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Last Days Discussions Welcome to our Last Days Discussions page! We thought this page would make a nice addition to your website, enabling all of us to comment on things we see from different corners of the globe, and from different viewpoints! This page is wide open for discussion on anything anyone believes is pertinent to the last days we are living in. From politics, to weather, to legislation to whatever! I will start the discussion with this question, and seeking people to make their comments, and then you can add another discussion in your comments toward the end! I am wondering what all of you are thinking as to the time frame of when the SUNday law will come into effect? I know that the events will be rapid ones! I want to take a guess that we shall see this law implemented within the next 4 years max. Just seeing the weather going wild, the wars and rumors of wars, and nations in perplexity according to Scripture, makes me feel we are at the doors! Comment away everyone!

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Last Days Discussions  
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