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Caws for the paws ~ see page 33 ~

Editorz Notez If you ride a motorcycle I don’t have to tell you to be careful out there... you already know that. If you don’t ride and you are reading this, I would like to tell you to PLEASE watch for bikers! We have recently lost two people dear to the Behind Barz Life and one was due to carelessness on the road on the part of the other driver.

Remember Memorial Day!

There are more bikers on the road now than ever before and this time of year especially. Look twice! Please check out the eventz section for upcoming rides and eventz in the area. There are many more listed on our website and on our Facebook page. It’s that time of year again for our Behind Barz Cover Contest! Check out page 10 for all the details. We will have more prizes than ever before this year! Some great sponsors have come on board! More details to come in the upcoming issues! Memorial Day is coming up on 25 May...now would be a great time to donate items to NCPacks4Patriots (info page 6) or better yet, donate some of your time at the center. They do so much for our troops here at home and throughout the world! It is such a great organization! Please call Miss Barbara and see what you can do to help! Please ‘like’ and share their page on Facebook! Help get the word out there for this super group! We are putting it to the masses. We need your help! We are looking sales reps for BB Mag! If you are interested, give us a cal for all the details. You are required to do very little but the reward is great! Doobie

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nc packs4 patriots Support our local heroes

This is our 10th year of packing care packages for our deployed troops. It has been an amazing journey for us. We would like to invite anyone interested in joining our team. If you can volunteer even one or two days each month, it would help. We need clerical help, and help with sorting, organizing and other tasks. Please remember that we always need recreation items for our troops! Dart boards, horseshoes, board games, footballs, cornhole games. ladderball, washer toss, video game systems, baseball bats and balls. Our troops need some time to unwind and relax! Gently used is fine.

Girl Scout Cookies almost to the ceiling! Please email or call us for information. Thank you so very much for your continued support! Barbara Whitehead NCPacks4Patriots

Very good day with Girl Scout cookie delivery and military groups picking up. 12,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies plus 8 pallets of items from the warehouse of other items and we were able to serve over 3200 troops and veterans!


249E Third St Ayden NC 28513 252-714-1175

email: ncpacks4patriots @yahoo.com

Our days and hours of operation are: Tuesday and Thursday from 2-6 pm Saturday morning 9am-12.

Check out NCPACKS4PATRIOTS on Facebook

Behind Barz Petz


Goldsboro, N.C.

LAYLA GURL @ Tippett’s Mill

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Fayetteville/Fort Bragg

Fayetteville/Fort Bragg

3756 Sycamore Dairy Rd. Fayetteville, North Carolina

3756 Sycamore Dairy Rd. Fayetteville, North Carolina

(910) 826-7433

(910) 826-7433

4Th Annual Chuck “knuckle head” Garrett A.L.S. Benefit Good times for a great cause at the 4Th Annual Chuck “knuckle head” Garrett A.L.S. Benefit By Chris Jones Once again this year I had the honor and pleasure to be present at the Iron Order Motorcycle Club Skeleton Krew 4th Annual Chuck “Knucklehead” Garrett ALS Benefit. This year a member of the chapter’s mother, Annie Campbell, was also memorialized as she was also a victim of this awful silent killer. The Iron Order Skeleton Krew brought it all to the table putting together many things for folks to enjoy from great chicken and Boston Butt plates, to silent auctions and raffles to go along with the poker ride. Also, many folks were drawn to the massive gathering around the ball shaped fire pit that was donated to the MC by Michael Buck.(For info on Gathering Ball fire pits please call 252947-2541) Lee Cherry Entertainment once again provided some great bands that preformed (for free) for the event. ‘The Back Porch Rockers’ were first on the line up bringing smooth acoustic sounds, before that, ‘Lonnie B’ from ‘Blue Soul Redemption’ that put on a very nice solo performance. After a small break for raffles , ‘Michael Teeter’ performed the National Anthem and ‘Live Wire’ took the stage rocking it hard before ‘The Eli Craig Band’ stepped up to finish the night’s music. This event is always a good time for all, yet the true focus is to raise money for ALS research to help end this debilitating disease and this year, as I type, the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, Skeleton Krew of Washington N.C. and the supporters of this event have raised over $8,600.00 for the ALS Foundation...and they are not done! They still have t-shirts available for a $15.00 donation to Pay Pal: skeleton_krew@yahoo.com. The IOMC Skeleton Krew also would like to thank the IOMC Locked and Loaded Krew from Martin County and all who came out to help put on this annual event. Great folks once again made the difference, Great folks Behind Bars!

story & photos: Chris Jones



* Registration is FAH-REE * Must be biker art! * Entries must be submitted no later

* Make sure that your biker art is

than 15 September 15. * Size must be at least 8” X 10” * No limit on number of entries submitted. * Any medium can be submitted, NO photographs. * Open to all ages! * Your biker art must be your own original concept and not a copy of anyone else’s copyrighted material.

signed and that the signature is visible in the art you send. (This helps us with verification - see previous rule). * One winner will be chosen as the cover winner! There will also be a 2nd and 3rd prize winner that will be featured on the inside of the magazine. All winners will receive a BB Prize Pack full of prizes from our sponsors! * Contest will be judged by the entire Behind Barz staff and the winner will be announced in November.

Cover Contest

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Send us your photos, stories, ideas complaints... whatever. We would really love to hear from you! You can send via Email: behindbarzmm@suddenlink.net or Snail Mail: PO Box 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856 Don’t be skeered! Sent to us from a proud Marine mom, ‘MOM’ If you ever start feeling bad about your paycheck, I have a little exercise that you can do to lift your spirits. Pretend you have a new job for the next two weeks: dress in something extremely warm, wear it for the whole 14 days, while wearing a back pack with 80 lbs. of weights in it. Throw one of your cast iron pots on your head, just to complete the look. Now, set a clock and hold your pee and poop for say... 12 hours, then get a shovel, go outside, dig a hole, squat, and then bury it. During this 2 week stretch, restrict your diet to two meals a day, cold soup from a can, dried fruit, warm water. No tv, cable, radio, cell phone. Stay in one room of your house, unless you have to potty. And just to make it a little more realistic, have your neighbor shoot over your head while you are pooping. Then, after 2 weeks, go to your mailbox and take out your check for a whopping $570.00, this is after taxes of course. This works out to be $2.36/ hour But, of course you would want to be paid for the entire 2 weeks, plus overtime TOO BAD! But don't panic, this is not your life, just two weeks of a few things that our service members on deployment and in training experience on a daily basis. And don't worry, that pay is what our Privates are dying for, not what you are living for. Now, don't you feel a little better about your minimum wage check? And yes, I am biased, I am the Grandmom of a Marine, wife of 2 veterans both deceased, the daughter of a veteran and a Native American citizen! Ooh Rah! “A proud Marine Mom”





photos: Moe, Vinney, Bud & Doobie

BAR 12


your Health Behind Barz

Emergencies No one likes to think about emergencies. Yet being human we need a plan in case something happens. In a drastic emergency one may not be able to communicate simple information, like who to call, allergies, medical conditions, medications taken, or even their name. It has been recommended by some organizations to carry a simple 3 x 5 card in your wallet with your name, birthdate, allergies, medications you are taking, medical conditions and emergency contact name and phone number listed. If you have an emergency, just giving the ambulance attendant the 3 x 5 card will give them valuable basic information and there is little chance of forgetting to tell them something. Just remember to check this 3 x 5 card and update it when needed or changes are made. Many cell phones now have the option to set up an emergency contact number that a first responder can call for help if you are unable to communicate. Some plans even allow you to download insurance information as well as health information to a site that is pass word protected for emergencies as well. Check with your cell phone carrier to see if these options are available to you. Most insurance companies have an 800 number to talk to a nurse to ask questions, receive information and directions as to what to do in an emergency. Check your insurance coverage to see if this is available to you. The American Red Cross has a web site http://www.redcross. org that shares ideas how to be prepared in many emergencies from floods to earthquakes, to hurricanes, to pet care in an emergency as well. Look under the disaster preparedness tab to obtain a lot of information for fah-ree. Talk to your doctor, health care professional, or social worker they may have some great ideas specific to your situation‌ just in case.

Be prepared, ride safe and be blessed.

Deborah Alston R.N.


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skittles Jacksonville, Fl.

Ride for the homeless story: Lady D photos: Susan Sutton On March 14, 2015, Gospel Garage Outreach Ministry sponsored a fund raising ride for the homeless in Lenoir County. Gospel Garage wanted to do something to help the Homeless Shelter in Lenoir County and Mary’s Kitchen since they have lost a part of their funding in the last year. The Gospel Garage had bikers and cagers meet at Webb Chapel United Methodist Church in Sandy Bottom, NC. Participants donated money and nonperishable food items. Many boxes of food items were collected. This day was a time for fund raising and a time for honoring one of the brothers, Mr. Timmy Parker, a member of Gospel Garage Outreach Ministry. He passed the morning of the ride and his helmet was worn by one of his brothers in remembrance of him. There was sadness missing a brother but joy to help others as he would do to show love, care, concern and ride for the help of those who need it. Live music was provided by the Deep Run Boys as well as grilled hot dogs and 50/50 drawing. Even though the sky was crying some at the loss of a brother, bikers met together with joy to help another in need. Thank you Gospel Garage Outreach Ministry for your concern and love for others. May your wheels keep spinning to fulfill the needs of those around us. Flag Day is celebrated on 14 June. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened on that day in 1777 by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. The United States Army also celebrates the Army Birthday on this date.


not your average

10:00 meeting.

Iron Cowgirl Missy

to Perform at The Biker Belles Reception

August 4th

The 7th annual Biker Belles Reception will bring hundreds of women together for one spectacular day! August 4th from 10-2pm at The Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip, during the Black Hills Bike Week, Iron Cowgirl Missy will perform during the Biker Belles Reception. Enjoy the camaraderie, a special catered receptoin, special speakers, safety/maintanance presentation, show your bike off, and much, much more! This event will be one to talk about, so make sure you get your passes to participate in this awesome event while helping raise funds for the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame, as well as Helping with Horsepower. Biker Belles brings together women, their families and friends to celebrate the role they play in shaping the culture, sport, art and the history of motorcycling. There will be NO Organized Ride this year. All men and women are welcome to join our gathering of mentorship, and sharing amaing stories! For more info visit www.BikerBelles.com

Sylvan Heights


SCOTLAND NECK, NC www.shwpark.com

See Missy’s ad on page 38 in this issue.

www.ironcowgirl.com 16


BB is


for sales reps in 314


2 25


9 58

N. Carolina S. Carolina & Virginia

We are licensed in North Carolina and Virginia





Thursdays•5PM (April—October)



*Motorcycle provided by Steel Horse Law. Winner will be drawn October 22, 2015. Must be present to win. Get full event details online.

Myrtle Beach events during the rally 2015

Cruisin The Coast Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson RALLY PARTY sponsored by Lincoln Park Bar & Grill Monday May 11th, 2015 4pm - 7pm Lincoln Park Bar & Grill (8739 Highway 17 Bypass, Surfside Beach, SC 29575) Join Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson for one of our legendary Rally Parties! Free Food, Live Entertainment, Drink Specials and one heck of a good time! Call 843-369-5555 for more details. Cruisin The Coast Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson RALLY PARTY sponsored by Logan’s Roadhouse

Join us this spring for the Annual Spring Rally Bike Week MB Poker Run. Register Wednesday, May 13th from 10am - 11:45 at the Official Headquarters of Bike Week MB – The Legendary Suck Bang Blow. Kick stands up at noon, and we will Cruise The Loop! First stop is at The Boathouse with the best backyard in town. Second stop hits The Myrtle Beach Speedway for laps around the race track and great vendors. The third stop is at Bucksport Marina Plantation,a fantastic destination location. Then we head down to Big Tuna in Georgetown, another great waterway stop for the fourth stop. Then we are cruising back up to Suck Bang Blow for a party with Scott Mann from Wave 104.1the Official Soundtrack of Bike Week – Let’s Ride!

Wednesday May 13th, 4pm - 7pm Logan’s Roadhouse (4511 Highway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582) Join The Harely Shop at the Beach for one of our legendary Rally Parties! Free Food, Entertainment, and some awesome give aways! This is a Rally Party you don’t want to miss. Call 843-369-5555 for more details. Cruisin the Coast Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson RALLY RIDE - Scenic Rally Ride Friday May 15th- 11am registration Cherry Grove Pier (3500 North Ocean Boulevard, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582) Join us for a scenic ride off along the Grand Strand Coastline. Free Food, Drink Specials, Door Prizes and more! $10 per person donation to The Quilts of Valor. Call 843-369-5555 for more details.




BARZ MUGZ photos: Blue Star Bud, Moe, Vinney, & Doobie



from the mind of big ed So, a decision was made. A decision that will forever haunt me, especially in the club I’m with. On many occasions I’ve helped my fellow bros out with my trailer. I decided to trailer the bike to the Smoke out. Now go back and read that part again...cause I’m not saying it on the rag no more! Yelp...I loaded the damn thing up...on a trailer...yes. I love riding! And, yes...I talked $hit back in the day about folks that want to play biker and trailer their bike besides ride them and keep it real...and yes...I’ve played dearly. I loaded it up and with a clear mind of knowing she will be safe in the truck besides riding in the heat. We left for the Smoke Out. As we got close my mind started to churn. I knew hell was just a few miles up if my bros saw the bike on the trailer. So, I pulled over and like a total wanna-be I unloaded the bike and me and her rode in. Yes...the shame was real but her safety was worth it to me.

Hello you Happy Riders!! Under no circumstances should you ever...ever...carry your dang bike on a trailer unless its in need of repair! This is like a golden rule of being a biker. I know it well and knew it most certainly but I made a decision that has forever put a blemish on my biker card. It’s a mistake but to this day I still don’t regret my actions. I made the best call but in the eyes of my brothers and sisters out there in the biker world I have failed. Now that I’m wiser this won’t happen again...that my bike never rides a trailer. Here’s my story. It is true and it is fact. A few years ago me and my Girlfriend (Colleen) went to a wedding on the beach. The weather was hot and humid like it is always here during the summer in North Carolina. As we watched Colleen’s cousin get married, Colleen out of nowhere and without warning, just passed out from the heat. Everybody close to her, including myself, grabbed her before she hit the ground. She had gone pale and seemed disoriented. We took her to a truck and cranked up the A/C to cool her off. Afterwards she made a full recovery but this startled me to see her go out without warning. The following week was the Smoke out in Rockingham. As you could guess I was concerned of her well being with her riding on the back of the bike. I asked her a number of times if she thought she would be fine and the trooper that she is said, yes and that she really looked forward to going.

All was great. No one suspected a thing...and $hit I won’t going to tell’em. Why? All they see is me and her pulling up on two wheels. Why would they need to know more right? It was just about to be totally pulled off but then one of the Sisters asked Colleen, how was the trip up here? Total devastation was to unfold after this and she didn’t know the destruction of the words she spoke out of her mouth as she said the trip was great!! We carried the bike on the trailer!!! God strike me now!!! I should have said... No excuse was good enough. No amount of safety of my concern for Colleen was good enough. I literally shat on the golden rule of being a biker. To forever live in the darkness of my ways. May the birds and all heavenly creations shat upon me for I have disgraced myself and all who came from my blood line! Its been two years and I still am dealing with the trailer situation. Like I said, it does not matter how many times I’ve loaded my bros bike up on my trailer to carry them to safety due to break downs. So never...never...ever carry you sled on a trailer. There is no excuse. Cause next time for me if she wants to go and her health is uncertain she will have to catch a ride with a sister. Cause there will be no trailering my bike again...I promise!!

Until next time... I will see you Behind Barz.


Big Ed (2Timer)


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Behind Barz in Berlin

DUKE HUTTON behindbarzmm@suddenlink.net


Ride for Julie On March 28th, 2015, at The American Legion in Dudley, N.C., a poker run/benefit was held for Julianne Alphin to help raise money for a much needed wheelchair lift.

Julianne was born with Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus. Family and friends, spearheaded by Julianne’s Granparents, Suzie and Robbie, worked hard to pull this event off! Their efforts really paid off! A total of $4,700.00 was raised through selling BBQ and BBQ chicken plates, a 50/50 drawing, auction, and ‘best & worst hand’ in the poker run. Julianne and her family and friends want to send out a huge “Thank You” to all that supported and helped with this benefit. Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine would like to thank everyone for inviting the crew to this event.

With the money raised, Julianne’s Mom and GreatGrandmother were able to put a sizeable down payment on this 2010 Town & Country van that was already converted for a wheelchair.

Julie with Frank, owner of Frank’s Place. We would like to thank the American Legion of Dudley, NC, and Julianne Alphin and family for allowing us to have the wonderful opportunity of being a part of her poker run/benefit “A Ride For Julie”. Juli is a fabulously possitive little lady with a wonderful outlook on life! The sun shines on her everyday! From all of us at Frank’s Place in LaGrange, N.C.



Motor Maid News They dared to be different; in the process made history

Dot Robinson

Linda Dugeau

Helen Kiss Maine

Vera Griffin

story: Ellen Taylor Virginia Motor Maid

They had a dream, it wasn’t a big dream all they wanted to do is unite other women motorcyclists, so they can share their passion with other like minded women. Before they knew it, Motor Maids of America was born, the year 1941, with 51 members on the roster! The members of this club were born during a time when women were expected to be seen and not heard. These special ladies were born to change history and how the world would view women motorcyclists in the future! The journey wasn’t easy for them; it was difficult for women to go against society during a time when our world was controlled by men! Men of the time, put women in a box, they were expected to look and act a certain way! In the 30’s and 40’s it wasn’t lady-like-behavior to ride a motorcycle; a bike was a man’s machine. During that time most women wouldn’t even think about wearing pants, let alone throw their leg over a motorcycle, because they were conditioned not to do that. It wasn’t lady-like behavior! Just to give you an idea; back in the early 1930’s a young woman who had a passion for motorcycles, found it very difficult riding her bike in the long dresses. I am assuming the dresses kept getting caught in the chain of the bike. Society said she had to wear the dresses. I’m also assuming, one day she had had enough; she put on men’s pants, so she could ride her bike more easily, only to be arrested for wearing men’s pants!

Lind Dugeau riding through deep water.

Dot Robinson during the Jack Pine Endurance Race.

Another great story; One favorite story told by “Hap,” the Honda dealer in Sarasota, Fl. He tells of how he “chased that woman (Dot Robinson) for two days, through mud and trees” and never caught her. At the end of the race, all the guys tramped into the local bar, but not Dot. She went to her room and got cleaned up first. “I’ll never forget the picture: Dot wailing into the bar in a black sheath dress and a pill box hat.” Dot was always a lady. Dot set a standard for women motorcyclists. She proved you could be a lady and still ride a motorcycle!

It wasn’t until around the time of WWII (1939) that women begain wearing pants, only because the wemon were working in the factories while our boys were overseas fighting in the war. It still was not widely accepted! In 1960 the feminist movement began and the Equal Rights Amendment was passed. Since everyone was supposed to be equal it finally became acceptable for women to wear pants. The Motor Maids of America stepped out of the society mode of the time, dared to be different and made history in the process. They following their hearts and passion, as well as showing the world, that women can ride a motorcycle and still be a respected lady! The Jack Pine was a 2-day, 500 mile off-road event forcing the competitors to average 24 miles every hour, checking in at check points, fording rivers, going through sand and every other type of terrain imaginable.


Vera Griffin moving a barrel with her bike. She made it look so easy!

Pat Boatright, her face shows such determination!


So, their small dream is still going strong, 75 years later! Once known as Motor Maids of America, now known today as Motor Maids, Inc. We have over 1,200 members across the United States and Canada. We have come a long way baby, thanks to these wonderful pioneer ladies; they paved the way for women everywhere!


Honoring one of our courageous heroes Sergeant Alvin R. Wise, U.S. Army This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII. 70 years ago political correctness was not known. There was very little front line media coverage, no embedded reporters. The military wasn’t restricted as to what they could or couldn’t do. They were fighting an all out war and their goal was to win. Sgt. Alvin Wise was the grandfather of ‘Cowboy’ - one of Tippetts Mills own. Born in Texas in 1921, he volunteered for the Army in 1939, at 18 years old, and served for the next five years until June 1945. He served with distinction in Africa and Europe. Sgt. Wise and his men ‘revived’ a U.S. Army tank. They got the tank up and running with Sgt. Wise manning the .50 caliber machine gun. They took out enemy snipers and their mission was a success. Sgt. Wise was awarded four of the country’s top five medals:

1939 - 1945

Distinguished Service Cross

(Two) Silver Stars

story by: “Capt. Bob”

He also received the Good Conduct Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Army occupation Medal, American Campaign Medal, EroAfrican Campaign Medal, and the Combat infantry Badge. He was also nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor. Sgt. Wise died in June of 1987 at the age of 66. As all of the ‘greatest generation’ were, they rarely spoke of their wartime experiences. There was a large degree of patriotism in those days. Those veterans had a job to do and they did it. We should salute them and honor them for all they have done. We have our freedom because of these men, the entire world was at war. Thank you and may you rest in peace.

Bronze Star

(Two) Purple Hearts

Friends and family have taken steps and are pursuing the status of Sgt. Wise nomination for the Medal of Honor.

great story about a great local guy helping others

I saw Butterbean’s post on Facebook and had to share! Doobie

My first request to all my friends is that you not make this post about me...it's about everyone. I don't always post when things like this happen but I felt I needed to at this point. Thursday on the way home from Blackberry Smoke concert I stopped by a 24 hour Walgreens and saw an older woman who appeared to be in distress sitting in her car with her head down. I cautiously and from a respectful distance, approached her and asked if she needed help. She said, yes please yes I do! I desperately need $5.00 to get some gas. I'm on empty and completely broke. She had been stranded there for over 2 hours and said over 30 people had walked by and not offered to help even when she asked some of them directly. She was in Raleigh, almost out of gas, and needed a few dollars to get home to Cary after caring for an elderly person who was shut in at home in Knightdale. I had very little cash so I had her follow me to Sheetz and something told me just to fill her tank up, so I did. When the meter went past five dollars she said, oh my goodness! How much are you putting in there young man? I said, I don't know ma’am it’s not full yet. Then I gave her a food bag of food from my church that we put together to help people in need. I gave her the only money I had, seven dollars in cash, and she was almost to the point of tears and said she hadn't eaten in 2 days and was taking care of an elderly lady and then going back home to take care of her fiance with terminal cancer. This was on Thursday, she doesn't get paid until Friday and a RANDOM simple act of kindness made a world of difference for her and her fiance. She asked how to repay me and I told her the smile on her face and thank you was more than enough! Today my wife called and a migrant farm worker was stranded at the emergency room and needed a ride home after being injured when a horse fell on him. Luckily I work for myself. I was working when Sandy called so, I stopped what I was doing, locked the door and went to WakeMed to pick him up. He spoke very little English and through an interpretor and all we knew was he lives somewhere near us in eastern Wake/Franklin County and he is a migrant farm worker. Through a long series of hand gestures and smiles, nods and head shakes, no and yes, we finally made it to his friends house about 45 minutes longer than it should have taken had we known the address but we got there nonetheless. He hugged me once safely inside and in broken English said "love you my new brother". He asked to take this picture with me so he could send it to his family back in Mexico. The good people at WakeMed including my wife Sandra Bullock took care of him I continued that care and have now passed it on to others who will care for him as he recovers. I'm not asking for thanks or praise, what I'm asking for you reading this post and anyone who shares it is to go out and do the same thing, simply help someone when you can. We are all each other's keeper it could be you that needs help tomorrow, and kindness and love are one of the few things in the world that are still free! .....With love and hope for us all.....your friend in music and life....Tim "Butterbean" Bullock


Butterbean and his new friend for life!

Stop by and see Butterbean at his business, Lizard Lick Graphics! You will be glad you did! Ad above.


INJURED? Don’t trust your future to just any law firm.

MOtORCyCLe aCCideNt | autO/tRuCk aCCideNt BRaiN iNjuRy | aLL SeRiOuS iNjuRieS

HensonFuerst has been helping accident victims for more than 35 years. We know what you’re going through and what it takes to win. Call now for a free consultation.

1-800-4LAW-MED 1-800-452-9633

LawMed.com You need HensonFuerst. 2501 Blue Ridge Road // Suite 390 // Raleigh, NC // 27607

No fEEs oR costs UNlEss wE wIN. wE wIll comE to yoU. Offices in Raleigh and Rocky Mount and by appointment only in Creedmoor and Boone



Relay for Life

On March 21, 2015 Brogden United Methodist Church in Dudley, North Carolina, held their 6th annual Relay for Life Ride! This is a ride to raise money to donate for research for the cure for cancer.

Bikes lining up for the Relay For Life Ride with Aria, their mascot, in the front leading the pack!

This ride is done in the remembrance of JoAnn Hill. She was a great servant who was always there to for others with lots of love and respect for who you were. She is missed as she was a victim of cancer. Those coming to the ride agreed that there is nothing like raising money for a worthy cause, having great fun and just hanging around with other brothers and sisters. Many of the participants had friends and family that have been touched by cancer. They shared their names of loved ones and you can see the sadness that was in the speaker’s eyes as they had remembrance.

Frankye McGinnis and her husband. She puts on this event for Relay For Life!

When we go to rides not only bikers are involved but there are support people, who don’t ride, helping do the work. Here at Brogden Methodist there were people in the kitchen whipping up a hot, good breakfast for those who rode. When you signed up the smell of hot coffee, fresh eggs, grits, biscuits, and donuts….mmmmm good! These volunteer’s also had special memories of Ms. Hill and they were willing to help raise money for research for a cure. One highlight of the ride was for Ms. Aria, the unofficial mascot of the ride, she wanted to lead as they lined up to ride. She was ready on her wee Harley, with boots and a smile to take off. She was revving her engine and had the serious look of confidence she was going to ride on her face. Alas, she did not have a license to ride on the streets and she was waved to as the bikers started down Highway 117.

Loud pipes Rumbling roar Camaraderie Compassion

Door prizes were donated and they had 50/50 drawings too.


What a great day it was to Ride for a Cure!

By those who ride For those who suffer


And have survived The sorrowful CA

Aria on her bike...what a cutie!

story and poem: Lady D photos: Moe


Erma Smith Carpenter Hall Erma was a big part of the biker community. She was ever present as a DJ at numerous biker events throughout the years. Always greeting with a smile and hearty hug...She was loved by many and will be missed by all. Erma passed away on March 30, 2015. Erma was fifty-nine. Pictured above: Erma on the right with her sister, Tootsie.

252-566-4001 OPEN 7 Days A Week 2:00pm UNTIL ~ Ice Cold Beer ~

BIKERS WELCOME! 7799 Hwy 70W. LaGrange, N.C.



Been There, S

Remember our Fallen

By: Chewy (Biker Dog)

Killed in the Beirut bombing on October 23, 1983: Name, Rank, Branch, NC Town/City

My driver and I wonder how many Americans know the meaning of Memorial Day. Some Americans confuse it with a type of Veterans Day, but many seem to view it as the start of summer vacation. Every Memorial Day weekend in which my driver and I are out and about on two wheels, we meet people who tell us “Happy” Memorial Day. My driver uses that as an opportunity to explain the reason behind Memorial Day, why it’s a day for remembrance, the fact that hundreds of thousands of men and women gave their lives for our freedom, and how Jesus gave his life for our eternal life. In the television news, we hear about remembering those who gave their lives during the War on Terror, as well as other wars in history, such as World War I, World War II, the Korea War, and the Vietnam War. But how about those who gave their lives while in service to our country and not during a large war? A few of those wars, conflicts and incidences include USS Cole, Urgent Fury (Grenada), Just Cause (Panama), Restore Hope (Mogadishu), Desert Storm, Desert Shield, the Beirut bombing, USS Cole (Yemen), Benghazi, to name a few. There are also the countless many who gave their lives while in service to our country but not in declared war zone or combat operation. My driver and I built a roster with over 7,700 men and women who gave their lives while in service to our country. We carried that roster across the USA in 2011 and 2012. We attempted in 2014, but our Harley broke down in West Virginia and Craig Hardy continued the mission of carrying the roster across the country. I’m getting close to 100,000 miles since I started riding in 2008, and most of those miles were for our Fallen, those serving now, and our veterans.

The following are a few of the North Carolinians who gave their lives while in service to our country during lesser known operations.


Battle, David H., 1stSgt, USMC, Hubert Belmer, Alvin., GySgt, USMC, Jacksonville Bland, Stephen, PFC, USMC, Midway Park Blankenship, Richard L., Sgt, USMC, Hubert Bohannon, Leon Jr., Cpl, USMC, Jacksonville Boyett, John N., 1stLT, USMC, Camp Lejeune Buchanan, Bobby S. Jr., LCpl, USMC, Midway Park Camara, Mecot E., Sgt, USMC, Jacksonville Cook, Charles D. , Cpl, USMC, Advance Copeland, Johnny L., LCpl, USMC, Burlington Davis, Andrew L., Maj, USMC, Jacksonville Edwards, Roy L., MSgt, USMC, Camp Lejeune Forrester, Steven M., Cpl, USMC, Jacksonville Gann, Leland E., SSgt, USMC, Camp Lejeune Garcia, Ronald J., SSgt, USMC, Jacksonville Ghumm, Harold D., SSgt, USMC, Jacksonville Hart, William, LCpl, USMC, Jacksonville Haskell, Michael S., Capt, USMC, Camp Lejeune Hein, Paul A., Capt, USMC, Camp Lejeune Held, Douglas E., LCpl, USMC, Jacksonville Hernandez, Matilde Jr., MSgt, USMC, Midway Park Hester, Stanley G., Cpl, USMC, Raleigh Hildreth, Donald W., GySgt, USMC, Sneads Ferry Hukill, Maurice E., 2ndLT, USMC, Jacksonville Lemnah, Richard L., MSgt, USMC, Camp Lejeune Macroglou, John W., Maj, USMC, Jacksonville Maitland, Samuel, Cpl, USMC, Jacksonville Martin, Charlie R., SSgt, USMC, Camp Lejeune Mattacchione, Joseph J., Pvt, USMC, Sanford McNeely, Timothy D., LCpl, USMC, Mooresville Mercer, Michael D., Cpl, USMC, Vale Meurer, Ronald W., LCpl, USMC, Jacksonville Myers, Harry D., Cpl, USMC, Whittler Nairn, David J., 1stLT, USMC, Jacksonville Page, Connie R., Cpl, USMC, Erwin Pearson, John L., GySgt, USMC, Jacksonville Pollard, William H., Sgt, USMC, Jacksonville Ray, Charles R., GySgt, USMC, Jacksonville Schnorf, Charles J., 1stLT, USMC, Camp Lejeune Scialabba, Peter J., Capt, USMC, Morehead City Shipp, Thomas A., Cpl, USMC, Jacksonville Smith, Vincent L., Capt, USMC, Jacksonville Stowe, Thomas D., LCpl, USMC, Jacksonville Wells, Tandy W., 1stSgt, USMC, Jacksonville West, Lloyd D., GySgt, USMC, Jacksonville Weyl, John R., SSgt, USMC, Jacksonville Wherland, Burton D. Jr., Cpl, USMC, Jacksonville Williamson, Johnny A., LCpl, USMC, Asheboro


Sniffed That

en on Memorial Day Killed during or as a result of Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada): Date, Name, Rank, Branch, NC Town/City 10/25/1983, Giguere, John P., Maj, USMC, Jacksonville 10/25/1983, Scharver, Jeffrey R., 1stLT, USMC, Sneads Ferry 10/25/1983, Seagal, Jeb F., Capt, USMC, Jacksonville 6/30/1984, Luketina, Sean P., SGT, USA, Ft Bragg

On Memorial Day, please spend a moment to think of our men and women who gave their lives for us. Be thankful for the freedoms they defended. These photos were taken during Memorial Day weekend at Arlington National Cemetery with Rolling Thunder NC1 in 2014. Craig Hardy, my driver, and I carried our Fallen Heroes rosters with us, and you can see the roster in the photos. For the single head stones, I either attended their funerals or I comforted the Hero’s family, so these photos have a personal connection for my friends, my driver and me.

Killed during Operation Desert Storm (Iraq): Date, Name, Rank, Branch, NC Town/City

Tongue in the wind! Chewy

10/30/1990, Parker, Fred R. Jr., BT2, USN, Reidsville 12/23/1990, McDougle, Melvin D., SGT, USA, Fayetteville 12/30/1990, Blue, Tommy A., SGT, USA, Springfield 12/30/1990, Thomas, Phillip J., AM3, USN, Chapel Hill 1/21/1991, Ware, Bobby M., SPC, USA, New Bern 2/17/1991, Jackson, Kenneth J., PFC, USA, Concord 2/17/1991, McKnight, Bobby L., SPC, USA, Dallas 2/21/1991, Chapman, Christopher J., SGT, USA, Charlotte 2/25/1991, Perry, Kenneth J., SPC, USA, Lake Waccamaw 2/26/1991, Harris, Michael A., SSG, USA, Pullocksville 2/26/1991, King, Jerry L., PFC, USA, Winston Salem 2/27/1991, Lake, Victor T., Cpl, USMC, Jacksonville 2/27/1991, Olson, Patrick B., 1st LT, USAF, Washington 6/1/1991, Hollenbeck, David C., SPC, USA, Buncome

Killed when the USS Cole was attacked in Yemen: 10/12/2000, Francis, Lakeina M., MSS, USN, Woodleaf There are a number of North Carolinians who gave their lives while in service to our country but not directly related to combat operations. These heroes are not always known, but here are a few that we know of: Date, Name, Rank, Branch, Age (if known), NC Town/City 10/18/2006, Barlow, Patrick O., SSG, USA, 42, Greensboro 9/21/2007, Webb, Jeffrey S., LCpl, USMC, 21, Garner 5/9/2009, Badgley, Scott G., MSgt, USMC, 38, Kannapolis 2/16/2010, Woodle, Ronald T., SO2, USN, 26, Waynesville 4/17/2010, Scmidt, James A., SPC, USA, 22, Cabarrus County 11/16/2010, Dutmer, Nathan, MAJ, USA, 39, Fayetteville 3/17/2011, Kelley, Jared B., SPC, USA, 24, Hiddenite 12/1/2011, Webb, Michael D., PFC, USA, 22, Supply 12/12/2011, Figone, George L. Jr., GySgt, USMC, 32, Hampstead 2/28/2012, Taylor, Dale T., Lt Cmdr, USCG, 36, Snow Hill 3/6/2012, Cantrell, Edward D., CW2, USA, 36, Hope Mills 11/15/2012, Lubbers, William L., SGM, Fayetteville 11/15/2012, Stouffer, Gary, CW3, USA, Hubert 3/18/2013, Venderwork, Mason J., LCpl, USMC, 21, Jacksonville


Happy Birthday


story: Doobie

photos: Vinney

4 April 2015 Horrace and his wife, Barbara had a birthday party for their son, Jeremy. It was held at their bar, Good Tymes Club, in Rocky Mount, N.C. Many of Jeremy’s friends and family were there for the occasion, as well as, those who frequent the club. Horace cooked BBQ chicken with fixins for everyone who attended. Horace asked his son a few weeks before what he wanted for his 25th birthday. His reply was that he wanted a remote controlled car. That’s all he asked for. Horace told us that he was getting a car alright, but that it wasn’t going to be remote controlled! Horace has had the car under wraps for some time working on it in his spare time. It is a 1969 Camero and you should have seen the look on Jeremy’s face when he walked out back and saw it for the first time! What a killer birthday present! Your family and friends think a lot of you, Jeremy! We hope it was your best birthday ever!!!

Jeremy (center) with his mom and dad!

Jeremy gets a birthday hug from his dad, Horace! Check out that smile!

Got chicken? Horace had several big cookers going with yard birds!

Horace,with help from others, loading up the car with balloons!

Bar was packed inside, as well!

Friends and family started to gather early outside of Good Tymes Club awaiting the presentation of Jeremy’s ‘69 Camero!

behindbarz.com 32

To see more photos from this event, please go to our Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/behindbarzmag

Caws for the paws On April 4, 2015, Unspoken Sons M/C sponsored the Caws for the Paws Motorcycle Ride to raise funds for the Lenoir County SPCA to give pets a second chance at life. Door prizes, 50/50 drawing and delicious BBQ plates were sold at the end of the ride. Bikers met and lined up at the Second Chance Thrift Store in Kinston, North Carolina. One of the riders there, Ms. Jan who proudly is about 67ish, shared that this was her very first group ride with her husband. She was very proud to ride as a passenger to help the SPCA. She is a great encouragement that no matter what your age you can ride and help another in need. The employees at the Second Chance Thrift Store shared how thankful they are to Unspoken Sons M/C for their help in more ways than they can say. This was the second fund raiser motorcycle ride that they have sponsored for them. Unspoken Sons M/C not only helps with the run in fund raising but assists in many other activities to support the Lenoir County SPCA. All monies raised and pet food collected was given to the SPCA. The Lenoir County SPCA mission is devoted to finding loving homes for the homeless pets at their shelter, preventing cruelty to animals, providing education on responsible pet ownership, and encouraging humane animal control through spay & neuter initiatives. They say over 9 homeless animals come to their shelter every day needing help. The Second Chance Thrift Store helps to keep the SPCA shelter afloat by donations and sales to save and rescue animals. They have been operating for the last 5 years. You are welcome to come and explore what they have for sale. Cats and dogs need loving homes that are sheltered at the SPCA. If you desire a pet to take care of, remember your local SPCA and adopt some loving paws. With a bark, a meow, and the roar of pipes, thank you Unspoken Sons M/C for your caring and assistance. Ride safe and keep the shiny side up. USSFFUSS.

story: Lady D

photos: Moe



Misplaced Souls MC Polar Bear Run story by: Gypsy photo by: Moe Goldsboro, NC On February 21, 2015, the Misplaced Souls MC held their 2nd Annual Polar Bear Run. The ride is a collaboration between the MSMC and local community businesses including Spike's Tavern. The run is part of a year long drive to collect coats and monetary donations. These donations along with money from support tee shirt sales is donated to the Wayne County Boys and Girls Club and to Wayne Uplift Domestic Violence Shelter. This year's ride route was from the MSMC Clubhouse to the Stantonsburg Kickstand (hey Donna) then to Spike's Tavern (hey Scott) and back to the Clubhouse. Food and door prizes greeted the riders on their return. Watching bikers and local businesses come together to help those less fortunate in our community makes my heart smile :)

Step Up For Soldiers, founded in 2004, is an allvolunteer group providing house renovations, recreation opportunities, and recognition for Recently Disabled Veterans in the Wilmington, NC region. Its Mission is to provide disabled veterans who experienced loss of limb and mobility problems with the resources necessary to adjust in a post-war environment. As a result of the events and fundraisers sponsored by Step Up For Soldiers, they strive to enhance the lives of the veterans and their families and help to restore their confidence and positive self-image. For more information please visit our web site: http://www.stepupforsoldiers.org

See full size flyer on this event in the inside cover of this issue!


Americas Guardians Motorcycle Club was established in 2007 as a public service club open to military, law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, and EMTs. We wanted to bring the finest America has to offer in friendship and service. There is a bond among those who serve and Americas Guardians MC is a way to bring us closer together as we continue to serve in various ways. AGMC is a 100% law abiding MC, non-territorial, respectful of all, and constantly looking for ways to serve in our community. For more information please visit our web site: http://www.agnation.us

Through And Through Old Biker:

Chrome shining in the full moon light Twist the throttle and take to flight Leave the hassles of life behind Feel the wind and free your mind Lean your iron into a curve Keep her steady, do not swerve Let the feeling sooth your soul Shift the gears and let her roll The bike you’re riding is a part of you You are a man no one else can see through You like the simpler things in life You stand your ground, not afraid of strife Thank God he let you ride again To sooth your soul and feel his wind Not even your woman truly understands you Because you’re a biker through and through

© Bob “Bikerwolf” Bryant RSOA ™

Where are the boots now, they been here for 30 years, they got that worn spot on the toe from shift'n gears, and my ridin' jeans, that I have had for so long, to go ridin' without them would be just wrong. The t-shirt I like when I go to this place, that has the writin' on it from that day at the race, where we watched Springer slidin 'round in the dirt, me, and Pappy, and some new young squirt. There's the jacket, old and broke in like me, but it fits so good, and it was almost free, back in the day, when fashion wasn't the rule, ya just bought what you could afford, not trying to look cool. The wallet in the pocket, still holds what I need, and there's a chain that keeps it, from being freed, by a lowlife thief, who would steal while ya sleep, in the old days, we didn't worry bout them creeps.


© 11/8/12 Brian M O'Leary (Bing) Road Scribes Of America ™

The only new on me, is this helmet I wear, and since I don't like helmets, I don't really care, that it aint real fancy, or painted fancy and bright, the important part is the stickers that are right, that keep the cops happy, with nothing to do, but stop an old biker, like he was an outlaw crew. Sometimes I miss them old days, when the bike and me was young, hanging with the club, doing nothin’ but having fun, but I wouldn't trade now, for money or fame, for what I got after all these years, is simply the name, Old Biker they say, and that is fine, cause you see, out on the road, nothing matters but the bike and me. Preacher © 2/2008 * Reprinted with Permission from Preacher Charlie Road Scribes Of America ™ Guest Biker Poet



he took a different way that day leaving the way of the pack but never the code accepted with a need of change on mind he left behind behind moving along what wind would blow this his path some winds descend to gratify some to calamity all subject to change mindful of memories gone by two wheeling along his path to those changes yet to come some as wild as the wind those more gentle as a breeze fulfilling his personal code this was his goal to have it his own way but always or the highway the way of the wind

35 43


HireAHeavyweight.com Lisa Lanier has been helping injured riders for 20 years. Contact Lisa directly at llanier@lanierlawgroup.com or call her for a free personal consultation.

Offices Across North Carolina 1-888-CONSULT

INjUry ATTOrNeyS 4915 Piedmont Parkway, Suite 104; Jamestown, NC 27282

Burlington Charlotte Durham Fayetteville Greensboro

Greenville We will come to you hickory ANyWhere in NC. raleigh Wilmington Winston-Salem

Franklin Dale King Frank was always a very friendly guy. He was always super nice to us. Always saying, “Hello”. Always asking if we needed anything. Frank was and always will be a member of the Biker Barn Crew! He was well thought of in the biker world! Never heard a bad thing about him. We will certainly miss seeing him cookin’ up chops at Biker Barn’s Open House! Frank passed away on 15 March 15...he was fifty-five years old.

Emporia, VA.



Behind Barz Book Reviewz Bonneville Go or Bust On the Roads Less Traveled by, Zoe Cano. What an amazing woman and book! Zoe had nothing but she did have a Bonneville and her dream was to travel solo and unassisted across the lesser-known roads of the North American continent...and she did! Starting in Boston she covered more than 8,000 km in her epic journey! She happened upon so many obsticles and dangers but also many surprises and wonderful discoveries of new friends. This book is a great read and very hard to put down once you start reading it! Through her words you feel as if you are right there riding with her! On top of all her incounters and near mishaps, 2012 was the hottest year on record in the US when she made her journey! During this trek, Zoe came through Virginia and North Carolina. She gives details of local history, people and interesting things that avarage folks wouldn’t even notice! Zoe describes in detail what she took on the trip, where she stayed, who she met and all the exciting events that took place along the way. Doesn’t matter what kind of bike you ride, this book will keep your eyes glued to the pages and is a must read for all bikers! We thouroughly enjoyed from the beginning to the very end! Check out her blog: bonnevilleadventure.blogspot.com or on twitter @bijoulatina

Freedom Rider by Jade Cameron This is Jade Cameron’s first novel. Through Jade’s characters it is easy to get enveloped into them as you travel with the riding club through this book. She takes you through every emotion as you get to know the characters and feel their thoughts through her words. You get to know real and good people in the sister/brotherhood of the riding club. It’s a very exciting book and starts off with a bang! It just keeps going from there and leaves you holding on to the edge of your seat. We enjoyed the 170 page fictional read. Also, Jade has a new book, Book II of the Freedom Rider Trilogy called, Dark Riders of Oath. We are looking forward to reading that one, as well. You can purchase both of these books by going to www.trafford.com or email: orders@trafford.com

tour of honor

benefiting veterans

and first responders charities

50 states. 500 memorials. You, your motorcycle, And a good reason to ride.

A self-directed ride 4/1–10/31/15. Visit seven memorials in any state to achieve Finisher status. Or travel cross-country. It’s up to you.

o ur

f ho n

Tour of Honor



Sign up at www.tourofhonor.com

usa Ride to remember.

Poker Run to Benefit Carolina Boxer Rescue Some shots of the Poker Run today (11 April) benefitting the Carolina Boxer Rescue. Thanks to everyone who came out for a good cause and took a 2 wheeled ride for our 4 legged friends on a beautiful day at Rommel HD!

Rommel Harley-Davidson 300 Muldee St. Durham, N.C. (919) 596-9511

www.RommelHD.com HOURS: Sales: Mon-Sat: 10-7 Sun: 10-6 Service: Mon-Sat: 8-7 Sun: 10-6





d n i h e B z r a B z t n e v E MAY




8th Annual Cruisin For A Cure Royal Palace Theatre just off I-95 at exit 168 Car Show, Live Entertainment, Food, Raffles - Great Prizes!!! *Proceeds to benefit* American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and Alzheimer’s North Carolina. See flyer in this issue on page 37.


Bangin’ Biker Boot Camp Rommel Harley-Davidson 300 Muldee St. Starts at 11am, free refreshments, educational workshops and more! www.RommelHD.com For more info: 302-659-6400




EMPORIA, VA. Annual Poker Run For Charities Starts at Huddle House - 301 South Reg. 9am $25/bike, $5/rider, $5 extra hand. Kickstands up 11am. Meal provided after ride. Will be music, vendors, tattoo artist, 50/50 raffle. Contact Steve Williams: 434-594-5131 or Jesse Harrell: 434-637-7999

International Female Ride Day JUST RIDE!



5th Annual Home Grown Heroes/Fallen Officer memorial Ride Cumberland County Courthouse 117 Dick Street. Sign in 8am, ride starts 9:45am ~ Rain or shine ~ All bikes back by 1pm. $20 per operator, $15 per passenger. Free event shirt or patch to the first 100 paid registrants! Sponsored by Blue Knights NC XIII of Fayetteville.


Winterville, N.C.

Ride For The Heroes Post 94 American Legion Riders of Snow Hill are hosting this event. starts at HD shop in Winterville. Reg. 8:30am, kickstands up at 10am. $10 for rider and $5 for passenger. Post 94 is hosting a BBQ dinner day, with games and door prizes... open to everyone! More info: Carroll 252-526-7342, Robert 252714-2605, Kenneth 252-902-4839, Steve 252-747-8872


RALEIGH, N.C. 3rd Annual NCFFF Red Helmet Ride Ride to honor the fallen inductees to the NC Fallen Firefighters Memorial for 2015. Starts at old K-Mart location in Garner 0900 to 1000. Kickstands up at 1030. Escorted by Wake Co. Sherriff’s Office and a fire truck to the beginning of the parade route. All riders are welcome! No fees for riding and honoring these fallen heroes. For more info, please contact, Paul Tidwell: 919-418-4530


KENLY, N.C. Gear’d Up Bike Show I-95, Exit 106 at Kenly 95 Petro. All are welcome! Trophies will be awarded. The Kenly 95 East Coast Jamboree Car & Truck Show will also be going on at the same time on the premises (May 7-9). Go to: kenly95.com for more details or call, Christy: 919-502-7046


TARBORO, N.C. Dollars For Dinky at Melanie’s Place 1203 W. Northern Blvd. Reg. starts 10am. Kickstands up 11am. Last bike in at 3pm. $15/driver - $5/passenger. Plates sold after the ride. Raffle prizes, auction items. All proceeds will go directly to Dinky, who is battling prostate cancer to help him with living and medical expenses. Contact Melanie 252-813-5029


WASHINGTON D.C. Motorcycle Riders Foundation - Bikers Inside the Beltway 7th Annual Michael “Boz” Kerr Memorial Free motorcycle parking adjacent to the Capitol. www.mrf.org or call: 202-546-0983



DURHAM, N.C. 2nd Annual Aidan’s Ride Reg. at Rommel Harley-Davidson 300 Muldee St. 10:30am-1pm then ride to Crazy Shots Billiards 668 N. Churton St. in Hillsborough. Live music, ffod, raffle prizes. $20/person, $30/couple. All proceeds will go to benefit the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation. AidanHasAPosse.org For more info: AidansRideNC@yahoo.com or check out AidansRideNC.com for more info.


N. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 3rd Annual Goat Run Hosted by Reapers MC and benefits Relay for Life’s fight against cancer! Reg. 10am and kickstands up at 11:30am. $10 per bike. Join Goat from Full Throttle Saloon on a 90 mile run from Throttle Fest at The House of Blues in N. Myrtle Beach to Captain Seaweeds 5,000 sq. ft. outside Pavillion & Tiki Bar at Bucksport Marina then on to other destinations. Ends at Throttle Fest at House of Blues for the huge after party! 50/50 raffle, prize auction. For more info: Mike Rapp 843-450-9478 Also on Facebook Goat Run and Reapers MC


MAY 16

d n i h e B z r a B z t n e v E

SNOW HILL, N.C. 5th Annual Camp Rainbow Charity Ride Sponsored by Snow Hill Moose Riders Ride begins and ends at Snow Hill Moose Lodge 520 Hwy 91 Reg. 8:30am-9:30am. Kickstands up 10am. $20 single rider $25 two up/ cars welcome! Proceeds will go to help send all children with cancer to Camp Rainbow for one week. For more info: Betty 252-341-5736 or Ken 252-474-3787



Mustang Sally at Whiskey Dick’s 2101 US Hwy 117 Bypass Gates open 1pm, openening band starts at 9pm. Advance $15 - day of event $20 Rain or shine! Coolers prohibited, no tailgating, lawn chairs permitted. For more info: 919-580-3264



Tippett’s Mill Bike Night 15218 Taylor’s Mill Road Come out for Bike Night and Memorial Day Cookout! For more info: 252-235-3540



Wednesday Bike Nights Rommel Harley-Davidson 300 Muldee St. 6-9pm, food, music, contests and more! www.RommelHD.com For more info: 302-659-6400



Suicide Prevention/Memorial Ride Hosted by Patriot Warriors MC Reg. begins 0930. Kickstands up 12 Noon. $25 single rider and $30 double riders. Starts and ends at Rommel HD 300 Muldee St. Hot dogs and drinks will follow the event. More info: 919-797-8102, 919-236-9619, 919596-9511



Skeeter Ride for Malaria Webb Chapel United Methodist Church Hwy 55 Reg. 10am $10/bike, kickstands up 11am. Live music, 50/50 drawing, hot dog lunch. 252-5261748 or 252-560-8923



IOMC Riverside Militia 2nd Annual Cruise in for a Cure Poker Run. @ Collier Harley-Davidson 316 Premier Blvd. ALL proceeds will be donated to the Cruise in for a Cure.

For many more Eventz listings, please go to our website where you will find large, easy to read flyers. Please feel free to share your event flyer with us! behindbarzmm@suddenlink.net

JUNE 5-7


Neuse Baptist Church F.A.I.T.H. Riders 2nd Annual Weekend Bike Rally 2939 Barrus Road. All makes of bikes welcome! Fri. June 5th, tent revival service. Sat. June 6th, 8am reg. for bike show & bike charity ride. $10/ bike $5/rider. 12:30-1:30 BBQ lunch. 3pm prizes awarded. Sun. June 7th, Sunday morning worship service. More info: Jon 252-560-7503


ANGIER, N.C. To Make A Child Smile Benefit Run Clock Tower downtown Angier 19 West Depot St. Reg. 8:30aqm. Kickstands up 9:45am. Reg fee $20 ($25 with passenger) This is part of the Angier Bike Fest! For more info: Arlene 919-422-7234 sevensabres@gmail.com www.sevensabresbrotherhood.com


SMITHFIELD, N.C. NC Deaf Blind Poker Run Starts at HD shop in Smithfield 1046 Industrial Dr. and ends at Plan B 519 West Market St. Reg. 10:30-12. Kickstands up at Noon. $20/bike $10/passenger. 919-928-7507


TARBORO, N.C. Resurrection Riders 4th Annual Spring Fling Benefit Ride for Miranda Hale Sunset Church of God 1709 Anaconda Rd. Reg. 9am. Kickstands up 11am. $15 per bike. Chicken plates $7 (hot dogs also available). Live music, car & truck cruise in, vendors welcome. More info: 252-469-3989 or 252-883-8755



Tippett’s Mill Bike Night 15218 Taylor’s Mill Road Come out for BIKE FEST! For more info: 252-235-3540



3rd Annual Ride for the Cause (Josh Foust Memorial Ride) @ Day 3 Church 4365 Hickory Blvd. $20/bike $10/passenger 9:30am reg. 10:30am kickstands up. Live music, prizes, lunch.



Wednesday Bike Nights Rommel Harley-Davidson 300 Muldee St. 6-9pm, food, music, contests and more! www.RommelHD.com For more info: 302-659-6400




d n i h e B z r a B z t n e v E JULY




Ride for the Cure Dice Run Hosted by NC EMS Angels MC at Cooper’s Fire & Rescue Dept. 3628 Volunteer Road. 9am until! 1st bike out 10am, last bike out noon, last bike in by 2pm. Rain or shine! Corn hole, 50/50 raffle, food, music & fun! More info: Shelton Baker 252-443-7535



Annual Birthday Bash Collier Harley-Davidson 316 Premier Blvd. 11am until 4pm Live music by The Roman Sams! Door prizes, vendors, food, free beer and more! Lot’s of fun for the whole family! Raffle tickets will be sold for a chance to win 1st place: 2015 HD Street 500 ($7,000 value). 2nd place: Outdoor patio grill ($700 value). 3rd place: Big screen TV ($400 value). Tickets $10 More info: 252-537-6493



10 Annual Fundraiser Roanoke Valley Rescue Squad Sponsored by Collier HD 316 Premier Blvd. Tickets $10 1st place: 2015 HD Street 500 ($7,000 value). 2nd place: Outdoor patio grill ($700 value). 3rd place: Big screen TV ($400 value). More info: 252-537-6493


SEMORA, N.C. 5Relay for Life Motorcycle Ride benefiting Caswell County Relay for Life Semora Ruritan (beside post office) Hwy 119N. Rain date Sunday June, 21. 9am-9:45am reg. Ride begins at 10am. $25/bike. Door prizes. Lunch will be available at conclusion of ride. More info: Danny 336-234-8905 or Richard 336234-8751 Ride & activities will be be completed by aprox. 3pm.



Tippett’s Mill Bike Night 15218 Taylor’s Mill Road Bike Fest and 4th of July Party! For more info: 252-235-3540



Wednesday Bike Nights Rommel Harley-Davidson 300 Muldee St. 6-9pm, food, music, contests and more! www.RommelHD.com For more info: 302-659-6400



(Rain or Shine) Reg. 8 a.m., departure 10 am. Rally and depart from M&M Leather and Custom Cycle, 4400 Bragg Blvd. Rider-$15 and “unwrapped” toy, Passenger- $10. All participants receive an event T-shirt, event pin, and lunch provided by Texas Roadhouse. Events: Presentation to the Kids/Duke Children’s Hospital, contest, prizes and raffles, food, and Live Entertainment. Point of contact: William Winford at 910-426-5082 or 910-261-4601.



8th Annual Cruisin For A Cure 2nd Annual Ride for our Warriors Poker Run Starts and ends at USO Jacksonville Center 9 Tallman St. Proceeds will benefit USO. Reg. 9-11am. Kickstands up 11am. Last bike in 3pm. Breakfast and lunch, cash prizes for highest hand, 50/50 raffle, auction, entertainment, free t-shirt to first 100 riders! All motorcycles are welcome! For more info: vema-usa.com

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. 5th Annual BFBF Music Festival-Rally www.bikersforbikersfoundation.com



Kenda’s Wish Benefit Ride Meet at D&Q Motorsports 34 Ray Hart Lane Reg. 8:30am. Kickstands up 10am. $20/bike $25 with passenger. Door prizes, 50/50, food, DJ and more! Provided by Seven Sabres Brotherhood. More info: Arlene 919-422-7234 sevensabres@gmail.com www.sevensabresbrotherhood.com





www.bluestarmothers.org www.PatriotRovers.org

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www.combatvet.org www.patriotguard.org

www.armedforcesfoundation.org www.HonorFlight.org






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BBMM ~ Get up to date on local events going on in the BB world! Local rides, rallies and events listed and covered plus great photos of the...


BBMM ~ Get up to date on local events going on in the BB world! Local rides, rallies and events listed and covered plus great photos of the...

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