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JULY - AUG 2012



road trip across america honoring our fallen heroes 45


Editorz Notez Doobie Sykes

I would like to start off by saying, Thanks to everyone for your continued support! We have lots of stories in this issue...as always...showing what bikers do for our community. As we have said before, a lot of it goes unoticed by the mainstream media. To all the bikers, motorcyclists, club members, weekend riders, enthusiasts or whatever you choose to be called, THANK YOU! As many of you know, I am a cancer survivor and June marked my 5 year anniversary being cancer free! Your prayers, support, cards of encouragement and visits helped keep me going. The biker community helped me in my battle, as they do so many other people today, yesterday and tomorrow. Cancer is not the only thing that bikers have a passion to fight. There are many other reasons that bikers get together to help their fellow man...I hope we shed a little light on that here in Behind Barz Mag! Summer is officially here! With temps in the 100’s it’s tough trying to stay cool! Stay safe out there and check on your neighbors. Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July! Check out the Behind Barz website and our Facebook page. We have lots of events listed there and they are much easier to read as a flyer. If you are having an event coming up, please send us your flyer or better yet, we would love for you to advertise with us. With your paid advertisement you get your ad created FREE, in the print mag, in the virtual mag, on four websites and in our email blasts! All for one low price! More bang for your buck! Print mag, virtual mag and 4 websites! Full color coverage! Give us a call. Our ad prices are listed right on our website...no secrets here. Regards, Doobie

Doobie cruisin’ the backroads of N.C.

photo: bald eagle

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Behind Barz Petz

REBEL Wake Forest, N.C.

PLUG LANE Mount Olive, N.C.

Garfield Calabash, N.C.

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Biker Wedding June 2, 2012

Joy Teeter and Tony Burleson were married in a Biker wedding Sat. June 2, 2012. The wedding was held at the home of Neal and Mary Fudge in Mt. Pleasant, NC. Biker Preacher, Chris Williams of Woodleaf Baptist church in Woodleaf NC officiated the ceremony. He rode in on his bike ahead of the groom. The Groom rode in on a chrome bike and the bride was ridden in on a chrome 3 wheeler escorted by Steve Stirewalt, who built both bikes. Steve is the owner of Dirt and Street Cycle shop in Rockwell, NC. The groom, Tony Burleson helped to build the 3 wheeler. The groom rode in with “Born to be wild” playing. The bride and bridesmaids walked down the aisle to Canon in D. The bride and groom have 3 daughters each and they were all bridesmaids. Tony’s 3 yrs old granddaughter was flower girl. Various biker friends lined their bikes in the yard as a path for the wedding party to go through. The reception was a sit down meal, with meat cooked all day on the grill by the groom’s cousin, Wahoo Vanhoy. And the rest of the meal was prepared by the hostess, Mary Fudge. The wedding cake and grooms cake were made by Sherry Hutchens. The groom’s cake was made into the shape of the Harley shield. It was done in black and pink with the bride and grooms name and wedding date in the shield. Mary Fudge also coordinated the wedding and provided all decorations. The wedding colors were hot pink and black. The toasting glasses were hand crafted by a local winery with the Harley shield which had the bride and grooms name and date of wedding painted in the shield. The guest book and cake knife had motorcycle ribbon with motorcycle charms hanging from them. The bride wore a creamy white, off one shoulder short dress with hot pink shoes, while the groom wore jeans and a black and pink Harley Davidson shirt. The brides garter also had a motorcycle charm hanging from it. The awesome pictures were taken by Jonnie’ Rupp. Many thanks to the Fudges’ for hosting this awesome biker wedding for us!

the Bride and Steve Stirewalt

the ceremony

Tony & Joy Mr. & Mrs. Burleson



Black Bear

Exit 73 just off I77 & I81 430 Lithia Rd. Wytheville, VA www.blackbearhd.com 276-228-9000


Myrtle Beach Bike Week West

We are licensed in North Carolina and Virginia Call us for LOW RATES on motorcycle insurance!

LEGEND AIR SUSPENSION The Legend Air Suspension manufacturing facility will be open to the public for product sales, service, and installations during the 2012 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Legend Air Suspensions takes appointments via phone or email and walk-ins when availability allows. Legend Air Suspension is located at 3461 Whitewood Service Road, Sturgis, SD 57785 and is open Monday through Thursday 7am to 4pm, year-round. Legend Air Suspensions will also have a booth at J&P Cycles: 1650 Lazelle Street, Sturgis, SD 57785. Here you can see the systems installed on several bikes, purchase products, or have a suspension system installed. Legend Air Suspension Systems can also be purchased through Fat Baggers Inc. and Cycle Solutions, at their Sturgis vending locations. For more information, to schedule an appointment, or for further details contact Legend Air Suspensions: 605-720-4202 www.legendsuspensions.com sales@legendsuspensions.com




The Kubota RTV1100 is the first utility vehicle to feature the protection, comfort, and quietness of a factory-installed Premium Grand Cab. It combines the luxury of a standard air-conditioner, heater and defroster with the rugged, hard-working durability you expect from a Kubota 24.8 HP diesel engine. Not wind, not heat, not rain, not snow – nothing can stop you from being comfortable and productive. Weather or not – go beyond the elements.

Hines Equipment Company 1751 S. Wesleyan Blvd. Rocky Mount, NC 27803 (252) 446-0333

Financing is available to qualified customers through Kubota Credit Corporation U.S.A. For product or dealer information, visit www.kubota.com ©Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2007

We are licensed in North Carolina and Virginia



Tar River Basin CBA Poker Run & Gun Raffle

story & photos: Johnny King

The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky while riders from all around the area started arriving at Bobs Pub in Stantonsburg, NC, on May 19th, for the annual CBA Poker Run and Gun Raffle. With all that was going on that weekend we were hoping for a nice crowd and we were amazed with the amount of participates that showed up for this event. (Due to gambling issues we did not pull cards we pulled numbers.) The bikes left out (50 bikes) at noon; first stop Georges in Bel Arthur. Georges was ready for us with sandwiches, chips and dip for all arriving, while Beth (the bartender) served up your favorite ice cold beverage to quench the thirst of the early afternoon ride. Once all the numbers had been pulled, everyone had tasted the treats set out for us and had something cold to drink we headed back out to the bikes and on the road again to Hometown Harley Davidson. We were all greeted with the friendly faces of Hometown Harley and got to browse the inventory on the floor and for those looking at the awesome bikes Biggun was on hand to help you make that 2 wheel dream come true. After browsing, purchasing, inquiring, and pulling our numbers we saddled back up for the Sandbar in Snow Hill. Where Margie and Tammy were on hand and ready for our arrival serving up the beverages of ice cold drinks to the parched riders. With Bob outside handling the numbers, several inside kicked back enjoying the air conditioning we all rested for a bit and waited for the stragglers to catch up with the main pack. After all had drawn and had a cold drink the pack cranked up their iron steeds and headed back out on the road for the last leg of the ride, back to Bobs Pub. Once back at Bobs Pub the crowd had grown significantly. Black Widow Accessories had arrived and set up, DJ Erma Smith, as well as, Sandmans Tattoo and Body Piercing, while Peanut Evans and Stewart Vester had cooked up some mean chicken while we were gone. Thanks to the ladies of Tar River CBA and friends of CBA the chicken was complimented with some awesome side dishes (macaroni salad, pasta salad, Wendy Brays famous devil eggs, string bean casserole, baked beans, and a variety of cakes). The riders lined up to draw their last number and get a cold drink, before heading out for the chow line. After everyone had eaten the totals of the hands were calculated, while the crowd searched the door prize table and the auction table on what they were interested and hoped on winning. The Best Hand and $75.00 went to Buddy Johnson and the Worst Hand and $30.00 was won by Denise Kientz. Door prizes were called out and the winners of the gun raffle included: JR Hinson - 12 gauge shotgun Dwayne Murphy - 38 special Peanut Evans - 30.06 rifle Peanut Evans - Ruger 380 Corey Hudgins - Ruger 9mm


Peanut Evans and Stewart Vester grilling up some more chicken for the growing crowd.

Biggun ready to make your 2 wheel dreams come true. After all the door prizes and the gun raffle winners were announced the 50/50 drawing was Wade Moore, who pocketed $136.00 with his winning ticket. Although no one entered the Best in Show for their bikes the trophy which was hand made by Stewart Vester was presented to Steve Brumfield with his drag bike that he brought out for all to see from Packhouse erformance. continued next page..........


Tar River Basin CBA would like to thank all that came out to help make this event such a big success. Some of the clubs attending were: Red Devils, Tuscarora, Southern Sin, Freedom Riders, Edgecombe County Ghost Riders; as well as, Evilution Riding Club and CBA of Raleigh. Congratulations to all the winners of the gun raffle, door prizes, and the auction.

Steve Brumfield and his drag bike.

your Health Behind Barz

Diabetes affects over 18.2 million people. Some older people call it sugar. There are basically two types of diabetes, Type I and Type II. Both types are a result of the pancreas not being able to produce enough insulin for our body. Insulin?? What is that? Insulin is a hormone that helps the body to absorb glucose into our cells so we may be healthy. Glucose isn’t that a type of sugar? Yes. Glucose is the food our cells use to do the functions they are designed to do. Glucose in our blood and urine is bad, that is not where it is supposed to be. Diabetes can be genetic. How do I know if I have diabetes, everyone says that Iam 8000 sweet? Being sweet in character is not the same as having “sugar”. If some one you know has increased urination, increased thirst, increased hunger, yet has weight loss, is tired all the time, and there is an increase of infections or the body is very slow in healing, it is important that you tell this to your doctor who can run a very simple test to check for diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that you can live with. You must be consistent with the diabetes management that the doctor gives you concerning diet, blood sugar monitoring, medication, and exercise or complications may arise. Balance is very important in diabetic management. If you are diagnosed a diabetic, remember the mnemonic that if you are hot and dry, sugar is high; cold and clammy means you need some candy, sugar is low. As we learn about our bodies it just reinforces the fact that we are truly fearfully and wonderfully made! Deborah Alston RN


s e i d


Garage Party

Whoo-hooo!!! On June 1, 2012, Shelton’s Harley Davidson in Goldsboro, North Carolina held a Garage Party for the Ladies only. The Garage Party helps ladies understand what all they need to know to get out and Ride!! The party covered the different kinds of bikes, how to get properly fitted for a customized bike for a safe and comfortable ride, the safe riding gear that needs to be worn, how to fit a helmet, how to register for motorcycle classes with Rider’s Edge Motorcycle Training, and even how to lift up a bike on its side if it falls. Hands on tips were given on the basics of motorcycling. Practice time was offered to each lady who came out, on how to pick up a bike when lying on its side and even safety information for when NOT to pick up the bike and call for help. The Ladies were amazed at the choices that are available to them as lady riders. Their faces lit up as they sat on the different bikes to see how they feel and hints given on how to customize their very own bike for them. The Garage Party shared how women to can ride and ride safe. A Harley Bingo game was held and items were “X”d as they were presented at the Party. Talk about not wanting to miss a word shared at the Garage Party!! The women were trying to catch each word listed on the bingo cards for a chance to win some great prizes.


ly n o

Written By: Lady D Pictures By: Moe

Good food was shared by all and each lady left with a gift from Mr. Shelton as a thank you for coming. This was a very educating evening, and fun was had by all. Thanks Shelton’s HarleyDavidson for the Garage Party!! Now Ladies…Let’s Ride!!!!!!!


We offer same day service and $9.95 oil change! Call for details!

Service Fellowship Hang-Out Fri . Nights 7pm until Sunday Mornings: 10am-11am hang out 11am-12pm Service

John 3:16


Rev. Danny "PreacherMan" James New email... gotc4godsglory@yahoo.com


7442 South NC Hwy 58 Elm City, NC 27822

Future Bikerz Send us your future biker photos! email us: behindbarzmm@ suddenlink.net or snail mail us: PO Box 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856

Elijah and Capt. Smiley on Lisa Snow’s Goldwing. summerfest

2012 Sunday july 22nd 12-6pm

1125 HWY 70, GARNER, NC 919 661 6688

bands && Vendors 16


EVERY SAT 9:30-1:30AM SUN 2-6PM


Gobblin’ For A Cure Benefit Bike Ride & Lunch

June 2nd, 2012, turned out to be a beautiful day for riding. Fifty eight riders and 42 bikes, and many other non-riders showed up at Oake Wolfe Fire Department in Mt. Olive, NC, to show their support for the Gobblin’ for a Cure Benefit Ride and Lunch. This benefit was held to help raise money for Relay for Life. The ride and luncheon was sponsored by Helping Hands Brotherhood as Bikers RC/ Gobblin’ for a Cure/Caps-Good Neighbor of Butterball, LLC-Mt. Olive. The Bikers rode approximately 65 miles and then returned to the Fire Department for lunch and fellowship. An auction and 50/50 raffle was held. Many nice door prizes were donated and given away. Food was donated and cooked by volunteers, friends and employees of Butterball. There was laughter and tears shed that day as one after another got up and told their story of their survival from cancer or the loss of a loved one to this most hated disease. We need to keep this fight going. Please take the time to help out with a Relay for Life benefit by donating your time or a few dollars, so that, maybe one day we can all stand up and say…..WE WON THIS FIGHT!!! All the sponsors of this event asked that a great big THANK YOU go out to everyone that made this event a success.

Donations can continue to be made at your local Relay for Life organization.

Helping Hands and Biker friends Put up that ole kickstand Get on a roll and Hear that bike roar Butterball gives a smile As the bikers go many a mile To help Relay for Life Poem by: Lady D

story & photos: moe



Where to find BB

The only brown baggin’ for miles! Live band every Saturday night! Big screen TV’s & 9’ pool tables! Visit our website:

www.saltiedog.com for our band schedule

1. LBJ Chevrolet Nashville 2. Collier HD Roanoke Rapids 3. BHC Automotive Zebulon 4. Stairway to Heaven Biker Church Elm City 5. Biker Barn Pilot 6. Whisky Dick’s Goldsboro 7. Shelley Milburn Nationwide Ins. Rocky Mount 8. CycleMax Wilson 9. Open Road Biker Gear Goldsboro 10. Hometown HD Winterville 11. Good Tymes Club Rocky Mount 12. Mechanical Air Greenville 13. Thomas & Farris Attorneys Wilson 14. Salti Dog Macclesfield 15. Ron Ayers Motorsports Greenville 16. Myrtle Beach HD Myrtle Beach SC 17. Rocky Mount HD Rocky Mount 18. Tippetts Mill Store Zebulon 19. L&L #6 Nashville 20. Jack’s Store Elm City 21. Harper’s Nursery Oak Level 22. Black Bear HD Wythville VA 23. Shenandoah HD Staunton, VA 24. Bayside HD Portsmouth, VA 25. Brewer Cycles Henderson 26. Outer Banks HD Harbinger 27. Knuckleheadz Kustomz Morehead City 28. Perry’s Gun Shop Wendell 29. Alligator River Growers Englehard 30. Dirt’s Cycle Shack LaGrange 31. L&L #9 Nashville 32. Hines Equipment Rocky Mount 33. ABC Spring Hope 34. West Ridge Grill Rocky Mount 35. East Coast Wings Greenville 36. Texas Steakhouse Roanoke Rapids 37. Hollands Super Cycle Pink Hill 38. Hotrods Fayetteville 39. Britt Motorsports Wilmington 40. Dick’s Hotdog Stand Wilson 41. East Coast Wings Kinston 42. Horne’s Hardware Pink Hill 43. Locked & Loaded Garner 44. Trackside Antiques Selma 45. Big Bike Lights 46. Copper Kettle Rest. Boydton, VA 47. Country Times Goldsboro 48. Down East Video Goldsboro 49. Beefmastor Inn Wilson 50. Creech’s Deli Zebulon 51. Miller Music Wilson 52. Ai Insurance Rocky Mount 53. Pipe Dreams VA. You can also find BB at events and rallies across NC, SC & VA. There is NO SECRET where we are going!





photos: moe, vinney & bald eagle



Behind Barz The T-Shirt



en res

Bike Nightz 2012

Madness Giveaway!

Have you ever wanted a Harley T-Shirt from way across the country or the world? Well, We will be giving away t-shirts from local sponsors, as well as, from Harley dealers around the country and the world! Entries for chances to win are free but you do have to be present to enter and win.

Come out to ALL the BB Bike Nightz for free food & great prizes!

Winners from Bike Night at Collier HD & the saltie dog bar









Thanks to everyone for coming out to the BB Bike Nightz thus far! We have had lots of T-Shirt Madness Giveaway winners! Bike Night at Collier HD was cut short due to an electrical storm that came through. So, we held some of those shirts over for future Bike Nightz later this year. The next bike night is July 4th in Bracey, VA...you don’t want to miss this one! Fire Works extravaganza by the Exiled M/C!!! Then on to the EFFE/BHC Bike Night in Zebulon, N.C., Aug.11th. We look forward to seeing all of you there! As always, FREE food, FREE prizez, vendorz, and the BB Prize Wheel!!! Remember, you can’t win it if you’re not in it! So, come DUCK RABBIT BREWERY out and enter your name in the t-shirt madness giveaway!





Dirt’s Cycle Shack dougsharleydavidson.com (843) 669-9961 coleh-d.com (304) 324-8116 hometownharleydavidson.com (252) 439-1345 rockymounthd.com (252) 446-7292 collierhd.com (252) 537-6493 outerbankshd.com (252) 338-8866 baysidehd.com (757) 397-5550 alligatorrivergrowers.com (252) 925-9731 cyclemax.biz (252) 291-2121 azbikeweek.com (480) 644-8191 brewercycles.com (252) 492-8553 karneylaw.com (704) 376-7982 knuckleheadzkustomz.com (252) 247-4700 bikerbarninc.com (919) 269-8268 perrysgunshop.com (919) 365-4200 duckrabbitbrewery.com (252) 753-7745 thebeefmastorinn.com (252) 237-7343 milehighhotsauce.com 919) 580-0195 openroadbikergear.com (919) 778-7001 aroutlawjerky.com (919) 306-1275 myrtlebeachbikeweek.com (336) 643-1367 blackbearhd.com (276) 228-9000 georgesbbqsauce.com (252) 459-3084

APRIL 7th - CycleMax of Wilson 6723 Ward Blvd. MAY 4th - Collier Harley-Davidson 6-9pm 316 Premier Blvd. Roanoke Rapids, N.C. JUNE 9th - Saltie Dog Bar 3pm until 514 S. Fountain Rd. Macclesfield, N.C. JULY 4th - Pipedreams Bracey, Virginia 3pm until AUGUST 11th - EFFE / BHC Automotive Zebulon, N.C. SEPTEMBER 8th - Hometown HD 6-9pm 2300 Elaine’s Way Winterville, N.C. OCTOBER 12th - Rocky Mount HD 6-9pm 928 N. Winstead Ave. Rocky Mount, N.C. NOVEMBER 3rd- FINALE - Whiskey Dick’s 2101 S. Us Hwy 17 in Goldsboro



Charlie Mintz Memorial Benefit On April 21st, 2012, Helping Hands Brotherhood as Bikers sponsored a Memorial Benefit for the family of Charlie Mintz at Kenansville Park. Many family members, friends and bikers turned out to help support this event. Charlie was, and still is, considered a legend in the Duplin Co. area. His love for life, children and helping people was known all around. Charlie was Director of Recreation in Kenansville and was inspirational in getting many sports events like flag football and T-ball started for the area kids. Charlie’s wife, Lisa, stated that it was his wish to have a fundraiser this summer to help raise money for the Kenansville Recreational Program for the kids. She stated that she never would have dreamed that instead, they would be having a memorial fundraiser for the family. Charlie passed away unexpectedly on February 1st, 2012, from complications from Pulmonary Sarcoidosis. Charlie was 49 yrs. old. Charlie left behind his wife, Lisa and three children. A Softball tournament, Corn Hole tournament, Raffle and a Silent auction were held. BBQ plates, hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken and other goodies were served all day long. I must say that those bikers and their friends can sure cook some good food and play a mean game of softball. Helping Hands Brotherhood as Bikers would like to thank everyone who helped make this benefit a success. Charlie was truly a legend and will greatly be missed by everyone. Remember the Legend Charlie Mintz 10/10/62 – 2/1/2012 Continue the Legend Do Work!


Written by: Moe Pictures by: Moe


Bradley ““Burley” ”usher memorial fundraiser

On June 2nd, 2012, family and friends held a benefit in honor of Burley Usher to help raise money for his family and to help with funeral expenses. Burley was killed in an automobile accident March 29th, 2012. He was 29 years old. Burley left behind a son, Liam who is now 6 months old, and a fiancée, Nicole. The benefit was held at the Old Pink Hill School Gym. Entertainment was provided by Southern Touch Band, Victim of the Cause, Heard That, Kickback and Cambred. Burley was a member of the Cambred band prior to his passing. Burley had a passion for music. His fiancée, Nicole, said that Burley could play any instrument handed to him. If it made a tune, he could make it sing. A car and bike show, Corn hole tournament, 50/50 raffle and other events were held at the benefit. BBQ chicken plates, hot dogs, and desert were served all day long during the benefit. There was a big turn out for this event. Many friends and family members were there to show there support along with several biker clubs including, Unspoken Sons MC, Ghost Riders MC, BFC and Chrome Horses MRC. The BB crew would like to thank the Unspoken Sons MC for inviting us to this event. It was a pleasure to meet Burleys family and friends. Our Hearts go out to all his family and friends. If you would like to make a donation to this cause, please contact Donny Tanner at 252-526-7635, Jennifer Tanner 252-526-7635 or Nicole Howard 252-560-6866. Sad eyes of Mom Happy eyes of Child Concerned eyes of Family and Friends Cars will zoom Bikers will vroom, vroom To honor Burley The man who loved all truly Burley loved the music sound And brought joy to all around Mr. Burley rest in peace You’ll not be forgotten in the least Poem Written by: Lady D

Nicole with her son Liam.

Written By:Moe Pictures by: Moe

Unspoken Sons M/C




Myrtle Beach

Bike Week - Well, we partook in “Bike Week”, “Crusin’ the Coast” , “The Ride”... It was a little confusing this year. We stayed clear of downtown Myrtle Beach and spent most of our time at Capt’ Poo’s on the waterfront, Suck Bang Blow in Murrell’s Inlet and Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson! There were actually quite a few bikes in the area for the annual event. MBHD had several vendors, including Bobby Brantley from the TruTV show, Lizard Lick Towing & Recovery. Bobby was onsite selling his BB wears. story & photos: Doobie unless otherwise noted.

The weather was not very cooperative. It rained on the way down there, while we were there and on the way home. But somehow we were able to avoid getting wet by even a single drop. Others there were not so lucky. Still it was a great time!

photo courtesy: Myrtle Beach HD

Front of Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson.

Never know what ya might see!

Some of the BB Crew in front of where we stayed while at the rally.

Big Boss

From left Johnny Gardner, Tony Collins, Tony Beckham - all from Louisburg. Not pictured but on the trip was Harold Wood, Chris Lancaster, & Larry Wood.


Behind barz Literally

see the Big Boss Brewing review next issue.

6 Day Bike Trip to WV, OH & VA.



photos from last \ years ride

Unspoken sons “ride for the red”

On June 9th, 2012, some of the BB crew attended the Unspoken Sons benefit biker ride, to raise money for the Lenoir County American Red Cross. This was the second year that the Unspoken Sons have sponsored this ride. Approximately 60 riders and many non riders showed up to help support the Ride for the Red. Several other clubs including Misplaced Souls MC, BFCMM, BBQ Brothers RC and CHMRC, were in attendance also to show their support for this great cause. The ride covered approximately 50 miles of beautiful, back country roads in the Lenoir County area. The ride ended back at the club house where everyone was invited for the after party and to eat some of the best BBQ in NC. The BBQ Brothers RC cooked and sold BBQ, Hot Dogs, beverages and other items. I must say, that all the food was great and when you added some of the BBQ Brothers homemade BBQ sauce to your food, man that just kicked it up another notch. A 50/50 drawing, auction, and raffle tickets for prizes were offered to help raise money also. Corn Hole games were also available for anyone who wanted to play. There is no doubt, that everyone that attended this benefit had a great time. The BB crew would like to “THANK” the Unspoken Sons MC for letting us hang out with some of the best Guyz around. All you Guyz ROCK!!!! There is nothing else like a USS get together…. USS Forever Forever USS

Story By: Moe Picturez by: Moe

Send us Your photo representin’ BB BB Rollin’ with baldfury! Send your photos to: behindbarzmm@suddenlink.net


Been There, S By: Chewy (Biker Dog)

Road Trip Across the USA

I had a humbling two months, which includes attending the final Triangle Flight of Honor, and riding across the USA. We had several objectives in our cross-country ride: (1) Carry the Gold Star Roster (names of Fallen Heroes) from the Kipling Cross in Kipling, NC to the Iraq/Afghanistan War Memorial in Irvine, CA; (2) increase awareness of the American Gold Star Mothers organization, (3) fly the POW/MIA flag across the USA and to Rolling Thunder in Washington, DC in support of SGT Bowe Bergdahl, and (4) increase awareness of SGT Bergdahl’s captivity. SGT Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban on June 30, 2009 and is listed as a Prisoner of War (POW). Along with many Americans who know about his captivity, we pray for his safe return home. Other than family members and people who know us, we met two people who knew about the Gold Star Mothers organization, but we met no one who knew about SGT Bergdahl’s captivity.

Attending the final Triangle Flight of Honor , 4-18-2012


A few of the items we carried across the USA. Our mission was affiliated with Operation Helping Hands for Heroes or “OHHH” (operationhhh.org). On May 12, I started my cross-country mission with OHHH’s “Ride for the Warrior” that started and finished at HotRodz in Fayetteville, NC. I didn’t count the number of bikes on my paws, but there were lots of bikes. After the ride, Donna Taylor gave my driver and me a bandana that was blessed in Israel. One side has Psalm 91 embroidered in Hebrew and the other side has Psalm 91 in English. After the Ride for the Warriors, my driver went to his church to meet and listen to Peter Loth, one of the youngest survivors of the WWII Holocaust. My driver took the Psalm 91 bandana with him to his church. During the introduction of Mr. Loth, Barry Battelstein read Psalm 91. My driver’s jaw dropped. After the service, Barry gave my driver a copy of “Psalm 91: God’s Shield of Protection” (Military Edition) by Peggy Joyce Ruth and Angelia Ruth Schum. Since we would be solo without a wingman, God let us know loud and clear that He has always been with us and will always be with us.

Our Ride Across the USA was affiliated with Operation Helping Hands for Heroes.

CHEWY The Biker Dog: www.bik

Sniffed That

A Honoring Fallen Heroes Ride briefing for Ride for the Warrior at HotRodz in Fayetteville.

We had a few memorable events. In Tuskegee, AL, we arrived at the Tuskegee Airmen Museum before they opened. The interior of one of the hangars was under construction to convert it to a museum. It had an original P-51 Mustang “Red Tail” suspended in the hangar and covered with plastic to protect it from the sheet rock dust. The P-51 was not available to the public. After spending time with the construction crew to explain our mission, we were honored and humbled that the construction foreman allowed us to see the aircraft and take photos. The construction crew told us they had the honor of meeting the pilot of that particular aircraft: Captain Les Williams.

An original Red Tail P-51 Mustang in Tuskegee.

Another memorable event started at a rest area near Sonora, TX, where we met two vans of geology students from Beloit College in Wisconsin going to Big Bend to study samples. I was grazing on grass and my driver kept telling me to stop. About 30 minutes after being back on the road, my driver noticed some slobber and grass floating forward and sticking to the back of the windshield. If you ride an H-D Ultra, then you know how the air flows behind the windshield. On that section of I-10, the speed limit is 80mph, and we had a head wind. A few minutes after my driver noticed the grass sticking to the back of the windshield, I puked and it floated forward.


Beloit College Geology Students on their way to Big Bend National Park. Some of it dropped onto the tank and my driver’s legs, some of it stuck to the back of the windshield, and a lot of it was pushed up by the air flow coming from under the fairing, which then struck the air flow coming over the top of the windshield, and the grassy liquid went into my driver’s face. He started having heaves, stopped on the shoulder to dismount, walked around a little, wiped his face, had more dry heaves, and checked on me. I was feeling fine at that point! Prior to our mission, we took our bike to an independent shop in Fayetteville to replace both tires and for routine service. About a mile east of Van Horn, TX (speed limit is 80mph), we had a sudden wicked vibration in the handlebars. My driver slowed down and took the Van Horn exit to a Love’s truck stop. We found the forward nut on the right side axle clamp was about to drop, and the rear nut was only finger tight. He checked the left fork, which has a two-part bushing and a bolt that goes into a hole in the bottom of the left fork to secure the rotor cover. The bolt and bottom half of the bushing was missing. A truck driver let us borrow a torque wrench for the axle clamp nuts, and we rolled to a NAPA auto parts store in Van Horn. Rather than giving up and loading the bike on a rental truck and taking her home, we spent a lot of time working on the left fork in the West Texas heat, but we were able to continue our mission. God’s angels were watching over us as promised in Psalm 91!

Rin Tin Chewy in Arizona.


Been There, Sniffed That

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We arrived at the Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial in Irvine, CA , which my driver refers to as the Iraq-Afghanistan War Memorial. This memorial has 20 panels and the names of all those who gave their lives in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. We took several pictures, to include photos of the panels so that my Gold Star friends can find their family members and friends who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We stayed with my Great-Aunt Connie and Great-Uncle Wendell in Camarillo. They took us to the Veterans Memorial in Camarillo, then to Santa Barbara where we chilled and had lunch overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We also spent time “watching” the solar eclipse, which was visible on the west coast. During our eastward trek, we rode a portion of Route 66 and our right floorboard flew off on a rough section of road. After stopping at a Dairy Queen for ice cream (mmm…. my favorite treat in hot weather, but it gives me some awful gas), we were back on Route 66 and my driver stopped under an overpass to tape the floorboard to the floor pan using 100mph tape (duct tape). We missed a sign for Route 66 and about 45 minutes later realized we were in the middle of the Mojave Preserve on roads that weren’t on our Harley map. We had water, but our biggest concern was fuel, particularly when we saw a sign that said Baker was 55 miles and we had about 40 miles left in our tank. We somehow missed the signs to Baker, but ended up in Searchlight, NV, where we refueled, drank lots of water, and licked ice cream to cool off. We then rode south through Laughlin and Bullhead City, where the temps were near 115. In Bullhead City, we saw a sign for Route 66 and decided to follow it east. That was a slow, but pawrific section of road! We rode through Oatman and saw the loose donkeys. We rode twisties, some of which had no guard rails. We arrived in Flagstaff about six hours behind schedule. We visited Meteor Crater. Although dogs are strictly not allowed, we talked with Lanah at Bar-T-Bar Ranch, explained our mission, and she met us and led us on a hike up the rim. We took photos of the Gold Star Rosters on the rim of Meteor Crater. Some people may view this as a hole in the ground, but I highly recommend visiting. But, please remember, no pets are allowed.

Our destination - Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial, which my driver calls the Iraq-Afghanistan War Memorial.

Sand Sculpture at Santa Barbara Beach my driver wouldn’t let me get any closer.

We also visited the Petrified Forest National Park. That was soooo pawsome looking at petrified wood older than my driver, but my driver wouldn’t let me dismount to sniff or pee on any of it. Somewhere in eastern Arizona, our cruise control went out. Rather than spending time in the heat to sniffestigate the problem, we decided to wait until we reached Tucumcari, NM, which was our destination for the night. Before reaching Albuquerque, my driver’s wrist was getting tired. Now, let’s flash back for a minute. We have a friend, Ed “TailGunner” Williams, who passed away in March. Last year, we rode with him and over 40 bikers in the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association NC 15-1 Charlie Mike ride – an IronButt-certified ride of 1,000 miles in 24 hours. During that ride, Ed’s cruise control went out. So, let’s return to us in New Mexico.


My Great-Aunt Connie and Great-Uncle Wendell at the Pacific Ocean.

CHEWY The Biker Dog: www

Been There, Sniffed That

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After riding through Albuquerque, my driver remembered that when Ed’s fuse burned out during the Charlie Mike ride, it not only took out his cruise control, but it took out his rear lights. We were about an hour or two from sunset. My driver was ciphering in his head when the next fuel stop would be so he could check the fuse. He estimated about 45 minutes, but we were coming up on an exit and he heard Ed’s voice through the headset say “Take the exit … now now now.” We braked hard into the exit and stopped at the only place on the mountainside: Sedillo Hill Travel Center, which was closing in about 15 minutes. My driver fueled the bike and went into the store to use the restroom and buy some water before working on the bike. James Baca and his father talked with him. It turns out that James was the wrestling coach for PFC Christopher Adlesperger, USMC who was killed in Iraq. He knows Christopher’s mother. He wanted to look at the Gold Star Roster. It is a pain to pull it out of the saddlebag and repack it, but it was worth it. James and my driver had an emotional moment when they saw Christopher’s name and he took my driver into the store to show him a picture of Christopher on the wall. James’ parents own the store and I think he stopped there to visit or help out. My driver and I gave James a mission dog tag to give to Christopher’s mother. James and his father asked my driver if he knew what my name means in Spanish. James told my driver it means “Jesus.” It’s spelled Chuy, but is pronounced Chewy. Ed may not be with us in flesh, but God used him to get us to stop at that store. After they closed the store, my driver replaced the fuse, our rear end lit up, and our cruise control worked again. With no one around, my driver was very emotional. We could feel one of God’s angels known to us as “TailGunner” was with us on that mountainside. In Tulsa, OK, my driver prayed that we would come up on a group riding to Washington, DC for Rolling Thunder or a single rider. In Cuba, MO, we ate lunch at Missouri Hick BBQ on Route 66 – the beef brisket was delicious! Between Cuba and St Louis, we passed a lone rider, who took the wingman position behind us through St Louis. We stopped for fuel and formally met our new biker friend, Tom Lystrup. We learned he was in the Run for the Wall, but his Road King broke down in Needles, CA. He wasn’t sure if he was going to arrive in time for Rolling Thunder. We shared our plan to arrive in DC by Saturday, then participate in the Demonstration on Sunday. (Rolling Thunder is a peaceful demonstration, not a parade.) Tom started making plans to link up with his Run for the Wall platoon, and our prayer for at least one more bike for safety was answered. We’re fortunate that Tom was with us. We stopped for lunch about an hour west of DC, and my driver got our Harley stuck in the mud at Joe’s Pizza in Marshall, VA. Tom helped us out of the mud and onto the pavement. Rolling Thunder was pawsome! We were honored to be the guest of Rolling Thunder NC 1. Ol’ Bill “Jammer” found us and introduced us to Bob Bergdahl. Bob is the father of SGT Bowe Bergdahl. It was an honor to meet Bob, but, unfortunately, his wife, Jani, was at another location at the time. Ol’ Bill and I presented Bob with the POW/MIA flag from our Harley, and Bob returned it to us and asked us to continue flying the flag until Bowe returns home. Ol’ Bill had the right words for that: Charlie Mike. For those who haven’t served in our armed forces, Charlie Mike is phonetic for the letters CM and means Continue the Mission.


We got lost trying to follow Route 66.

James Baca, the wrestling coach of PFC Christopher Adlesperger, KIA in Iraq.

Tom Lystrup, who we rode with us from St Louis to Washington DC. The Henleys of Hurricane, W.Virginia - family friends.

Been There, Sniffed That We returned home on Memorial Day, stopping at the Harnett County Veterans Memorial in Lillington, NC to leave one of my mission dog tags under Alvah Denton, my mom’s uncle who she never met. Alvah went down in the Atlantic Ocean in his aircraft in 1944 and his remains were never recovered. We also left one of my mission dog tags at the Memorial for those who gave their lives during the War on Terror, which includes Fallen Heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan. I know the mothers of two of the Fallen Heroes memorialized on that stone. While at the Harnett County Veterans Memorial, we were blessed to meet Mr and Mrs Dexter Linear, who were visiting the Memorial to honor those who gave their lives for our freedom. Coincidentally, they know my mom’s brother and many people we know. We then rode to the Kipling Cross to thank God for protecting us and to complete our mission. There, we were blessed to see Pat Chisenhall, who was spending some quiet time at the Cross. (My driver and I do the same thing.) Pat is a biker and is the pastor of Abundant Life Worship Center in Angier, NC. We left a mission dog tag at the base of the Kipling Cross, then rode home after completing the mission. My next long ride will hopefully be CVMA NC 15-1’s Annual Charlie Mike Ride (1,000 miles in 24 hours) August 3-4, 2012. In the previous Charlie Mike rides, CVMA NC 15-1 handled the documentation with the IronButt Association. So, if you have ever wanted to attempt a Saddlesore 1,000 IronButt ride, this is your opportunity to do so in the safety of a group. This year, the ride is in honor of those who served in WWII and destinations include USS Wisconsin (Norfolk, VA), USS North Carolina (Wilmington, NC), and USS Yorktown (Mt Pleasant, SC). If you’re interested, you can contact me through my Facebook page or my website. I also hope to be a member of Team Brady at the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s Ride for Kids in Asheville, NC in August. If you want to be a member of Team Brady or support Team Brady, feel free to contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the right peeps. Until next time, keep your tongue in the wind and be safe!

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Our hotel neighbor was a biker bulldog from Rhode Island.

Ol’ Bill presenting the POW-MIA Flag to Bob Bergdahl, father of SGT Bowe Bergdahl, POW held by the Taliban since 6-30-2009.


A few members of Rolling Thunder NC1.

Kipling Cross, Kipling, NC.

Harnett Co. Veterans Memorial.


You can check out my calendar on my website. We do our best to keep it current, but please remember that my schedule is always subject to change, particularly if a Fallen Hero is returning home and we are within driving distance in NC, VA and SC.

Rolling Thunder with Patti Elliott, the Gold Star Mother of Lucas Elliott, KIA in Iraq.

Chewy and his driver, Butch - at the Vietnam Working Dog Memorial in Mobile, AL.


D is for Darrel photos: Scott White

unless otherwise noted

benefit & concer Darrell Newton has lots of talented friends... Many of them came together on June 10th to help out their friend, Darrell. He is fighting a couragious battle against cancer.

Darrell started playing guitar in Fuquay when he was 12 and Tim was 15. Darrell then moved to California to pursue a career in music. Tim stayed behind to become a paramedic and continued playing. Through twists of fate Darrell came back to NC and Tim reunited musicians to have the benefit for Darrell. A big circle of God, family friends and music coming together for one common cause. Tim “Butterbean� Bullock Friends who came to perform the show of a lifetime: OTG, Dina Brantley, Bushhawg, Ric Bailey and Contraband, Buddy Black The Occasionals (group of professional musicians sharing the stage) Jason patterson (drummer with Nantucket, & Cry Of Love) Tim Butterbean Bullock (base w/ Mark Roberts & the Occasionals) Walt Weatherington (lead guitar w/ mark roberts & the Occasionals) Steve Landis (lead guitar w/ Mark Roberts & the Occasionals) Greg Stamper (guitar w/ Yard Dawgs) Mike Gardner (PKM) Lead vocals - Wil Guyton on vocals Tommy Redd (w/ Nantucket & All My Rowdy Friends) John (JOKER) Wetmore of Jokers Stage Lighting AND Port City Cycles in Wilmington. Scott White of Loggerhead Studio Jimmy Lovelace was unable to perform due to health problems (prayers were sent up when he was unable to attend)

(l-r) Buddy Black, Tommy Redd, Walt Weatherington, & Tim W. Bullock


Van Halen II Michael Callahan Eddie Shepard




Mitch Laney, Darrell Newton & David Wolfe

Been home from the D for Darrell Benefit for a couple of hours. Taking inventory on my nervous system/muscles etc.- seeing what works and doesn't - applying meds where necessary. I'm proud to report that I'm doing pretty dang well - thank God. Watching a documentary about old N.C.. Got to thinking about the enormity of the event that took place today. In the old days when a neighbor, maybe a farmer, had a problem (barn burned down, etc.) all their friends and neighbors turned out to help them rebuild the burned out barn or help get their crops in from the fields. Everyone did whatever they could to help. It came to be known as a "Barn Raising". Today the musical equivalent of that event occurred at the Longbranch in Raleigh, N.C. A wonderful turnout of musicians, stage management/support people, sound and lighting engineers a masseuse and many other talented folks turned out to help Darrell Newton in his time of need. It gives me hope and I pray Darrell gets a message and love and hope from this. Caring about him brought a lot of folks there who may not have been/worked together for up to 30 years to help raise Darrell's barn. It was a great time for all the right reasons. I was honored to be a part of it - and got alot out of it personally - got to share the stage and had a great time w/ Buddy Black , Bobby Stewart, Michael Gardner, Jason Patterson, Greg Stamper,Tim W Bullock, Tommy Redd, Steve Landis, Will Guyton, Garrett, Deanna and others. Everyone jumped in, rolled up their sleeves and went to work. Karen, Jeff and Joey Giffin kept us rollin'. Thanks to everyone involved - makes me proud AND it was a blast! Thanks to all the music lovers/supporters who bought tickets, cd's and raffle tickets. A HUGE thanks to the guys that bid on/won the art work and guitars (Special thanks to the anonymous friend who donated the '77 strat - your heart's in the right place brother), the other bands, venue staff and everyone involved in any way. Naw, It ain't wrong to rock and roll - God bless us all...

Mike Gardner from PKM & Garrett Newton

Walt Witherington

(l-r) Greg Stamper, Mike Gardner, & Tim Bullock

The guitar that was signed by many, many artists and was raffled off at the D is for Darrell Benefit & Concert!


Lenoir Co. Ghost Riders 5th annual radd poker run

On June 2, 2012, the Lenoir County Ghost Riders MC Sponsored a Poker Run to benefit the RADD Foundation (Raising Awareness for the Developmentally Disabled). RADD assists its clients and their families by providing social opportunities such as softball games and dances as well as tutoring, school assistance, and teaching life skills. Riders cued up at Grainger Stadium in Kinston drawing their first cards and purchasing 50/50 tickets. Along with the Ghost Riders, we had the Freedom Riders and lots of Friends that came out to support this wonderful cause. First Stop was Fairfield Park where the RADD members were playing softball. They were so very excited to meet the riders and have their pictures taken sitting on the motorcycles. Allie Jo the Goggle wearing, motorcycle riding Yorkie was also a big hit with the RADD Members. Next, the riders were off to Billy Bob’s to draw their 2nd cards and enjoy a rest break. Open RoadBiker Gear near La Grange, N.C., provided the location to draw the 3rd card of rider’s hands and do a little shopping. Riders enjoyed a nice ride through some beautiful back roads in Lenoir County on the way to the Pit Stop on Hwy 11 North in Kinston. The last stop of the day was Club 109 on Queen Street in Kinston. Riders drew their last cards and purchased more 50/50 tickets. Door prizes ranged from a bottle of wine paired with a good book. There were gift certificates from East Coast Wings, Open Road Biker Gear, and Dominos Pizza. For all, it was a great ride with fabulous weather to raise money and awareness for a wonderful cause. The Lenoir County Ghost Riders hope you will come out and join them for the RADD Ride 2013!

Allie Jo with a RADD member. story & photos Pamela Rouse



photos: bobby earl unless otherwise noted.

The 5th Annual Jack Laughery Ride for Knowledge was held on Saturday, May 19, 2012 at Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson in Rocky Mount, N.C. The event serves as a tribute to Jack Laughery, the former CEO and chairman of the Hardee's restaurant chain along with his wife, Helen and their love of motorcycling and support of higher education. All proceeds from the motorcycle ride benefit the Helen and Jack Laughery Honorary Scholarship Fund at Nash Community College. The Helen and Jack Laughery Honorary Scholarship was established in 2004 to recognize the Laugherys' philanthropic endeavors and outstanding leadership for the betterment of the Nash/Rocky Mount area. This fund provides annual scholarships to help deserving nontraditional students who return to college to enhance their marketable job skills. Twenty scholarships have been awarded since the scholarship's establishment. Registration began at 9:30am. Breakfast and lunch was provided for all those who signed up to go on the ride. The parade-style ride was escorted by the Nash County Sheriff's Office through scenic Nash County.

C. T. Worrell (left) of Rocky Mount won the 2012 Harley-Davidson Switchback. He is pictured here with NCC President, William Carver. photo courtesy: NCC

Live music was provided by Monkey Foot. There were other activities throu-out the day, including the drawing for a 2012 Harley-Davidson Switchback Motorcycle. C. T. Worrell of Rocky Mount won the 2012 HD Switchback and was at the event when his name was called. There was also a 50/50 raffle, and many other raffle items, car show, and bike wash. There was also an opportunity to speak with current students and scholarship recipients. Harley's Heroes Disabled American Veterans Mobile Service Office was onsite with one-on-one consultation to veterans and their families with easy access benefits, education and counseling. The Nash Community College EMS, Machining and Welding Programs were at the event with the mobile classroom and custom-built chopper on-site. The Nash Community College Foundation is thankful to the following 2012 ride sponsors: Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson, Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine, Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Carolina Eagle Budweiser Distributors, Inc., Chic-Fil-A of Cobb Corners, Modern Electric Tattoo, Key Storage of Nashville, Wheeler-Woodlief, Nash County Sheriff's Office, Bissett Produce Co., Bobby Murray Toyota and Twin County Motorsports and in-kind sponsors: Pepsi Bottling Ventures, Doug Sauls' Bar-B-Q & Seafood, Canteen Vending and Institutional Interiors.

For more info, visit www.facebook.com/rideforknowledge, www.nashcc.edu/rfk, or call 252-451-8230 or email cgordon@nashcc.edu.

monkey foot




Crazy Horse Volksmarch

1 2

3 photos: Bones Photo 1 - A close up view of the outstretched arm Photo 2 - The Vistor’s Center in forground - a

sculpture of what the finished mountain will look like. Photo 3 - “Bones” walking on the arm of Crazy Horse after the six mile trek up the mountain.

The 27th annual Crazy Horse Volksmarch, took place the first weekend of june and is the only time the public is allowed to meet the famous Lakota chief up close. The Volksmarch typically draws between 9,000 and 10,000 walkers over the two-day event. The local Volksmarch association puts on the 6.2-mile trek, which takes between two and four hours to complete as it weaves through the wooded areas surrounding the mountain. Crazy Horse was born c. 1840 (with the Native American name Tashunka Witco), near present-day Rapid City, South Dakota. He was an Oglala Sioux Indian chief who fought against removal to a reservation in the Black Hills. As conflicts escalated between the Lakota and the U.S., Crazy Horse was at the center of many key battles. In 1876 he joined with Cheyenne forces in a surprise attack against Gen. George Crook; then united with Chief Sitting Bull for the Battle of the Little Bighorn. In 1877, Crazy Horse surrendered and was killed in a scuffle with soldiers. The Crazy Horse memorial is The world’s largest mountain carving, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Chief Henry Standing Bear invited Korczak Ziolkowski in May 3, 1947 to create a monument of Crazy horse. On June 3, 1948 - First blast on the mountain. Five survivors of the Battle of the Little Bighorn attended. The Memorial’s mission is to honor the culture, tradition and living heritage of North American Indians. All four 60-foot high heads on Mt. Rushmore would fit inside just Crazy Horse’s head. the Memorial is located in the black hills of south dakota between Custer and hill city. it Hosts more than a million visitors a year. Crazy Horse’s Face is 87 feet, 6 inches (completed June 3, 1998) crazy horse’s Outstretched Arm is 263 feet




4 Bracey, VA.

13-15 Hillsville, VA.


14 Goldsboro, N.C.

8th Annual Good, Bad, & Ugly Rosewood Worship Center. The poker run and bike show will meet at, 2103 O’Berry Center Rd. The gates open at 8am. Reg. for the poker run and bike show is from 9am to 9:45 am and the motorcycles leave at 10:30 am. The ride ends with food and music. The bike show begins at 2:30 pm. See ad on page 6 in this issue. For more information call Gilbert Baker 919-920-2754 or email: hd4jesus@nc.rr.com

7 Lexington, N.C.

The Annual patriotic Poker Run Come out to support our heroes! All proceeds go to support Operation Uplink. First bike or vehicle out at 3pm. Starting and ending at the VFW Post 8738 Address: 424 Cedarcrest Dr. Last bike or vehicle back by 8pm $20/hand and $5/rider. Food, music and fun! More info: 803-553-2232 or email: events@abateoflexington.com

9 Roanoke Rapids, N.C.

Collier Harley-Davidson Bike Night 316 Premier Blvd. More info: 252-537-6493 www.collierhd.com

10-12 Greenville, S.C.

n i h e

14 Waynesville, N.C.

American Legion Riders Poker Run Sponsored by Waynesville American Legion The ride starts at 171 Legion Drive in Waynesville. Registration is from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. The ride fee is $15.00 for the rider and $10.00 for a passenger. There will also be a 50/50 drawing, door prizes, and more.


Women On Wheels 26th International Ride-In Sponsored by Women On Wheels® The ride-in will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Greenville, 851 Congaree Road in Greenville. The doors open at 7am on the 10th and 11th, and 8am on the 12th. This event includes rides, bike games, bike show, and vendors. For more information call 402-477-1280 or go to: www.womenonwheels.org


n e v

Thunder on the Mountain VII Sponsored by Virginia Bikers Association The event will be held at Lake Ridge RV Resort, 8736 Double Cabin Rd. The gates open at 3pm on Friday and 9am on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a bike show, bike rodeo, and a poker run. The event will also include vendors, bands, tricycle race, and more. All profits go to Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital. For more information call 276-755-5145 or go to www.vabikers.org.

Behind Barz Bike Night Exiled Motorcycle Club - sponsored by Pipe Dreams. 3526 Hwy 903 Live music, free food, vendors, and a fireworks extravaganza!!! Fun for the entire family! For more info and directions: 434-210-2907

21 Tarboro, N.C.

Edgecombe County Veterans Military museum Open Car, Motorbike & Truck Show 106 Church St. 8am-1pm reg. $20 entry fee. 3pm awards. More info: 883-4856 or 907-3841 Rain Date July 28th

25-29 Morgantown, W.V.

Mountain Fest Colt Ford, Trace Adkins, John Kay & Steppenwolf See ad in this issue! www.wvmountainfest.com


z t n e JULY


26-28 Mount Airy, N.C.

4 Jacksonville, N.C.

Run To The Ridge Sponsored by Carolina Carports inc Event held at Veterans Park, 691 West Lebanon St. Gates open at 8am on Thurs. The event includes a poker run, burnout pits, bike games, vendors, music and more. $12 admission each day if not in poker run. Thurs night - Molly Hatchet, Fri - Jimmie Van Zant, Sat - Black Foot! Poker Run winner will get $4,500.00!!! Rat Rod & Bike Show! Behind Barz Mag is an event sponsor! See ad back cover. More info: Ric Marshall 336-918-2480 www.runtotheridge.com

27-29 Lynchburg, VA.

B d n

z r a

The Hound Dog Bash Sponsored by Second Brigade MC The event will be held at Hound Dog, 111 Manassas Street. Gates open at 1pm on the 27th. Bike games with trophies awarded, bike show with a trophy awarded, vendors and music. Admission is $10/bike. More info: 540-309-7062 www.wix.com/detroitsbmc/secondbrigade

28 Manassas, VA.

Bull Run III Sponsored by Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Ride starts at Whitt’s Harley-Davidson, 94321 Center St. Reg. begins at 9am and the bikes will leave at 11am. The fee is a $20 donation/bike. The ride ends in Luray with food. The proceeds will support the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program. More info: 804-382-2154 www.cvmavirginia27-2.org

28 Rocky Mount, N.C.

J’ville Bike Bash The event will be held at, 4744 Richlands Hwy. The gates open at 10am. There are things to do for all ages and all types of bikes. Such as a bike show, burnout competition, open drag strip, amateur stunt competition, professional stunt show, and swap meet. There will also be live music, a DJ, merchandise vendors, food vendors and a kids area. More info 910-389-4074 www.jvillebikebash.com Behind Barz is a sponsor of this event!

Charity Poker Run at Rocky Mount Motorcycle Club AMA Hwy 97 For motorcyclists John & Karen Adams who had a serious accident in Greenville, N.C. in May, 2012. Come out and support this event! Food, door prizes & 50/50. Reg. 9am/ First rider out at 10am - estimated 50 mile ride. Best hand $75, worst hand $25. $10/rider ANY donation welcome!!! Rain date: Aug. 11 More info: 252-266-3116

6-12 Sturgis, S.D. Black Hills Motorcycle Rally & Races http://www.sturgismotorcyclerally.com

10 Rocky Mount, N.C.

Bike Night at Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson Located at 928 N. Winstead Ave. Live music, food, lots of fun 252-446-7292 www.rockymounthd.com

11 Jacksonville, N.C.

1st Annual Potters Hill Fire Dept Poker Run Sponsored by Lejeune Motorsports of Jacksonville Poker run starts at Lejeune Motorsports. Reg. starts at 9am and the motorcycles go out at 11am. $100.00 will be awarded for the best hand and the entry fee will be refunded for the worst hand. The ride will end with lunch. For more information call 910-298-1766.

11 Shenandoah, VA.

Shenandoah Fire-Rescue Poker Run Sponsored by Shenandoah Vol Fire Co. and the Shenandoah Rescue Squad. Poker run starts at 300 Railroad St. Reg. begins at 9am. Fee is $15/rider and $5/passenger. This poker run has over 50 prizes of $25 in value. The best poker hand is awarded $200, second best is awarded $100, and the worst hand receives $50. The 93 mile ride will have 2 stops. A meal is included after the ride. First 50 riders to register will receive a commemorative knife. For more information call 540-476-3979





11 Zebulon, N.C.

8 Winterville, N.C.

Behind Barz Presentz Bike Nightz at EFFE Enforcers Clubhouse. Downtown Zebulon Food, vendorz, FREE prizez! many surprises! Come out and spin the prize wheel! More info: 252-314-8589

Bikers for Brooke Poker Run At Britt Hotrodz Motorsports $20 Riders and $10 passengers. Presented by the Silent Heroes. Prizes, music, raffles & food! 12noon check in. 1pm poker run. 5pm last bike in. More info:


2nd Annual Special Olympics Caldwell County Benefit Motorcycle Ride Pre-registration donation of $15/ rider. Day of event donation of $20/rider Passenger donation of $10. Reg. 10am and ride 11am. Enjoy a jaw enforcement led motorcycle ride across Caldwell County! More info Chris: 828-320-8734 or Matt 828-446-0186 www.sonc.net/caldwll

25 Greenville, N.C.

RILEY’S ARMY MC RIDE, 10am Ride start @ 1850 Arlington Blvd, and End @ Moe’s Southwestern Grill Ride single $20 advance, $25 day of ride Two riders/one bide $30 advance, $35 day of ride Register by email: Kastone21@yahoo.com or call 252-412-8191 For more info: visit www.RileysArmy.com

Aug. 31- Sept. 1 Grandy, N.C.

12 Annual Outer Banks Bike Show Sponsored by Barrys on Walnut Island Restaurant, Lodge and Sport Center 169 Walnut Island Blvd. The gates open at 12pm. There will be a poker run on Sat, ride in 10 class bike show on Sun. and a military tribute ride. Admission is free. The event includes games, contests, vendors, music, food, and more. This event benefits the Naval Special Warfare Foundation-US Navy Seals Killed in Action. For more information call 252-4532261 www.outerbanksbikeshow.com.


B d n

i h e

18 Fayetteville, N.C.

25 Caldwell County

Behind Barz Presentz Bike Nightz at Hometown Harley-Davidson 2300 Elaine’s Way Food, vendorz, FREE prizez! Come out and spin the prize wheel! More info: 252-439-1345 www.hometownharleydavidson.com

14-16 Maggie Valley, N.C.

Thunder in the Smokies Fall Motorcycle Rally The rally will be held at, 3374 Soco Rd. The gates open at 11am on Friday and at 9am on Saturday and Sunday. Come ride the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Enjoy tour rides, bike games, bike show, bike builders, prizes, vendors, music and more. All bikes and ages are welcome. For more information call 828-246-2101 or go to: www.HandlebarCorral.com

16 Palmyra, VA


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Ride to Remember Sponsored by Cuppa Joe Coffeehouse The ride starts at Cuppa Joe Coffeehouse, 11509 James Madison Highway, south of Palmyra. Registration begins at 9:00 am and the last motorcycle goes out by 10:30 am. The ride fee is $20.00 for the rider and $10.00 for a passenger. Extra hands are $10.00 each. A prize will be awarded for the best poker hand. there will also be door prizes and 50/50 drawing. The ride will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association of Central and Western Virginia. For more information call 434-842-6392, 434-842-2200

22 Charleston, S.C.

8th Annual Confederate Heritage Ride Live music, food and beverage. Come ride with us across the trails of Confederate soldiers! Reg. early and get a free t-shirt. Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. Also a Best Bike award. See ad on page 6 in this issue. More info: 843-209-2048 or www.scv4.org/heritageride.com

For more listings, please go to: www.behindbarz.com




z r a 28 Lynchburg, VA.

Thunder in the Hills Sponsored by Virginia Baptist Mission Board The rally will be held at 1 Eagle Eyrie Dr. The gates open at 12:00 pm. There will be mountain rides, live music, food, speakers, worship experiences and more. For more information call 804-366-8105 or go to www.thunderinthehills.com/

z t n e OCTOBER

3-7 Murrells Inlet, S.C.

Myrtle Beach Bike Week Fall Rally Sponsored by Myrtle Beach Bike Week LLC The event headquarters will be at the welcome tent at Cooter’s Backyard Bar & Grill, 3264 S. Highway 17 in Murrells Inlet. Activities will take place at various locations in and around Murrells Inlet. The event includes bike shows, poker runs, tours, vendors, entertainment and more. For more information call 336-643-1367 or go to www.myrtlebeachbikeweek.com

12 Rocky Mount, N.C.

Behind Barz Presentz Bike Nightz at Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson. Located at 928 N. Winstead Ave. Live music, FREE food, lots of fun. Come out and spin the Behind Barz Prize Wheel!!! 252-446-7292 www.rockymounthd.com

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July-August 2012 issue #45  

In this issue: D is for Darrell Benefit & Concert, Volksmarch, Jack Laughery Ride for Knowledge, and much more! Get your BB fix here!!! Cove...

July-August 2012 issue #45  

In this issue: D is for Darrell Benefit & Concert, Volksmarch, Jack Laughery Ride for Knowledge, and much more! Get your BB fix here!!! Cove...

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