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Discoveries 08 Mark Finley Amazing Discoveries in the Lost Cities of the Dead Part 1

Iraq, An Ancient King’s Dream, and Our Future Part 2

Jesus, Jerusalem and Startling End time Prophecies Part 3

Good God! Bad World! Why? Part 4

Echo’s of Eternity — The Quest to Find Eternal Life Part 5

The Child Born in the Middle East Who Will Change the World Part 6

The Rumble of a Crumbling World — A Message of Hope for Our Time Part 7

All Eyes on the Temple Part 8

Hope Beyond Tomorrow Part 9

The Roman Empire, the United States and a Collapsing Society Part 10

A Centuries Old Remedy for Stress Part 11

When Paganism and Christianity Shake Hands Part 12

The Fatal Attraction of the Cults Part 13

Mysteries of the Mummies Part 14


The Pyramids, the Bible and the Secret of Death Revealed Part 15

Solving the Riddle of Religious Confusion Part 16

Financial Advice from the World’s Wealthiest Men and the World’s Wisest Book Part 17

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Discoveries 08 Mark Finley  
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