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PAUL HOWSE   Male  actor/presenter   Location  Berkshire   01635  874276   07799  834377     Details     Playing  age   28  -­‐  35   Height   6’0”     Weight   14st.  2lb   Hair  colour   Brown   Eye  colour   Blue   Build   Medium    

Own  transport   Full  Driving  License   Equity  Member  M00241356     BECTU  Member  G0529739         Acting  /Presenting     Role  /  Type   Captain  Henry   Killigrew   Research  Doctor  /   Director   Boson  ‘Skull’  Duggery     Presenter   Contributor   Technical  Contributor  

Presenter Parapsychologist   Dr.  Wilhelm  Van   Whackoff     Contributor   Master  of  Ceremonies     Co-­‐Presenter  /   Parapsychologist   Dr.  Ravenswood     Audrey  II     Parapsychologist   Actor  

Robbie Her  Otto  Flick   Hubert  Laurie   Ensemble   Contributor     Buttons  



Production /  Director   The  Pirates  of  Pasty  Bay Jason  Karl Temple  Hospithell  LIVE Jason  Karl The  Pirates  of  Pasty  Bay Jason  Karl Scare-­‐E  TV  Reporter Jason  Karl COUNTRYFILE Peter  Taylor 'DUNCAN  BANNATYNE'S   SEASIDE  RESCUE' Naomi  Templeton Scare-­‐E  TV  Reporter Jason  Karl High  Spirits  II     Jason  Karl Saucy  Jack  and  the  Space  Vixens     John  Lynch   Pitch  Perfect   Richard  Bacon ‘Wicked  Weekend’     Jason  Karl 'SCARIEST  PLACES  IN  BRITAIN' Jason  Karl Disney’s  Haunted  Mansion   Weekend  -­‐  Jason  Karl   Little  Shop  of  Horrors Cynthia  Brown Scariest  Places  in  Britain     Jason  Karl An  Evening  with  Anorak   Winston    Paul  Howse Girls  Night  Out   Patricia  Hickman Allo  Allo     Cynthia  Brown When  Night  Falls     Jill  White Der  Fledermaus Tom  Hawkes Night  Fever  -­‐  Halloween   Cinderella Jill  White Youth  Theatre  Documentary  

Company /  Venue   AtmosFEAR!  Entertainment   Group   AtmosFEAR!  Entertainment   Group  /  FearMasters   AtmosFEAR!  Entertainment   Group   Scare  Entertainment   Television   BBC   TwoFour  Broadcast   Scare  Entertainment   Television   Pure  TV    

       Additional  Information   Ethnicity   Skin  Color   Hair  Length   Accents      

Languages Spoken   Interested  in  

Janus Theatre  Co.     Edinburgh  TV/Film  Festival   -­‐  Channel  4  learning     Pure  Productions     Pure  Productions   Pure  Productions   Moulton  Theatre   Pure  Productions     One  man  show  -­‐  Touring  

Experienced in  

Whitehills Theatre  Co.   Moulton  Theatre   Moulton  Theatre   Central  Festival  Opera     Channel  5     Moulton  Theatre   Channel  4    

Organisation Membership   Facial  Characteristics   Perform  nude?     Native  accent  

White/Caucasian   White     Short  to  Medium   London,    Irish,  Scottish  ,  Southern   England,  Welsh,  American,  German,   French     English   Commercials,   Film  (Professional),   Modelling,   Panto,   Presenting,   Radio,   Teaching  Theatre,   Theatre  (Fringe(paid)),   Theatre  (Professional),   TV,   Voice  Over,   Extra  Work,   Featured  Extra  work   Compere  work     TV,   Theatre  (Professional),   Presenting,   Voice  Over,   Panto,   Compere  work     Equity   BECTU   Beard   Only  Professionally   Home  Counties  

Production and  Technical  Experience  

Role /  Type   Technical  Producer   Director   Technical  Producer   Production  Manager  

Production Manager   Chief  Electrician   Assistant  Director  

UK Tour  Lighting   Director     Lighting  Director   Director     Lighting  Director    

Production /  Director   Hellfire  Hall Jason  Karl Temple  Hospithell  LIVE Jason  Karl Buccaneer  Bay Jason  Karl The  Lion  the  Witch  &   The  Wardrobe Richard  Williams A  Christmas  Carol Richard  Williams The  Wizard  Of  OZ Richard  Williams DIY  Witchcraft     Jason  Karl

Company /  Venue   AtmosFEAR!  Entertainment   Group   AtmosFEAR!  Entertainment   Group  /  FearMasters   AtmosFEAR!  Entertainment   Group/TwoFour  Broadcast   Anvil  Arts  

Role /  Type   Technical  Producer  

Anvil Arts  

Pure Productions    

Assistant Production   Manager   Assistant  Dir/Lighting   Dir     Director  -­‐  Pure  TV    

Hedwig John Lynch Tom  Jones     Alice  Fletcher Allo  Allo  

Rose Tinted  Productions    


Moulton Theatre  


Moulton Theatre  

Lighting Director    

West Side  Story     Catherine  Yates

Thomas a  Beckett   Productions  

Special Effects   Consultant    

Anvil Arts  

Technical Producer   Production  Manager   Assistant  Production   Manager  

Production /  Director   Tinglers  Toy  Factory Jason  Karl   Phantom  Funtasia Jason  Karl   Original  Sin Paul  Chamberlain   Cinderella Ian  Good  

Company /  Venue   AtmosFEAR!  Entertainment   Group   AtmosFEAR!  Entertainment   Group  /Funtasia  Waterpark   Anvil  Arts  

Aladdin Ian  Good   High  Spirits  II     Jason  Karl   The  TV  Chef     Jason  Karl  (executive   producer) Little  Shop  of  Horrors  

Anvil Arts  /  UK  Productions  

Dinnerladies -­‐  Stage   Premier   Dial  M  for  Murder     Bob  Benjamin Star  Wrek     Steve  Dimmer

Moulton Theatre  

Anvil Arts  /  UK  Productions  

Pure TV     Pure  Television  

Moulton Theatre  

Whitehills Theatre  Company   Steve  Dimmer  Productions  


Acting Resume  

Paul Howse Acting Resume