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The Disconnect For some time now the emotional turmoil plagued my heart - my every being. Emotions of anger, disappointment, hurt and brokenness came from every angle. I thought it was all my hurt; my pain but then I realized it wasn’t mine alone. It was also the pain and heartache of family, friends and people around. It seemed as though everyone was going through some emotional depression of some sort. Heartache and pain from things they were currently experiencing and some from turmoil and destruction to come - lessons to be learnt.                   

Spiritual poverty The loss of a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend The child who has taken up sexual immoralities The heartache and pain children face from their parents’ divorce The “love” but abuse in a relationship The lust for friends and things of the world The cry for attention from a loved one The loss of a loved one due to criminals and murderers The killings The insensitivity of mankind The cries of child to a parent The parent who refuses to see their child , who has been trying to make it on their own The lies and deception, friends say and do one thing and do another The physical abuse from a parent to a child The parent who can’t provide bread nor butter for their family Jobs lost The child who harms a sibling The resentment and strife between siblings A parents cry for help for their children

HELP!!! HELP!!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! Feelings of a mother after she has lost a child… The cries for help in our society…… No one sees, nor hears the cries ….Everyone lost in their own world. The turmoil and pain have created a barrier no one sees, no one hears…. “Holy Spirit rain down…….”……to be continued By: Donya-Jean Brown Date August 21, 2011 (5:10 p.m.)

The Disconnect  

The cries for help .....

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