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Enjoy with the Beauty and Serenity of Bhutanghat Trip About Bhutanghat:

The northern part of Bengal is known for its dense forests and many underrated scenic locations that make way for superb getaways. One of such places is Bhutanghat, best known for offering unique leisurely holidays and angling. It is close to River Raidak bordering Bhutan and is one of the most well known places among visitors to the area. For those who haven’t heard of the place, they must know that North Bengal has ample choices for travelers, but still many aspects of the land remains to be explored. This is partly due to the dense forests and inaccessible areas. What to see:

Bhutanghat is closely known for its borders with Bhutan. There is a beautiful built forest Bungalow that ages more than a century and was built in 1904. It can be booked for a vacation after the monsoons when the peak rushes are witnessed. Lovers of wildlife will be excited to come to Bhutanghat as it often serves as an elephant corridor and is also known to be an extension of the Buxa Tiger Reserve.

While it can be argued that there is nothing concrete to be seen here, it cannot denied that very few places offer natural scenic views as mesmerizingly as Bhutanghat. Wild animals such as deers, reptiles, elephants and even tigers are not rare in the region, and not to forget, the river Raidak itself makes way for exciting bird watching. Ideally, an idle day here would mean away from the crowds and amazing level of tranquility that takes the pleasure of being in jungles to an all new level.

The best time to visit Bhutanghat is during the monsoons when everything is serene and green. There are ample choices for trekking as leisurely walks can open up new areas of mixed interests within the jungles. People who are tired of their busy city lives can enjoy the beauty of Bhutanghat at its natural best after the rains.

How to reach from Bagdogra Airport (IXB) / New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP) By air: The nearest airport to Bhutanghat is Bagdogra, which is around 240250kms away. All domestic airlines operate at the airport and it is well connected to Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Visitors can take car to the main city of SIliguri from Bagdogra, from where Bhutanghat is around 218 kms and can be reached by rail and road. By train: The nearest railway station to Bhutanghat is Alipurduar, which is around 45kms away from the place. People coming to New Jalpaiguri Railway Station can choose to take a car or can travel with express and local trains to Alipurduar. From the main city of Alipurduar, there are plenty of rentals available for the main place of Bhutanghat

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