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A little boy And a little mouse They were really great friends...

They were the best of pals

They played i l y games And danced around


silly songs all si lly and LOUD They sang

One day mouse asks “What would you like to be?”

The little boy had a think And he filled up with glee...

“I know!” the little boy whispered, “I know right now. I’d be an elephant trainer” and the mouse said


“I’d find an elephant Who needs a home So that he’s not all alone”

His name would be Steve And his second name Stevens. Our best friend he would be Just him and you and me.

I’d teach him tricks I’d teach him games.

We’d play all day Even when it rains!

We’d travel around From place to place...

Having LOTS of adventures It would be great!

“Oh yippee yee” said the little mouse “An elephant trainer, sounds like a big laugh!”

“I’ve never met an elephant Not twice nor once. I hope your dream comes true It would be such fun!”

Later that day The boy and the mouse Were walking back home To the little boy’s house....

And on their way Where off they went they saw a lonely big creature It was an...elephant!!

The boy and the mouse Looked at each other and knew This was a special day Their dreams had come true....

The Elephant Trainer  

A storybook idea for children about a little boy who has big dreams!

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