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Category: Mass Proper (MP) / Mass Ordinary (MO) / Please indicate acronym only.

1. A complete entry consists of a duly accomplished entry form, three (3) typewritten lyric sheets and musical score, and CD/DVD containing the song in MP3 format. Failure to comply with the requirements may result in the immediate disqualification of the entry. 2. Entries may be submitted via registered mail, or hand carried to the National Secretariat at 4th Floor CTF Tower, 34 San Rafael Street, Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines. A contestant may submit any number of entries. 3. Copyright and Related Rights. In the event the entry is declared a finalist in the competition or is declared by the Organizing Committee and/or the Bahay ng Diyos Foundation to be included in the album for release as AWIT SA DIYOS: New Mass Hymns Competition, the contestant agrees to grant and assign in favor Bahay ng Diyos Foundation Inc. the copyright and its related rights, and derivative works thereof of his/her entry for a period of 10 years starting from the date of its announcement as finalist in the Competition. 4. All other contestants agree to have their compositions to be included in the songbook and music recordings that the Foundation may produce under the Competition, at no cost to the Foundation. Accordingly, the corresponding deed of assignment shall be executed upon due notice thereof to the contestant. Moreover, it is understood that by participating in this songwriting competition the contestant hereby authorizes the Bahay ng Diyos Foundation to use, reproduce, adapt, abridge, translate, alter, compile, dramatize, publish, broadcast, re-broadcast, distribute, and re-distribute the composition entry for the purpose of promoting the songs, conducting related activities to AWIT SA DIYOS: New Mass Hymns Competition, and conducting any and all activities of the Foundation in furtherance of its purpose.

CONFORME: I HEREBY agree to the foregoing terms and conditions of the Competition, and affix my signature below to confirm the same approval. ______________________________________ Signature over Printed Name of Contestant

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Official Entry Form  

This is the official entry form for "Awit sa Diyos New Mass Hymns Competition."