;Life...

TnaE wild: ce p Eo :ne sEuoenE 1nvolveo. If the- s'ervice is operated competently for a short time, it could,increase cons1derably the possibility of getting a full license later for a purely student run station.

U.8.1. ATTACKED affairs" as tile ~Overnmetit\proposals on The 18th-Congress of USI,' held in Killarriey gheieducation, the' finance for education two weeks ago, brouqht in its wake the ~~$ue, and national issues such etsunempusual barrage of allegations that it was ,10YJ!1entand the health services. unrepresentative, dominated by ~ommun~ts, etc. The allegations were largely based qn Undoubtedly one of the contributory factor the incredibly unbalanc~ reporting in the to all 'the contusion aDout what actually .... national press of wfiat actually went on at did,gP on 'in KUlarney was a boOJUet wr1tthe Congress~ The Irish Times was partially, ,ten by the defeated Presidential candidate guil ty in this regard. Carol Coulter of the'League for a WOrkers' .Not to be outdone by Christina Murp~y, how- Repunl'ic. This Booklet gave th~ papers the ever, UCD's conservatives were quickly'into sensational story they·wanted and the resu the frtay.'Jim O'Leary ('FineGael) l1sed the was ~creaming headlines like "Student body opportunity to, launch the first salvo in his' accused of 'Kremlin link' and 'Official SF Presidential election campaign. His letter has control of US!"". To be fair, the paPa s the kind of uninformed ult fromIrish bad Times reporting to the was gests USI is dominated

comment that can'resingood the Press.' a example neof sugby people "who view

ing congress, out even'this, it seems, , upset Christina, Murphy, who wishedhard-work! "they did point out that it was a very would take themselves a tr.ifle less seriou


'student instruments pr,opaganda and not iinlons agenciesas for resolving of real problems, ly"::: . ' and dealing with relevant issues". This was' The .lIJa;J..n division at the Congress was, howin'line with the Irish Times editorial of ever, on tEe financing of education, and iJ tw;o days before which said "if USI spent more t.ime on immediately relevant student

was on this issue too that the elections J. were largely decided. The present edu~atib


or, ~t,might el~cit greater interest". The Anne connolly wan,ted less emphasis on the " af1;a~:r::s and les~ ~n theon affairs o.fEast Daly, and Carol Coulter and fact ls that no motion East Timor was 'rim- ,,?fficer call forJohn a comprehensive grants scheme and'

taken at Congress, and were in fact onl¥ four ~ore on defe~se students' present living international motions taken aitogether.conditions. john of Curran, Eamonn Gilmore and The vast ma'joTity of the delegates' time ,:" ~ete McEvoy ran on the platform of rea£f'!'lasspent discussinl] such "relevant student~rmation of present policy. contd.' p. 4'


and not agencies for resolving real problems, . ' and dealing with relevant issues". This was' The .lIJa;J..n division at the Congress was,...

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