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fallen military

Photos: Dee James Article: Miranda Jade & Dee James

13 year old Will Jewell of Deep Run NC thought today was going to be like any Summer break day - spending time in the pool, riding around on his 4-wheeler, and checking his friends statuses on Facebook. That was, until he heard the roar of motorcycles coming down his driveway. On July 7th, Flags for Fallen Military, arrived at Will’s home to present him with a flag and flagpole in honor of his father who was lost in Iraq. Will was only 8 years old when his father, SPC. Steven Roy Jewell, died in August of 2007 a month after he arrived in Al Taqqadum, Iraq. He succumbed to his injuries when the Chinook helicopter he was a crew member of crashed. He was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment, Task Force 49, Fort Wainwright, Alaska. SPC. Jewell was 26 years old. Flags For Fallen Military is a Minnesota-based organization, whose mission is to provide a lasting honor and tribute to those families who have lost a loved one in the line of duty. Brian Adams, Flags for Fallen Military’s coordinator for North Carolina, started the organization to ensure that the memories of soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice stay fresh in the minds of the family and the public. Though not a military man himself, Brian comes from a military family and thus felt obliged to pay tribute to America’s brave men and women. Vickie Wessel, Will’s grandmother, first heard of the organization through the Internet. From there, she requested the memorial. The flag and flagpole were both provided by Flags For Fallen Military, while a plaque thanking Steven Jewell for “paying the supreme price for freedom for his son Will, and his fellow Americans” was donated by Kinston Memorials. Members of Flags for Fallen Military were not the only ones who showed up to honor Steven Jewell’s memory. Also there was a fleet of motorcycle riders, including members of the Combat Veterans Association, The Patriot Guard Riders, Rolling Thunder NC-1 and more. As an honor, Will Jewell was given a ride by Sgt. Jonathan Tart, son-in-law of Christina Kazakavage of Harnett County. She lost her son, U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Adam K. Ginett, in January of 2010. Thus, she feels deep commiseration with Will, as they both have lost treasured family members to the horrors of war. The ceremony was attended by Will’s relatives, family friends, and elected officials. Will received a pin emblazoned with the Lenoir County seal. His father received a brick in Lenoir County’s “Walk of Honor”, a memorial to all soldiers who have died during wartime that originated in Lenoir County. The efforts of such veteran organizations as well as local veteran tributes ensure that the memories of all who have given their lives will not be forgotten.


7 37

Injured? HireAHeavyweight.com Lisa Lanier has been helping injured riders for 20 years. Contact Lisa directly at llanier@lanierlawgroup.com or call her for a free personal consultation.

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the ride Runnin’ up 2-81 from Loop 83 Cycles far back as the eye can see We’re rolling out to nowhere Then we’ll turn around and head for the sea Hear the Shovelheads scream Make ‘em louder See the Indians gleam Feel the power We got all kinds of time Between this open road And that Louisiana line Whether dusty back road or highway You can take your pick You can join us on the parkway But you gotta make it quick Getting you to leave this parade Will be the trick Hear the Knuckleheads scream Getting louder See the Super Glides gleam Lookin’ prouder You see, there’s nothing but time Between this open road And that Louisiana line

by: benjamin travino



The Kubota RTV1100 is the first utility vehicle to feature the protection, comfort, and quietness of a factory-installed Premium Grand Cab. It combines the luxury of a standard air-conditioner, heater and defroster with the rugged, hard-working durability you expect from a Kubota 24.8 HP diesel engine. Not wind, not heat, not rain, not snow – nothing can stop you from being comfortable and productive. Weather or not – go beyond the elements.

Hines Equipment Company 1751 S. Wesleyan Blvd. Rocky Mount, NC 27803 (252) 446-0333

Financing is available to qualified customers through Kubota Credit Corporation U.S.A. For product or dealer information, visit www.kubota.com ©Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2007

Larry "Keith" Walston By: Johnny King

Saying Goodbye

How do you say goodbye to a man that had a heart of gold? How do you say goodbye to a man that was a peacemaker amongst his friends and never met a stranger? On July 24th that is exactly what the family and friends of Larry ‘Keith’ Walston did. Keith, as he was known by family and friends, died unexpectedly in a motorcycle accident on July 20th on his way to a friend’s house. He was a son, brother, father, uncle, and most of all a FRIEND to those that knew him. Keith was the father of 2 kids: Paige and Matthew Walston. Sadly, 3 years ago, he lost his son Matthew in a tragic automobile accident and Keith dealt with the heartache of his loss every day after. He mourned his son quietly, but tried to spend as much time with his daughter, Paige, as he could. They would watch movies; go to Civil War battlefields together, talk about the wars, and just hangout whenever possible. Although there was no wake and the services were at the cemetery only, you could tell Keith was loved by many, as family members, childhood friends, past acquaintances, and fellow bikers converged on Evergreen Cemetery to pay their last respects to their family member and friend.

The bikes lined up at the funeral home with his childhood friend Ricky Tant in the lead followed by Keith’s’ nephew, Bryan Walston. The rest of the pack included members of the Red Devils MC, Tuscarora MC, Freedom Riders MC, Bikers for Christ and CBA. The day was an extremely hot one, and the comment was made that Keith would have complained that they had to pick the hottest day to have the services. There were pictures of Keith with his children and Paige Walston stood up and thanked everyone for coming and paying their respects to her father. That she hoped that with his last breath after the accident that he opened his blue eyes and they were met by the green eyes of her brother Matt welcoming his father home. She would miss her father dearly, but knew he was with her brother, who he had missed so terribly. The services were then turned over to Thumper Dixon, who had seen Keith just a few days before. “Keith knew he was going to heaven,” Thumper told everyone because he always greeted Thumper in the same way, a gesture that only he and Keith knew. As a lone biker cranked his bike and took off, Thumper assured everyone that Keith was riding beside us as we ventured out on the rode on his new Harley riding streets of gold. He would be looking out for all of us that he cared about and loved him. Keith Walston, will be missed by all that knew him and loved him. His family will mourn him and his friends will ride with Keith looking out for them till they all meet him again. He is riding the streets of gold on a brand new Harley now, smiling down on us with his son beside him on his journey through the pearly gates. To the family of Keith I send my deepest condolences, to the Red Devils MC, just remember he is still riding with you, to everyone else we all have a new guardian angel looking out for us where ever we go. Keith was a special man to many in many ways but to me he was my FRIEND…. Rest in Peace My Friend…





your Health Behind Barz


In the United States Glucosamine is the best selling complementary therapy for osteoarthritis. Most of the time glucosamine is paired with chondroitin. Glucosamine and chondroitin are a part of normal healthy cartilage. Cartilage is the cushion between the joints. The combination of dietary supplements helps to build cartilage. Chondroitin can come from natural sources, such as shark or bovine cartilage, or it can be made in the lab. Chondroitin is also known as chondroitin sulfate, chondroitin sulfuric acid, and chonsurid. Chondroitin sulfate is a combination of chondroitin and mineral salt. This combination of dietary supplements is said to help with pain, mobility, and the quality of life for the user. It takes about four to six weeks for a person to see and feel the results from this combination of supplements. God has made all things good and we need to use wisdom in all that we eat or place in our body. As with any over the counter medications or herbs, please consult your doctor for guidance. Deborah Alston RN


n oh


charity poker run

The Charity Poker Run for John and Karen Adams was a great success! They were involved in a major motorcycle accident on May 20th in Greenville, N.C. The run was held on Saturday, July 28th, at Rocky Mount Motorcycle Club raising over $3,000 dollars.


e r a k

Written By: Carmen Pictures By: Vinney

Carmen Scarbel directed the event; Carmen and his wife Milly have known John and Karen for over thirty years. John worked for Carmen at his place of business (Carmen’s Mobile Repair) for several years as a mechanic. John and Karen have had numerous surgeries since the accident. We were fortunate that John and Karen could both attend the event. John was brought by his family and Karen was transported from the rehabilitation center to attend. We would like to give thanks for all the people who turned out to support the event. There were over one hundred and sixteen riders involved in the run. Our thanks also goes to everyone who helped before, during and after the event. Thanks to the Rocky Mount Motorcycle club for allowing us to host the event at their facility and our sponsors who provided time and prize donations as well as all volunteers who gave their time.

If anyone would like to contribute any further donations please send them to: John & Karen Adams 1494 Woodduck rd. Elm City NC 27822


John & Karen Adams

List of Individuals and Venders involved. Donnie & Vicky Lancaster Lisa Payne Jarett & Sheryl Umstead Cathy Famularo Romek Lankosz (Nash Sheriff Dept) Dusty Marshel - NAPA Auto Parts BQ Grills - Melvin Whitman Betty’s Gifts & Flowers - Betty Pierce Battleboro Hardware & Supply Co. Inc. - Rick & Brenda Bowden Fisher Auto Parts - Ray Joyner Rocky Mount Radiator & A/C Inc. American Printers, Inc - Sam Taylor Precision Tune Ronald Sykes Alignment Larry Wester Auto Stoney Creek Cycle Repair Medlin Brother’s Body Shop East Coast Transmissions Foymart Pridgen Tire Albert Wiggins Express Inspections - Mike Jacobs Mike Wall - Street of Gold Hearse Co. Bryan & Denise McGraff Melanie’s Custom Creations Melanie & Kelly Burns

Car Quest of Sharpsburg - Joe Ray Cornwell Tools- Ray Mathieu Rocky Mount Harley Davidson Biker Barn Behind Barz Motorcycle Mag Two Wheel Accessories Good Tymes Kent Furniture Victor Padgeant & Lee Summerlin Classic Diner in Tarboro - Bud 1-800-Radiator & A/C - George White Hunter Engineering- Paul Bergenn Amplified Sounds - James Anderson Emma & Henry Braswell Carmen’s Mobile Repair Carmen & Milly Scarbel Chuck Hardee Rocky Mount Moose Lodge John’s Maintenance John & Theresa Scarbel Martha Keel Fred Ayers Nick Gardner Pam Whitley Oak Level Café And Rocky Mount Motorcycle Club


We offer same day service and $9.95 oil change! Call for details!

Service Fellowship Hang-Out Fri . Nights 7pm until Sunday Mornings: 10am-11am hang out 11am-12pm Service

John 3:16


Rev. Danny "PreacherMan" James New email... gotc4godsglory@yahoo.com


7442 South NC Hwy 58 Elm City, NC 27822


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and alex


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Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson will have vendors, food, shopping with up to 50% off obsolete & discontinued licensed H-D Merchandise and Motorclothes

Find the motorcycle of your dreams during Fall Rally at the Harley Shop at the Beach. Browse through a huge selection of new & used Harley-Davidson.

nd ual o c n se an

Blue Knights NC XIII

Homegrown Heroes/ Fallen Officer Memorial Ride June 16th, 2012 was a bittersweet day for the Blue Knights NC XIII. On one hand, they hosted an outstanding event, but on the other hand, their cause stayed close to their minds. June 16th saw the Second Annual Homegrown Heroes/ Fallen Officer Memorial Ride take place. The event had an amazing turnout of 115 motorcycles carrying 143 people. The group rode 70 miles, ending up at the Retired Military Association in Elizabethtown, where they wolfed down lunch prepared by Beef O’Brady’s. The goal of this particular ride was to raise money for two different organizations – North Carolina Concerns of Police Survivors (NC C.O.P.S.) and the Wounded Warriors Project. NC C.O.P.S. helps people who have close connections to officers killed in duty rebuild their lives through donations and support. The organization was founded in 1984 and has gone on to aid hundreds of North Carolina cops. The equally admirable goal of the Wounded Warriors Project is to help rehabilitate servicemen and women who have incurred mental or physical illnesses on or after September 11th, 2001. Though both agencies are operated at a national level, grassroots chapters of these organizations can be found in North Carolina. By donating or otherwise pledging support to them, you can make a difference in a serviceman or woman’s heart – or even life. All told, $1000 each was awarded to each agency, thanks to the Blue Knights’ efforts. Notable attendees of the event were Michael J. Brown Sr., President of Blue Knights NC XIII, Chaplain William McCoy, LTC Michael Johns, Provost Marshall, XVIII Airborne Corp and Fort Bragg, Mrs. Catherine Callemyn, President, NC C.O.P.S., and SGT Hunt, NC State Highway Patrol. The ride honored many fallen heroes, but in particular brought attention to the tragic death of Bladen County’s Deputy Sheriff Dwayne Charles Hester. Survived by his wife and two daughters, Mr. Hester was laid to rest the Wednesday prior to the Blue Knights event. Two other heroes mentioned were Officer Charles Callemyn and Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Matthews, who both met unexpected fates while in the line of duty. Indeed, a bittersweet day for the Blue Knights NC XIII. With the names of fallen heroes refreshed in their memory, the organization still pressed forward with donations to supportive agencies, reminding everyone that, despite such great losses, life still goes on.


Photos by: Dee ‘OneMore James’ Story by: Miranda Jade

Donations can continue to be made at your local Relay for Life organization.


Where to find BB

WINNERS 1st Place: Cydnee Reeves 2nd Place: Kelli Hogwood 3rd Place: Krystal Crutchfield

Busco Beach in Goldsboro, N.C., was the scene for the annual Daisy Duke Bottoms Down Show and ATV & MX Bike Keg Roll Contest! Eight contestants battled it out on the stage and on the mechanical bull to see who would be this year’s winner of the Daisy Duke contest. The weather was hot and so was the competition! Congrats ladies! Gage Griffin who won the Barrel Rolling Contest beat out all the other competition... all adults! Congrats Gage! Winner of the barrel rolling contest was young (10 yr. old) Gage Griffin.

The only brown baggin’ for miles! Live band every Saturday night! Big screen TV’s & 9’ pool tables! Visit our website:

www.saltiedog.com for our band schedule

1. LBJ Chevrolet Nashville 2. Collier HD Roanoke Rapids 3. BHC Automotive Zebulon 4. Stairway to Heaven Biker Church Elm City 5. Biker Barn Pilot 6. Whisky Dick’s Goldsboro 7. Shelley Milburn Nationwide Ins. Rocky Mount 8. CycleMax Wilson 9. Open Road Biker Gear Goldsboro 10. Hometown HD Winterville 11. Good Tymes Club Rocky Mount 12. Mechanical Air Greenville 13. Thomas & Farris Attorneys Wilson 14. Salti Dog Macclesfield 15. Ron Ayers Motorsports Greenville 16. Myrtle Beach HD Myrtle Beach SC 17. Rocky Mount HD Rocky Mount 18. Tippetts Mill Store Zebulon 19. L&L #6 Nashville 20. Jack’s Store Elm City 21. Harper’s Nursery Oak Level 22. Black Bear HD Wythville VA 23. Shenandoah HD Staunton, VA 24. Bayside HD Portsmouth, VA 25. Brewer Cycles Henderson 26. Outer Banks HD Harbinger 27. Knuckleheadz Kustomz Morehead City 28. Perry’s Gun Shop Wendell 29. Alligator River Growers Englehard 30. Dirt’s Cycle Shack LaGrange 31. L&L #9 Nashville 32. Hines Equipment Rocky Mount 33. ABC Spring Hope 34. West Ridge Grill Rocky Mount 35. East Coast Wings Greenville 36. Texas Steakhouse Roanoke Rapids 37. Hollands Super Cycle Pink Hill 38. Hotrods Fayetteville 39. Britt Motorsports Wilmington 40. Dick’s Hotdog Stand Wilson 41. East Coast Wings Kinston 42. Horne’s Hardware Pink Hill 43. Locked & Loaded Garner 44. Trackside Antiques Selma 45. Big Bike Lights 46. Copper Kettle Rest. Boydton, VA 47. Country Times Goldsboro 48. Down East Video Goldsboro 49. Beefmastor Inn Wilson 50. Creech’s Deli Zebulon 51. Miller Music Wilson 52. Ai Insurance Rocky Mount 53. Pipe Dreams VA. You can also find BB at events and rallies across NC, SC & VA. There is NO SECRET where we are going!

1st Annual Charity Ride/Block Party To benefit GIVE KIDS THE WORLD The story of Give Kids the World begins with a little girl with a wish and the desire of one man to make that wish come true. The little girl’s name was Amy. Amy had leukemia and one wish to visit the theme parks in Orlando. To facilitate Amy’s wish, the request of a complimentary stay was made to a respected hotelier. As he had done many times before, the hotelier gladly obliged and Amy’s wish was that much closer to being realized. Sadly the remainder of Amy’s travel plans took too long to arrange and her wish was never granted. Amy had passed away. Time simply ran out. This unfulfilled wish inspired a man, the hotelier, to make a vow that NO child in need would ever be failed again. That man was Henri Landwirth and his desire to ensure that Amy’s story would never repeat itself is where the story of Give Kids the World begins. Today the village is a 70 acre resort complete with over 140 villa accommodations, entertainment attractions, whimsical venues and fun specifically designed for children with special needs. With YOUR help and the help of many generous individuals, corporations and partnering wish-granting organizations, Give the Kids the World has welcomed more than 115,000 families from all 50 states and over 70 countries. With your help today we can add another family to provide a memorable magical, no cost experience to children with life threatening illnesses and their families. On September 15, 2012 from 11am-4pm Candlewood Suites in conjunction with Cape Fear Harley-Davidson is hosting a Charity Ride/Block party. Various levels of sponsorship and participation are available. We are also seeking vendors, door prizes and donations. We are available to discuss options and to pick up your contributions and donations. Levels of sponsorship are as follows: · Platinum: $1000 donation with booth, preferred logo and mc announcement · Gold: $500 donation with booth and mc mention · Silver: $250 donation with mc mention · Special Friends: $100 donation Please contact Michelle Williams, Paula Schronce, or Adam Collier at 910.868.0873 to support this event and a wonderful organization! You can also email at us at csffsales@gmail.com.



MUGZ photos: moe, vinney, bald eagle & onemore



NCDBA 1st Annual Poker Run (North Carolina Deaf Blind Associates) June 9th, 2012 The day was perfect for our 1st poker run….not too hot! Cycle Max of Wilson was gracious enough to host our first stop! The NCDBA representatives were out there assisting with registration, talking with riders, and selling t-shirts “Don’t Tread on Me”. Also, the Wilson Regional Center, a division of the Department of Deaf and Hard of Hearing through the Department of Health and Human Services, came out and set up tables with literature and equipment relating to Deaf and Deaf Blind. One of their missions is to spread awareness through our community of the services they offer. People started arriving at Cycle Max around 8:30 am to begin registration. Individuals from many of the surrounding counties participated! We had a total of 35 motorcycles to participate, with approximately 10-12 with an extra rider. The Marines Motorcycle Club of South Carolina led the pack to each stop as traffic control. They made it SO EASY for all us to continue on as a group! Thanks guys! Our first stop was at Plan B of Smithfield. We were welcomed by a great group of people. Everyone stuck around to socialize and to quench our thirsts! Our next stop was to Pastimes of Clayton. Caught some shade on the back patio area, had drinks, shot the sh*t, relaxed a bit, and had a great time. The next stop was to Locked & Loaded of Garner. We were all hungry by this point and ready to eat some wonderful food! We filled our bellies, chilled, checked out other motorcycles, and chatted for close to 2 hours before heading to our next stop. We finally moved along to our final stop…… 97 Roadhouse of Wendell. Waiting for us was a pig pickin,’ the All My Rowdy Friends band, door prizes, and the soon-to-be determined final winners of the poker run! We had a HUGE crowd out there! Our first poker run was a success! We did have a few quirks but that was to be expected. Next year will be a lot better and will go a lot smoother! We hope everyone will join us again next year and bring more friends with them! Thank you riders for your participation and support to this fundraiser! The NCDBA would like to thank all of our volunteers, Marines Motorcycle Club of SC, Cycle Max, Plan B, Locked & Loaded, Pastimes, 97 Roadhouse, and all of our donators for your support and items that were given for this event! We could not have pulled this off without the help of every single person! We look forward to seeing everyone again and new friends next year!


story & photos: Shelley Serani Barnes

Behind Barz



en res

Bike Nightz 2012

Dirt’s Cycle Shack dougsharleydavidson.com (843) 669-9961 coleh-d.com (304) 324-8116 hometownharleydavidson.com (252) 439-1345 rockymounthd.com (252) 446-7292 collierhd.com (252) 537-6493 outerbankshd.com (252) 338-8866 baysidehd.com (757) 397-5550 alligatorrivergrowers.com (252) 925-9731 cyclemax.biz (252) 291-2121 azbikeweek.com (480) 644-8191 brewercycles.com (252) 492-8553 karneylaw.com (704) 376-7982 knuckleheadzkustomz.com (252) 247-4700 bikerbarninc.com (919) 269-8268 perrysgunshop.com (919) 365-4200 duckrabbitbrewery.com (252) 753-7745 thebeefmastorinn.com (252) 237-7343 milehighhotsauce.com 919) 580-0195 openroadbikergear.com (919) 778-7001 aroutlawjerky.com (919) 306-1275 myrtlebeachbikeweek.com (336) 643-1367 blackbearhd.com (276) 228-9000 georgesbbqsauce.com (252) 459-3084

APRIL 7th - CycleMax of Wilson 6723 Ward Blvd. MAY 4th - Collier Harley-Davidson 6-9pm 316 Premier Blvd. Roanoke Rapids, N.C. JUNE 9th - Saltie Dog Bar 3pm until 514 S. Fountain Rd. Macclesfield, N.C. JULY 4th - Pipedreams Bracey, Virginia 3pm until SEPTEMBER 29 - EFFE / BHC Automotive Zebulon, N.C. NEW DATE! SEPTEMBER 8th - Hometown HD 6-9pm 2300 Elaine’s Way Winterville, N.C. OCTOBER 12th - Rocky Mount HD 6-9pm 928 N. Winstead Ave. Rocky Mount, N.C. NOVEMBER 3rd- FINALE - Whiskey Dick’s 2101 S. Us Hwy 17 in Goldsboro 23

The Good, The Bad &

Written by: Lady D Photos by: Moe

8th Annual Biker and Community

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Rally (GBU) was hosted by Wayne County Bikers For Christ and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Biker Church. This Rally was held on July 14, 2012 at the Rosewood Worship Center in Goldsboro, North Carolina. A special thanks to Rosewood Worship Center congregation and their Pastor Lynn Epps for letting us use their fine church. There were GREAT bands, Soloists, a Bike Show, Poker Run, Free Hotdogs, Fantastic Fellowship and lots of Fun. The bands/soloist that participated were Brutha Boogie, Walking by Faith Gospel Group, South River Band and Defenders of the Cross Band. They all gave a wonderful Christ centered presentations about faith in Jesus. Special Guests were Pastor Fred Zariczny (Rev Z), the founder of Bikers For Christ from San Diego, California and Pastor Fred Gorini (Pastor G) from Daytona, Florida, who is the South Eastern Regional Elder of Bikers For Christ. Rev Z flew in on Tuesday the 11th and stayed until Monday the 18th. Pastor G from Florida was the special speaker at the GBU and shared about when to sit, stand and walk on for Jesus. Powerful, encouraging words we all appreciated hearing. Many M/C Clubs, R/C Clubs, and M/M came to GBU and the brotherhood of respect and love for all was present. Vendors were there to share their products and enjoy the fellowship and fun as well. It is great to see what is available and talk to the people whose hearts are in what they do. Now Saturday may have been the GBU rally but BFC, Rev Z as well as Elder Gilbert Baker (Rev G), from the GBU Biker Church, were busy riding and ministering to downed bikers, hospitalized bikers, and even did a television taping to be broadcast later. There is never a dull moment when the brothers get together. The television taping was at WRAY-TV 30 in Wilson, North Carolina. Rev Z , Rev G, State Elder Terryl Parry (Tap) and North East Regional Elder Tim Fontaine shared their personal testimonies and how Jesus changed their lives and has helped them overcome the alcohol, drugs, and other things they wanted to let go. About 20 BFC brothers, sisters and friends went to the studio to support them. On Sunday Rev Z spoke at Rosewood Worship Center morning service and shared his heart. It is always good to hear his teaching on the Word of God. BFC and GBU’s focus is to reach out to Bikers, it does not matter who you are. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Biker Church meets on Sunday at 10 am at Rev G’s garage to share the love of Jesus and fellowship. Feel free to contact Rev G at HD4Jesus@nc.rr.com if you have any questions or need to talk to someone.



& The Ugly

y Outreach

What can you say? Brotherhood of Love Great fellowship Long Rides Marvelous Music Loving Jesus Nothing better than that!

We are licensed in North Carolina and Virginia Call us for LOW RATES on motorcycle insurance!

Be Blessed Lady D JFFJ

We are licensed in North Carolina and Virginia



Big Boss brewing

The BB Crew visited with the Big Boss Brewing Co. conveniently located in Raleigh, N.C. Sitting out front, the first thing that catches our eye is a military jeep with the Big Boss logo on it... Pretty cool! Brewery tours only happen every 2nd Saturday of the month at 2pm. and even though we missed it by a few days, one of the Big Boss masterbrewers gave us the “Grand Tour!” The 30-minute tour takes you through our entire facility where you will learn about Big Boss’s beer-making process. And afterward you can try a few sample brews for $1 each (limit three). The tour is free and no reservations are required. Please allow extra time for parking. Private tours are available in the evenings during the week. For availability, contact Jesse, the bar manager : jesse@bigbossbrewing.com

ahhhh...sample the perfection! Big Boss Brewing Company was started in 2006 and shipped it first beer in the 2nd quarter of 2007 in the triangle area of North Carolina. It was formed as collaboration between Geoff Lamb, a UNC graduate, who returned to North Carolina in 2006 to join forces with Brewmaster, Brad Wynn, who has 12+ years of brewing experience including several years with Victory, Wild Goose and Native Brewing Company.

big boss brewing facility 1249 Wicker Dr. Raleigh, N.C.

big boss taproom


The Big Boss Taproom offers darts, ping-pong, pool, a bench seat from a ‘73 Plymouth Duster and beers on tap straight from the brewery. It’s all here at the Big Boss Taproom.



Send us Your photo representin’ BB “Hi, my name is Handlebarz.” I live on the beach in Kitty Hawk, N.C. Paul and Linda Schroeder from Rocky Mount, N.C, told me I could get my picture in your Behind Barz magazine if I held this sticker, so here I am behind “my handlebarz.”

Send your photos to: behindbarzmm@suddenlink.net

27 29

Been There, S

Iron Mutt Ri

By: Chewy (Biker Dog)

Christi presents my custom bandana and a dog tag to Will, son of SPC Steven Jewell, KIA in Afghanistan

During our travels, a lot of people tell us they support our military and their families. When there is an opportunity to show action behind those words at a funeral or memorial service for a Fallen Hero, why is it that most of the attendees are “strangers on steel horses” and a few people who aren’t bikers? Recently, when people thank my driver for his service, he replies with something like “It was an honor, but what have you done to honor and respect our Fallen Heroes, our military and our veterans?” The most common response is “Uhhhhhh…” It seems to boil down to people’s priorities. Honoring our Fallen and their families is a low priority for most Americans, or so it seems from our perspective. On August 14, 2007, SPC Steven R. Jewell, US Army, gave the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq. He left behind a wife and a child. In July, Flags for Fallen Military held a flag dedication ceremony in honor of SPC Jewell. My driver and I were unsure if we would be attending because my driver had a medical procedure to his neck and left shoulder. A friend, Christi (Gold Star Mother of Adam Ginett, TSgt, USAF EOD, KIA 19 January 2010), told us that Will (SPC Jewell’s son, now 13) was to receive and raise the US flag at the ceremony. Although my driver was in pain and could not lift his left arm, he decided to take me on the Harley to Deep Run, NC to honor SPC Jewell and to meet Will. Family, friends of the family, and “strangers on steel horses” were present. We had representatives from Patriot Guard Riders, American Legion Riders, Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, Southern Cruisers, Rolling Thunder, and a few others. There were members of Freedom Biker Church among the “strangers on steel horses.” Christians preach the way to salvation and they preach to spread the gospel and minister to people. There are several places in the Bible where God and His Son tell us to care for the widows and fatherless children (some translations say orphans). When there’s an opportunity to comfort grieving spouses and children, we see a number of Christian bikers and Christian motorcycle-related organizations, but where are the churches?


ICE CREAM! The USO held an event in Cary called Scoops for Troops. It was the first of this event and we could see that Patricia DeZetter and USO volunteers put a lot of planning and effort into this event to show appreciation to our military. It was hot and humid, but there was a great turnout! Lumpy’s ice cream gave me a free cup of ice cream to cool my tongue; he knew how to get to my heart. At Scoops for Troops, we talked with founders of an organization that got our attention: Wags 4 Tags. Similar to Patriot Rovers, they rescue dogs, train them, and then assign them to a veteran or military service member as trained companion dogs or psychological service dogs. W4T rescues nearly any breed from “kill shelters” and, like me, the doggies have a chance to help someone and be in a forever home. Although I am now retired (sort of), my driver and I plan to meet with W4T to see if there are ways that we can help.

We barked with representatives of Wags 4 Tags at the USO Scoops for Troops

CHEWY The Biker Dog: www.bik

Sniffed That

Rides Again Brian Volk of Guardian Brotherhood is 1 of 5 who completed all three Charlie Mikes

We did it again – another IronButt (Saddlesore 1,000). Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association NC 15-1 held Charlie Mike III on August 3-4 and rode 1,000 miles in 24 hours in honor of those who served in World War II. Charlie Mike is phonetic for the letters CM, which means “continue the mission.” CMIII started at the Harnett County Veterans Memorial in Lillington, then went to USS Yorktown (Charleston, SC), USS North Carolina (Wilmington, NC), USS Wisconsin (Norfolk, VA), a section of the WWII Memorial Highway in Richmond, and ended at the Airborne Special Operation Museum in Fayetteville. CVMA submits all of the documentation to the IronButt Association on behalf of the riders. There are four bikers and a passenger who completed the three Charlie Mikes: QuietMan, Wizard, Brian Volk, my driver and me (the passenger). It was humid, but as long as we were rolling, it felt OK. We left Lillington at about 1030. We had fuel stops every 100 miles. Everyone reset their trip odometer at each fuel stop. If anyone got separated from the group, they knew to ride until they reached 100 miles since the last fuel stop, then go to a gas station at the next exit. We arrived at the USS Yorktown at about 1500 (3pm). We were in stop-n-go traffic on US-17 in Myrtle Beach, which was typical for Friday evening.


Quietman - 3 Charlie Mikes and Boom - 2 Charlie Mikes led the way during Charlie Mike III.

Wizard (3 Charlie Mikes) flying the US flag and WWII flag on the last leg of Charlie Mike III In Georgetown, we encountered some careless people in cars. Jim and Christi (their second Charlie Mike and the parents of Adam Ginett, TSgt, USAF, KIA 18 Jan 2010, Afghanistan) were nearly taken out by a car as we turned into a gas station. Leaving the gas station, Wizard, Schmuck, my driver and I were nearly taken out by a lady driving a blue SUV. We were on a four lane road and she was drifting among the lanes. My driver and I caught up with her and rode alongside her for about 20 seconds – we watched her with her head down the entire time while she was texting. WTB? (What the bark?) We accelerated to get clear of her. About a minute later, we saw blue lights in our rear view mirror. She was caught! Krzywuf drove from Lillington to US-17 near Ocean Isle to intercept us and take pictures and video as we rode north on US-17. We arrived at the USS North Carolina at about 8pm. We stopped for a few photos, then rode to Goldsboro. My driver’s neck and left shoulder was in pain, which was caused when he and I were hit while on our Harley in September 2009. He thought about aborting when we arrived in Goldsboro, but we were carrying a special flag for Ed “TailGunner” Williams, who went to be with our Lord earlier this year. Ed rode in Charlie Mike II, but his bike had an electrical problem and could not finish the ride. God had other plans for Ed.

I had a bad helmet day on Charlie Mike III (Photo by Mike ’Krzywuf’ Wilson)


Been There, Sniffed That In Goldsboro, my driver decided to “continue our mission.” We arrived in Goldsboro at 10pm and had a few extra minutes for a quick dinner. CVMA VA 27 met us east of Emporia, VA and led us to the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, arriving at about 1:45am. While enroute from Norfolk to Richmond, my driver had a glimpse of an object flying by to the right of his head. It happened so quickly that he didn’t have time to react or get a good view of the object or critter. When we refueled in Richmond, we realized that our Honor and Remember flag was gone. We think the object hit our center flag and snapped our flag pole at the base. Wizard told us he saw something slide by him on the pavement, but didn’t know what it was at the time. Sadly, that Honor and Remember flag was to be presented to the Dogwood Chapter of the American Gold Star Mothers. That flag was on two rides across the USA in honor of Fallen Heroes and it was on its second Charlie Mike. After crossing into North Carolina, other CVMA bikers and friends linked up with us along the way. We arrived at the Airborne Special Operations Museum located in Fayetteville at about 9:45am, completing about 1,060 miles within 24 hours. This specific mission was completed. If you want to see more pictures, please visit my Facebook page. If you’re interested in participating in the next Charlie Mike, you can watch for the event announcement in Facebook next summer.

Continued from page 31

Three-time Charlie Mikers (l to r) Quietman, Brian Volk, my driver, me, & Wizard.

Charlie Mike III at USS North Carolina in Wilmington, NC

Sand Sculpture at Santa Barbara Beach my driver wouldn’t let me get any closer. Riders completed Charlie Mike at the Airborne Special Operations Museum, Fayetteville, North Carolina.


a hero behind the heroes Jeremy Baker

There are many organizations that herald American soldiers as heroes. Too often, however, the men and women behind these organizations go unrecognized, generally because such men and women don't do what they do for the recognition - they do it for the troops. Here's a closer look at one of the heroes behind the heroes, a man named Jeremy Baker. When asked about his involvement in soldier care initiatives, he said, "Well, I didn't really get involved until about four years ago. Until then, I only sent some care packages now and then. But then, I had a close friend get deployed to Afghanistan. When he got home, he talked about how some of his buddies (especially some of the young ones without close family) weren't hearing their names called during mail call. Though the soldiers who did get a lot of care packages shared the loot with their friends, the young soldiers still felt neglected." Jeremy sensed that there was a need to give back to the troops - to all of them. As a member of the organization “Soldier’s Angels”, Jeremy signed up for their card groups, and what he calls his “Card Ministry” was born. In 2011, with the help of the Gold Star Mothers and Hot Rodz, an unbelievable 7,000 cards made their way overseas. Jeremy never expects anything back for his efforts; however, the letters and cards he does receive are very special to him. He even received a Navy challenge coin as a “thank you”.


Written By: Miranda Jade Photos By: Dee ‘OneMore’ James

In 2010, Jeremy joined a more local organization that he could be more hands on with, called "Operation Helping Hands for Heroes". In 2011, Jeremy joined another local initiative called the "Patriot Guard Riders". At their events, he sells hand crafted patriotic jewelry and donates the proceeds. He even created a patriotic card initiative within "OHHH" called "Operation Thank You". When asked earlier in 2012 to become a board member of "OHHH", Jeremy accepted the position with honor. It could be said that the patriotic spirit flows through his veins. He says, "Being able to stand (or in my case wheelchair) in a flag line to honor our heroes is very touching and honorable! Even though I am a part of OHHH & Patriot Guard Riders I still do a lot “on my own” so to speak because that’s just who I am. I just want to show our Soldiers as much as I can they are loved, honored and supported!" Many lonely soldiers who have received his cards believe that Jeremy is, too, a hero.

Whiskey Dick’s ‘

Summer Concert Series Presents

story & photos Moe

Steel Magnolia

What can be better than sitting in your favorite lounge chair, on the river front, throwing down a few ice cold brews and hanging out with your friends at one of the hottest bars in NC? Well!!! Doing it with two kickass Country bands bringing down the house.

On June 30th, 2012, Whiskey Dick’s continued its Summer Concert series by welcoming the Blake Kearney Band and the Country Duo, Steel Magnolia. The Blake Kearney Band, a local NC band, opened up for Steel Magnolia. I must say, this group of young men know how to keep a crowd moving. They put on an awesome show. If you get a chance, check out one of their gigs. These guys are on their way to the top. Second to take the River Front stage, was the superstar Country Duo, Steel Magnolia. Meghan Linsey and Joshua Scott Jones rocked the stage with everyones favorite Steel Magnolia songs. The crowd just couldn't get enough of them. They returned several times to the stage to make sure that everyone got to hear their favorite song. Wow!!! What an awesome show this was. The BB crew sure enjoyed being a part of it. Be sure to check out the other great Concerts scheduled this Summer at Whisky Dick's. Some of the upcoming Concerts include Big Smo (one of my favorites) on September 15th and October 12th is the final concert in this years concert series. Colt Ford will be bringing down the house that night. The 2012 Concert Series Signature Guitar, signed by every artist that has played at Whiskey Dick's this season, will also be given away that night to the person with the winning raffle ticket So don't forget to purchase a ticket so you have a chance to win. All the proceeds raised from the raffle will go to benefit the National MS Society. See Y'all at the next concert.

l) Blake Kearney. Above) Steel Magnolia

Above) Steel Magnolia. R) Eric Knoll

l) Wes Kyatt. Above) crowd enjoying the music.


35 35

Collier Harley-Davidson

birthday bash June 16th - What a perfect day for a birthday bash...weather was great, crowd was great, and the band, “Off Kilter” rocked the house! This wasn’t just any BDay Bash, this was the 7th Annual Birthday Bash at Collier HD! Many prizes were given out that day! Scott strickland was the winner of the 883 Low H-D valued at $9,000.00, Scott Hall was the grill winner valued at $4,000.00... and Tony Fox was the winner of the SnapOn tool box valued at $2,600.00. There were lots of door prizes, raffles and give aways. Special thanks goes out to Carolina Eagle Distributing, Deatons Design and Fabrication and the Roanoke Valley Rescue Squad. Proceeds from the B-Day Bash went to the Roanoke Valley Rescue Squad....RVRS also sold BBQ chicken plates throughout the day. As always, the beer was free!. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work and dedication! Thanks also goes to the vendors and to everyone for coming out and helping us celebrate our 7th Annual BDay Bash in Roanoke Rapids, N.C.!


First Ride I've Yet Miles To Ride Saddle bags are packed That old bed roll is tied First light of day I'll be on my way I've yet miles to ride Time to say goodbye babe Lord knows we both tried No guilt, no blame Now the wind calls my name I've yet miles to ride A gypsy seed has taken root Where once my heart reside It's reason and rhyme All in due time I've yet miles to ride Mirrors and wrinkles reflect a life Mile markers and years ever astride That being said There's road left ahead I've yet miles to ride As I set my final kickstand And judged before those who preside I'll be smiling, 'cause ya know Wherever they tell me to go I've yet miles to ride ©Copyright 2012 LP Scerri www.roadscribesofamericatm.com

It was odd holding you from behind the leather jacket crinkling under my fingers your laughter above the roar I can still hear it as I write this 40 years later... you have since long gone bikes weathered behind barns the aroma of brylcreem from a piece of your hair remains tucked away in a locket I keep on the shelf in an old Rothmans funny these old memory highways familiar places and faces blurred just like the first time I rode with you fingers clenched lovin' the vibration © Donna Allard The Ride Helps I never thought of tomorrow as the rubber turned down the road a fog line whispering by on my right dashes of yellow a blur on my left the destination unimportant the ride consoling a troubled mind letting me forget a mile at a time © JoPo 7/25/12 Ode to RoadScribes All day riders and midnight writers Sages, poets, and composers of song. A fellowship hearty Of road, wind, and pen I'll joyfully ride along © 2012 Bill “Uglicoyote” Davis,


Ride for babies June 16th, 2012, the

Fed-Ex Team in association with Hometown HarleyDavidson in Winterville, NC, held their “Ride for Babies.� Approximately 200 bikers and 21 Corvette Club members turned out and showed their support for this much needed charity event. All proceeds collected were donated to the March of Dimes organization. With a Police escort, the Bikers and Corvette drivers cruised for about an hour, covering about 30 miles of beautiful Pitt County country side. Upon their return, some of the best hot dogs and hamburgers were served to everyone that attended this event. A raffle was held, and many great door prizes and chances to win HD gear were offered. A free concert was also held, and I must say,

the band, Bald Fury brought down the house. As always, the Hometown HD crew was on hand to provide the best customer service you can find. You guyz and galz rock. Everyone at Hometown HD and the Fed Ex Team, send out a great big THANK YOU, for everyone that came out to support this event and make it a success.

story & photos Moe



J’Ville Bike bash

"THANK YOU!" to all who participated in the 5th Annual J'ville Bike Bash at the Coastal Plains Raceway in Jacksonville, N.C. What an awesome day! A big thanks to all of our Sponsors, Vendors, Volunteers and Supporters for making it such a huge success! We are already making plans and additions to next year's event. Mark your calendars for the first Saturday in August each year! We will be posting pictures of this year's event as they come in. Thank you again to all! 2012 marks our 5 Year Anniversary for the J'ville Bike Bash! THANK YOU to all who have helped make this event possible. More info on the event can be found on the website: www.jvillebikebash. com/ Bike Bash was put together for several different reasons: To bring our motorcycle community together and show support to our military service members who ride. To create a safe venue area for those who wish to show off their skills. To raise money for local and international charities through the proceeds of the event.

photos: Moe


Big Bike Lights

If you are wanting that extra something to make your scooter stand out, head on over to see Don Gardner in Goldsboro, NC, at Big Bike Lights. I just had several LED light kits installed on my Harley Fat Boy - all controlled by remote. I am telling you, it sure makes my bike stand out! I have had alot of compliments on how good my bike looks with the LED lights on. The service is great and Don was very appreciative of my business. He made sure that everything was in working order and that I knew how to work the lights before I left. So, if you are looking for a little extra BLING on your motorcycle, car, truck or boat, give Don a call at: 1-888-652-1722, and he will get the job done and done right.

Story & photo: Melynda Snead





photos: Bones

unless otherwise noted

Mother & daughter from Montana.


Memorial at the Buffalo Chip for all servicemen who have lost their lives while serving their country. Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Buffalo Chip.

Ever seen a trike truck? Abby & Sally hanging out with Law Tigers!

Git’n R done sturgismotorcyclerally.com





1 Roanoke Rapids, NC

14-16 Maggie Valley, N.C.

Texas Gives Back (Part II) The Wounded Warrior Concert! Benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. Featuring The Cove! 12pm-3pm Live at the parking lot of Texas Steakhouse & Saloon. Door prizes and activities for the kids! 1703 Julian R Allsbrook Hwy. For more info: 252-537-8621

8 Winterville, NC

Behind Barz Presentz Bike Night at Hometown Harley-Davidson 6PM-9PM Free food, door prizes, and surprises. 2300 Elaine’s Way. More info: 252-439-1345

8 Lake Gaston, NC

Bike and Car Show, Music Festival, Poker Run, Bike Rodeo, Fish Bone’s Pig Pickin. at Rosemont Vineyards & Winery 9am-5pm $10 per car load! More info: 434-636-FIRE (3473) www.LakeGastonFire.com

8 Wake Forest, NC

5th Annual Children’s Ride for a Miracle Walmart, 2114 S. Main St. Reg. 8am-10:30am. 1st bike out at 11am. Join us for a nice 100 mile ride. Door prizes, meal, free 8x10 picture with your bike. View of Laurel Mill will be the backdrop. $20/bike $10/passenger Rain date: Sunday Sept. 9th. ALL bikes welcome! Proceeds go to Duke Children’s Miracle Network. For more info: or Sue 919-723-8974

9 Garner, NC


15 Fayetteville, NC

Give Kids The World Block Party 4108 Legend Ave. Reg. 10am Kickstands up at 11am with 1pm return. $20/bike. Lots of door prizes & food, live entertainment and games, raffles & 50/50, kids zone. For more info: 910-868-0873 or email: csffsales@gmail. com or candlewoodfay@aol.com

15 Winterville, NC

n i h e

Jacob’s Run Proceeds to benefit Vidant Children’s Hospital in Greenville, NC. $15 per person/not bike. Price includes free chili tasting and chance to win prizes. Live music by HAYWIRED. For more info call Allen: 252-289-5568 www.jacobsrun.info


15 Virginia Beach, VA.

Frogs For Freedom Poker Run Sponsored by Navy SEAL Foundation Starts at Papa’s Pub, 2105 Diamond Springs Rd. Reg. 9am and the first motorcycle out at 10am. There will be door prizes and a 50/50 raffle. Plaques awarded for best hand, worst hand, and largest group. For more info: 757-318-3764 ext.101

15 North Myrtle Beach, SC

The Lords of Loyalty MC North Carolina presents their 2012 Bike Show at Aversboro Restaurant and Sports Bar. 1411 Aversboro Rd. Categories and trophies for both American made and Metric Bikes. Noon-4:00pm Live Music 50/50 Raffle Door Prizes, Vendors.


n e v

Thunder in the Smokies Fall Motorcycle Rally The rally will be held at, 3374 Soco Rd. The gates open at 11am on Friday and at 9am on Saturday and Sunday. Come ride the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Enjoy tour rides, bike games, bike show, bike builders, prizes, vendors, music and more. All bikes and ages are welcome. For more information call 828-246-2101 or go to: www.HandlebarCorral.com

12th Annual Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach Ride for Animals Sponsored by Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach Ride starts at, 4002 Hwy 17 S. Reg. 10:30 am to 12pm. Fee is $25 per person. Ride ends with door prizes, raffle prizes, auction, 50/50 and free food. The poker run to benefit the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach. For more info: 843-249-4948




16 Palmyra, VA

22 Charleston, SC

Ride to Remember Sponsored by Cuppa Joe Coffeehouse The ride starts at Cuppa Joe Coffeehouse, 11509 James Madison Highway, south of Palmyra. Registration begins at 9:00 am and the last motorcycle goes out by 10:30 am. The ride fee is $20.00 for the rider and $10.00 for a passenger. Extra hands are $10.00 each. A prize will be awarded for the best poker hand. there will also be door prizes and 50/50 drawing. The ride will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association of Central and Western Virginia. For more information call 434-842-6392, 434-842-2200

22 Charleston, S.C.

28 Lynchburg, VA.

B d n

z r a

8th Annual Confederate Heritage Ride Live music, food and beverage. Come ride with us across the trails of Confederate soldiers! Reg. early and get a free t-shirt. Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. Also a Best Bike award. See ad on page 6 in this issue. More info: 843-209-2048 or www.scv4.org/heritageride.com

22 Goldsboro, NC

8th Annual Confederate Heritage Ride Be at Warren Lasch Conversation Center (home of the Hunley) on the old Navy Base in N. Charleston starting at 10am with last bike out at 12noon. See flyer in this issue of BB.

Patriot Rovers Poker Run Reg. 11am at Berkeley Mall in Goldsboro. Last Bike in at Murrays BBQ at 4pm. $20/driver - passenger/$10 Best & worst hands, door prizes, & 50/50 drawing. Buffet at Murrays included 413 E. New Hope Rd. Live band. First 100 riders will receive a para cord band! More info: www.guardianbrotherhood.com

Thunder in the Hills Sponsored by Virginia Baptist Mission Board Rally will be held at 1 Eagle Eyrie Dr. Gates open at 12pm. There will be mountain rides, live music, food, speakers, worship experiences and more. For more info: 804-366-8105, or: www.thunderinthehills.com

29 Zebulon, NC

Behind Barz Presentz Bike Nightz at the Enforcers M/C in conj. with BHC 112 North Church St. 5pm-9pm Free food while it lasts, 50/50, door prizes, ride in People’s Choice Bike Show, Cornhole Tournament $10 entry - cash prizes. Wet T-shirt contest! $2 beer! Vendors and bikini bike wash! Proceeds to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project!

29 Jacksonville, NC

9th Annual Christmas Cheer 2nd Annual Poker Run For Teens 11am-5pm Hosted by New River Harley-Davidson on Hwy 17S. Kickstands up at noon. All hands must be turned in by 5pm. First 50 to register receive a free t-shirt. Food, door prizes, 50/50 following the run. For more info: 910-219-4873

For more listings, please go to: www.behindbarz.com





Hurricane Alley Fall Bike Rally www.myrtlebeachharley.com

i h e

3-7 Murrells Inlet, S.C.


13 Prince George, VA.

v E

Beaufort Shrimp Festival Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park, Downtown Beaufort, S.C. Main Street Beaufort, USA and the South Carolina Shrimpers Association are gearing up for the 18th Annual Beaufort Shrimp Festival, to be held Friday, October 5 and Saturday, October 6, 2012, at the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park in historic Downtown Beaufort, SC.

6 Haywood County, NC

Ride For Pink Smokey Mountain Steel Horses Waynesville Bypass An organized ride beginning and ending at Steel Horses. Reg. 10:30am to 12 noon. Live band, beer, food. For more info: www.rideforpink.com

12 Rocky Mount, NC

Behind Barz Presentz Bike Night at Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson 6PM-9PM Free food, live music, door prizes, and surprises. 928 Winstead Ave. More info: 252-446-7292 www.rockymounthd.com


Miles for Mills and Virginia Wounded Warrior Program Sponsored by Colonial Harley Davidson, Wholesale Guitars, Quaker Steak and Lube, and IER Iron Eagle Riders Benefit ride will start at Colonial HD, 1701 Temple Parkway. Reg. begins at 9am and ride leaves at 11am. $35 for the rider including a t-shirt. $15 passenger Ride will end in Richmond. 50/50 drawing, auction, live music and more. Proceeds will go to Travis Mills and the Virginia Wounded Warriors Program. More info: 804-898-0356

z t n e

Myrtle Beach Bike Week Fall Rally Sponsored by Myrtle Beach Bike Week LLC The event headquarters will be at the welcome tent at Cooter’s Backyard Bar & Grill, 3264 S. Highway 17 in Murrells Inlet. Activities will take place at various locations in and around Murrells Inlet. The event includes bike shows, poker runs, tours, vendors, entertainment and more. For more info: 336-643-1367 or go to: www.myrtlebeachbikeweek.com

5-6 Beaufort, SC

z r a

B d n

1-7 Myrtle Beach, SC

13-14 Rockingham, NC

AHDRA Jim McClure Nitro Nationals Sponsored by Carolina Harley-Davidson Dealers Association Drag racing will be held at Rockingham Dragway, 2153 US Hwy 1 N. Racing starts Sat. 10am and Sun. 12:30pm. Admission, including pit access is $50 for weekend, or $30 for a single day. Active and reserve military personnel get in free! 16 classes of competition including Nitro Harleys, pro drag, pro fuel, pro mod, draggin bagger, v-rod and street bikes. vendors and food. For more info: 336-924-2095 or go to: www.ahdra.com.


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Sept-Oct issue 2012  

Just what the doctor ordered!

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